To generate unique material highlighting your goods, you must shoot a variety of photos to utilize in marketing campaigns and on social media. So, we have helped you pick the best studio to work with; we collated a list of the best product photography in Singapore to avoid you wasting your money on sub-standard photography.

In summary, we have made a list of the top 3 choices, for the best product photography in Singapore and they are selected based on affordability, experience, and the quality of product photography they provide.

Owari Express
Top 1Best Overall Product Photography

✔️Prices from as low as $5
✔️Years of industry experience
✔️Pre-Production services
✔️Professional Services
✔️Top-Quality Images
✔️Trial Shot Available
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Top 2Great Quality Photography

✔️Years of industry experience
✔️Wide range of genre
✔️Experienced with branding photos
✔️Great quality images
The Peak Collective
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Top 3Great Overall Photography

✔️Years of experience
✔️A keen eye for detail and style
✔️Modern and realistic style
✔️Great quality images
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Why is Product Photography Important?

In short, product photography allows you to display and sell your product to its full potential. While everyone can take a picture with their phone, the quality isn’t as good as professional photography. You can try your best to take a decent picture, while on the other hand, professional photographers will know how to best highlight your product’s look and characteristics without casting shadows or distracting from them.

By shooting excellent product photography of your items that communicate the story you want to tell, you can establish the expectations of your customers about what they will see when they visit your website. Professional product photography also helps to alleviate the worry that customers will almost definitely have about the items not living up to their expectations when they receive them.

1. Owari Express


  • Pre-Production services
  • Studio photography
  • Studio photography with model
  • Outdoor photography

Firstly, from pre-production to post-production, Owari Express provides a wide range of services to meet your demands. In addition, their specialized advisory services are designed to help your company conceptualize product photography in a way that allows it to fulfill market demands.

Above all, the goal at Owari Express is to assist businesses of all sizes in achieving high conversion rates with the graphics they create. The studio understands that photography isn’t cheap, especially if you’re on a tight budget. As a result, they offer express services, where you can get quality photographs at a low cost in just two days!

At Owari Express, they strive to provide a full product photography service that prioritizes communication, quality, efficiency, and comfort while remaining cost-effective. Finally, their various photography services and packages are designed to provide you with everything you’ll need to improve your product promotion.

Address33 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-36 Vertex Building Tower A
Singapore 408868
Contact+65 9144 3662,
Operating hoursMonday – Friday
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

2. Milton Tan

Image credit: Milton Tan


  • Years of industry experience
  • Cinematic style and sleek, modern look
  • Wide range of genre
  • Experienced with branding photos
  • Top-quality work

Whether it’s for a little business or a big organization, Milton Tan collaborates with brands and carefully creates everything they film. Their work is especially recognized for its cinematic aesthetic and clean, contemporary appearance.

From commercials and branding content to architecture and portraiture, Milton Tan specializes in a wide range of photography and video production genres which of course, includes product photography. They specifically produce visually compelling photos that make lasting memories by paying close attention to colors, light, and other visual aspects. Hence, making them one of the best product photography in Singapore.

AddressCheck here
Contact+65 9827 9991
Operating hoursCheck here

3. The Peak Collective

Image credit: The Peak Collective


  • Top-quality photography
  • Years of experience with high-class clients
  • A keen eye for detail and style
  • Modern and realistic style

Andrew Wong works as a full-time interior and food and beverage photographer in Singapore. He worked as an interior designer for a brief time after graduating with an Honours Degree in Interior Design in 2015 before opting to pursue a career as a photographer.

Andrew Wong of The Peak Collective specializes in product photography in Singapore, focusing on interior and still life photography. His former clients include The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Dow Jones, and Sennheiser, and he has also worked with hotels, restaurants, and businesses all around Singapore.

On the whole, he strives to present items in a current and realistic manner, with a natural arrangement that draws the attention of any potential buyer to the product’s advantages. He is this detailed even when shooting the most basic of items or places. This has consequently earned him recognition for his expertise and artistic creativity and has placed him among the best product photography in Singapore.

AddressCheck here
Contact+65 9359 1427
Operating hoursCheck here

4. Pickle Pics – Photography

Image credit: Pickle Pics Photography


  • Services include editing and styling.
  • Years of experience.
  • Lastly, wide photography genre.

Pickle Pics Pte Ltd’s Gunjan has been a known product photographer in Singapore since she was a little kid. While growing up, she preferred playing with her camera over her dolls. Which subsequently led to her capturing small works of art that she notices in the world around her, including your next product shoot.

She is always educating herself and trying to sharpen her skills so she can attain great levels in her chosen profession. Consequently, this has gotten her work a lot of attention, including appearances on BBC’s Lonely Planet and the Times of India.

She works in a variety of genres, specifically product and culinary photography. Above all, she incorporates creativity, technique, and sentiment into each image she creates.

Address1 Tampines Avenue, Singapore 529783
Contact+65 87176463 |
Operating hoursAlways Open

5. Joyce Leong


  • Food Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Award Winning

Joyce Leong is an international award-winning commercial food and product photographer based in Singapore. Her work is founded on her tenet to evoke emotions through beautiful imagery to tell a story about your brand.

From pre-production Joyce Leong offers unique services like the creation of mood boards to help conceptualise ideas and palettes. Following, her team of food stylist and photography assistants will ensure that your product is captured to fit her philosophy. Providing a live view of the images taken, clients are able to review and select the images instantly during the shoot.

Having been featured on Canon Asia, Her World Singapore, Shutterturf, Singapore Finest Services, and awarded accolades such as Foodelia’s “International Food Photography Awards”, Joyce’s experience and quality speaks for itself.

Contact+65 9750 0459 |

6. EaselnGlass Photography

Image credit: EaselnGlass


  • Firstly, they have over a decade of experience
  • Offers a wide range of photography services
  • Lastly, a strong understanding of angles and lighting

Himani is the owner of EaselnGlass Photography. She chose the name Easel and Glass because she enjoys both art and photography. And occasionally combines the two mediums to create a fusion of the two.

She has earlier worked on numerous projects over the years with some amazing and very creative people who have inspired her to stretch her creative boundaries.

Portraits, food, jewelry, and products are her main subjects. So, if you’ve developed something you’d like to share with the world, or if you just want to put your best foot forward, she can collaborate and help you reach your goals.

Since Himani was a child, the arts have always been a part of her life, with her mother serving as her creative inspiration. Following her graduation, she pursued a career in interior design. Following that, she won a few beauty pageants and was a part of Miss India 2000, which provided the opportunity to model for Fashion/TV and Editorials in India. During that time, Himani had the wonderful pleasure of working with a number of renowned fashion photographers, which helped her learn more about perspectives and lighting. It also gave her a better understanding of what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera.

Contact+65 8113 4099 |

7. The Kyt Studio

Image credit: The Kyt Studio


  • Years of experience
  • Indoor and outdoor photoshoot
  • 1,000 square foot studio

Kee at The Kyt Studio is a fantastic photographer who has been shooting product photography for many years. So, if you do decide to work with them, you’ll be in good hands. Whether you’re searching for a straightforward product shot or a refreshing effect behind the item.

Kee has worked with big brands and organizations to capture their products and services for marketing reasons, with former customers specifically including the Changi Airport Group and Reuters.

In addition, The Kyt Studio can arrange indoor or outdoor photoshoots to fit your needs, using their 1,000 square foot studio in Woodlands. Consequently, their previous clients have praised the expertise and inventiveness with which their items are captured.

Address21 Woodlands Close, #06-32 Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854

8. Mount Studio

Image credit: Mount Studio


  • 2,400-square-foot facility
  • Industry expertise of more than 15 years
  • Leasing of photo and video studios

Mount Studio is a Singapore-based photography and videography studio that was established in 2017.

It began in a 1,300-square-foot facility with two picture and video studios. In 2019, they finally moved to a larger 2,400 square foot location with three photo and video studios. The studio provides professional photography and videography services, as well as the leasing of photo and video studios. In addition, they work with both private and business clientele.

Mount Studio’s founders have combined industry expertise of more than 15 years and have worked with a number of noteworthy clients including 3M, Klook, Gold Heart, JCube, Costa Cruise, Bossini, IBM, G2000, and many others.

Address45 Jalan Pemimpin, #07-04 Foo Wah Industrial Building
Singapore 577197
Operating hoursOn an appointment basis.

9. Productpixels

Image credit: Productpixels


  • Cost-effective
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Specializes in multiple genres

ProductPixels is a product photography studio headquartered in Singapore that specifically specializes in and offers a cost-effective solution for your product photography needs. Furthermore, their product photographers provide high-resolution, professionally taken product photos for your online shop, E-commerce listing, print media, and other uses.
They specifically specialize in industries like electronics, cosmetics, clothing, industrial, food, jewelry, and furniture.

In addition, to make things simple, Productpixels pricing is set up in such a manner that you can quickly compute the cost and understand how much you’re paying and for what.

AddressJalan Senang, Singapore 418519
Contact+65 91443646 ,+65 8161009468
Operating hoursMonday – Friday
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

10. COCO Creative Studio

Image credit: COCO Creative Studio


  • Wide range of genre
  • Experience in product catalog photography
  • Professional touch

The photographers at COCO Creative Studio focus on those elements that create a clean and vibrant image for your goods. In fact, they will offer your goods and brand the personal touch they deserve.

Their job includes firstly, giving you amazing pictures for your product catalog to promote your goods in a variety of ways and give your customers an idealized image. Because visual material makes up such a large part of today’s marketing, nothing is more effective and impactful than a professional image of your goods. So, their photographers will go to great lengths to capture every unique feature and part of your product, ensuring that it stands out to your audience.

The list of services they offer includes specifically:

  • Product Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Corporate Headshot Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Interior Photography
  • Fashion & Beauty Photography
  • Food & Beverages Photography
  • Hospitality Photography
Address37 Lorong 23 Geylang, #10-02 Yu Li Industrial Building
Singapore 388371
Contact+65 8799 1395
Business hoursMonday – Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

11. Snappy Fly

Image credit: Snappy Fly


  • Pick and pay for the pictures you like only
  • Pictures available in different resolutions
  • No need to supervise photoshoot

Firstly, SnappyFly is a game-changing approach to product photography for e-commerce. In other words, they aim to make product photography as simple as possible for you. Consequently, there’s no need to meet with photographers, supervise photoshoots, or wait for your photographs to be processed and edited. In addition, SnappyFly specializes in e-commerce items and has photographed tens of thousands of them.

In fact, there’s no need for get-togethers. There’s no need to keep an eye on the sprouts because they’ll pick up the merchandise and shoot. So you can make time for the things that matter.

You also get to examine the images and select only your favorites. So, you just pay for the ones you want to download and delete the ones you don’t. Above all, you get to download your images in resolutions and sizes that were created according to the criteria of major markets including Amazon, RedMart, and social media sites.

AddressBukit Batok Crescent, #12-84 WCEGA Tower
Singapore 658065
Contact+65 6262 616221
Operating hoursMonday – Friday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

In conclusion, there are a ton of product photography studios out there and these are the top-rated ones that are guaranteed to give you value for your money. In addition, you will definitely get amazing product pictures for your catalog and website.