Having problems managing your old unwanted articles and magazines that are of no use to you except to consume space? Or articles that possess sensitive and confidential information that could pose a huge jeopardy if discovered by untrusted parties? Well, whether you work from home or in the office, a great paper shredder is important to maintain your privacy and security. 

Ultimately, choosing the right paper shredder isn’t an easy task considering the features and safety measures, especially as most people don’t have any idea what to look for in one. Paper shredders are the most practical and secure solution to the disposal of sensitive and unwanted documents. There’s a wide range available in the market for both home and/or business use. 

But don’t fret, because we’re here to guide you with the best options to choose from here in Singapore.

1. GBC ShredMaster X312 Paper Shredder


  • Security Level: DIN P-3
  • Anti-Jam Technology
  • Cutting style: Cross Cut

When it comes to paper shredders, GBC ShredMaster X312 is one of the best-selling shredders. This shredder can take up to 12 sheets of paper per pass making it easier and faster to manage your documents. The cutting style it uses is the cross-cut. This type of shredder provides enhanced security and is better suited for more confidential documents than the strip shredder. Unlike the strip shredder, the cross-cutter approaches the document diagonally from adjacent corners to produce smaller diamond-shaped pieces that are more difficult to use for reconstruction. Keep your shredded documents safe and secure as the Security Level you get in GBC X312 is of level DIN P-3.

The shredder comes with a huge 23-litre bin holding up to 200 sheets of paper, so it won’t be a hassle for you to empty it often making your work faster and uninterrupted. For a shredder this hefty, the noise level isn’t bothersome as it is pretty quiet with a noise level of only about 60dB which is even much quieter than other smaller shredders. In addition to that, it also comes with an Anti-Jam technology that automatically detects and reverses the machine to avoid jamming when too much paper is inserted. With this feature, you never have to be stressed over jammed papers.

Check it out here.

2. Aurora AS600SB


  • 6 sheet strip cut shredder
  • Shreds credit cards
  • Overheat protection

The Aurora AS600SB is a very reliable personal paper shredder for home use that can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at a time into 7mm strips. That’s not all because this small shredder can also shred 1 credit card at a time and if staples find their way into the shredder it will shred these too. The 9.6 litre bin provides good storage for shredded waste and it also has a convenient access area at the back of the bin for non-shredding waste. Because this shredder is for home use, the security level you get is DIN P-1. It is a very compact and portable shredder so you can use it anywhere.

The AS600SB is the size of a small trash can and you can have it sit on the end of your desk, which makes it the perfect height to feed paper into. It shreds much faster than most of the other shredders. Despite its compact size, it does a pretty good job. The AS600SB also comes with a thermal cut-out feature to prevent the shredder from overheating. You can use it for a longer period of time without ever worrying about your shredder being overheated. It also has a manual reverse function if the papers get jammed during your shredding procedure.

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3. Aurora AS1219CE


  • 12 sheet cross-cut shredder
  • Shreds CDs & credit cards
  • Castors for easy movement

Including in this list is another Aurora product since it is one of the best brands to choose from when it comes to the best paper shredders. The Aurora AS1219CE is a cross-cut paper shredder that shreds up to a hefty 12 sheets of paper at a time into 5 x 55mm pieces meaning an A4 sheet is shredded into over 220 particles. When it comes to security, it is of level DIN P-3, so you can be worry-free about the safety and security of your shredded documents. The dual paper entry slot in this shredder allows the paper to be fed in from either side of the shredder, meaning it can be easily used on either side of a desk making it very efficient.

The Aurora AS1219CE can also shred 1 credit card at a time by cutting it into small pieces. The separate CD shredding slot will strip cut a CD into 4 pieces securely destroying it. The 16L pull-out waste bin also has a viewing window built into the handle and is easy to empty, there are also castors built, so moving the shredder around is really easy. The AS1219CE has a compact design and is suitable for small offices and users who require a desk-side shredder.

You can check it out here.

4. GBC ShredMaster S206


  • Shreds paper into 6 mm straight cut strips at 1.8 m/min
  • 6-7 sheets of paper per pass
  • Handy sized 9 litre bin holding up to 45 sheets

If you are looking for a paper shredder that is light, portable, and moderately secure, look no further. The GBC ShredMaster S206 is perfect for your need. This compact shredder is ideal for the light home user and day-to-day shredding. This paper shredder cuts 6mm ribbon-cut strips and holds around 6-7 sheets of paper per pass. The thin 6mm strip size makes it very difficult for the shredded papers to be reassembled. It may be a small and compact machine, but it does the job pretty as it has a security level of DIN P-2. It is appropriate for internal documents such as notes and printouts.

The handy-sized 9 litre bin with an easy lift-off head holds up to 45 sheets. The sound level of this shredder is about 72 dB, similar to the sound of a hairdryer. For best results and to prevent motor overheating, the GBC ShredMaster S206 will auto-rest for 60 mins after 2 mins of continuous shredding. This paper shredder is ideal for you if you are on a budget and want a good quality product.

You can check it here

5. Aurora AS1060SB


  • Holds up to 10 sheets per pass
  • Shreds 1 credit card per pass
  • Manual reverse feature to clear paper jams

The Aurora AS1060SB is a very reliable paper shredder with a strip-cut cutting style. This shredder delivers very high-performance and comes with reasonably good features. This is a medium-duty shredder that is designed for use in the home and in the office. It is equipped with high-quality cutting blades that are built to last. The AS1060SB can shred up to 10 sheets per pass into tiny 6mm strips. With a security level of DIN P-2, the paper shredder is perfect for home usage and also for office usage. It can also shred 1 credit card per pass into small strips.

The 13.2 litre bin provides good storage for the shredded waste. In addition, it has a convenient access area at the front of the bin for non-shredding wastage. The Aurora AS1060SB has a thermal cut-out to prevent the machine from overheating, making it very convenient for the user. The manual reverse feature makes it very easy for you to clear the jams if the paper gets stuck. The noise level is about 70dB which is actually quite quiet for a medium-duty shredder. Overall, this paper shredder is highly recommended for both home as well as office use.

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6. Aurora AS680SB


  • 6 sheet strip cut shredder
  • Shred size 6mm strips
  • Security Level DIN P-2

If you are under a budget and in need of a good quality paper shredder, the Aurora AS680SB is the personal shredder made for your home use. It is a medium-sized paper shredder that can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at a time into 6mm strips. The security level you get in this shredder is DIN P-2 which is perfect for your day-to-day usage at home. The shredder will securely destroy 1 credit card at a time and if staples find their way into the shredder it will shred those too.

The shredded waste is stored in its 10 litre bin that comes with an access area in the front for the non-shredded wastes. The AS680SB is equipped with a thermal cut-out feature to prevent the shredder from overheating and a reverse setting for clearing paper jams. This is not all, this compact shredder is laden with extra features. There is an adjustable arm that allows the shredder to be fitted onto different-sized waste bins. It is simple to operate all 3 positions auto, reverse, and off settings.

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7. Biosystem V6 Cross-Cut Shredder


  • Security level: DIN P-3
  • Noise level: 58 to 62 dB
  • Automatic start, stop and reverse function

Biosystem V6Cross Cut Shredder offers exceptional convenience and keeps your shredded documents safe and secure. It can shred up to 6 sheets per pass. The shredder features cross-cut shredding which is more efficient and has a higher security level that effectively protects your sensitive personal data. This shredder is a great choice for sensitive documents and for protecting personal data. Offering a security level of DIN P-3, the Biosystem V6 is one of the best in the business for the price range. This powerful shredder also destroys credit cards and stable bullets with ease.

Biosystem V6 provides a jam-free shredding experience featuring auto-start and auto-reverse settings, which quickly clears the system when it takes on too much, ensuring fast and efficient shredding. It also features an auto-stop function to prevent overload if more than 7 sheets are fed into the shredder. The waste bin capacity is a hefty 16 litres, so you can use the shredder without having to clear the bin often. The machine is surprisingly quiet for its size, giving off a noise level of just around 58-60dB.

You can check purchase your very own here.

8. GBC Auto+130X


  • Automatic jam clearance and self-cleaning blades
  • Shreds up to 130 sheets from the auto-feed chamber
  • Shreds up to 6 sheets through the manual feed slot

The GBC Auto+130 is a heavy-duty paper shredder that will efficiently protect your confidential and sensitive documents. It shreds 140 sheets of 70 gsm paper or 130 sheets of 80 gsm paper at once and shreds 6 sheets of 80gsm paper in bypass. That’s some amazing power there. It shreds papers into fine confetti cuts providing a security level of DIN P-3. The GCB Auto+130 is appropriate for shredding confidential documents, such as company internal documents, personal data, etc. It also shreds credit cards and paper clips or staples along with the paper.

The GCB Auto+130 comes with an easy to empty, huge 26 litre pull-out waste bin with a viewing window providing great management. The shredder provides an automatic feed feature for minimal human intervention. The automatic jam clearance & self-cleaning cutters help prevent paper jam so you don’t have to worry about the hassle. For best results and to prevent the motor from overheating, the machine will auto-rest for 30 mins after 5 minutes of continuous shredding. Power saving mode activates after 2 minutes of non-use, which also makes this paper shredder a very energy-efficient machine.

Check it out here.

9. GBC ShredMaster X415


  • Security level: DIN P-4
  • Shred capacity (70 grams): 17 Sheets
  • Shred Capacity (80 grams): 15 Sheets
  • Anti-Jam Technology

The GCB ShredMaster X415 is one of the best paper shredders in terms of security. If your purpose is to keep your confidential files effectively away from the hands of other people, this shredder is the ideal one for you. It shreds 17 sheets of 70 gsm paper or 15 sheets of 80 gsm paper at once along with paper clips and staples. The GBC Shred MasterX415 shreds paper into 4 x 40 mm cross cut pieces at 1.8 m/min, providing a DIN security level of P-4 which is appropriate for highly sensitive documents and personal data subject to high protection requirements.

The machine will auto-rest for 60 minutes after continuous usage of 2 hours to prevent the motor from overheating. The anti-jam technology automatically stops and reverses when too much paper is inserted. The waste bin is quite large with a bin capacity of 23 litres. The noise level being only 58dB, it is relatively quiet for a shredder this big. In addition, it also has an indicator to alert you when the bin is full.

Check it out right here.

10. GCB ShredMaster Auto 50X


  • Security level: DIN P-4
  • Easy to empty 20L pull out bin with viewing window
  • Shreds credit cards, Paper Clips, Staples

A new range of fully automatic paper shredders, GCB ShredMaster Auto 50Xis equipped with long run times, fan cooling, and intuitive touch controls. It shreds up to 50 sheets from the auto-feed chamber and up to 6 sheets through the manual feed slot. The shredder provides a security level of DIN P-4 by delivering 4 x 28 mm Confetti cut. The shredder is perfectly ideal for confidential and sensitive documents and also credit cards.

The GCB ShredMaster Auto 50X comes with an easy to empty 20 litre bin with a viewing window. It is designed to put time back in your day by eliminating the cumbersome task of manually feeding your shredder. Simply load the shredder with paper, close the lid, and walk away. The automatic shredder starts shredding while you get on with something else. The anti-jam feature automatically stops and reverses when too much paper is inserted saving you the trouble of manually doing it. The shredder is pretty quiet with a noise level of 55dB.

You can check it out right here.

That brings us to the end of this list of the best paper shredders you can find in Singapore. The most important thing is to check which meets your requirements and your budget best. There’s sure to be one that fits it all. Happy shredding!

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