Do you love fish delicacies? You can’t live without eating sushi, u? If you crave for Sushi, Sashimi, Unagi, Tempura, and Nigiri only by hearing or reading it, this article is for you. Admit it, Japanese foods are simply mouthwatering! If you haven’t heard of the word omakase, it means putting your trust wholeheartedly in the sushi chef in preparing you a meal.

The course is a great way to intimately dine together with an authentic Japanese chef. Every customer dining experience with an omakase course begins with several plates, starting with the lightest food and often followed by heavier dishes. An omakase dinner is a culinary encounter. It showcases the best ingredients for this season and the in-depth knowledge of the chef. Omasake in Singapore promises multiple forms of prepared sushi, sashimi, and nigiri courses. Here are some of the best Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore that boast off this long-standing tradition.

1. Shoukouwa Restaurant

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Shouwkouwa is the only 2 Michelin Star Sushi restaurant operating in Singapore. Chefs take pride in preparing only the best seasonal seafood and ingredients. They carefully cook each course with the best pick fish with minimal cooking and alterations. The perfect sushi must be cook wth high quality of fish, the right proportion, and the exact temperature. Chef prepares and cooks the fish very fresh. You got to consume this perfect sushi with a pair of chopsticks immediately after the chef serves it. Hands down deserving of topping our list of the best Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02A One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

Price per serving: Lunch ranges from SGD180++ and Dinner from SGD320++

Phone: +65 6423 9939

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2. Sushi Kou

Sushi Kou is a renowned restaurant in Singapore that redefines the traditional Edo Sushi Style. Only the freshest fish and shellfish are prepared with minimal treatment to bring out the foods’ natural flavours and oils. The restaurant only offers one seating per session for lunch and dinner to ensure customers receive full attention. 

Hokkaido-born chef Yoshio is the former chef of Shoukouwa restaurant that hailed Two Michellin Stars in Singapore. He is a real omakase chef who artfully and pleasingly executes every sushi. They buy fish and produce directly from Japan.

Address: Ground floor of Holiday Inn Singapore, 11 Cavenagh Road, #01-13/14 Singapore 229616

Price per serving: Aya Mene for SGD380++ and Kou Menu for SGD$450

Phone: + 65 8591 1933

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3. Ki-Sho

Many tourists or locals from Singapore always indulged themselves over the idyllic zen garden and fine dining Japanese Style at Ki-Sho. It is not that recent that Ki-Sho expands its service to include sake and omakase bar.

Ki-Sho offers a unique dining experience in a kappo-style dining room. Guests can eat over the L-shaped hinoki wood. The table can serve 11 guests craving for the Omakase set menu. Their chef’s pick recipes only from seasonal produce and premium fish selection directly from Japan. And you can enjoy every cuisine alongside rare wines, best sakes, and aged Japanese liquors.

Address: 29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224

Price per serving: $270 to SGD$550

Phone: +65 6733 5251

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4. Sushi Kimura

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If you want a dining experience infused with the four seasons, head to Sushi Kimura. Every guest is welcomed with private and intimate settings. All over the restaurants are heirlooms of Chef Kimura, giving thanks and remembering those who have taught him. Each room is divided by a fabric with earth wall plasterings for design. Guests are expected to enjoy every bite of periodical curated Edomae style delicacies. Definitely one of the best Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore!

Address: 390 Orchard Road Palais Renaissance #01-07 Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871

Price per serving: Lunch can range from SGD$120-SGD$250, dinner can range from SGD$330-SGD$400

Phone: +65 6734 3520

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5. BAM!

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Everything about sake is love. BAM!, the first establishment in Singapore that offers a hybrid pub, bar, and restaurant. The gastro establishment was built overpaying tribute to ‘Shudo’ or enjoying sake in its most elegant form. The experience is precisely what it is, serving Spanish tapas blending with Japanese techniques and fresh produce. The omakase course only serves the freshest fish and ingredients in this season for you. The reason why the menu is updated regularly.

Entering in Bam Restaurant welcomes you with its long bar and open kitchen. Inside BAM is a modern and industrial atmosphere. It has decors and bare concrete walls. The De Rigueur Edison bulbs make the vibes even classier. You can’t find anything like this unique style chic dinner with sake and tapas anywhere but here. Check out BAM! today as they are indeed one of the best Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore!

Address: 38 Tras Street Singapore 078977

Price per serving: SGD$160 to SGD$200 (Omakase)

Phone: +65 6226 0500

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6.Sushi Jiro

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Sushi Jiro has been around Singapore for almost 20 years. You’ll be impressed with the interior décor and how every usage of wood elements is naturally symmetrical and proper. Sushi Jiro offers authentic Japanese cuisine for every day salaryman’s lunch break, curated Omakase courses, and even a la carte orders. Some dishes include pressure sushi with otoro, seabream, kamasu, sashimi, and seasonal kinds of seafood.

Address: Marina Bay 6 Raffles Boulevard, #04-600. Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore 039594

Price per serving: SGD$30 to SGD$260

Phone: +6564453055

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7. Mizuya Singapore

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Housed along Cavan Rd, Misuya is a gem waiting for you to be discovered. Omakase is the chef’s choice, and they currently have an ongoing promo. 15% off for any alcohol if you order Omakase sets. This is only from 12 PM to 2:30 PM. Feel free to order snacks and a bunch range of whiskey.

Here are some of their best menu you couldn’t resist for more: Fugu Mirin Boshi, Wagyu Tataki, Aburi Sushi, and Shiromi Usuzukuri. Best to try the Omakase menu if you head here for lunch or dinner. Omakase changes every season. The chefs will serve a different meal every time you dine here. Fresh fish and produce are ensured to be flown in Japan every 3-4 weeks to give every customer the best quality cookery.

Address: 11 Cavan Rd, #04-01 Cavan Suites, Singapore 20984

Price per serving: SGD$113 to $180 (Omakase)

Phone: +65 6721 9399

For more details, do check them out via Facebook|Instagram

8. Sushi Ayumu

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Sushi Ayumu specializes in the Tokyo style sushi or Edo cooking. Food ingredients are directly sourced from the supplier in Toyosu Market in Tokyo and Kyushu. The restaurant is carved with hardwood giving anyone the aura of Zen. The restaurant has no windows to keep your focus on the food and the dining experience. The food is delicious and they offer an impeccable service! You will never expect this restaurant will transport you to Japan.

Address: 333A Orchard Road #04-16 Mandarin Gallery (S)238897

Price per serving: SGD$250 to SGD$420 (Omakase Minazuki)

Phone: +67332114 or 91590102

For more details, do check them out via Facebook

9. Takayama Japanese Restaurant

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If you are craving Abalone or Uni, try out Takayama Japanese Restaurants’ omakase menu. Chef Takayama is the former chef de cuisine at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. He helms Takayama Japanese Restaurant for years and mastered the cooking of the most delicate Abalone + Uni in Singapore. The restaurant cooking specialties are Tuna and Sea-urchin. The menu changes every season. Fish and fish are flown directly from the source in Japan every 4 to 5 times a month.

Address: 6 Shenton Way #01-09/10 OUE Downtown Gallery Singapore 068815

Price per serving: $220+ to USD$430(omakase nigiri)

Phone: +65 6224 9864

For more details, do check them out via Facebook

10. Shinji by Kanesaka

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You can find two Shinji by Kanesaka outlets in Singapore. One is located at the Carlton Hotel and the other at the St. Regis. They both have Michelin stars . Give yourself entirely with their hearts and hands, and they will artfully serve to you some of the first-class morsels (maki and nigiri), delicate soups, and a mouthful of cooked dishes. If your full, get ready for the freshest seasonal desserts. Truly deserving of rounding off our list of the best Japanese omakase restaurant in Singapore.

Address: Carlton Hotel, 76 Bras Basah Road, (S) 189558

St. Regis Hotel, 29 Tanglin Road, 247911

Price per serving: SGD$300 to SGD$500 (Omakase courses)

Phone: +65 6338 6131 (Carlton), +65 6884 8239 (St. Regis) 

For more details, do check them out via Facebook

I would personally try omakase at Sushi Kimura. The owner-chef pays attention to details very outstanding. He pushes boundaries to serve the best sushi and other courses. The Omakase experience is a great deal. And the arts of how Sushi Kumura becomes an expert. One thing worthy to experience is dining in its 150-year-old tree artfully crafted into a hinoki counter. The chef is a master of aging fish and the abalone is the greatest. The fish is soaked in sake for 8 hours and serve it to you in a pleasing way.