It is important to choose the correct and only the best options when choosing the best notary public. With many options available, it is quite hard to choose that one Notary Public that works best for you and your given time frame.

In the moment of emergency or for the authentic source for your surety, it is quite a nuisance listing out the best options available to you. Worry not! As here you will find all the necessary information on the top tier list for the best Notary Public in Singapore, the one that you can trust.

Our top 3 picks are based on plenty of factors like affordable rates of their services, security, experience and ease of accessibility.

Hoh Law Corporation
Top 1✔️ Affordable rates
✔️ Extremely reliable
✔️ Provide plenty of services
✔️ Fast and efficient
✔️ More than 3 years of experience
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Crossbows LP
Top 2 ✔️ Extremely professional
✔️ Fast services
✔️ Best for advice on child-care matters
✔️ More than 20 years of experience
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Michael, the Notary
Top 3
✔️ Very easy to access
✔️ Reasonable price
✔️ Plenty of services offered
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But first, here are some important things that you need to know about the notary public.

  • Is Notary Public important?

Notary public came into existence for the sole cause of legalising the document as your own. With the help of the notary public, it becomes easy and clear that you own that document. Along with a written proof of legalisation that takes place they ensure your safety of documents and also prevents them from being used elsewhere without your consent. Technically they serve as a means to safeguard, and ease your travels and contribute to assuring your authority over your property, belongings and identity.

  • Benefits of notarising a document?

Notarising a document helps you prevent all kinds of tenuous and bothersome protocols that you have to go through to just get your job done. In this world where verification and safeguard of identity are at risk of being used elsewhere without your consent, Notary Public’s services come in handy. While notarising a document, saves your time and effort to prove your identity and helps you secure your documents as well.

  • Is notary public safe?

When it comes to notarizing a document the first thing that comes to your mind is, is the safety and surety of work. Well, a notary public is not a regular get-go shop or a store that every person can just start on their own. They are appointed under the law and are obliged to follow strict rules and regulations in order to issue and certify a document. Bound by the rules and regulations of the government the Notary Public must take full responsibility for any mishaps, which is what makes the notary public safe and secure.

1. Hoh Law Corporation– Affordable Service Rates


  • Reliability with a very affordable notarisation services
  • Fast and efficient
  • Covering a wide range of legal services

With several branches all over Singapore, Hoh Law Corporation is easily accessible which makes them one of the best notary public in Singapore. Their field of work encompasses services like consultations on medical negligence, property law, wills, family law as well. Treating each individual or each case with special priority, and going through in-depth discussions to determine a proper solution. They provide all the legal services at a very affordable price range to understand and meet the needs of the masses.

Hoh Law Corporation was founded in 1991 with the motive of providing people with a reliable and honest service. They deliver their services in a very efficient manner. Their services include works involving oath administer, confirmation of affidavit, witnessing and attesting of documents to be used outside of Singapore and clarification and identification of the true likeness of the documents with the identity of the individual or party. They provide assurance to the document as an original or true copy. They even offer a same-day collection of notarized documents, which surely comes to help when in a pinch.

Address60 Paya Lebar Road #04-42, Paya Lebar Square (Office Lobby 2), Singapore 409051
Contact+65 6553 4800

2. Crossbows – Best Security


  • Highly professional and surety of work
  • Fast and secure servicing
  • Advice on child care

Crossbows are one of the most trusted places for all of your personal, business and professional notarial services. With more than 20 years of dedication and hard work as a notary public and commissioner for an oath, Gulab Sobhraj has indeed proven his skill and proficiency in his field of work. Here at Crossbows, it is seen that all of your documents and agreements are signed legally and properly following a systematic order. So as it can later be used without any doubt and with clear proof of authenticity.

The agreements and the documents made are explicitly abiding by all the instructions of the clients. They take great notice and emphasis their order of work following strict procedures so that no misunderstanding or errors are made in the process of the document issue. If a full chain of authentication is required, the documents can take about 7 working days, if not, then they would be issued in just half an hour. Their punctuality and surety of work make them one of the best options when it comes to notarial and commissioning services.

Address14 Robinson Road, Far East Finance Building, 02-01/02, Singapore 048545
Contact+65 6532 9980

3. Michael, the Notary– Ease of Accessibility


  • Convenient work of order in delivering fast and secure services
  • Reasonable price range
  • Wide range of servicing options

Providing service to both individual and corporate affairs, Michael excels in a vast array of notarial documentations. His expertise and profound knowledge with more than ten years of experience dealing with all kinds of clients come in quite handy. His expert advice, tips and services are top-notch with the ability to guide and give an in-depth understanding of all the legal terms is something that has pushed up the rank as the best notary public.

Some of his field of work includes witness signing that involves authentication of person and document verification. Original document or copies of the verification and authentication of the original documents is also done. Oath-taking and affirmations of documents to be used in Singapore or in other countries can also be done here. He himself being the commissioner of oath, and also being the partner of Clifford Law firms makes him the perfect choice and a one-stop journey for all your legal services.

AddressClifford Law LLP 1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #08-04 Singapore 179803
Contact+65 6223 4456

4. Singapore Notary Public


  • Fast and efficient servicing
  • Best for effective notary work saving time
  • Reliability of work

 When there are hundreds of Notary Public all around Singapore it’s quite hard to choose the one that’s best for you; the one which understands your needs and works accordingly. Some tend to opt for tedious processes just to make you fill in some forms and various difficult procedures. Fret not, Singapore Notary Public is the best choice for you then. They fully understand that time is of the essence and that a simple notarization or legalisation of documents can be an issue barring other works. So rely more on Singapore Notary Public, as they efficiently and effectively deal with your notarial work.

For a more reliable and safer option choose Singapore Notary Public who care, either it is for a business, client, family, education or migration they understand your urgency. Their servicing include certifying original and true copy, witnessing and attesting of documents for overseas use, notarized bill of sale, administer oath and affirmation etc. Authentication of SAL or the Singapore Academy of Law makes them a far easier option when choosing a reliable and simple Notary Public in Singapore.

Address135 Middle Road #05-11 Bylands Building, Singapore, Singapore
Contact+65 6338 1810

5. Notary Public SG


  • Expert at certifying of documents
  • Affordable notarisation price range
  • Wide range of notarisation services

 Well, it is required by basis, a notary public must be qualified as a lawyer and must have had professional experience and reputation isn’t it? Here at Notary Public SG, the professional and qualified lawyers, that have over 15 years of experience, works with you, guiding and explaining every minute detail of the notary services for a better understanding of all the essential information required for a proper issue of the documents.

Services they provide include verifying the documents by authenticating the identity, signature confirmation for the contracts or deals, certifying a range of papers to be used in Singapore and in foreign countries, witnessing the signing of the documents etc. After all the processes and authentication, an official seal of authenticity is given to validate the notarisation process. This seal significantly holds a major factor to prove the originality of the documents in many of Singapore and international affairs.

AddressThe Adelphi,1 Coleman Street, #10-01B, Singapore 179803
Contact+65 9844 8649
Timings 10:30 am to 04:00 pm

6. Janice Lim, Notary Public


  • Professional advisory
  • Certification of a wide range of documents
  • No hidden costs

If you’re looking to tend to a wide range of notary documents, look no further, as Janice Lim, Notary Public actively provides services for those in need. The fully experienced and professionals from the Notary Public will happily guide you through the legal processes to make you understand the terms better. They offer services on certification of true and original copies like incorporation certificates, passports, marriage and birth certificates, etc. Additionally, documents like the power of attorney, statuary declaration, certificate of declaration, and other commercial documents are also witnessed and attested by them.

Not only do they provide their service to private clients but also to the corporate personages. Application for legislation and authentication and the issuance of the notarial documents is made so much easier with their professional assistance. Worried that the language barrier could be a problem? Fret not, because they work with a board of certified translators excelling in providing the best translation service. In addition, extra charges like GST and other hidden costs are strictly excluded. And, for the client’s convenience, they also travel to your designated place so that you don’t frequently have to visit their office.

AddressYou can view their address right here.
Contact+65 9180 3936 
Timings09:00 am to 05:00 pm

7. Chiu Cheong LLC


  • Notarisation within 24 hours
  • Professional legal consultation
  • Broad range of service

Having over 25 years of experience and consistency, Chiu Cheong LLC is known and trusted throughout Singapore for its fast service of notarising documents. Completing their processes within the same day is what makes them one of the best notary public offices currently available. So, if you are in a bit of a hurry or on a tight schedule, you can always rely on Chiu Cheong LLC’s quick service. If you have a case in hand and don’t know how to deal with it, their legal professional advisors can be consulted for their assistance.

Having various areas of expertise, you don’t need to worry about visiting them and leaving without having your documents notarised. They have got your back on matters like Conveyancing, Landlords and Tenant issues, Divorce, Personal injury (where you are entitled to get some compensation in case of an unfortunate accident), Civil legislation, and legal advice on Criminal defence. They are quick to handle Estate matters like the documentation of Power of Attorney, Letters of Administration, Wills, and grants of Probate. All of these services come with no extra or hidden cost.

Address490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #09-15 HDB Hub (Biz 3 Lobby 1) Singapore 310490 
Contact+65 63976690
TimingsMonday to Friday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

8. Tan & Yip LLC


  • Experts in legal cases
  • Overseas service
  • Extensive notarisation service

In today’s world, the business environment has taken a leap forward in the network of the legal frameworks. For that reason, Tan & Yip LLC strives to offer the best notary service not only to private individuals but also to business corporates. And, not just that, they also offer their flexible notary documentation service for individuals and businesses overseas. You can consider them as your advocate as well as your business council for their excellent advisory on the principles of law with their council of skilled, professional lawyers. So, battling against legal cases is less troublesome with them around for your help.

True copies of the original documents such as marriage and birth certificates, passports and documents of identity, educational certificates, and incorporation certificated can be notarised by them. They also witness and attest documents like declaration and affidavits, powers of attorney and authorisations, contracts and agreements, and bills of sales and transfers. Keeping the client’s priority in mind, they keep you informed and involved throughout the process in matters of cost and procedural information.

Address24 Peck Seah Street, #05-11 Nehsons Building, Singapore 079314
Contact+65 6323 0031

9. Jubilee Law Corporation


  • Excellent legal services
  • Cost-effective
  • Extensive range of services

Are legal issues haunting you? Worry not and seek help and advice from Jubilee Law Corporation for all kinds of legal problems. Their sole purpose is to provide excellent, cost-effective service to each and every client. Their notary public services include an extensive range of services. Certification of the original copies, issuing of the notarial certificates, matters of wills and succession of estates, and corporate services are also handled by Jubilee Law Corporation. Their professional lawyer, Ms Wong Lai Keen, has over 3 decades of experience, so, you can expect top-notch expertise and service.

They can also arrange the authentication of your documents by the Singapore Academy of Law along with the verification and legislation by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign embassies. For notarisation and legalisation purposes, the documents in foreign languages are all translated into English. With their expertise in various different fields of service, there is hardly anything issue that they cannot solve for you.

Address63A Tras Street, Singapore 079002
Contact+65 6221 6441

10. I.R.B. Law LLP


  • Large council of professional lawyers
  • Professional legal guidance
  • Wide range of service

I.R.B. Law LLP’s transparent and trusted notary public service is one of the best that you can find in Singapore. They offer their excellent service not only to individual clients and but also to the corporate personnel. Having around 50 employees, their council of professionals allow the clients to cover a wide range of notary public services. Their legal advisory and guidance help you solve every issue related to the matter. In addition, their professional service is comparatively affordable, given their expertise in an extensive range of services.

Notarization of documents is made as simple as ever. Family legal matters (Divorce, adoption, personal protection order, etc.), estate law (powers of attorney, will writing) are all handled by I.R.B. Law LLP. They also take care of matters like criminal defence, corporate and commercial matters (investment, financing, succession planning, etc.), personal legal procedures (deed pool, debt recovery, etc.), Syariah law, bankruptcy and insolvency, and litigation and dispute resolution. The highly experienced lawyers are always present for your service, ready to solve all your legal issues.

AddressYou can check out their addresses here.
Contact+65 6298 2537

With this, we have come to the end of our list of top notary public all around Singapore. With each having their own modes of conduct, it could have been quite a work to choose your preferred option. But now with all the detailed list of the top notary publics in Singapore, it is simple. Head on to their official websites now.

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