What else can be perfect other than staying at home watching your entertainment and enjoying some pizza for your self-time? To keep things short, here is our review of Wildfire Pizza.

Hoping to seek new good food to welcome 2021, we went on a mission to search for a new pizza brand. We decided to find options out of Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, and Canadian Pizza. Thus, we found Wildfire Pizza!

About Wildfire Pizza

As the name itself suggests, Pizza Delivery primarily focuses on the online aspect of the pizza experience. Wildfire Pizza strives to only provide you an authentic Italian experience with just a click away at your fingertips.

Pizzerias in our city can be either a quick-filling mess or served at fancy fine dining restaurants. Pizza Delivery Singapore comes in between, where they serve authentic Neapolitan pizzas that are fired up in 90 seconds and can be enjoyed without a table reservation.

Hearty Festa Bundle

Their Hearty Festa Bundle consists of 2 x Large Pizzas, 1 x Mozarella Cheese Stick (6pcs), and 1 x Crispy Chicken Wings (6pcs). This bundle caters for 4-5pax. We had ordered Margherita and Mistocarne as our choice of pizza.

Mistocarne Pizza is the perfect pizza for the meat lovers out there! The pizza consists of pork pepperoni, beef bolognese, and chicken breast. Thus, making it a 3-in-1 meat pizza.

The large pizza is cut into 8 slices so we can eat these palm-sized slices at a time. Besides, it is sprinkled with tons of mozzarella cheese, giving it a good stretch. The bread dough is not too thin and not too thick, making it well balanced with the pizza toppings.

Margherita Pizza is our favorite. Similarly, in 8 slices, this pizza consists of a ton of mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes. This pizza has a tangy and sweet taste with its fresh tomatoes.

Furthermore, with the ton of mozzarella cheese, you can also taste a hint of olive oil in each slice.

To Sum It Up

Here is the end of our Pizza Delivery review.

Overall, we are satisfied with the bundle set. The delivery was fast, and the pizza was still hot when it arrived. Besides, if you want your pizza to be piping hot, heat them in the microwave, and you are good to go!

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