Ever had a thought that your bank could be more than just a way to save your money? And that they would provide you with constant exclusive offers and perks to help you keep growing your wealth. Or, are you just tired of all the pressure from the banks which never heeds on your emergencies? Also, when you are short on time and require immediate service, queues can be a hassle.

All of this can be a huge burden. So why not switch over to priority banking which offers all of this dedicated servicing and advisories that constantly look over your finance and works alongside you to help you manage your wealth. Here are our picks for the best priority banking in Singapore.

1. Maybank Privilege


  • The deposit rate is comparative one of the lowest
  • One of the best Personal Financial Advisors
  • Privilege of preferential treatment to the customers

Want to experience the privileges of priority banking but are short on capital? Don’t you worry, because Maybank Privileges provides you with just the right priority banking service with an investment/deposit of just $50,000. With the availability of 18 branches, they aim to offer the best services to help you with your finance management without minimum hassle. With express counter services dedicated to the Maybank Privilege customers, they make sure that the customers enjoy the best priority banking. Their team of professional Financial Advisors is always there to listen to your issues and offer the required advice for your specific needs.

With their Horizon Visa Signature Card, you can be rewarded with Treat Points up to 3.2 air miles per dollar, when spent on your travel expenses and dining at home or abroad. As a Maybank Privilege customer, you can enjoy the privilege of preferential treatment. You can have access to different lifestyle benefits like airport lounge access, invitations to exclusive events, preferential pricing on every bank transaction, and access to 24×7 hotline service along with a priority queue.

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2. OCBC Premier Banking


  • Offering Air miles.
  • Golf Privileges.
  • Premium perks and special vouchers.

With a minimum sum of $200,000, you are eligible as a client of OCBC Premier. You can even go further than just depositing a minimal sum to get some exciting rewards and special perks. Your team comes with a reliable and professional wealth advisor, relationship officer, and insurance specialists, to help you manage your wealth. Their prioritized solutions and timely advisory come along with the OCBC wealth panel providing valuable insight to the client.

Tired of waiting in queues? Worry not, as OCBC Premier understands that your time is of the essence, thus OCBC Premiers comes with priority queues to ease your life. OCBC Premier comes with dedicated access to many of the prestigious airport lounges in the world. Their special rewards and vouchers on spending overseas are fit for the lifestyle of those who spend their time shopping and travels. On being a client of OCBC Premier you get special privileges to invest in the 30 largest TECH-themed companies, available as a blue-chip investment plan counter.

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3. UOB Privilege Banking


  • Comparatively higher interest rates
  • Professional wealth and life advisors
  • Special birthday and travel privileges

UOB Privilege account is one of the more expensive priority banking accounts to make but when you do make one, you can enjoy various exclusive benefits and privileges. With a fresh deposit of $350,000, you can open a UOB Privilege Banking account and enjoy interest rates like no other. With interest rates up to 0.50% per annum UOB Privilege Banking provides comparatively higher interest rates than other priority banking services. They provide excellent priority treatments in all the branches available for optimum customer satisfaction. They provide the best financial and life advisors to help you in every aspect of wealth and lifestyle management.

Not only that, but they also provide educational advisory for your child studying abroad. For the UOB privileged members, they offer different birthday deals like 20% off of items from Ewineasia, 18% off of room rates from Four Season Hotel, and many more. They provide exclusive travel privileges that are made for your specific needs and requirements for the perfect vacation that you expect. You also receive exclusive privileges from luxurious hotels like Marriott Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, and many others.

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4. HSBC Premier

HSBC | Priority Banking


  • Professional Advisory Services
  • Support overseas education
  • They provide welcome rewards

HSBC Premier provides one of the best priority banking services in Singapore and is dedicated to your banking and financial needs. In order to be eligible to become a fully-fledged HSBC Premier priority banking customer you need to meet one of the criteria mentioned below;

1. A minimum investment of $200,000 is required in your Total Relationship Balance.

2. A monthly salary of at least $15,000 has to be credited.

3. You need to have a property loan of $800,000 in Singapore or a property loan of AU$200,000 in Australia.

When you deposit a fresh investment of $200,000, you are offered a welcome reward of $588. Worried about the finance of your children who study abroad? HSBC Premier provides overseas education support for those in need. They can easily open a new HSBC Premier account from Singapore regardless of which country they are going for further education.

With the help of a dedicated Relationship Manager, you are provided with the best financial and management advice for your support locally or abroad. For your individual needs and requirements, the experts are always ready to help you manage your banking and investments for optimum satisfactory results.

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Contact+65 6227 8889
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5. Citi Priority

Citi Priority | Priority Banking


  • Benefits for travelling
  • Minimum of $70,000 deposit
  • Fit specifically for your lifestyle

Citi Priority is one of the many privileged priority banks that offer its benefits at a minimum amount of $70,000. Even if Citi Priority requires the minimum bank deposits, their carefully constructed benefits and services just for you make your investment worthwhile. Apart from providing just the priority banking services, they also offer discounts on various things through their partner policy. For instance, enjoy their 30% off your total bill on Lobby Lounge, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel and at JAVA+, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, and many more.

They provide you with in-depth thematic articles and research reports on the changing marketplace to keep you updated on the global market development so that you don’t get left behind. They offer perks for the financial choices you make, with the providence of an insurance policy to protect what you care for the most. Citi Priority Debit MasterCard allows mobility to your travels with easy cash accessibility both locally and internationally.

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And that brings us to the end of this list of the best priority banking in Singapore. We’ve covered the best services that provide you with a variety of benefits. Do remember to do some research to find out which one fits your needs best.

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