Ever since the COVID-19 situation, the new normal for most Singaporeans’ shopping needs would be through online platforms. It’s amazing what you can order online. Items range from clothes, tech products, books, and even food. But what if it’s organic food you specifically need? Where can you get them? To address your concerns, we have here a list of the best 6 organic food delivery services in Singapore.

1. Avo and Co

Are you bored that your weekly menus at home are always the same few types of food? Or maybe you are unsure of what new recipe you can make for your family every day. This is a common problem that we all have in Singapore, considering that our country is so small. We simply don’t have enough varieties to last you for a lifetime.

In 2016, two brothers found a solution to that problem. Avo and Co is a subscription-based food box that delivers a variety of fresh organic food that are currently in-season, to your doorstep every week. Each box you receive every week will be something different than the last, bringing the wow factor in every box you get.

For concerned buyers who are worried if they will not like the surprise they receive in the boxes, know that they will email subscribers with the content list of the week, and if you don’t like any of the items in the box, simply drop them a message and they will fix it accordingly for you.

And what if I can’t receive the boxes every week, you ask? Well, not a problem! You can put your subscription on pause or reschedule them anytime you like. No pressure or whatsoever. No contracts or the likes of it, we promise. Overall, hands down one of the best organic food delivery in Singapore!

Email: [email protected]
Contact: +65 93878067

2. BestOrganicFood

Best Organic Food is an online business by Chan Ah Beng Trading, a company that was kickstarted in 1985 and has been providing quality food to their customers ever since, bringing consumers the freshest organic vegetables flown in from Australia, China, Malaysia and Indonesia on a daily basis.

Chan Ah Beng Trading only source for quality food at the most affordable prices that benefits consumers. They believe that providing quality organic vegetables can help to enhance the health of consumers, allowing everyone to feel healthy and more energetic every day.

The organic vegetables that Best Organic Food sell are pesticide-free, and they handpick each and every vegetable before packing. Most importantly, you will receive your order within 2 days when you buy from them, while most supermarkets requires about 4 days of waiting time before they deliver the vegetables.

Our favourite thing about this organic food delivery service is the special package gifts. Of course, as all Singaporeans, we love having discounts in our purchase. If you can convince 5 or more friends to mention your name on the checkout page as they make their purchases, you will earn a special package gift worth $10! Isn’t that amazing?

Address: Blk 681 #01-865 Hougang Ave 8 Singapore 530681
Email: [email protected]

3. Quan Fa Organic Farm

Quan Fa Organic Farm is, as the name suggested, a farm that grows their own vegetables organically. By ways of ecological agrarian farming, they refrain from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilisers, taking care to produce the healthiest and most nutritious crops.

Ever since 1999, Quan Fa’s team of dedicated farmers has taken to growing and cultivating their own organic vegetables for sale to Singaporeans at affordable prices. They are now one of the leading distributors of organic food in the country. They restock daily, so Singaporeans need not panic buy.

Their produces sourced from our neighbouring countries had gone through stringent checks before arriving in Singapore. They are also organically certified from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Keep an eye out on their websites for weekly promotions on the stocks they have for extra savings! They have featured collections of many different types of organic fruits and vegetables which are definitely worth checking out. Overall, one of the best organic food delivery in Singapore!

Address: 2G Neo Tiew Lane Plot 119, S(719095)
Email: [email protected]
Contact: +65 67937693

4. Straits Market

Straits Market | Farm-to-Table Home Delivery | Singapore Online Grocery

Here’s a mind-blowing fact about Straits Market: Straits Market delivers to customers around 1 day after harvest while other grocers take around 10 days. Isn’t that brilliant? From fresh fish harvested within 1 day of your order, to fresh bread baked at 5 am in the morning by a Michelin star baker on the day of delivery, Straits Market is as fresh and organic as it gets!

This farm-to-table online grocer was started with the aim of bringing to Singaporeans premium quality organic produce straight to their doorsteps. Their business and food philosophy is admirable – they practice fully-traceable sustainable farming, and harvesting according to order. This farm-to-table approach ensures that the produce you will be receiving is the freshest seasonal produce that are jam-packed with the greatest quantity and variety of nutrients. 

Besides amazing quality produce, their service is unparalleled. If you place your oder before their cut-off time of 2PM, you can get your fresh fish, meats, and veggies delivered within 24 hours! Moreover, delivery is free for orders over $150.

Truly a company we can get behind of. We strongly recommend!

Email: [email protected]
Contact: +65 9643 5358

5. Open Taste

Open Taste is a new concept working on revolutionising methods in which consumers buy organic food. How it works is that they act as a platform to connect farmers and consumers all over the world. After the customer had picked the organic fruits and vegetables they want to purchase from a selection of over 200 farms in 6 countries, the produce is packed and delivered to the customer within 36 hours.

Because the farmers and consumers are connected through this platform, the prices of produce are also significantly cheaper, and the farmers compensated fairly. It is a win-win for all when you opt to buy your organic food through Open Taste.

Not only can you purchase organic food on their website, there is also the option of getting most of your consumable-related groceries. With food and beverages such as dairy products, candies and wine available, you can order all that you need in bulk, and this in turn saves you more money in the long term.

Contact: Customer Service

6. PomeFresh

Organic Food Products Shop in Singapore | PomeFresh

Short for “Pour Me Fresh”, PomeFresh was founded on the belief that the food we eat every day is paramount to our health. It is not enough to simply to avoid ‘bad’ food such as oily food and fried food, we also need to consume ‘good’ food on a regular basis, and that includes food that comes from plants sourced from places that are not polluted, and instead, nourished with the best fertilizer without the use of pesticides or herbicides, so that we only consume food with the most natural nutrients in them.

While some people might find the food they purchased from PomeFresh to be a little duller than what they usually got from elsewhere, this is because PomeFresh only stocks food that are natural. It may also be a little more on the pricier range for some because their stocks are not from sources that mass produce their products. In turn, it can give you assurance that you are only buying the most natural type of groceries.

PomeFresh also has a physical store you can visit should you be interested in finding out more or if you want to see their products for yourself. All in all, definitely one of the best organic food delivery in Singapore!

Address: Blk 89 Bedok North St 4, #01-119 Singapore 460089
Contact: +65 88001119

Did you find your favourite organic food delivery place on this page? If you have any more to recommend, do let us know in the comments!