Drinking with friends is a great bonding activity. Making fun of each other, joking with one another, and laughing together all make for a great night of drinking. To facilitate fun, drinking games are a fun way to get the party started. Unfortunately, due to Phase 2 measures, group sizes still have to be kept small are we might not be able to enjoy drinking games with our whole group. Luckily, there are many free drinking games that can be played online with just a little bit of creativity. Using this list of the 7 best free drinking games to play online, the fun doesn’t have to stop during a pandemic.

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Game: 600+ Questions to Play with Friends

We begin our list with a classic drinking game. Not only is Never Have I Ever a fun drinking game, but it also can easily be played through any video calling platform. A straightforward game but hands down one of the best free drinking games available online!

Playing Never Have I Ever in simple. After choosing an order, everyone in the call should take turns saying something they have never done. For instance, ‘I have never eaten a Big Mac.’. In this example, those who have eaten a Big Mac before have to drink. After doing so, the next person will list something that they have never done. While it is simple, you get to learn fun little titbits about your friends while having a drink.

2. Codenames

Codenames Teaser - YouTube

Codenames is a board game that tests how in sync you are with your friends. Now that Codenames has an online version, you’ll be able to turn this board game into a remote drinking game.

Codenames play out as a battle between two different teams, each with their own leader. The objective of the game is to select all words on the board that belong to your team. Each leader will give clues that relate to the word their team has to choose and the game is over when a team collects all of their related words. This addictive board game can be turned into a drinking game by implementing a rule where each time a team chooses the correct word, the opposing team has to drink. This adds a fun drinking element to up the stakes.

3. Psych

Psych! The best party game to play with friends – Apps on Google Play

Think you can beat your friends at bluffing? Try Psych out and make your friends drink by outwitting them. Truly one of the best free drinking games you can play with your friends online!

Psych is a mobile app that sets you and your friends against each other in a battle of wits. Different categories like ‘Movie Bluffs’, ‘Is That a Fact?’ and ‘Word Up’ is available and free to play. The objective of the game is to outwit your friends by making them believe that the answer you wrote to a prompt was the correct one. For those who got outwitted and chose the incorrect word, they’ll have to take a drink. Through some smart bluffs and creative thinking, make your friends drink up with Psych.

4. Trivia Quiz

Challenge | Trivia Quiz

If your group of friends love trivia quizzes, it is a great platform to use as a drinking game. On the random trivia generator, you’ll be able to compete with your friends in an online trivia battle.

The random trivia generator consists of 6 different categories: science, general, arts, geography, history and entertainment. Choose which category works best for your group and you’re off to the races. Those who are unable to answer the question correctly will have to take a drink. Trivia quiz works as a fun drinking game that provides you with some additional knowledge as well.

5. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is now Teleparty

Netflix Party is a google chrome extension that allows you to view Netflix videos as a group. What is normally a passive viewing experience can be turned into a simple and fun drinking game.

After choosing a show with your friends, implement a simple rule where if something specific happens, everyone has to drink. For example, every time the characters scream in a horror film, everyone has to drink. This combination of shows and drinking makes for a fun and engaging activity.

6. Most Likely To

Who's Most Likely To [A Party Game] by Drunk Stoned Stupid LLC | Barnes &  Noble®

Much like Never Have I Ever, the only thing you need to play Most Likely To is a video call platform. So simple and definitely one of the best free drinking games available online!

In order to play Most Likely To, everyone should take turns listing a specific condition. For instance, ‘most likely to win a Nobel prize’ or ‘Most likely to get married first’. After the condition is given, the whole group must vote for the person they think is most likely to fulfill the condition. When the voting is complete, the person that was the most popular vote has to take a drink. With many different possible questions, creativity is key when playing Most Likely To.

7. Skribbl.io

skribbl - Free Multiplayer Drawing & Guessing Game

One of the breakout games this circuit breaker is Skribbl io. The mix of drawing and guessing is a great combination for lots of laughter and mockery. When you add a drinking penalty above that, things really get wild.

To play Skribbl io, everyone has to take turns drawing a keyword given. While drawing, the rest of the players have to guess the word and the fastest player gets the most points. There are many different ways to incorporate a drinking element to this game. One option could be that those unable to guess the word should take a drink. Another alternative is to have everyone except the player who came in first place drink for a more intense competition. As the game progresses and the alcohol intake rises, brace yourself for some truly hilarious drawings.

Even though circuit breaker measures have limited our group activities, the use of digital platforms helps us bridge this distance to stay connected with our friends. With this list, reach out to your friends to reconnect over a night of fun drinking games.

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Written By: Tan Yi Bryan