Flowers are the most beautiful gift of nature and there is rarely a person who doesn’t like to decorate his dwelling with the vibrant beauty of flowers. Now fresh flowers are great and nothing beats their natural beauty and subtle fragrance but the problem is that they are perishable and they wither away too quickly. Just within a few days, your beautiful flowers start wilting and their beauty fades away. If only there was a way to lock their natural beauty, well there is.

Preserved flowers look and feel like fresh flowers however they last much longer. Using various preservation techniques flowers are literally locked in time and they retain their extravagant beauty for long periods. If you cannot maintain living plants in your home or if just don’t have the time to regularly change fresh flowers for your vase, preserved flowers are the perfect option for you. Another advantage of using preserved flowers for home decor is that you can decorate your home with rare and exotic flowers that might not be available to you in their fresh form. 

Our top 3 picks are based especially look at their quality of preserved flowers, variety, delivery options and also pricing.

Anahana Flower
Top 1✔️ Affordable rates
✔️ Great selection to choose from
✔️ Hand-crafted high-quality flowers
✔️ Last for over a year
✔️ Gifts for all occasions including home decor!
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Top 2 ✔️ Innovative designs
✔️ Great delivery service
✔️ Good selection
✔️ Premium quality
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Top 3✔️ Aesthetic designs
✔️ Same day delivery
✔️ Competitive pricing
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What Should You Look For In Good Preserved Flowers?

  • What is the difference between dried and preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are created using a rehydration process that not only retains the fresh appearance of the flowers but also their colours. They also don’t have any pollen, making it the perfect gift even for those allergic to that pesky pollen. Meanwhile, dried flowers have a more rustic appearance, and are extremely brittle to handle.

  • How to know if the preserved flowers are of good quality?

Shopping for preserved flowers can be tricky and identifying quality products can be very difficult. Some sellers trick their customers into buying soap or silk infused flowers which turn out to be made of artificial materials. Preserved flowers should retain the natural subtlety of touch that fresh flowers have. They must also have natural shades and tones of colour which can usually be easily distinguished from the artificially created colours.

Though dry the flowers retain a lot of their natural beauty and that’s what you should keep an out for. You must choose flowers that don’t wilt and always choose flowers that are well attached, firm. Flowers with open petals are desirable because it’s easy to tell if they’ve been improperly preserved but buds if chosen should be found and firm.

  • How long do preserved flowers last?

Some dried and preserved flowers can last up to a year. It however totally depends upon the preservation techniques used. Some specimens sealed in raisin or glass can last forever, however, if the preservation techniques used are not properly executed results might not be as desired. You should especially look at their quality before you purchase them though as good quality ones last much longer.

1. Anahana Flower


  • Handcrafted high quality preserved flowers elegantly arranged in glass domes
  • An absolutely excellent choice for home decor and gifting
  • The shelf life of the flowers is up to a year and even more if properly cared for

The absolute first choice for preserved flowers in Singapore is Anahana Flower. They produce stunning works of art enclosed in beautiful glass domes. They use high-grade preservation techniques to perfectly capture the natural beauty of a flower and freeze it in time. Only the most beautiful flowers are chosen by them for preservation and they arrange these flowers in beautiful combinations. 

Their products last up to a year and can last longer if taken proper care of as such they make the perfect long-lasting gifts that you might be looking for.

They have special arrangements for almost every event imaginable, from weddings to anniversaries and even graduations you will find the perfect gift for any occasion imaginable. You could say that they’re experts in the science and art of preserved flowers and sure deliver what they promise.

AddressAna Hana Flower, 61 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408727
Contact+65 9856 9650
TimingsMonday to Sunday, open 24×7
PricingPrices start from $55.00

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2. Bloomback


  • Innovative and unheard of designs
  • High-quality handcrafted products with long shelf life
  • Wide range of choices from charms to domes

Innovation is a constant process here at Bloomback. They are known for creating some of the coolest and wackiest designs and gift items with preserved flowers. They make a wide range of products of every shape and size imaginable. From beautiful little key chains and charms to elegant arrangements in glass domes and even a Bluetooth speaker decorated with beautifully arranged preserved flowers, these folks have a very long list of high-quality products.

They also provide an extensive and effective delivery service with a very small delivery fee. They make sure to preserve and showcase the vibrant colours of the flowers rather professionally due to which all their products look as fresh as though the flowers were just plucked.

Address33 Ubi Ave 3, The Vertex, #05-70, Tower A (Use lift lobby A), Singapore 408868
Contact+65 87494806
TimingsMonday to Sunday, open 24×7
PricingPrices start from $130.00

3. SKFleur


  • Same day delivery services available
  • Plants are grown with extreme care for the maximum beauty of the flowers
  • Wide range of innovative and creative designs made by their dedicated team

If you have a particular affinity for adorable things you are bound to be simply captivated and enchanted by the shop of SKFleur. They create some of the most adorable and heartwarming creations with their preserved flowers. With a promise that every flower is 100% natural, they don’t hesitate to explain in detail the preservation process. They choose the best of flowers grown with extreme care to create the perfect gift for your loved ones.

They don’t limit themselves to creating the traditional glass domes and other typical preserved flower gift items, instead, they have a very wide variety of unique designs rarely seen elsewhere. Some of their gift items are downright criminally cheap and their versatility makes it easy for you to find a gift for every occasion imaginable. Their unique preservation techniques are so effective that the preserved flowers look unmistakably fresh and they last for a very long time. They also provide a same-day delivery service which further adds to their appeal.

Address​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​01-89 (Lobby 3), 183 Jalan Pelikat, The Promenade@Pelikat, S 537643
Contact+65 82656855 
PricingPrices start from $32.00

4. My Eternal Rose


  • Preserved Flower specialists
  • Particularly specialise in Roses of different kinds and colours
  • Renowned for quality and commitment to service

Roses are beautiful, they are perhaps the most well-known flower and a universal symbol of beauty, grace and love. The problem with roses is that they wilt too soon and for a flower that’s often gifted as a gesture and symbol of love that’s just sad. My Eternal Rose solves this by professionally preserving roses and creating elegant gifts out of them. They have a very wide and extensive selection and roses of all shades and sizes are preserved by them.

They already have a very reasonable price range and on top of that, they provide free shipping for orders over $150. Known for their creative designs, their products last for a very long time. With their specific love for roses, all of their products are perfect for anniversary gifts and weddings. They do show well that nothing can be a better gesture of love when compared to preserved rose.

AddressYio Chu Kang MRT Station for their self-collection address 
PricingPrices start from $30.00

5. Timeless Fleur


  • Sustainable and eco friendly florist
  • Beauty and the Beast themed preserved flower domes
  • Highly affordable prices

Known for its sustainable and eco-friendly practices and designer bouquets, Timeless Fleur is a very popular establishment. They also sell jewellery but the real highlight of their extensive collection is their preserved flower creations. They preserve their flowers with stunning precision and the end product always looks as if it is literally growing from the base of the dome. Known particularly for their beautiful Beauty and the Beast-themed glass domes which usually feature a single rose or sunflower perfectly preserved inside a glass dome.

Another plus point for this establishment is their affordable prices and their commitment to providing the best value for money. No customer can be dissatisfied with this establishment because they literally deliver beauty at your doorstep. Check them out for some of the best gifts you can buy.
TimingsMonday to Sunday, open 24×7
PricingPrices start from $108.00

6. Gerbil’s Garden


  • Specialises in Wedding gifts
  • Designer bouquets and other preserved flower creations available
  • Wide range of choices

This is an establishment known for elegance and style, each product from Gerbil’s garden is no less than a masterpiece of floral art. Known for their designer bouquets and floral arrangements they are most popular for their special wedding accessories including bouquets and headbands and their preserved flower creations.

These guys do their preserved flower creations different and experiment more with various arrangements and designs. They do the classic glass domes and create some beautiful specimens with unique flowers however they don’t limit themselves to just that. They also offer preserved flower bouquets and vases and their preserved flower prosperity trees become extremely sought after during the Chinese New year. Variety is the spice of life and they like things spicy because they offer an endless variety of products. There is no shortage of designs in this shop and their preserved flowers are so well made that with proper care they can last for more than a year.

AddressOnline store
Contact+65 92770598
PricingPrices start from $88.00

7. First Sight


  • Chic Floral designs.
  • Personalised gifts and handcrafted dried and preserved flower creations
  • Floral decorations and bridal bouquets

Gift giving is honestly a complicated activity to indulge in but the professional florists from First Sight can make it rather easy. They are extremely creative with their designs and they produce some of the chicest products that are breath-taking. They are indisputably the best when it comes to dried and preserved flowers and gift designing. Giving life to your imagination, with personalised gifts available as an option you get exactly what you want.

Furthermore, they also create some of the most stunning Bridal bouquets and they are also quite popular for Floral decorations, even providing services to corporate settings. They are known to be so good at it that even the dullest of corporate settings become extremely pleased with them involved.

Address1 Marne Road, The Citron #01-05, S208380 (Near Farrer Park MRT Station, NE8)
PricingPrices start from $35.00

8. Preserved Blooms


  • Cheap and affordable rates
  • Free Same day delivery services
  • Highly elegant designer Bouquets

Flowers carry a lot of Sentiments and every gift of a flower has a story behind it, Preserved Blooms understands this and pays tribute to the story behind your bouquet. The folks at Preserved Blooms believe that buying and gifting flowers should be a soothing and relaxing process and not a stressful one. They aim to make your flower buying experience as stress-free as possible. From free same-day delivery services to extremely cheap rates they have all the bases covered.

They are most well known for their special preserved flower bouquets and each bouquet is unique. This is done to pay an ode to the unique story they say that is behind each gift of flowers. The added benefit is that these are preserved flowers so your story will not wilt away within a few days but stay with you for at least a year. Nothing can be more romantic than a gift of a stunning bouquet that doesn’t wilt. So write your floral love story with Preserved Blooms.

ContactYou can contact them by mailing them right here.
TimingsMonday to Sunday, open 24×7
PricingPrices start from $55.00

9. One Olive


  • Wedding Arrangements specialists
  • Personalised Bouquets and gift designs
  • Free delivery services for orders above $120

Known for its stunning wedding arrangements and simply mind-blowing bouquets, One Olive is extremely popular. Established in 2009 this establishment is known for going above and beyond. If you want to buy a last-minute gift for a loved one they should be your first choice. From personalised Bouquets to preserved flowers everything they do is of top quality and they do not compromise. They are the undisputed champions of the wedding arrangements industry and they keep their prices at a reasonable rate. 

You can get your loved ones a specially made bouquet delivered through them or simply buy a preserved flower creation to decorate your living space. They are just happy to serve you and are always ready to help you with what you want.

Address61 Seng Poh Lane, #01-01, Singapore 160061
Contact65 6779 3543 
TimingsTuesday to Saturday from 12:30 pm to 06:30 pm

10. Outerbloom

Like most of the names in this list, they sell both preserved and fresh flowers but they do so with a taste for elegance and luxury. They don’t just sell floral creations they sell art and they are popular because of it. Their bouquets are wildly popular for their tasteful designs and luxurious arrangements. Their preserved roses however are what catch the eye the most. Interestingly they claim that their products last up to three years if taken proper care of. So if you want a rather sturdy gift to symbolise your love with elegance their preserved giant rose is perfect for you.

Their Motto is that flowers can be gifted in any season for any reason so there is no place for hesitation. Give them a visit and go through their extensive list of floral art pieces perhaps you will something to immortalise your love as well.

AddressPT Modern Abadi, ITC Kuningan lantai 9 unit 4B, Jl. Prof Dr Satrio, Jakarta Selatan 12940
Contact+62 82123599800

With this, we come to an end of this list. Preserved flowers are the perfect gift for any situation, their beauty and their romantic appeal is unrelenting. Whether as a decor item for your room or as a symbol of your love for your significant other a preserved flower will always hit the right spot. So visit any of the above named and buy one of these fascinating beauties and who knows it might just make your day.

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