Want to cook some amazing dinner or lunch for you and your family but don’t know where to get your supplies from? Or are you in dire need of groceries but cannot or don’t want to go out shopping? Fret not, because there are some amazing online grocery stores that are ready to deliver all that you want and need to your doorstep.

For your convenience, we have found and listed some of the best online grocery stores in Singapore. So why wait? You are only one click away from getting whatever you need to be delivered to the comfort of your home.

1. FairPrice

When it comes to convenient grocery shopping, the store that instantly rings a bell in our minds is FairPrice. With an extensive range of product selections, FairPrice is regarded as one of the best grocery stores in Singapore that you can rely and trust on. Their various different outlets throughout Singapore and their fast and reliable online delivery service make it even better. Along with the obvious day-to-day groceries like Rice, Oil, Condiments, Meat, fresh Fruits and vegetables, etc., they also provide alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

Talking about meat, they also have a variety of frozen seafood that you can choose from. If dairy products and eggs are what you want, you can find them all at FairPrice. Everything that is available can be delivered to you with just a tap on your smartphone screen. Place your orders from here.

? Not only food supplies, but you also can find all sorts of household products like laundry care, electrical appliances, pest control accessories and even health care and cosmetic items.

? They frequently put up promotional offers. So, the things you want to buy may have some discounted price tags.

? They offer free delivery for purchases above 79$.

2. PandaMart

PandaMart, FoodPanda’s own online grocery store, provides an excellent online grocery shopping experience throughout Singapore. With over 40,000 items and products on their online shelves, your choices are limitless. Ran out of some meat that you were to cook for lunch? Or want some extra ingredients to cook some amazing dinner for your family? PandaMart has got your back. You just need to visit the PandaMart online store, select the items that you need and their fast delivery service will deliver them to your doorstep.

In addition, they go the extra mile to take care of the hygiene of all the food products keeping your health in mind. They even provide ready-to-eat products in case you don’t feel like cooking. PandaMart is the all-around store that you have always needed. You can order from here.

? Their delivery time is relatively quick. With 25 minutes of average delivery time, they offer one of the fastest online grocery delivery services in Singapore.

? They have a wide selection of various different brands that you love and trust. From cosmetics to health care, and from house essentials to electronics, you name it they have it all.

? As they are a FoodPanda owned service, you can avail of some amazing discounts and offers that they put up from time to time.

3. Marks & Spencer

On our list of the best online grocery stores is another store from the FoodPanda platform. Marks and Spencer have been regarded as one of the best online grocery services in Singapore for their reliable and consistent service. The best thing is that, wherever in Singapore your residence is, they provide a same-day delivery service. They have a wide selection of products ranging from day-to-day groceries like rice, noodles, fresh vegetables, meat, etc. to beverages like carbonated drinks, fruit juices, herbal tea, and many more.

They have a whole range of dressings and toppings, along with an extensive range of spices. Their amazing collection of whole cheese is something that cheese lovers must take a look at. You can place your orders from their FoodPanda portal here.

? Marks and Spencer offer quite a vast selection of amazing wines and beers for you to choose from. So, any occasions that you want to celebrate, won’t lack your favourite alcoholic drink.

? Along with some great personal care products like body scrubs and creams, deodorants, etc., you also find kitchen essentials like cleaning cloths, microfiber cloths, multipurpose spray, and utensils.

? Easy delivery option from their FoodPanda app that can be downloaded on your android/ios devices.

4. Redmart

With the rising demand for healthy living, a healthy diet comes to play. And when people tend to lean towards processed food and canned goods, health is sorely neglected. Indeed, it is hard to find a fresh constant supply of daily essentials but it is not impossible. Here at Redmart, they sell only the best quality food essentials at a very convenient price rate. You can fully rely upon them for all kinds of day-to-day necessities, and let them do the lifting and lugging. With a minimum purchase of just $60 they even offer free delivery options.

Just log into their site and start shopping. They offer exclusive offers, limited-time deals, discounts, and vouchers to save your money and time. Their range of household essentials and groceries covers an extensive list, which includes rice, eggs, fresh fruits and veggies, quality meat and seafood, beverages, dairy products, frozen food, and even health care products. Order from Lazada here

? Redmart is quite popular for their huge category of products and especially for their fast delivery. They take special care so as to deliver only the freshest and non-damaged products.

? Redmart constantly hosts new bumper sales, special offers, and discounts on their products that surely boosts your credibility of buying.

? In just a few taps in your smartphone, you can have your freshly packed grocery stuff brought right to your doorsteps.

5. Eat Fresh

As the name suggests itself Eat Fresh boasts of serving to the masses of Singapore with only the freshest of the products from all around the world. They offer some exotic and premium supplies nowhere to be found elsewhere. Understanding the fundamentals of a customers’ need, their selective chosen list offers only the best and freshest quality products. They believe that customer satisfaction is the major factor for the working of Eat Fresh, and due to their humbleness in work, they have acquired a lot of good and regular customers who rely on Eat Fresh.

Many households constantly order from Eat Fresh for all their essential needs. Eat fresh caters to one of the largest variety of products ranging from fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, condiments, desserts, dried goods, etc. You can place your orders from here.

? All of these benefits of fresh and premium supplies come with free delivery options at a purchase of just $60.

? Eat Fresh lists some of the most exclusive and premium supplies brought from Japan itself.

? You can even contact them directly for the quality check of your order items if you are unsure of their freshness.

6. Amazon Fresh

Amazon is one of the most renowned and the biggest online delivery service in the world. So, it is bound that Amazon has a great foothold on Singapore itself. Their servicing is of great quality, delivering to us only the best quality products. With their rating options available, you can easily figure out the best-selling product. Their customer review option also helps you answer your query and clear your doubts. With all these privileges available, Amazon clearly stands atop all various online stores.

Amazon Fresh only enlists products that are fresh and healthy. With their custom delivery options, it makes things smoother and easier. You can either order and receive your products within 2 days or even opt for a fast delivery service which delivers on the same day. Their services are far reached so don’t worry, either it is an apartment on a busy road or a house in the suburbs they will surely deliver it to you with ease.

? The Amazon app makes it easy for you to order and track your product for its arrival.

? Their policy of only offering the best makes them very reliable for all your online groceries.

? Amazon Fresh also hosts special offers and a cashback facility which makes it the best choice when it comes to online grocery shopping.

7. Ryan’s Grocery

Do you have a liking for exquisite and healthy food products? Then, Ryan’s Grocery is just the grocery store for your needs. They are committed to bringing you the freshest and the best quality food items and ingredients to your doorstep. Their grocery supplies range all the way from some amazing snacks like delicious Banana Chips, Fruit Bars, and Dry Nuts, etc. to a selection of quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

They also deliver ready-to-eat meat, soups and stews, sides, and veggies in case you feel lazy to cook your lunch or dinner. All of these amazing products can be delivered to you with just a click of a button, in the comfort of your couch. Visit their page here.

? Their fully organic certified vegetables and meat are some of the best and of the highest quality. Their free-farm meats like carbon-neutral beef and free-range pork, all come from a farm that is hygienic and practice humane animal treatment.

? Keeping the customer’s health in mind, Ryan’s Grocery offers special dietary options like preservative-free goods, gluten-free items, and also dairy-free items for the lactose intolerant.

? They have an extensive variety of seasonal produce too. So, you do not need to worry about visiting different stores for specific food items.

8. Taste Gourmet Market

From high-quality meat and seafood to vegetables, fruits, and everyday grocery, Taste Gourmet Market is your stop for every grocery need. You name it, they have it all. Partnering with various suppliers and stores like Swiss Butchery, Frisch Seafood, Sens Sushi, and Black Marble, they make sure that they deliver only the freshest and the best gourmet supplies to you. If you think that is all they have to offer, there are more surprises for you.

Not only do they offer the freshest greens, exquisite mushrooms and meat, and various herbs, but they also have a vast selection of alcoholic drinks. In addition, the rates on these groceries are the same as the store prices. For orders, visit their page here.

? Meat is especially what makes Taste Gourmet Market a renowned grocery store. They offer some of the most exquisite meats like grain-fed wagyu, restaurant-grade poultry and pork.

? They also offer some amazing seafood like fresh Tasmanian salmon, frozen shrimp, crayfish, squid and crab. The frozen scallops and sea cucumber are also on their shelves if you love some.

? Taste Gourmet Market offers free delivery over orders of 150$. Log in and join their loyalty program to earn rewards and cashback.

9. Tada Fresh Market

Looking for a place to refuel your every foodstuff? Look no more because Tada Fresh Market has got you covered. Tada Fresh Market is an excellent online grocery store, selling anything to everything for your needs. Believe it or not, they even offer wet market facilities which other stores rarely do. Selling only the freshest and best quality supplies, they have flourished a lot expanding their degree of choices.

From fresh vegetables and fruits to tender quality meat and fresh seafood all can be found here at Tada Fresh Market. They even sell fresh exotic flower bouquets and loose stalks for you to give to your loved ones or to add colours and a sweet smell to your living room flower vase. You can give them a visit here.

? They offer delivery options so you can just sit back and wait for your orders to be brought to you at your very doorsteps. Not only that, while you place orders and purchases above $50, they provide special free delivery options Island wide.

? Tada Fresh Market puts up a $ 1-week deal where you can get a chance to order see some surprising price drops of food items.

? Frozen foods? Yes, they even sell frozen foods that include snacks and finger foods, desserts, meats, sausages, and seafood.

10. Sasha’s Fine Food

Founded by a mother of loving three, who was a lawyer by profession, who took it to herself to provide only the freshest of the supplies throughout Singapore. She was dubious of the orders she placed via grocery stores, their mode of sanitation the quality of product, and the origin of the shipment. This led her to do extensive work which allowed her to meet some trustworthy farmers and suppliers leading to the foundation of Sasha’s Fine Food.

Sasha’s Fine Food is transparent as you can now see just where your food comes from. It’s a one-stop store which sells all your needs at a reasonable price. They sell fresh fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy and eggs, bakery, and even drinks. You can place your orders from here.

? Their fast delivery option makes it easier and more reliable in times of dire need. With even free delivery options orders over $100 purchases.

? There is no need to think about the nasties in the food supplies with their fully trackable system, give your family the best of nature.

? Get more out of your purchases here at Sasha’s Fine Food with each order you place here, you can earn points to redeem some great rewards.

11. Missing Spain

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Paella-Gift-Box-1024x1024.jpg

Missing Spain is an authentic online gourmet grocer in Singapore. 

Recently launched, it is a one-stop-shop for food, wines and other produce that are all “Made In Spain” as an assurance of quality.  

Craving authentic paella paired with great vino? Missing Spain has it covered!

Delivering to your doorstep, Missing Spain will fill your cart with flavourful gourmet selections and staples that include:

  • Paella kit and sangria with secret recipes enclosed
  • Cold cuts and cheeses
  • Rioja wines
  • Preserved vegetables and seafood
  • Rice, oil, sauces and seasoning
  • Chips and crackers
  • Cookies and biscuits
  • Accessories

There are also great gift options, a delightful de calidad (high quality) spread that will whet the appetite.

To maintain product freshness, Missing Spain stocks are kept at Tapas Club, a chain of Spanish restaurants located across Singapore: Vivocity, Jewel, and Orchard Central.  

Missing Spain is the brainchild of friends Esther Sanchez and Karmela Oreta. It is an expression of nostalgia that they frequently feel at get-togethers with family and friends as they serve Spanish food and wine. They wanted to share an authentic Spanish culinary experience in Singapore.

“Like the joy of travel, we are bringing you closer to happier times spent with family and friends.  We hope that with Missing Spain we’ll be able to entertain you with our culture and lifestyle posts,” they say. “Eating and drinking as our favourite pastime, just like in Singapore!”

Stay tuned for a few more Spanish surprises and delights.  Croquettas and churros are already in the pipeline. 

With this, we have come to the conclusion of some of the top best online groceries in Singapore. So, worry not when it is time for doing some groceries. Just pick from our top choices above and enjoy your purchases from some of the finest and most popular stores around Singapore. Visit their store websites and unlock some exciting deals and exclusive offers. Happy and healthy shopping.

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