In this pandemic affected time, everyone is trapped in their home with restricted activities. Singapore has also been struck hard by the novel Covid-19. That is why Singaporeans have limited their daily day activities giving them a lot of free time. If you are a student or a professional, this is the best time for you to acquire certain skills or enhance your knowledge about your field. Even if you are not aware of a field, you can start as a beginner. The advanced era is dominated by online learning platforms offering thousands of courses. But we have shortlisted the 10 best online courses for you that can be learned by sitting at home. 

What is an online course?

An online course is just like other regular courses with the exception in the way of deliverance. Online courses are offered by different e-learning platforms on websites and also on applications. So, you need a computer, mobile or a tablet along with a stable internet connection to attend an online course. Furthermore, there are many e-learning platforms in Singapore that are working for the betterment of the education quality and offering different courses. You can select an online course according to your interest and requirement.

1. Learn Python from Codecademy

Learning Outcomes

  • Basic knowledge about computer programming 
  • Learn python language 
  • Basic syntax and libraries 
  • Implementation of this language in real-life scenarios 

Time to Complete: 25 Hours 

Link to the Course: Learn python from Codecademy

If you are a computer enthusiast then you might know about the importance of computer programming in this modern age. Python is a widely used programming software that is preferred by computer scientists, machine learners, and data scientists. This course is a basic introductory course for those who want to master their skills in Python later in their lives. It gives you basic know-how about computer programming and Python coding language. You will learn the basic libraries and syntax to use this software, that too just by putting a minute effort of 25 hours. At the end of the course, you will be awarded a certificate. Just make sure you keep a track of your progress before it’s too late. 

2. Collaborative Working in a Remote Team by FutureLearn 

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to product planning tools  
  • Enhanced communication skills  
  • Establishment and execution of an action plan 
  • Ability to work remotely in real-world 

Time to Complete: 2 Weeks 

Link to the Course: Collaborative working in a remote team by FutureLearn 

A course that best suits the current world scenario. In this pandemic affected time, remote working has increased and there is a chance that companies will think about implementing the same after the pandemic due to various benefits. So, you should seriously consider learning the modern tools associated with remote working to increase the output of your efforts. This course offered by FutureLearn is free of cost and gives you a basic introduction to modern project management tools. Furthermore, you can learn to communicate while being away from each other and implement an action plan to complete your tasks. Hence, this is one of the best online courses offered in Singapore these days. 

3. Understanding Fashion from Business to Culture from FutureLearn  

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the demands of current customers  
  • Insight of fashion needs by modern society 
  • Fashion business management tools  
  • Ability to communicate with the customers 

Time to Complete: 4 Weeks 

Link to the Course: Understanding fashion from business to culture by FutureLearn 

Singapore is a growing fashion industry and the demands of the customers are unique and exciting. If by any chance you are interested in fashion designing, then do take this online course to set your goals before entering the real industry. The lectures from Institute Francais de la Mode can serve as the guiding lights to enter in the modern fashion industry. After completing this course, you will also be able to connect business and modern fashion together. Moreover, This four-week course can be attended for free that can be great for your passion and future aspirations. 

4. Bioprinting by Coursera 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the basic concepts of 3D printing 
  • Introduction to designing software
  • Introduction to the 3D printing software   
  • Designing effective body parts  

Time to Complete: 6 Weeks 

Link to the Course: Bioprinting by Coursera 

3D printing is the future of the manufacturing industry because it is accurate, precise, and quick. For instance, all the mechanical and electrical engineers out there realize the importance of 3D printing in upcoming times. You can now learn the basic concepts of 3D printing, along with an introduction to the designing and printing software by this course offered at Coursera. This 6-week course is mainly related to bioprinting that is 3D printing human body parts. With design and introduction to implementation, this is one of the best online courses that can be learned at home. 

5. Personal Money Management and Financial Planning by Singapore Polytechnic 

Learning Outcomes

  • S.M.A.R.T money management  
  • Budget tracking and money-saving plans 
  • Financial ratio calculations   
  • Basic knowledge about debts and loans   

Time to Complete: 3 months

Link to the Course: Personal Money Management and Financial Planning by Singapore Polytechnic 

A great course offered by Singapore Polytechnic for the Singaporeans. Most of you would understand the difficulty in running the domestic finances and also the mismanagement of funds results in tension and worries. But don’t worry as this course is the ultimate solution to your problems. In just three months, you can learn S.M.A.R.T money management and saving options. Along with this, you can learn to calculate your financial ratios and know about different debts and loans offered in Singapore. This is, in fact, a great course to learn something useful out of your free time. 

6. Make Your Own App by EDX  

Learning Outcomes

  • HTML basics 
  • Introduction to coding structures 
  • Making web apps interactive   
  • Advanced level JAVA scripts learning  

Time to Complete: 7 Weeks 

Link to the Course: Make your own app by EDX 

If you are a computer geek, this course is specially designed for you. App designing is an essential skill of a computer engineer. EDX is offering this course for free and that too online. Moreover, you can learn the advanced JAVA scripts, coding structures, and HTML for no cost at all. Furthermore, the interactive quizzes, assignments, and video sessions will enhance your passion for web designing and application development. 

7. Small Talk and Conversational Vocabulary by Coursera   

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to basic spoken vocabulary 
  • Enhanced communication skills 
  • Ready for small talks   

Time to Complete: 1 hour

Link to the Course: Small talks and conversational vocabulary by Coursera

English being an international language has acquired much importance. Therefore, Coursera is offering a small course to increase your skills for small English talks. Those Singaporeans who are weak in English can enrol themselves in this program to increase their standard of communication. Along with enhanced vocabulary, this course will also help you enhance your communication skills. 

8. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry by EDX 

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to the hotel industry  
  • Insight about how to build your career in this industry  
  • Know-how about the professional language used in the hotel industry    

Time to Complete: 6 weeks 

Link to the Course: Introduction to hospitality and tourism by EDX

If you have an inclination towards the hotel and tourism industry, then this is the best course for you. This course is beautifully designed by edX to increase your passion for this industry. The professionals will teach you some basic terms used in the industry. In addition, the experts will guide the students to build their career in hotel management and tourism in this course. 

9. iPhone Photography by Skillshare  

Learning Outcomes

  • Usage of iPhone camera 
  • Insight about camera settings 
  • Usage of third party applications such as Lightroom 

Time to Complete: 3 weeks 

Link to the Course: iPhone Photography by Skillshare

Mobile photography is becoming popular around the globe including Singapore. The iPhone is the most owned phone and this course is focused on iPhone photography. From the camera settings to the usage of the editing application, this course is compact as well as complete and teaches you to click photos. So, enrol in the course and learn to take awesome clicks from your iPhone. 

10. Creative Coding by EDX

Learning Outcomes

  • Fundamental concepts of coding  
  • Project learning 
  • Problem-solving techniques  

Time to Complete: 14 weeks 

Link to the Course: Creative coding by edX

Another programming related course in this list due to the high demand for programming in Singapore. In your free time, try learning some creative coding and this course is best for that purpose. Just sign up to edX and start the program to enhance your programming skills. 

Online courses always enhance your skills and knowledge along with the convenience of time and no travel. Many e-learning platforms are offering courses in Singapore that can be chosen and studied. We have shortlisted online courses related to programming, budgeting, photography, 3D printing, language, and other fields of study. Choose the courses according to your interest and enrol in them now to enhance your skills and interest in that particular subject. 

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