Pests at home? No way! We are every bit as repulsed as you are already. That is why we understand that it will be a very stressful process for you if you have a pest infestation right in your home. Above all, to help, we have compiled a list of the best pest control companies in Singapore right here. Research is done for you, so you do not have to. Just pick one and solve your pest infestation problems!

1. Pest Off Pte Ltd


  • In-house R&D to constantly revise and enhance methods
  • Re-treatment within warranty period at no cost
  • Treatment suitable for all types of industries

Pest Off Pte Ltd takes pride in providing quality service to all of their customers by solving all types of pest problems. Their staff is all trained and equipped with the necessary skills to solve problems in residential and commercial settings and also, have weekly comprehensive training to keep up to date with the latest skills and knowledge.

They even have a specialized team that caters to specific problems in areas like the food industry and mold and viruses. With such an experienced team, you can rest assured that all your pest problems will be solved in no time.


Pest Off Pte Ltd has served many customers over the years, such as Q.B. Food Trading Pte Ltd. Here is what they had to say about Pest Off:

We are glad to have engaged the services of Pest Off to provide monthly integrated pest management services for our food processing plant.

The Account Manager and Consultant have been very professional in their service in terms of knowledge and their food processing Pest Specialist team have been very competent in their work.

When Pest Off took over the Pest Management Program, their Consultant started off with an assessment to identify the critical control points within my premises and had come out with a customized Program with comprehensive defense and monitoring system based on Q.B.’s needs.

Knowing that our business nature is sensitive and strict in third parties audits requirement, their QA Team and entomologist are always keeping us ready for third parties audits requirements.

Pest Off has proven to be a pest management company that provides quality service. We will always highly recommend their services without hesitation and we are confident that their quality services will surpass others.

BEST FOR – Response time
– Expertise
– Specialised teams for different industries and pest issue
ADDRESS25 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6280 0777 |

2. Maximum Pest


  • Environmentally conscious – Use of water based products which are safer for the environment
  • Catch-and-release approach
  • Free inspections for pests at your location

First and foremost, Maximum Pest has been in the market for about 5 years already. All their technicians have had at least 12 years of experience in the industry. Thus, this means that with Maximum Pest, you can be well assured that you will be getting the best kind of method to deal with those pesky pests infestations in your homes or commercial offices.

On the whole, hands down deserving to top our list of the best pest control companies in Singapore!


On the whole, clients were very satisfied with the services of Maximum Pests, and most of their clients knew them through referrals and renewals.

Here is a review from one of their clients, Sebastian:

“I noted several of my cabinets having the symptom of termite infestation. Thus, my carpenter recommended for me to contact a pest control firm to verify. I did some research and narrowed down to two firms. I decided to approach Maximum Pest. Chris dropped by my home and did the checks. He not only checked the problem area, he also checked several other areas e.g. kitchen. Thankfully, my place is cleared of termites.

Chris then shared his insights on termites and he advised on what I should do on a regular basis. After the assessment was done, I wanted to pay Chris for his time and transportation. However, he refused to accept any payment. Above all, throughout the process, Chris was a true professional and client-focused. There was no selling involved.
On the whole, just honest and thoughtful service. Hence, I would strongly recommend Maximum Pest to anyone who is troubled with pests in their home or in their workplace.”

BEST FOR Free inspections and advice
ADDRESS54, Maude Road Townshend Building #02-06 Singapore 208346
CONTACT DETAILS1800-6297378 |

3. PestGoCleaning


  • Dust mite control
  • Cockroaches maintenance
  • Package service for F&B outlets

Pestsgocleaning is a company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Most importantly, all of their staff are highly trained, security screened and licensed to use pest control products under NEA’s regulations.

Moreover, they specialise in pest control for F&B outlets, being very familiar with what is required from NEA in order for F&B outlets to remain licensed, offering packages that cover all requirements from NEA. Pestsgocleaning will be a very convenient option for F&B outlets.


This company is one of the few companies with a solid five-stars rating on Facebook. Below, we have a review from Sunny.

“Very professional and hardworking. Extremely patience with me and my hundreds of questions. Looking forward to engaging them again!”

And here is another review by Barry.

“Very professional and thorough. Explained everything really well. Cannot recommend these guys enough. 5 Stars!”

BEST FOR Pest control for F&B, quick deployment
ADDRESS21 Tampines Avenue 1 (Temasek launchpad) Block 30 #03-28 Singapore 529757
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8168 6133 |

4. PestBusters


  • Fumigation
  • Mosquito control
  • Drone deployment
  • GPS tracking system

In terms of staff development, PestBusters is doing it right. Their mission to nurture all their associates into capable leaders in their field, in hopes to inspire and ignite such a passion in people that no money ever could. They believe that the path to success is to ensure that everyone in their team can reach their full potential.

They’re not wrong in that sense. Clients have been very impressed with their work and fast results, they recommend it to anyone who needs a pest control expert. All in all, one of the best pest control companies in Singapore!


Clients who engaged with PestBusters’s services were very happy with their works. Below, we have a very satisfied client, Mr Lingam.

“I am pleased to inform you that your operation staff came and did the Bed Bugs treatment. Honestly, they did a very good job and it was an EXCELLENT service. It shows the integrity of the company. I am satisfied with the service provided and thank you so much for helping me as a Permanent Disabled person.”

BEST FOR Thorough investigation and resolve for your pest concerns
ADDRESS22 New Industrial Rd #02-03 to 08 Primax Singapore 536208
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6288 2828

5. Ironman Pest Control


  • Experienced & Professional Team
  • Safe & Lasting Treatment Methods
  • Fast Response Time
  • Comprehensive Warranty coverage

Ironman pest control is a team of highly trained, licensed, and respected superheroes born to save homeowners from pest re-occurrence. They offer a suite of deep nesting pest control services like beg bugs, termites and car fumigations.

Their customer service is second to none offering 24 hours standby services, free on-site inspections, and even comprehensive warranties to address any reinfestations. So if you’re looking for a Saviour to save you from your pest woes, call Ironman Pest Control to save the day!

BEST FOR Response time & comprehensive warranty coverage
ADDRESS6001 Beach Road, #02-27 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589

6. Innovative Pest


  • COVID-19 disinfection
  • Follow-up services
  • Knowledgeable staff

Innovative Pests was engaged by Changi Airport for their disinfection needs during COVID-19, being very meticulous in their ways and methods.

For pest control, they do not believe in the old methods of coming in and just spraying on your pests with some pest chemicals. Through research and development, they have since discovered ways to eradicate a pest problem. Thus, you can feel safe to know that with Innovative Pests, your pests problems will be dealt with, with only the best treatment solutions.


Over here, we have a review from Raymond.

“I’ve been with Innovative Pest Management for the past year since my cafe opened. Services have been very prompt. Technicians were attentive in the monthly routine inspection. They ensured my premises were in tip-top condition before the NEA inspection and since then, pest control has been very effective. Will certainly continue with their service”

BEST FOR Disinfections and safe chemicals used for pest control
ADDRESS192 Pandan Loop #05-24 Pantech Business Hub Singapore 128381
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6100 5266 |

7. ProServ Pest Control


  • Immediate identification of problems
  • Thorough site inspection
  • After-treatment services

Concerned clients worried about coronavirus or dengue fever will be happy to discover that ProServ Pest Control provides services to help curb the virus and Aedes mosquito population in your area.

Their comprehensive range of services ranges from the common termites and bed bugs, all the way to the many varieties of birds and flying insects control. Hence, clients can rest assure that the methods used have minimum impact on health. Overall, an amazing company and one of the best pest control companies in Singapore.


Below, we have two testimonials from two individuals, Joe and Agnes, respectively.

“Your technicians are very professional, experienced and they arrived at my place on time.” – Joe

“Thanks to ProServ, my pest problems at my office are resolved effectively. Thumbs up to your great team.” – Agnes

BEST FOR Customized treatment solution, advanced technology & equipment
1 Bukit Batok Crescent #07-30
Wcega Plaza Singapore 658064
+65 6746 2278/ 6746 6717 |

8. Ikari


  • In-house entomologist
  • Company founded in Japan
  • Disease prevention

Ikari is a pest control company founded in Japan in 1959. It was named so for the founder’s idea of preventing epidemics at the shoreline.

Today, Ikari has 90 branches in Japan and parts of Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, with core activities that involve biotechnology, clean air and many more.    


Ikari has been highly recommended by their clients for their responsiveness and value for money. Below is a review from Abilash.

“Highly recommend them for the efficient, meticulous and fast response. Contacted them on a Sunday and got a reply immediately. The customer service by Angelia was very professional, prompt and very fast. The team that came down next day included Mr Wong and Mr Sherman. Their checking was extremely thorough and I was impressed by their level of detailing and inspection. Mr Wong’s experience of over 30 years was clearly evident and I feel assured the decision to select Ikari was the right one.”

BEST FOR Kids and pets friendly methods, specialised IPM knowledge, stored products pests
ADDRESS625 Aljunied Rd #03-07 Aljunied Industrial Complex Singapore 389836
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6743 1313 / 6741 3267 |

9. Avalon Services


  • Industry-leading treatment process
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable solutions
  • Free pest control consultation and quotation

Avalon Services is Singapore’s leading pest control company that offers comprehensive services. With over 10 years of experience, they have developed extensive and effective pest control solutions to eliminate pest issues. Using the three-step treatment methodology, their team of experts will inspect the premises, treat the affected area/s, and monitor progress to ensure effective pest control.

As a company certified by the NEA, Avalon Services is committed to using green products to protect the health of the building’s inhabitants and reduce the negative impact on the environment. In addition, Avalon Services invests in the latest technology and innovative solutions to provide only the safest and most efficient treatment for all their clients.

BEST FOR Pest Control & Home Cleaning services
ADDRESSVertex Tower B, #04-22
33 Ubi Ave 3, 408868
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6636 7326 |

10. EcoSense


  • Decontamination
  • Science-based approach

Ecosense does more than just pest control. Most importantly, they offer mould remediation and home sanitation services as well. What we love most about Ecosense is that there is also an online calculator on their website to calculate your costs before you engage their services. Talk about being savvy in technology! On the whole, we approve 100%.


Above all, Ecosense’s clients were mostly very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism on pest control. Below, we have a testimonial from Mr Shah.

“Ecosense’s prompt response, knowledge and efforts on decontamination/virus have assisted us to gain confidence with our passengers. Thank you!”

BEST FOR Mould remediation, pest control and home sanitation services
ADDRESS531A Upper Cross Street #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 051531
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9819 8432 |

11. Execute Pest Control


  • Termites control
  • Bed bugs control
  • Vehicle treatment

Execute Pest Control has been providing the best quality services with safety assurance to homeowners and business owners, with experts who had worked in the industry for many years already.

Pest controllers working under Execute Pest Control are regularly sent for workshops, seminars, and training to keep their skills up-to-date with the latest development in technology. This ensures that customers will receive the most effective methods for treating their pest problems. Indeed one of the best pest control companies in Singapore!


Execute Pest Control has received 5 stars from the majority of their clients. Over here, we have a review from Julia, who has engaged the services of Execute Pest Control for termites infestation.

“Excellent and timely service by John and his team! Greatly appreciate John’s patience and professionalism in explaining the whole process to me over the phone even before I confirmed taking up their services. After hearing my urgency to eradicate the bed bugs in my 2 year old toddler’s room he managed to slot in a visit the next day despite having a full schedule. Since then, my family is from beg bugs’ bites. Thank you!!!!!!!”

BEST FOR Car fumigation, quality assurance
ADDRESS201 Henderson Road #07-02
CONTACT DETAILS+65  87527277 |

12. Aardwolf Pestkare


  • Quality services
  • Innovative methods
  • Flies and lizards control

Aardwolf Pestkare was named to reflect the nature of their business. “Aardwolf” means “earth wolf” in Afrikaans, an interesting mammal that feeds on termites and other insects. “Pestkare” is a variant spelling of “pest-care”

Using a proactive approach by pest management, they can accurately identify your pest problems and finding the best sustainable solution for you. All in all, indeed one of the best pest control services in Singapore!


Below, we have a review from one of their clients, N.K.

“We would like to thank you for your excellent and quick service this past two days in relation to our ant and cockroach problem, especially it being a weekend. It is very rare to find such fantastic service where the company shows that they genuinely care and go above and beyond any expectations. We will be recommending your company to all our friends here in Singapore.”

BEST FOR Pest management, sustainable solutions
ADDRESS26 Third Lok Yang Road
Singapore 628015
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6268-1771|

13. Rentokil Initial Pest Control Singapore


  • Over 50 years of experience in exterminating pests
  • Professional and dedicated team
  • Thorough follow-up inspection

Rentokil was founded in Singapore in 1967, helping clients to eradicate all sorts of pests. Their area of expertise includes termites and other insects, rodents, spiders and birds.

Other than helping clients to exterminate pests, they also provide reliable infographics and consultation for everyone on their website, such as how to keep cockroaches away.

As professional and dedicated at what they do best they are, their responses to clients has always been quick, treating client’s urgent issues like their own.


Clients had reviewed that Rentokil had provided them with great service and fast response. Their professionalism and dedication also impressed a lot of clients.

Below is a review from Ms Violet.

“Your serviceman is very helpful and hardworking. He takes care to check everywhere thoroughly and set the mouse traps at locations where mouse activity is expected. Recommend your service man for good merit points. Thank you for your good service.”

BEST FOR Experience in a diverse range of pests
ADDRESS16, 18 Jalan Mesin, Singapore 368815
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6653 2961

14. Origin Exterminators


  • Spot treatment – reduced usage of pesticide
  • Anti-fog
  • Bait-and-target method for termites

As the first pest control company in Singapore to publish an Environmental and Social report, you can rest assured that these guys know what they are talking about when they say they want to minimise their impact on the environment.

Who says pest extermination is an environmentally harmful process? With the right methods, you can be sure to lessen your carbon footprints on this planet. Overall, truly one of the best pest control companies in Singapore!


Below is feedback from a homeowner, Mr Ghose.

“We have been engaging ORIGIN’s termite treatment services for the past 15 years! They are very effective, and we are very satisfied and very happy. We will continue to patronise ORIGIN.”

BEST FOR Extermination techniques safe enough for the whole family
ADDRESS39 Jalan Pemimpin
#01-01 Tailee Industrial Building Singapore 577182
CONTACT DETAILS+ 65 6280 5666

15. Oscar Pest Management

Oscar Pest Management: 24 Hour Pest Removal Service | TheBestSingapore


  • NEA licensed and trained technicians
  • Cost-effective
  • Available 24 hours

Technicians at Oscars Pest Management are NEA trained as well as licensed. In addition, they provide swift intervention services, all around the clock. Thus, you don’t have to worry about having to deal with those cockroaches, even at odd hours in the morning.

Business owners can also be assured to know that they understand and care about your productivity and environment, providing the best and yet most cost-efficient way for you to deal with the pests.


Here is a testimonial from Simon, a condominium manager.

“We are extremely appreciative of the professional pest control services rendered by Oscar Pest management in our estate. Oscar Pest is responsive, responsible and meticulous in carrying out their services to ensure a pest free environment for our residents at waterfront wave in which we are very grateful.

On behalf of the residents, I would like specially to thank the staff of Oscar Pest for their hard work and for going beyond their calls of duty to minimize inconveniences to our residents while carrying out their pest control services in a professional manner.

Oscar Pest is one of the best pest control company, if not the best, that I have dealt with. I would not hesitate and highly recommend Oscar Pest to anyone looking to solve their pest issues.”

BEST FOR 24/7 services, cost-effective solutions, business owners
ADDRESS65 Ubi Road 1 #03-80 Oxley BizHub Singapore 408729
CONTACT DETAILSTel:  6556 4466|

16. Killem Pest


  • Disinfection services
  • Ant control
  • Solutions that cause the least disruption to client’s schedules

Killem Pest has been providing integrated pest management services since 1993. They are also the second international company to enter the Myanmar market in early 2016.

Famous for their strong family culture and staff retention, more than half their staff has been working with them for over 10 years, with a handful over 20 years as well. Above all, this culture had allowed them to learn and deliver the best services they can give to all their clients, morphing them into one of the best pest control companies in Singapore.


Clients engage Killem Pests for their long term solutions and have praised the company for being efficient as well as effective in their services.

Below is a review by Terence from SBS transit Ltd.

“Killem Pest has always ensured timely and prompt delivery of their pest control services. With committed service they have carried their duties diligently to ensure the prevention of pests.”

BEST FOR Reliability, socially conscious via pro bono pest control work
ADDRESS48 Toh Guan Road East #04-99 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608586
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6896 6607 |

17. Pest Clinic


  • Solutions that last
  • Affordable price
  • No-mess clean up

Pest Clinic is a local pest control company set up in Singapore, with over 30 years of experience exterminating pests in the residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors. By using traditional methods together with new technology, you can be sure that pests will be wiped out in the most efficient way. Overall, truly one of the best pest companies in Singapore!


Reviews, as well as testimonials, are written by satisfied clients who are very happy with the service they had received from Pest Clinic. Below is a review from Jabez.

“Professional and friendly staff who is highly experienced and has the client’s best interest at heart. The staff here goes the extra mile to explain thoroughly what is the situation, the possible cause behind it and how their solutions will help to curb the problem. Thus, I would definitely recommend anyone who is facing termite related issues to consult and engage PestClinic.”

BEST FOR Termites solutions, root cause elimination
ADDRESS3 Ubi Ave 3 #05-03A Crocodile House Singapore 408857
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6397 5677 |

18. Anticimex


  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Blind spot detection
  • Smart pest control methods

Anticimex SMART fights all your pest problems with data, rather than just poison. This means being proactive in controlling the pests, rather than dealing with them only when the problem surfaces.

It’s an intelligent system that persistently monitors and react accordingly, thus providing an environmentally friendly solution for the long term.


Lotta said the following in their testimonial.

“It feels great to have a protection against pests that is both environmentally friendly and that it just works. Moreover, it feels comforting that we are using gentler methods and do not have to have poisonous toxins located around the premises.”

BEST FOR Easy documentation, digital reports, non-toxic pest control 
ADDRESS3A #11-01 International Business Park Rd ICON@IBP Singapore 609935
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6862 3828|

19. GreenCare Pest Control


  • Disinfection services
  • Termite control
  • Cockroach control

GreenCare Pest Control is a pest control company that believes that pest control should be affordable as well as effective for the long term. They offer pest control services for both residential (HDB, condo, landed) and commercial (F&B, retail, offices, industrial, vessels). Some services that they provide include disinfection services (or sanitisation) that help protect your employees and customers, as well as cockroach pest control which eliminates roaches and their nests from homes and businesses.

The brand only uses safe as well as effective techniques that get rid of pests. In addition, they use eco-friendly, non-toxic, and food-safe disinfectants.


Jeff left this very positive comment.

“Greencare pest control Singapore did a very thorough inspection and pest control + disinfection service at my commercial premise plus several of my company’s F&B outlets. on the regular maintenance plan as well. Affordable cheap price. Now no more cockroach, ants, mosquito, termites & other pests. Good job highly recommend.”

BEST FOR Non-toxic and affordable pest control services
ADDRESS60 Albert Street 08-02 OG Albert Complex Singapore 189969
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6920 8656

20. Ninja Pest Control


  • Licensed pest consultants
  • 100% Eco-friendly and safe solutions
  • Affordable services with low mark-ups

At Ninja Pest Control, you’ll always leave fully satisfied and pest-free! With their wide array of pest control services, they’ll definitely be able to exterminate your worries. They use new and improved technology to make sure that your home stays pest-free, and with their 90-day warranty, their experienced team goes above and beyond to guarantee your pest issues are settled once and for all.

Ninja Pest Control uses 100% eco-friendly treatments that are approved by NEA and are safe for all, including your pets. They truly care for all their clients, offering a free inspection by consultants with more than 7 years of experience who can identify the root of the pest situation. They also issue fair quotations for tailored solutions, including the breakdown of the procedure so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Still not convinced? Here are some reviews from actual Ninja Pest Control customers.


Testimonials from two satisfied customers, 吴香花 and Ms Rine respectively.

“Thank you Ninja for solving my bed bugs issues. Special thanks to Alex for explaining and answering to my 101 questions, also kamil for executing the jobs professionally. I can feel the difference within the 1st treatment. Keep up the good job, highly recommend.”

“The team is very systematic in their approach. No hard sell and no overpromising. They really deliver and I would like to commend Kamin and the team.”

BEST FORFree inspections, client-focused, strong warranty
ADDRESS18 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609966
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9342 7270 |

21. Pest Control Compared


  • Wide range of pest control services
  • Ultramodern pest control techinques
  • Top-quality services

Pest Control Compared’s contacts are among the best as well as most experienced in the world. They are dedicated to providing top-quality pest control services anywhere.

Before taking on the pest control job, their generous pest control service providers come for a free inspection to check the infestations in your home. Then, they apply ultramodern pest control techniques that guarantee the total removal of the pests.

The company is able to provide a wide range of pest control services including disinfection, fumigation, anti-bird spike installation, rodent baiting, as well as a corrective soil treatment.

BEST FOR Wide variety of pest control services

22. The Pestman


  • Professional consulting service
  • High-quality customer service
  • Operations efficiency

The Pestman has been providing professional, quality pest management consulting services in the corporate as well as residential sectors for many years. It has since established a reputable and distinguished name in the pest control industry.

Like tailoring a suit, the team at The Pestman gets involved in all stages of pest management, from listening to their clients, providing best-fit solutions according to the issues face, implementing them, “snipping” away problems, as well as ensuring the completion of their services is something desired, like a well-made suit, created just for you that would fit perfectly.

The company’s goal is to provide top-notch customer service that is highly versatile and unique, improving operations efficiency as well as optimizing integrated functionality.


A housemaker left this testimonial.

“Living in a landed property has always meant that my house is exposed to my surrounding environment and accompanying pests. However, these days I am pleased that all my pest problems have been well-taken care of by The Pestman’s well-trained and reliable technicians.”

BEST FOR Efficient and top-notch pest control and customer service
ADDRESSBlock 37 Defu Lane 10, #02-61 Singapore 539214
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6293 4889|

23. Top Pest Control


  • Professionally trained technicians
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Wide range of treatments

Top Pest Control has been providing pest control services in Singapore for almost 10 years. Their highly trained technicians can effectively and efficiently deal with any pest problems for both domestic and commercial clients.

They provide one-off treatments, emergency response, comprehensive regular service, as well as multi-site service agreements.

Using years of technical training as well as experience, they will design a specialised program for your specific pest control needs. So, be it your home or commercial premises, they will provide you with excellent on-site pest treatments which are administered by their professionally trained technicians.


Tan left a testimonial on Top Pest Control’s Website.

“Contacted Top Pest Control via their website form and got a reply via text message within the hour. And that was at night, way past office hours as well. Shawn from Top Pest Control was very patient, answered my queries, gave me a very reasonable quote (much more affordable than 2 other more well marketed pest control companies I inquired with prior) and arranged for my place to be fogged for mozzie control the next day! Amazing service and value for money”

BEST FOR A specialised program for specific needs, quick replies
ADDRESS3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, #08-12 E-Centre@Redhill, Singapore 159471
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9155 9692

24. Pest Pro Management


  • Professional team
  • 24/7 hotline service
  • High-tech, non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions

Pest-Pro is one of the largest growing local pest control companies in Singapore. They assure you that they will make your home or office a pest-free environment by utilizing high-tech, non-toxic, as well as ECO-friendly solutions.

The company treats all sorts of common pests including termites, cockroaches, rodents, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, birds, flies, as well as bees. Their services are also extended to an array of industries like Condominiums, Factories, Warehouses, Homes, Offices, Construction Sites, as well as Food Establishments, with the Government sectors being their stronghold.


Li May left this review on Google.

“With innovation SMART system – 24/7 monitoring gives me peace of mind!

BEST FOR Pest control for government agencies and sectors
ADDRESS3A International Business Park, 11-05 ICON@IBP, Singapore 609935.
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6300 8385|

25. Aegis Pest Services


  • Preventive treatments
  • Wide range of pest control services
  • Highly customized services

Aegis Pest Services is the leading pest management firm in Singapore. Their highly customized services include all kinds of common pests globally such as ants, rodents, bed bugs and termites in various locations and environments such as household properties, food and beverage outlets, commercial buildings and offices, as well as outdoor spaces.

In addition, apart from getting rid of pests that are already present, Aegis Singapore also aims to address pest problems preventively. With installed monitoring and baiting stations, clearance of attractive sources as well as cleaning of potential infestation areas, they contain pest damage at the onset, with the goal of minimizing costs for their customers and ensuring safety for all stakeholders.

With their highly trained pest control specialists as well as years of experience in the service industry, they keep striving to bring the most professional and reliable results to our customers all over the world.


Mr Wong left this positive review.

“My family and I have been really bothered by the amount of pests we see in our home, and how difficult it is to get rid of them. We are afraid of what those pests could do if they stay longer. But with Aegis Pest Services Singapore, our house has become cleaner and safer, and we do not have to worry about the pest problems anymore. “

BEST FOR Preventive treatment for pest control
ADDRESSAegis Pest Services 75A Killiney Road, #02-05, 239529
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6913 8146|

26. Simon Jr Pest Control


  • Sustainable methods
  • NEA certified
  • Homegrown business

Simon Jr. Pte Ltd is also a homegrown business situated in Singapore. The company provides Pest Control Services that are protected as well as viable. Their group of experienced, as well as committed experts, are NEA prepared and ready to compete and offer the best pest control and solutions for business, modern and private foundations.

With Simon Jr. Technicians positioned island-wide and prepared to offer every minute of everyday pest administrations, they are prepared to understand all your pest issues. From termite killing to all types of vector control, for example, birds, mosquitoes, rodents, just as annihilating incessant creepy crawly pervasion, their group is well-prepared to deal with all your vermin control prerequisites. 

Focused on service excellence, Simon Jr. Pte Ltd has over 10 years of experience. So, you can be assured of an effective, safe and sustainable pest control programme.


Ruby left this positive testimonial.

“Thank you for the hard work and great service, misting treatment provided by both friendly Technicians, Zaini & Zailani. Also, I would like to give thanks especially to Jason for all prompt advise provided not only before the treatment and even thereafter till date. He is extremely patient and detailed ensuring someone like me who is afraid of insects. Truly appreciated, grateful and thankful for all excellent services.”

BEST FOR Effective, safe, and sustainable pest control programme
ADDRESS1B Trengganu Street 3rd Floor Singapore 058455
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6881 8845|

27. AB Pest Management

No photo description available.


  • High-quality services
  • Reasonable price
  • Experienced team of exterminators

AB Pest Management provides services that are both more valuable and of the highest quality to their customers at a reasonable price. The company is a leading pest control company in the region. They have a team of a professional as well as an experienced team of exterminators.

With a portfolio of successful pest control of pests such as Cockroaches, Ticks, Termites, Birds, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Residential Bed Bug Treatment, Spider, Garden Pest, Roaches, Ants, Squirrels & Moles, you can be sure that AB Pest Management will have all your needs met!

BEST FOR Reasonably priced pest control services
ADDRESS21 Pasir Ris Rise, Sea Horizon, Singapore 518090
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6583 8202|

28. Pesticon Pest Control


  • Green and eco-friendly products
  • Quick and friendly customer service
  • Provides post-treatment follow up

At Pesticon, pest control is not just about pest control. The brand believes that the smiles, testimonials, and above all the relief of their clients when Pesticon solves their problems are what makes pest control complete.

Whilst the standard operating procedure for most pest controllers remains generally effective over the years, Pesticon constantly seeks to improve on the defacto-standards. They seek to provide greater insight into the reasons for infestation (including housekeeping improvements), re-infestation prevention, integrated pest management as well as greener products.

In addition, after you engage their services, your relationship with Pesticon will not end there, they will come back to you with post-treatment follow up to make sure that your problems are completely solved!


Priya left this review on Pesticon’s Facebook page.

“Very thankful for their service that I even signed a contract. I took the service for ants. I saw the ants crawling out within 45 mins after their technician came. Was in disbelief that I had so many hiding in my cabinets. The technician explained every process very clearly. Pesticon has helped me with my ants nightmare! Thank you.”

BEST FOR All-rounded treatment with post-treatment follow up
ADDRESS59, New Upper Changi Road #01-1274 Singapore, Singapore 461059
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8800 7378|

29. Wipeout Pest Control


  • Reliable pest treatment
  • Pest prevention programs
  • Uses latest technology and equipment

Wipeout Pest Control provides general pest control services as well as prevention treatment to all residential and commercial properties in Singapore. Their years of experience, as well as knowledge, is second to none. The brand also works closely with homeowners and businesses alike to provide reliable and quality pest treatment and pest prevention programs in Singapore.

Utilising the latest technologies and equipment to effectively detect and eradicate pests, Wipeout Pest Control is also known for their professional approach and prompt service which allow them to deliver quality services for you.

Most importantly, their trained and qualified technicians will implement the most appropriate method depending on the severity of the problem, infrastructure of your property and the surrounding environmental issues, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your property is in safe hands.


Caroline left this positive review on Google.

“Their services are great & they have been in the pest industry for over 20 years now. they are very efficient & they get the job done without hesitation. the bosses are genuinely nice people.

BEST FOR Reliable as well as quality pest treatment and pest prevention programs in Singapore.
ADDRESS730 Upper Serangoon Road #02-02 Yeley Building
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6383 6831|

30. WTG Pest Control

Image may contain: outdoor, text that says 'OWTG Onestop pest control WTG PEST CONTROL Residential Commercial Industrial'


  • Wide range of pest control services
  • One stop pest control solution
  • Professional technicians

WTG Pest Control provides customers who are troubled over pest problems with a one-stop pest solution. The brand also always believes that quality service will produce quality results.

The team at WTG Pest Control is made up of a group of caring technicians with more than 20 years of experience. They are all professionally certified and specializes in solving all household, commercial and industrial pest problems such as Termites, Bedbugs, Rodents, Snakes, Bee and Beehives, Roaches, Woodlice, Pet fleas, Mosquitoes, Ants, Garden bugs, Collective and soil treatments.

All the products that are used by WTG Pest Control are safe to use in sensitive areas such as food handling areas. They may also be applied in dairy farms, milking machinery washing, mastitis control, general disinfection, water treatment, waste disposal, cooling towers, hotels, restaurants as well as swimming pools.


Yi Jie left this positive review on WTG Pest’s Facebook page.

Mr Tay was responsive and attended to the cockroach infestation at my house immediately. Mr Tay is very knowledgeable in his field. I appreciate and am grateful that he patiently answered my queries and shared his experiences with me. The solution used for the treatment was effective and could see immediate results. He took videos of the treatment areas, so I can be assured that all areas were covered. Recommended!”

BEST FOR One-stop pest control solution
ADDRESS526 Hougang Ave 6, Singapore 530526
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9781 9797|

31. First Choice Pest Specialist


  • Free deomonstration before engagement
  • Registered with NEA
  • Highly trained specialists

First Choice Pest Specialist Pte Ltd is a pest control company registered with the National Environment Agency. Their team consists of highly-trained specialists to eliminate any kind of pest issues in your premises and with years in the pest control industry, the brand is still developing new methods and ways to eradicate pest issues.

First Choice believes that they are second to none with regards to their quality of work as well as services to all of their existing customers. In addition, 90% of their clients are from word of mouth referrals. Clearly, their existing customers are very satisfied with their work!

The team at First Choice will also be glad if their client requests a free demonstration on the affected areas before deciding to engage them as your pest control contractor. All you need is just a phone call away and their sales representative will be happy to hear your pest problems as well as help you!


Marcus left this good review on Google.

“They have a team of experienced and professional specialists ready to tackle on any pest control issues. They did an inspection at my estate, managed to quickly identify the critical areas and promptly came up with solutions. My pest problems was quickly solved and results can be seen as soon as 1 week later.”

BEST FOR Cockroach pest control
ADDRESS9002 Tampines Street 93, Singapore 528836
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6784 1110|

32. 1800NOPESTS Pte Ltd


  • High level of professionalism as well as customer service
  • Family as well as environmentally safe pest control solutions
  • Experienced specialists as well as technicians

1800-NoPests is a Singapore vector control operator registered with the National Environment Agency. They provide trustworthy as well as reliable pest control management services to numerous businesses as well as homeowners.

Their team of pest control specialists, as well as technicians, are all NEA licensed and also backed by years of experience in the pest control industry. With a motto to build a long term relationship with all their customers, this pest control company will do their best whether it is a one-off emergency pest treatment or yearly pest maintenance requirement. Whenever you are in touch with their pest consultants or technicians, you can always expect a high level of professionalism and customer service.

As a responsible pest control management company, 1800-NoPests focuses on family and environmentally safe pest control solutions, taking care of the safety of all their customers as well as their loved ones. Thus, they strive to actively use eco-friendly as well as family-safe pest management solutions.


Ismurnee’s good experience is documented in her review here.

“After a quick Google search, I decided to try 1800nopests to remove a bee nest which was at its early stages. Manager Fazli responded to my call promptly and within an hour, two technicians came by to assess the situation. I appreciate technicians Fairuz and Fairil taking the time to explain to me before carrying out the works. Proper gear and safety were observed and I am very pleased with their service.”

BEST FOR Eco-friendly as well as family-safe pest management solutions
ADDRESS9010 Tampines Street 93 #02-93, Singapore 528844
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6244 6926|

33. Conquer Pest Management


  • NEA approved chemicals
  • Professional team
  • Effective pest control services

Conquer Pest is a locally established pest control company that provides pest control services to residential, commercial as well as industrial sectors. With over 20 years of experience & expertise combined, they are committed to providing safe as well as effective pest control services for their customers.

At ConquerPest, their staff are NEA trained, professionally certified, as well as come with over 20 years of field experience. In addition, ConquerPest only uses NEA approved chemicals.


Peter left this positive testimonial on Google.

So refreshing to deal with a real professional company like Conquer Pest. Their Pest Control service was prompt, helpful and efficient, even during the difficult Covid 19 period. I would highly recommend this company!”

BEST FOR NEA trained, professionally certified as well as come with over 20 years of field experience
ADDRESSBlk 805B Keat Hong Close #09-60 Singapore 682805
CONTACT DETAILS+65 91268176|

34. Rapid Pest Control Pte Ltd.


  • 24 hour service
  • Years of experience
  • Integrated Pest Management Program

At Rapid Pest Control Pte Ltd, the brand chooses to be committed to providing you with the best solutions to your pest or termite problems in Singapore. Equipped with years of experience, Rapid Pest Control has seen as well as dealing with all sorts of pest issues.

With confidence, they offer you a comprehensive and Integrated Pest Management program that is specifically catered to your needs. They are also dedicated to providing the best service that will impress you into recommending us to your relatives, friends as well as colleagues.

Rapid Pest Control is also committed to advance its Pest Management Program in terms of technology, pest management and excellent service. Therefore, you will definitely get state-of-the-art services which would be worth much more than what you are paying for!


“Rapid Pest Control Pte Ltd is a trusted Pest control service provider company in Singapore. I highly impressed from its dedicated team and their services. Chemicals used by them are eco-friendly and odorless. I highly recommend them.”

BEST FOR Integrated Pest Management program
ADDRESS35 Selegie Road # 01-29B Parklane Shopping Mall (S) Singapore, 188307
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6455 7962|

35. NBW Pest Control Singapore


  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of pest control services
  • Professionally certified team

NBW Pest Control Singapore is many Singaporean’s go-to pest control service companies in Singapore. The pest control company only hires qualified NEA registered professionals who would be called upon for pest control assistance. Their pest control specialists are equipped with the necessary skills as well as experience in dealing with various types of pests. They are also equipped with the best tools and equipment to ensure the tasks of eradicating unwanted pests are done efficiently.

The company strives to provide not only the best pricing but also the most efficient pest control service you can find here in Singapore. The professional team provides a wide range of services including Termite Control, Bed Bug Control, Cockroach Control, Rat Control, Wasp/Bee Control, Fly Control, Ant Control, as well as Snake Control!

NBW Pest Control Singapore’s past clienteles range from common Singapore homeowners (HDB flats, executive/private condominiums, bungalows & shop houses) to business owners. With vast experience, you can be sure that they will be able to help you!

If you are hesitant to make a booking, you could also drop a non-obligatory message to them for your inquiry or to get an immediate and free quote!


“Engaged nbw for a cockroach infestation ongoing at the basement. Now it looks pretty good. Fast and good rates as well”

“Very professional service and useful advice from the team. Thanks a lot!”

BEST FOR Affordable Pest Control
ADDRESS653 Hougang Ave 8, #05-395, Singapore 530653
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9726 8258

36. Ecospace Pest Management


  • Experienced professionals
  • Provides environmentally friendly solutions
  • Professionally certified team

Though Ecospace Pest Management was only founded in 2018, their dedicated team of professionals have been actively involved in the pest control scene for over 10 years. They pride themselves in providing effective solutions to all your needs and work towards becoming the best in the business.

Besides offering services for common pests such as mosquitos and ants, they also have disinfecting treatments as a precautionary measure against viruses. If you are looking for someone to help you disinfect your office or retail space, Ecospace Pest Management will be your pest controller of choice.

Each treatment is unique based on the pest that you want to get rid of. Most importantly, they use eco-friendly methods and chemicals that won’t cause extra irritation or cause damage to other living creatures.


“The team at EcoSpace Pest has been prompt, knowledgeable and thorough – all the qualities which are important for a pest control company. In addition, Victor makes himself available which distinguishes their service as he follows through from sales to any outstanding issues personally.”

BEST FOR Disinfection for viruses
ADDRESS1014 Geylang East Ave 3
Geylang Industrial Estate
#05-192 Singapore 389729
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6747 6868

There you have it! The best pest control companies in Singapore. We hope that you will be able to eradicate all your pest problems after engaging one of the companies on this list. If you are looking for effective mosquito repellents, check out the best mosquito repellents in Singapore.