If you own a pet you definitely know of the extremely special place they hold in your heart. Pets become an inseparable part of our families, however, in this age of a never-ending rat race it often becomes difficult to give them enough time. You are often forced to leave your pets behind when you are going to work or some other arrangements and obligations. Enter pet sitters.

Pet sitters can help you with this dilemma by taking good care of your pets when you are busy and below is a list of the best pet sitters in Singapore, so that you may rest assured that your little buddies are being taken care of when you are off working.

1. Surrpaws

This award-winning pet grooming service provider is one of the best when it comes to taking care of your cats and dogs. They are extremely well known for their high standards of service and they pay utmost attention to the comfort of your furry friends.

Their grooming is often highly praised and many customers come to them loyally because they are the undisputed best. They also provide some of the highest quality pet supplies and food, furthermore, they also provide professional dental cleaning services for cats and dogs. They also provide their services to rabbit and chinchilla owners and your little furry friends are sure to love them.

The smaller animals get special love in this establishment and their team of animal-loving professionals is simply artists and the work they do is insanely beautiful. Their work has brought them much glory in several prestigious dog shows and they are almost always flooded with new appointments.

Address590 Montreal Link #01-21 Singapore 750590
Contact+65 8845 7183
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2. Pawsome Staycation

Known for being perhaps the most friendly petsitters in all of Singapore the folks at Pawsome Staycation do their job because they love it. They will take the best care of your pets when you cannot and your pets might simply fall in love with them. Pets are sensitive and any pet owner can vouch for this statement, your pups do appreciate a tender touch and these folks have PhDs in how to calm down distressed pups. They will take care of your pets as though they were their own children and they will pamper them as much as they can.

Their services range from boarding to daycare and even house visits, so even you have emergencies or you have to regularly leave your pets behind they will come by and take good care of your sweet little furry children. They charge some of the most affordable rates which are nothing compared to the absolute adoration with which they handle your pets. So do give them a call if you’re worried about what your dear pet is going to do when you’re busy with some arrangements.

Contact+65 8399 3407
TimingsMonday to Sunday, open 24×7
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3. Nord Pets

This is a 24/7 cage-free pet boarding service provider in Singapore which has a flawless 5-star review on Google. In Nord Pets, your puppies are pampered with love and undivided attention. They have a cage-free policy and they ensure that your dogs can roam around their facility freely to ensure that they are comfortable and happy. Luxury is what they offer for your pets, in this establishment every pup is a VIP and they are treated accordingly.

Their facility is fully air-conditioned and they have a lot of experience when it comes to handling your pets. They also provide a live camera feed service so that you can rest assured that your pets are all right in their hands. They also give you a choice between a free room or an individual room to ensure that your pets have no issues whatsoever when they are with them.

Contact+65 8809 0933
TimingsMonday to Sunday, open 24×7
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4. K9 Petcare

K9 Petcare PTE LTD is an establishment dedicated to providing tender love and care to your pets when you are not available. They have a highly experienced team that simply loves animals and they have a 5star rating on Google just to prove that they are the best.

They are the undisputed champions when it comes to dog walking services and they will keep you puppers satisfied and healthy with their dog walking services. Providing one of the best home boarding and pet sitting services in all of Singapore, they have a very big following of loyal customers whose pets absolutely adore them.

Contact+65 9631 8962
TimingsYou can fill up their form on their website for desired timings.
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5. Breakfast at Fluffy’s Boutique pet Hotel

This establishment is known for being one of the most luxurious pet hotels in all of Singapore. With a free-spirited outlook towards pet sitting, their establishment is completely cage-less. They provide the highest class pet daycare services and their services come with the promise that your furkid is going to be happy and contented when you come to pick it up.

They have a massive 1300 sqft which is calm and luxurious and if your little mate is staying with them in the pet hotel for a longer period of time then they will receive 24/7 care and concierge with daily walks and you can access their webcams to ensure that your little buddies are doing well without you. When you leave your pets behind with them, they ensure that they are given luxurious and free time where they can relax and enjoy as they wait for you to pick them up.

Address318 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427569
Contact+65 96909876
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm
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6. Pets Orbit

The professional dog walking service providers of Singapore, Pets Orbit goes far and beyond to help you and your pets. Their top-class services and affordable prices keep them in high demand across Singapore. They also provide some essential pet supplies and all their products are of the best quality from well-known companies and if you want they can deliver it all to your doorstep.

One of the best pet sitting service providers in town, they take care of a wide range of pets from dogs and cats to hamsters, rabbits, and even fishes. They believe in loving and connecting with the pets in a more affectionate way and that is why most pets they work with seem to adore them so much. With spotless reviews and high ratings they definitely are a service provider, you would like to check for your furry friends.

Contact+65 65 9499 3409
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7. Ginny Dog Care

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and loving dog daycare service provider then look no further because Ginny Dog is Center I’d perhaps the best in business. With a deep sense of love for man’s best friends, their centre is extremely popular amongst dog owners who for some reason cannot be with their pups for certain times of the day.

They provide a large facility with two play areas and webcam services and they are completely cageless. They provide your pup’s with constant supervision and regularly scheduled walks. Furthermore, they also provide orthopaedic, supportive and chew-proof beds. They also provide pick-up and drop-off services if required and overall they simply can’t be competed with.

AddressNo 9 Thong Soon Avenue Singapore 787436
Contact+65 9846 3170
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8. Pet Boarding Center

Perhaps the most experienced name in this list is that of the Pet Boarding Center which has been serving the pets of Singapore for the last 20 years. They have an extremely dedicated team of professional and experienced workers who take great and careful care of your furbabies.

Formerly known as the Dog unit they provide the complete range of pet-related services and with their experience and reputation, you know that your pets are always in good hands. With a flawless record, high ratings, and several loyal customers with hundreds of positive reviews they definitely come highly recommended. From boarding to daycare and much more, you can drop your furkid with them for as long you need and you can rest assured that they will be taken good care of.

They design their services in such a way that both you and your pets get the best deal, cheap rates, and good services with bucket loads of love and affection that is perhaps how one should define the Dog Unit.

Address80 (Plot LCK 135) Lim Chu Kang Lane 1, Singapore 718911
Contact+65 6316 6628
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
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9. Dear Mutt

One of Singapore’s premium boutique Dog Hotels they take great pride in the quality of their services and take great attention to maintain that same quality for which they are famous. They provide an all-around service for your dogs and you can constantly check on your buddy with their video feed and constant updates.

They provide spacious rooms which are luxurious in every way, they also provide regular walks, hygiene services, and even music and aromatherapy for your pups. Your dogs receive individual care in this facility and they also provide daycare services if you ever require that.

This place hands down are for all those dog owners who for some reason cannot give their pups the time and care they need.

Address17 Venus Road Singapore 574304
Contact+65 9222 0190
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm
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10. Wheeky Cavies

The last name on this list is perhaps one of the most popular with a massive base of loyal customers who simply adore them. These folks are particularly good with smaller pets and are the specialists when it comes to taking care of Guinea pigs and rabbits.

They provide pet boarding and day care services and they also in-home pet sitting.

Furthermore, they provide high-quality grooming services for different kinds of pets are well-loved for the expert work they do. They have a very loving team of experts who take great care of your pets with utmost love and tender care.

AddressBlock 185C, Woodlands Street 13, Singapore 733185
Contact+65 8205 4199
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With this, we conclude this list of the best pet sitters in Singapore. Now you and your little buddies can rest assured even if some emergency pops up. That’s because the good folks from the establishments will surely be more than happy to oblige and take good care of furry little children.

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