Pottery is among the most relaxing things to do. Learning this craft alone may be tricky, so you’re probably considering taking a pottery class in Singapore. Not only will you be able to create beautiful ceramic pieces, but you’ll also meet a lot of different people with the same interest.

We want you to enjoy your journey to discovering the art of pottery, so we listed the best pottery classes in Singapore. Let’s get started!

1. Studio Asobi – Living Clay Workshop

The Story Of Huiwen and Kenneth, founders of Studio Asobi – The General  Company
Photo credit: The General Co


  • 20% of the profit goes to charity
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Prices include glazing and firing

Pottery classes are fun and therapeutic. Joining one is truly a relaxing activity to do in your free time. For beginners, classes conducted in Studio Asobi will definitely headstart your pottery hobby. You will be taught basic hand-building and coiling techniques to create your own craft in one session.

What we love about Studio Asobi’s pottery classes is that part of their proceeds goes to free monthly workshops. Through this, migrant workers are given the opportunity to learn the craft. Interested? Check out Studio Asobi’s pottery classes now!

Contact Details:  66563008 | huiwen@studioasobi.com
Address: Hougang Ave 2, Block 705, Singapore 530705

2. Mud Rock Ceramics’ Ad Hoc Classes

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Photo credit: Mud Rock Ceramics


  • Ad Hoc Pottery Classes
  • Cost includes tools, trimming, glazing, and firing

Opened by two professional ceramic artists, this next pottery class is from Mud Rock Ceramics, an independent ceramics studio in Singapore. Here, they conduct ad hoc workshops on wheel throwing. 

Do you know another thing that’s fascinating with Mud Rock? They’ve created a tea set for the Queen of England! Other than that, they have worked with the National Gallery of Singapore. With these credentials, you know that the duo behind Mud Rock Ceramics is a team of experts in the field. 

They offer a full beginner’s course, but if ever you can’t commit to that, you can book multiple classes. They’re all for convenience of learning here! If you’re interested, try checking their website out.

Contact Details: +65 6291 1186
Address: 85 Maude Rd, Singapore 208357

3. Weekend Worker’s Ceramic Wheel Throwing Workshop

Photo credit: Instagram | Weekend Worker


  • A small class of four
  • Electric potter’s wheel
  • Free glazing and firing

Kickstart your pottery journey with Weekend Worker. They offer a three-hour Ceramic Wheel Throwing Workshop that will get you in the craft of pottery. You’ll be able to learn the art of wheel throwing and make three different ceramic pieces of your own liking!

Classes are limited to a small group of four, so rest assured that the Weekend Workers will be there to guide you in every step of the pottery class. What’s good is that you can have your masterpieces coated, glazed, and fired for free! If all these things sound good to you, then we believe visiting their website is even better.

Contact Details: 9655 0357 | info@weekendworker.sg | Message them on Facebook | DM them on Instagram
Address: 426 Clemenceau Avenue North, Singapore 229516

4. Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle| Pottery workshops | Dragon Kiln | Singapore
Photo credit: Pottery Jungle


  • Affordable rates
  • Escape into nature
  • Housing Singapore’s oldest surviving Dragon Kiln

Looking for pottery classes far from the city? Have a break from all the bustle and unleash all your creativity through the Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle’s classes. Besides being an escape from the city, it is home to a pottery studio offering long term courses and workshops for everyone who wants to learn the craft.

Their rates at the Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle are very affordable. For around $30, you’ll get pottery classes inclusive of all the materials, glazing, and firing. This is a great activity to bond with the whole family as they cater to all ages!

The Pottery Jungle’s classes are definitely a fun way to destress and spend your weekend with your loved ones. This entry is truly deserving of being one of the best pottery classes in Singapore!

Contact Details: +65 6268 6121
Address:  85 Lor Tawas, Singapore 639823

5. Arudio Studio Pottery Classes

Photo credit: Arudio Instagram


  • Perfect classes for couples
  • Prices include material, glazing, and firing
  • Minimum of 2 participants

Are you looking for pottery classes to try with your significant other? Why not join Arudio Studio’s pottery classes? They offer both short pottery courses and trial workshops for couples. If you’re alone, no worries! You are also welcome to sign up for one of their classes. Invite your friends and family for a more fun learning experience.

Their 3-hours workshop on Ceramic Hand-building focuses on creating cups, plates, and vases. You’ll be able to learn the art of coiling, pinching, slab-making, and so on. On the other hand, you may also sign up for their Wheel Throwing Workshop. Here, you’ll be taught tips and tricks on moulding objects.

Contact Details: 9656 8591
Address: 11 Woodlands Close, #09-30, Singapore 737853

6. The Potters’ Guilt Pottery Classes

The Potters' Guilt
Photo credit: The Potters’ Guilt


  • Experienced artists
  • Small-class sized settings
  • Team-building activities

A cosy and conducive learning studio wrapped into one. The Potters’ Guilt’s pottery workshops are among the best pottery classes in Singapore. From the picture above, you can already see how pleasing the vibe of their studio is. What more if you visit them firsthand? The ambience will surely make you excited to start your pottery class.

They say that there are two main techniques that are needed to master crafting ceramic pieces. These are namely hand-building and wheel throwing. Master these two with The Potters’ Guilt’s Pottery Do-It-All. 

This specific workshop is a 3-hours long pottery class that teaches everything you need to know about pottering. After your hard work, you may take home your masterpiece once it has been glazed and fired. This may take around 3 weeks to complete.

If 3 hours seem too long for you, don’t worry, they have shorter classes you can attend too. Check their site for more info!

Contact Details: pottersguilt@gmail.co | Get updates through their Facebook and Instagram pages.
Address: 1195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-03, Singapore 168976

7. Ceramic House’s Pottery Classes

Photo credit: Ceramic House


  • Courses for absolute beginners to seasoned ceramicists
  • Choose from English, Chinese, or Japanese
  • Offers both gas and electric kins to beautify ceramics

Are you a beginner that’s fascinated with learning the ins and outs of pottery? Ceramic House’s classes might be the perfect one for you! Being one of the best pottery classes in Singapore, they offer various workshops that will develop your skills in the craft. 

From trial classes to children’s classes, up to advanced classes, they have been continuously providing quality teaching through their team of pottery experts. Curious about what Ceramic House offers? Click here for more details.

Contact Details: +65 6784 0024 | ceramic_house@yahoo.com.sg
Address: Blk 9004 Tampines St.93 #02-102 Singapore 528838

8. The 8TH FLOOR Creative Space – Wheel Throwing

Discover Your Inner Craftsman, Feature - THE BUSINESS TIMES
Photo credit: The Business Times


  • Personalised pottery course
  • Wheel throwing to create household ceramics

The 8th FLOOR Creative Space is the first-ever studio to specialize in a heavily personalised pottery course in Singapore. Every progress of joining learners is closely monitored by the 8th FLOOR’s experts. Each one is tailored according to your pace of learning. Meaning, you’re guided through every curve and detail.

When you sign up, you’ll be taught wheel throwing techniques that will make creating household ceramic objects a breeze. If you’ve been wanting to handcraft your own bowls, planters, and plates, then joining their pottery classes is a must! Express yourself by making these decorative pieces through their pottery classes. 

Contact Details: 6904 4403
Address: 37 Lorong 23 Geylang, #08-03 Yu Li Industrial Building, Singapore 388371

9. School of Clay Arts’ Pottery Classes

Private Pottery Classes, Ceramic Studio Membership - SCHOOL of CLAY ARTS
Source: School of Clay Arts


  • Free delivery
  • Beginner-friendly pottery classes
  • Inviting class environment

Joining classes, most especially if you’re a complete newbie, can get intimidating at first. But in the School of Clay Arts, their friendly and inviting team is always happy to help! Their classes are beginner-friendly, so you can drop all your rookie worries away.

In their Intro to Pottery Workshop, you will be taught how to correctly use a banding wheel. Their instructors will guide you step-by-step in every pottery technique so you don’t look like a lost sheep.

On top of the things they offer, the School of Clary Arts delivers your masterpieces right at your doorstep. And what’s more exciting is that this delivery service is for free! It’s literally convenience right at the front of your home.

Contact Details: 9177 5764
Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark (Lobby B) #07-33, Singapore 408564

10. Urth & Phire – Flexible Pottery Courses

Studio Practice Package | Urth & Phire
Photo credit: Urth & Phire


  • Flexible schedules
  • Cosy pottery studio
  • For beginners and advanced individuals

If you have a tight schedule yet you want to squeeze in your love for pottery, consider signing up for one of Urth & Phire’s pottery classes. They have no fixed dates for classes and courses, so you have the freedom to choose when to start.

Urth & Phire offers Wheel Pottery Courses with professional coaching. You’ll learn everything you need to know about pottery in this course. From clay preparation to firing an electric kiln, who knows – maybe you’ll be able to call yourself a pottery expert, all thanks to Urth & Phire! 

For starters, you can also enjoy their Wheel Pottery Trial Class. Here, you will be taught pottery basics. Consider this a stepping stone into joining future pottery classes. Do you think this studio is the best for you? Book now through this link!

Contact Details: +65 9770 4862
Address: 2 Pereira Rd, #05-02A 2ConnecTT@TS, Singapore 368024

11. Terra & Ember – Mini Pottery Workshop

Photo Credit: Terra & Ember | Facebook


  • Wheel throwing classes – both Introductory and Intermediate
  • Mini pottery classes
  • Singapore’s #1 Pottery Classes on Tallypress

Want to learn how to make the tiniest clay pots? Terra & Ember’s Pottery Classes are right here! Being voted as the top 1 studio for pottery classes, Terra & Ember has shown Singapore their growing passion for pottery. 

Terra & Ember has Wheel Throwing Pottery Workshops both for beginners and experienced students. You’ll get to learn the basics of wheel throwing and transforming balls of clay into sophisticated art. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can then sign up for their Intermediate Wheel Throwing Classes where you’ll get in-the-know with making larger functional pots and vases.

Our favourite workshop would be their Mini Pottery Classes that teach students to make mini ceramic wares using mini electric wheels and simple pottery tools. Also, this class enables you to paint and decorate tiny clay spots.

If you want to learn more about pottery in a cosy sanctuary we call Terra & Ember, head out to this link.

Address: 475 Geylang Road Singapore 389434
Contact Details: Message them on Instagram.

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