A cluttered home can become an unsanitary environment that is ideal for bacterial growth. This puts you and your family’s health at risk if not clean regularly. What’s more, managing your house and doing deep cleaning tasks takes a lot of time. So if you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to set aside time for household chores. Fortunately, you can outsource cleaning to someone else. If you want to avoid stress or don’t have enough time for housework, part-time cleaners in Singapore are ready to help you.

With hundreds of housekeeping services available today, you will have easy access to a skilled cleaner in no time. This way, you’ll be more relaxed and you can concentrate on tasks that need your full attention. Hence, without further ado, here are our recommendations for the best websites to hire a part-time cleaner.

1. KMAC International

Image credit: KMAC

If you are looking for a part-time one-stop cleaning service in Singapore, KMAC International is the place for you. With over one-decade cleaning experience, you can rest sure they will perform beyond expectations. KMAC International has a team of professional-trained cleaners who will leave your home sparkling. The company hires their in-house cleaners and ensures that they have the necessary experience. They also make sure that their team undergo professional training and assessment to ensure cleaning quality.

KMAC International does both residential and commercial sector cleaning. The company has an accidental cover for both their cleaners and property, which definitely put your mind at ease. The company’s services include home cleaning, office cleaning, move-in/out detailed Cleaning, spring cleaning, steam cleaning, MCST cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and ad-hoc Cleaning. Contact KMAC International to book an appointment or learn more about their services. You can never go wrong with KMAC International.

Contact Details:  +65 6909 3822 | enquiry@kmac.com.sg

2. Hiremop Pte Ltd

Image credit: Hiremop

If you are looking for a company specializing in professional commercial cleaning, you are at the right place. Hiremop Pte Ltd specializes in professional commercial cleaning services. The Company, has made it to list of best cleaning service provider in Singapore due to many reasons. First, the company exclusively provides commercial cleaning services only. This has enabled them to perfect this art and climb the ladder of being the best. Second, the team has professional and well trained legal cleaners who will do a perfect job beyond expectations. The team is also friendly and will make you feel at ease. Third, the company has dedicated supervisors who will give you excellent support and ensure the work is finished on time and a perfect job is done.

Hiremop Pte Ltd comprises an experienced and well-trained team of cleaning personnel who will leave everything sparkling clean and fresh. Hiremop Pte Ltd.’s services include sofa/chair cleaning, spring cleaning, mattress cleaning, after party cleaning, general office cleaning, sanitization services, professional carpet cleaning and shampooing service, high-pressure water jet, and facility management. 

Contact Hiremop Pte Ltd to experience excellent commercial cleaning services, which you’ll definitely love.

Contact Details: +65 6909 3822 | inquiry@hiremop.com

3. Whissh Home Cleaning Service

Image credit: Whissh

Whissh Home Cleaning Service is one of the best one-stop cleaning service providers in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of cleaning services both for commercial and residential purposes. Their rates are also affordable starting from $30 per hour for a one-time general cleaning service. Recurring weekly Cleaning is available at $23 per hour. If you want a deep cleaning package, you will have to part with $35, but it will be worth it. Some of the services offered include home cleaning (comprising of general, weekly, deep Cleaning), office cleaning (comprising of office and commercial building cleaning), aircon maintenance, asset/facility management, and other services (such as laundry, plumbing, electrical, and disinfection). 

Whissh Home Cleaning has a seamless process for on-demand home service, which involves three easy steps. The first step is where you book online, and you will get an instant confirmation. A trusted and experienced house cleaner will be matched to you. The second step is for you to confirm and pay securely. The second step will enable you to select a date, time and pay online using your credit card. The last part involves the arrival of a trusted service crew. All the cleaners are experienced, friendly, and reliable. The company has insurance for both the property and their team, and hence no need to worry about protection.

Viit their website today to book an appointment.

Contact Details: +65 6221 8626 | contact@whissh.com.sg

4. MopSquad Cleaning Service

Image credit: Mop Squad

MopSquad Cleaning Service offers part-time cleaning services for both commercial and home cleaning. The company believes that offices or workspaces are various in size. With this in mind, the company takes the initiative to visit the premises first after an appointment. MopSquad Cleaning Service will ensure to organize a free survey and provide a quotation within 24hrs of giving them a call.

MopSquad Cleaning Service also offers a variety of residential cleaning services customized to customer’s requirements. The good thing about the company is that they offer fixed, regular, or a one-time event. The company has a professional team who will ensure a good job is done. At the end of every cleaning session, one of the MopSquad supervisors will inspect the space to ensure that a good job has been done. Some of the services provided include regular house cleaning and maintenance, moving out cleaning, spring cleaning, after-renovation cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

To experience their amazing services, visit MopSquad Cleaning Service website and book an appointment.

Contact Details: +65 8100 4883 | talktous@mopsquad.com.sg

5. Part Time Maid Singapore

Image credit: Part Time Maid

Cleaning a house or an office can be a hectic job. Many people are often at times tied up with raising a family and working. Part Time Maid Singapore understands this hassle and are always there to offer their part-time cleaning services. The company specializes in home cleaning services and will attend to you within the shortest time possible. Some of the services provided by Part Time Maid Singapore include spring cleaning, domestic helper, and carpet cleaning.

Part Time Maid Singapore has more than eight years of working experience. The team of professional’s cleaners will do magic to your house or office, leaving it sparkling clean. The company also has top quality cleaning tools that are certified, eco-friendly and safe to use. Not only will they leave your premise sparkling clean, but the cleaners are friendly, and the company’s prices are affordable too. From a house/condo to an office or even an industrial warehouse, Part Time Maid Singapore is there to sort all your cleaning solutions. Contact them today and be part of their sort after services.

Contact Details: +65 8609 3600 | sales@part-time-maid.com

6. Art of Cleaning

Image credit: Art of Cleaning

Art of Cleaning has been in existence for several years now. It is among the country’s best part-time cleaning companies and has grown among peoples favorite. Art of Cleaning serves both commercial and residential spaces and offers a wide range of cleaning services from carpet cleaning down to couch cleaning. Some of the services provided include house or office cleaning, sofa cleaning, office carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and mattress cleaning. Art of Cleaning also offers disinfection/sanitization. Their sanitizers are non-toxic and alcohol-free, leaving a habitable friendly place after the job is done. 

The cleaning products used are safe and hypoallergenic, ensuring that your loved ones will not catch any allergies. Art of Cleaning also offers carpet delivery and pickup for only $20. If you cannot take or pick the carpet due to time constraints, the company will sort you out.

Many cleaning companies only offer a single carpet cleaning method. With the Art of Cleaning, you get to choose between dry or wet Cleaning. Both of the cleaning methods have proven to be effective. For more inquiries or to book an appointment, contact Art of Cleaning, they’ll get back to you within the shortest time possible. 

Contact Details: +65 6788 1788 | sales@artofcleaning.com.sg

7. Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services

Image credit: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services is among the best part-time cleaners in Singapore, offering quality cleaning services to its clients at reasonable prices. The company has professional staff and the necessary tools to help with all your cleaning needs. Some of the services offered include but are not limited to pre-moving cleaning/post renovation cleaning, professional handover cleaning, spring cleaning, weekly housekeeping service, one-time general Cleaning, window cleaning, curtain cleaning, steam sanitization, air cone servicing, painting service, handyman service, and disposable service.

Customers have had nothing but positive feedback regarding Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services. One thing that stands out is their meticulous attitude to Cleaning. With Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services, every corner of your house or office will be sparkling clean, and no dust or dirt will be left behind. The company will sort all your office or home cleaning solutions. Besides, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your property is in good hands.

If you’re in search of a cleaning service company that won’t strain your pocket, contact Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services. You can book an appointment or learn more about the services they offer, give them a shot and you’ll love it.

Contact Details: +65 9789 6361 | homeshomecleaning@gmail.com

8. Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd

Whether you need a regular cleaning service a few times a week or a one-time spring-cleaning job is done, Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd is the company for you. The team of professional cleaners strive to provide value and positive memories to their clients. In addition to being experienced, the team is also energetic and friendly. Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd will take care of your house like their own, leaving it sparkling clean and fresh. All the Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd cleaners are fully insured, and you don’t have to worry about providing insurance to them in case of an accident.

Some of the services offered include pre-move Cleaning, move out cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, part-time maid service, ad-hoc/ basic once-off Cleaning, and weekly/regular Cleaning. With a wide variety of services, Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd is a one-stop for cleaning solutions. You can get in touch with them through their website, book an appointment or learn more about their services.

Contact Details: +65 9662 2361 | contact@axgeecleaning.com

9. 6 Days Cleaning 

Image credit: 6 Days

6 Days Cleaning is one of the best part-time cleaning services in Singapore. The company was founded in 2014 as a professional cleaning service to corporate clients. The company introduced house cleaning services in the same year and has been nothing but true to its customers. Some of the cleaning services offered include but are not limited to general cleaning for homes, post-renovation/handling over/deep cleaning, office cleaning, carpet/rug deep cleaning, mattress deep cleaning, sanitation & disinfection services, sofa/upholstery services, and spring cleaning. The company offers its services at a rate starting from $28 per hour.

6 Days Cleaning has professional and trained cleaners who will work on your property as if it is their own home. They make it their responsibility to ensure that every corner of your house is cleaned and that nothing is left to chance. If you want a one-time off general cleaning or weekly or fortnight cleaning, this is the right place for you. There is nothing as good as having a part-time cleaning service when you have had a busy week or have a lot on your hands, and this is what 6 Days Cleaning is here for. Get in touch with 6 Days Cleaning to book an appointment. You can also visit their website to get a clear picture. 

Contact Details: +65 9841 2939 | booking@6days.sg

10. Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services

Image credit: Home Cleanz

With over 15 years of cleaning and laundry services, Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services is among the ultimate cleaning service provider in Singapore. The company was started by two strong teams of university graduates to what it is today. The aim of creating the company was to provide a variety of home cleaning services to busy professions. It has since grown to be among the best cleaning service providers for both residential and commercial purposes. Some of the services offered include spring cleaning, warehouse/industrial cleaning, office and residential Cleaning, aircon services, handyman services, plumbing services, and upholstery cleaning. 

Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services has an excellent reputation. The company has a team of experienced and talented cleaners. The cleaners will work to keep your home and any other premise sparkling clean and germ-free. The happy and motivated team will actually surprise you with the end result. The company uses safe hospitable-grade disinfectants that are free of allergens. Allotting your cleaning services to Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry Services is one of the best things you can ever do.

Visit their website today or give them a call to have your house or office cleaning catered to.

Contact Details: +65 6440 3342 | salesenquiry@homecleanz.com

11. Helpling

Source: https://www.helpling.com.sg/maids

Helpling is an innovative application that allows you to connect with insured domestic cleaners. With their rigorous selection process, you will only get the best part-time cleaners in Singapore. Starting at $18 per hour for regular weekly cleaning and $30 per hour for a one-off clean, you can get the highest level of support from a professional pair of hands.

To secure a helper, you need to download the Helpling app and enter your postal code to check if they have available cleaners in your area. After this, you can select your cleaning plan based on your needs. After matching you with a helper, you can simply pay online.

Aside from general home cleaning services, you can also request additional cleaning services like ironing, fridge cleaning, oven cleaning, interior cleaning, and wardrobe or cupboard cleaning for the same transparent rates as their usual services. All in all, definitely deserving of topping our list of the best websites to hire a part-time cleaner!

Contact Details: +65 8598 4399 | contact@helpling.sg

12. Domestic One

Source: https://www.domestic1.com.sg/

If cleaning your home has become a challenge for you, hiring a reputable company can take off this burden from your shoulders. Domestic One is a company in Singapore that offers state-of-the-heart cleaning services. They pride themselves with fully trained cleaners to provide spotless cleaning to your home or office.

Do you want a helper who’s comfortable around pets? Do you prefer someone who speaks in English or Mandarin? They’ve got it all covered. Once you book a service with them, they will match you with a cleaner that meets your needs.

And speaking of covered, their cleaners are fully insured with work accident insurance so you don’t have to worry about the cost of unforeseen accidents or damages. To book services, you just need to fill up this form. They offer several payment options like cheque, cash, ATM fund transfer, Stripe, and wire transfer.

Contact Details: +65 6388-1329

13. Home Fresh Singapore

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/YMOHw3F1Hdk

Home Fresh Singapore employs experienced and professionally trained part-time cleaners who know how to handle different types of furnishings. They deliver cleaning services with utmost professionalism at a reasonable price.

The good thing about this agency is it does not tie you to any monthly contract as you can just book for a maid whenever and wherever you need them. There is absolutely no obligation for you to stay with the company for a minimum duration! Their rate starts at $18 per hour and payment is made via bank transfer. Definitely one of the best websites to hire a part-time cleaner in Singapore!

To book an appointment with Home Fresh, simply click the Book Now button on their website and fill up the contact form.

Contact Details: +65 6734 4973 | contact@homefresh.sg

14. Lazy

Source: https://www.lazy.com.sg/part-time-maid

When it comes to professional cleaning services in Singapore, Lazy is one of the best companies to vouch for. They offer a range of flexible cleaning options to fulfil your needs – whether you’re moving out or just doing a spring cleaning.

Lazy has several experienced cleaners so you can easily find the perfect match without the hassle and stress of going through hundreds of resumes. The quality of services they provide is top-notch in terms of quality, so you are sure to get the best results!

If you want to schedule/reschedule your house cleaning, request for a new part-time maid or postpone a booking, you can easily make those adjustments through their app. For $30, you can get a one-time plan that will give you three hours of cleaning. They also have weekly and bi-weekly plans with a minimum commitment of three to six months.

Contact Details: +65 8779-1839

15. Clean On Demand

Source: https://www.clean.sg/house-cleaning/

Clean On-Demand guarantees to provide excellent quality cleaning services using their high-end tools and products. You can entrust them to your home or apartment and they can make sure to leave your space sparkling clean and fresh. They can clean out refrigerators, wipe windows, scrub tiles, and disinfect all the corners of your place! If Clean on Demand fails to deliver what they had promised, they can offer another service free of charge or arrange a full refund. You can book a part-time cleaner via their app at very affordable rates.

Contact Details: +65 8251 5555

Hope our list of best websites for hiring a part-time cleaner was of help to you! Hiring a part-time cleaning professional in Singapore may be a small addition to your monthly expenses but it is worth it. Give yourself a try using these recommended cleaning agencies and save a great deal of unnecessary stress.