So, you managed to wake up in the morning for your routine workout, and ouch, your back snaps. You lose your stability and can’t walk anymore. Can you relate to this? Back pains, stiff neck, and tense shoulders are epitomes of injuries that may negatively impact your ability to perform your daily tasks. Ever thought of visit physiotherapy clinics for therapy sessions? Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that seeks to help people restore, strengthen, stabilize and improve their overall well-being.

Our top 3 choices for the best physiotherapy clinics in Singapore are carefully chosen based on reliability, quality of services, and affordability. They are exceptionally good across the island and you can book your appointments without any worry.

The Rehab Lab Singapore

Top 1 ✔️A wide range of physiotherapy services
✔️ Occupational therapy available
✔️Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
✔️ Pre & post OP physiotherapy
✔️ Home physiotherapy
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Pooja Physiotherapy & Healthcare Centre

Top 2✔️ Pediatric physiotherapy
✔️ Best knee specialists
✔️Basic hydrotherapy
✔️ Lifestyle disease treatment with personalized exercises
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Top 3 ✔️ Functional wellness
✔️ Pain relief management
✔️ Neurological rehabilitation
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Physiotherapy hosts many benefits beyond its workability and value for the money. Some of them include;

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve stability
  • Improved posture
  • Maintain motions, among others

So, which are the best physiotherapy clinics in Singapore? Well, Singapore is a diverse country with many clinics, each claiming to offer decent physiotherapy services. You might, for this reason, be overwhelmed while selecting the best deal. Thankfully, this review has got you covered with the best 10 physiotherapy clinics in Singapore. Our research is based on several factors, ranging from quality of services to customer reviews. Tag along!

1. The Rehab Lab Singapore

Image credit: The Rehab Lab


  • Customized treatment methods
  • Experienced doctors
  • Emphasizes on proactive treatment approach

The Rehab Lab Singapore is a one-stop clinic best known for its physiotherapy techniques. It focuses on providing its customers with pain-free treatments using customized methods. One of these approaches includes rehab exercises aimed to strengthen muscle structure and enhance your lifestyle patterns.

The clinic provides a pro-active technique with its manual therapy. The approach is best known to offer optimal recovery than using machines. It also offers a wide range of quality services, including sports massage, running gait analysis, and many more. The Rehab Lab is the only clinic in Singapore partnering with national cyclists and Singapore’s Athletes.

AddressCivil Service Club, #02-00 60 Tessensohn Road Singapore 17664
Contact Details+ 65 9229 1337 |
Operating HoursMon-Sun, 9.00AM – 9.00PM (By Appointment)

2. Pooja Physiotherapy & Healthcare Centre

Image credit: Pooja


  • Affordable pricing
  • Experienced doctors
  • A wide range of services
  • Fast treatment procedures
  • Open to all clients regardless of the age

Over the past six years, Pooja Health Centre has been providing Singaporeans with world-class physiotherapy services curated to meet all needs. It is no doubt that this clinic promises to offer its clients pain-free treatment through a series of procedures. It has helped thousands of people, ranging from athletes to the elderly and even those suffering from neurological conditions.

Pooja is registered under Allied Health Professional Council; so you can be sure of quality services. It provides a wide range of physiotherapy services, including sports injuries, pediatric physiotherapy, home therapy, among others. You can also visit this health centre for geriatric rehab. Apart from its premium services, it is worth noting that this clinic keeps your rates in your pocket. It also offers a comfortable environment that relaxes customers while waiting for treatment.

Address02-03, Loft @Nathan 428 River Valley Road Singapore 248327
Contact Details+65 6384 5452 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 8.00AM – 8.00PM | Sat & Sun, By Appointment only

3. PhysioActive

Image credit: PhysioActive


  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Highly trained doctors
  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Suitable for non-English speakers

PhysioActive prides itself as a family clinic. For this reason, they are committed to taking your individual health issues with importance. The clinic has more than ten years of experience in helping clients suffering from different physiotherapy conditions. Currently, it has more than fourteen highly trained physiotherapy specialists who can handle several issues. Some of them include neck injuries, back pains, scoliosis, and even sports injuries.

PhysioActive offers consultation in five different languages. So, you can be sure of its convenience & flexibility. Besides, it has also earned scores when it comes to operating hours. Since some of its clients are students who are often free during night hours, the clinic extended its time up to 9 PM.

Address1 Orchard Blvd, #11-05 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
Contact Details+65 6235 2647
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 7.00AM – 9.00PM | Sat, 7.00AM – 3.00PM

4. Urban Rehab

Image credit: Urban Rehab


  • Both a training center and physiotherapy clinic
  • Experienced trainers and doctors
  • It offers a comfortable environment
  • With over 13 years of experience

Urban Rehab is well known as a physiotherapy clinic as well as a training centre. The clinic focuses on improving the well-being of patients and helps them achieve their fitness goals. This perfect clinic provides various services, including massage therapy, chiropractic, clinical pilates, and a handful more. From core stability training to special training for optimal sports performance, this clinic offers a lot more.

Any clinic is at its best when it has experienced doctors. It is no surprise that Urban Rehab has a team of qualified professionals ready to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it is strength building or weight loss, they understand what to do. You’ll also love how this clinic does its physiotherapy sessions. It examines, diagnoses, and customizes the best rehab program that will certainly relieve you from injuries.

Overall, Urban Rehab lives up to its name. It is an ideal clinic for patients seeking to gain mobility through training.

Address22 Malacca St, #03-03 RB Capital Building, Singapore 048980
Contact Details+65 8816 1244 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 8.30AM – 8.00PM

5. The Physio Movement

Image credit: The physio Movement


  • Experienced physiotherapists
  • Science-backed approach to physiotherapy care
  • Strategically located
  • A wide range of physiotherapy services

As the name suggests, the Physio Movement emphasizes the act of movement and thus ensures to provide the necessary adjustments to restore stability. Consequently, the Physio Movement is dedicated to providing personalized treatment curated to meet all your needs. It offers a science-backed movement, which many people consider effective. It is a treatment technique that promises excellent full recovery.

The Physio Movement is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Singapore that has scored five-star ratings on google. It has received many praises from customers for its effective therapy sessions and polite therapists. It also has a gym and pilates facilities. So you can head there for your daily workouts. This clinic is situated in the heart of Somerset and therefore easy to locate.

Address111 Somerset Rd, #05-16, Singapore 238164
Contact Details+65 6415 8790 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat, 8.00AM – 1.00PM | Sun & PH, Closed

6. Rapid Physiocare

Image credit: Rapid Physiocare


  • Professional clinicians
  • Comprehensive physiotherapy services
  • Comfortable environment

If you are looking for a clinic that promises fast recovery, look no further than this fine contender. From weight management to clinical pilates, Rapid Physiocare has got you covered. The clinic is one of the leading health centres in Singapore that has helped thousands of individuals recover from their injuries. It has a team of highly trained physiotherapists with years of experience when it comes to physical therapy. They are knowledgeable, caring, most dedicated clinicians you can ever meet.

Most individuals have a liking for this clinic because it is easy to locate. The facilities are also clean, and their equipment is well kept in a good condition. Another fascinating feature about Rapid Physiotherapy is the cashless payment, especially for those with insurance covers.

Address10 Anson Road 21-15, International Plaza Singapore 079903
Contact Details+65 6904 4900 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 8.00AM – 7.00PM | Sat, 8.00AM – 1.00PM | Sun, 9.00AM – 5.00PM

7. Physio Asia Therapy Centre

Image credit: Physio Asia Therapy Centre


  • Over 15 years of experience
  • A wide range of physiotherapy services
  • An award-winning physiotherapy clinic

Are you looking for a Physiotherapy centre that can help restore your stability after recovering from injuries? Then Physio Asia Therapy Centre is worth your consideration. The clinic focuses on providing customized treatments tailored to meet your physiotherapy needs. It uses a three-step unique treatment approach that involves; analysis, treatment, and prevention. This approach has proven to be effective and delivers fast recovery.

The clinic is best known to deal with women suffering from pelvic conditions. It also caters to modalities on pain management and neuromuscular balance. Even better, it offers exercise classes, which are open to every individual.

The clinic has a team of professional clinicians, so rest assured you are in good hands. Physio Asia Therapy Centre has also received many accolades including the entrepreneur finalist award 2019, and Singapore prestige award 2012 & 2018.

Address360 Orchard Road, #05-02 International Building, Singapore 238869
Contact Details+65 6736 4142 | /
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 7.30AM – 7.30PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 5.00PM | Sun, Closed

8. Singapore Physio

Image credit: Singapore Physio


  • Customized facilities
  • Experienced therapists trained from Australia
  • Easily accessible
  • Digital exercise programs

Singapore Physio was established in 2002 by Bevan and Vanessa, a professional couple with a passion to help individuals live healthily. The clinic has grown to become one of the leading physiotherapy centres operating both in Japan and Singapore.

The success behind this clinic is attributed to the wide range of conditions they treat including running injuries, MCL, ACL tears, labral tears, among others. You can also visit Singapore Physio for massage services, thanks to their customized facilities.

Their physiotherapy session includes analysis, diagnosis, and a customized rehab program to ensure patients receive the best treatment possible. For excellent results, the clinic also provides a digital exercise program after the treatment. Singapore Physio has several clinics all over the Island; you can, therefore, access their services easily.

Address282B River Valley Rd, 238323
Contact Details+65 6887 4190 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 7.00AM – 8.00PM | Sat, 8.00AM – 6.00PM | Sun, Closed

9. LocoMotion Clinic Pte Ltd

Image credit: LocoMotion Clinic


  • Beautiful environment
  • Caters to all patients regardless of age
  • Offers home therapy

LocoMotion Clinic is your to-go-to physiotherapy clinic and fitness centre in case you’re in search of such a combination. The clinic provides many services ranging from home therapy to musculoskeletal and orthopaedic treatments. Most individuals commend this clinic for its excellent interior setting. It offers a comfortable and serene environment that soothes customers while waiting for treatment.

LocoMotion might not be your average clinic like other physiotherapy clinics because their one-hour session can cost you up to $160 and is strictly by appointment, but they actually offer premium and are worth the cost. The clinic emphasizes the treatment of knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and other sports-related injuries. Whether you are elderly or an athlete, this clinic is an ideal choice for you.

Address100 Peck Seah St #10-12 Singapore 079333
Contact Details+65 9234 9704 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 8.00AM – 8.00PM | Sat, 9.00AM – 2.00PM

10. The Posture Lab

Image credit: The Posture Lab


  • Specializes in posture treatment
  • State of art facilities
  • Experienced clinician

The Posture Lab is responsible for maintaining your posture, thus the name. It has a team of experienced therapists with expertise when it comes to fixing people’s bodies.

Their methods of treatment involve sports science testing, which many people consider effective. They also use digital devices to collect evidence to provide you with detailed information about the test. Most of the services offered at this clinic include posture analysis, sports massage, and physiotherapy. Besides, they advise patients on how to take care of muscles to prevent future injuries that may occur.

Address11 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4454, Singapore 1500112
Contact Details+65 8792 7172
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10AM – 9.00PM | Sat, 10.00AM – 4.00PM


That’s our list of the best physiotherapy clinics in Singapore. Don’t hesitate to take action if you have muscle problems, sports injuries, or just looking for that perfect massage. The above-mentioned clinics will come in handy; select one that best suits your needs.