There are very few people who aren’t in love with the Italian magical dish named Pizza. A freshly baked hot pizza is one of the most liked dishes around the globe including Singapore. People in Singapore not only appreciate and consume this dish in a large number but we can say that Singaporeans die for hot and fast delivery pizzas. Whether it be a snack, lunch, dinner, or any party, pizza is the most sought dish. Looking at this high demand for pizzas, we have decided to shortlist the fastest pizza delivery restaurants in Singapore with no minimum order. So, the pizza lovers just have to place their order and receive it anywhere in the country in minimal time.

1. Pizza Delivery

Standout Features

  • Handmade authentic pizzas
  • Less than an hour delivery 
  • Buy one get one free offer 
  • Featured online 

We the best in Singapore have featured an amazing pizza house in this list that is named Pizza Delivery. You might have seen this pizza restaurant featured in many online blogs because of its taste and fast delivery service. Every bite of their pizza offers equal taste and texture satisfying the appetite of the pizza lovers. The handmade pizza is not only delicious but also delivered hot. 

You will receive your order in less than an hour with no compulsion of any minimum order. Hands down, the best and fastest pizza delivery in Singapore! So, visit their website for further information and ordering. 

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2. Sarpinos Pizza 

Standout Features

  • Late-night fast delivery 
  • Variety of menu options 
  • Complimentary food items 
  • Organic Ingredients

If you are a fan of organic pizza flavors and want them to be delivered at your doorstep or office within a few minutes of ordering, then do give a try to Saprinos Pizza. The authentic Italian flavor is the best feature of this pizza restaurant but that is not all. You will also get a wide range of other menu options such as Cesar salad, chicken wings, fries, etc. that are more than enough to satisfy your taste buds. In addition to this, the restaurant also offers complimentary drinks and food items such as garlic bread, tender sticks, etc. with the order. You can order any amount of food from the restaurant and the riders will deliver it hot and fresh. 

To go through the menu options and ordering, visit the website

3. Peperoni Pizzeria

Standout Features

  • Authentic wood-fired pizzas
  • Amazing flavors 
  • Hot sauce 
  • No minimum order with fast delivery

Most of the Singaporeans would have heard the name of Peperoni Pizzeria. The pizza restaurant is known for its authentic wood-fired pizzas giving them distinct taste and texture that is loved by many around the globe. The restaurant is offering amazing pizza flavors whose taste is distinct from others in the country. Moreover, the custom hot sauce is the most liked thing about restaurants as the customers like their pizza to be spicy as well as oven-fresh. Customer reviews are found to be positive and they also recommend the restaurant if you are looking for a fast delivery option. 

For further information and orders, visit the website

4. Dominos 

Standout Features

  • International Chain 
  • 30 minutes delivery 
  • Authentic pizza flavors 
  • Complimentary drinks

Who is not aware of Dominos in this modern era? The American pizza house is known for making loyal customers and operating in more than a hundred countries around the globe. Singapore is also in those countries, in which Dominos is operating and satisfying the taste buds of the locals and international tourists. Entering any Domino’s branch will give you an authentic vibe of a pizza house. Well, the delivery service of the American brand is no less than its flavor and is regarded as an outstanding service by the customers. The pizza reaches the customers in less than 30 minutes upon ordering that too oven-fresh and hot. 

You can order any quantity by visiting their website

5. Napolizz Pizza

Standout Features

  • Special Hawaiian Pizza 
  • Discount Codes 
  • Fast Delivery 
  • Authentic Taste

Napolizz Pizza as the name indicates is a pizza restaurant that is inspired by the old authentic pizza places of Italy. The customers also report the pizza restaurant to be one of the best in the country when it comes to their special flavor. The Hawaiian pizza is their specialty that is served with some amazing toppings including fresh pineapple chunks that can satisfy the appetite of this specific flavor lover. When it comes to their prices, the pizza restaurant is already affordable and the discount promos also cut off the price of the order.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the website and order one of the fastest delivered pizza in the country. 

6. Spizza

Standout Features

  • Thin-crust pizza 
  • Award-winning pizza restaurant 
  • An amazing blend of other dishes 
  • Mouth-watering flavors 

If you are a fan of those thin-crust pizzas, then try ordering one from Spizza. The pizza restaurant has no condition of any minimum order, so whether you are alone or with your friends, Spizza will serve the purpose. The taste and flavor of the restaurant are authenticated as it has won many national awards due to its taste and high-standard. 

Go through the list of the offered flavors on their website and order one according to your preference. 

7. Canadian Pizza

Standout Features

  • Halal menu items 
  • Cheap pizza deals
  • Authentic flavor 
  • Fast delivery option 

Canadian Pizza not only made it into our list due to cheap pizza deals but also due to its fast delivery service. If you are looking for a halal restaurant offering halal menu items in Singapore, then Canadian Pizza will not disappoint you. The mouth-watering pizza is cheap and mouth-watering as well.

So, go to their website for further information and orders. 

Pizza is the meal of the majority of Singaporeans but searching for a fast delivery pizza restaurant is no less than a headache. But don’t worry as we have reduced your effort of searching and shortlisted the top 7 fastest pizza delivery services. Just select a restaurant according to your preference and order the pizza.

Written by: Awais S.