Today’s world is a bit different, everything is now digital. From meetings to conversations and even dates have become subject to the screens of your devices. There is however one small instrument of identification that has not changed and even today in places like Japan they are considered essential.

This one small printed card holds a lot of information and is considered to be an essential part of the corporate exchange. Be it for business or personal use, the humble name card is not only a tradition, it is a sentiment, a nostalgic yet ever-relevant storehouse of essential information and a symbol of status and trust.

The name card is one thing that never goes out of style. There are a lot of printing shops however name cards need a degree of precision displayed by a few. You might regret choosing the wrong printing shop but that usually happens way too late. To help you from choosing the wrong location below is a list of the top best name card printing shops in Singapore.

Vista Print
Top 1✔️ Experts when it comes to name cards
✔️ Variety of designs to choose
✔️ Affordable rates
✔️ High-quality products
✔️ Custom everything
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Top 2 ✔️ Weight-Specific Customisable Card Specialists
✔️ High-quality materials
✔️ Weight specific options are available
✔️ Wide variety of high-quality materials
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Jabez Printing Services
Top 3
✔️ Plenty of experience
✔️ Affordable prices
✔️ Several printing services are available
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How do you choose the best store for your name card?

  • What exactly is a name card?

Now name cards can mean various things depending on the setting they are used in. From a simple card bearing one’s name to demarcate the place of seating or a visiting card. These cards as stated earlier according to the scenario of use can have printed on them as little information as one’s name or a lot of information crammed into it.

Exchange of name cards or visiting and business cards are considered an essential part of any business or corporate exchange in many cultures. They are a statement of identification and as such of status and position. Giving someone your name card can indicate that you are interested in conducting further business or interactions with that person, it is thus also a symbol of trust and respect.

  • What should a proper name card be like?

The standard name card is 8.9×5.1cms in size and its thickness shouldn’t exceed 0.16 inches. The size and thickness however may change depending on the material used for printing or personal preference. A proper name card should hold all the basic information about the bearer.

The person’s name, business address, personal crest or insignia if any, contact number and email address and personal address if required are usually present in normal business and name cards. This however changes and visiting cards if issued on behalf of a company usually have the company’s logo, address, contact number and email. Simple fonts are usually preferred but cards printed for personal use can have stylised fonts and designs.

  • How to identify a good name card printing shop?

Variety and commitment to service are what you should judge a name card printing shop by. A good establishment offers a wide variety of materials and designs. The printing must be clear and easily readable. This is of special importance for visiting and business cards. These cards are usually printed in bulk or in the quantity that the customer specifically asks for. Be careful with exercise charges and choose the establishment that offers the best quality at the best price.

1. Vista Print : The Name Card Specialists


  • Three varieties of name card designs to choose from
  • Cheap rates
  • High-quality products and trusted by many

Now, this establishment is the ‘it’ place for name cards and they specialise in them. They are a trusted name and many businesses prefer to go to them exclusively.

They offer variety and quality, if you have a particular paper or finish in mind they will deliver to you exactly what you want. From woven Italian paper for elegance to 100% recycled matte paper they have perhaps the widest range of options. They allow you to sit down with a designer and basically design your own card in whatever way you want no level of customisation is too much for them and they will make your name card exactly the way you want.

They have three shapes to choose from, the standard 19×55 mm, the square 65×65mm and their most popular shape the rounded corner 19× 55 mm. You can choose the shape you want and the material you want and you basically are involved in the whole process of card designing as such this establishment offers the most personalized name cards.

Their prices are highly affordable. You can get 250 standard shape cards starting at $ 17.99 and the prices for the other two shapes start at $26.99. From a large variety of shapes and materials, customisable designs and cheap rates, this establishment has it all.

Contact+65 800 130 1646
PricingPrices start from $17.99 for 250 cards
TimingsMonday to Sunday, open 24×7

2. Gogoprint: Weight-Specific Customisable Card Specialists


  • Personalised and customisable designs
  • Wide variety of high quality materials
  • Weight specific options available.

Smooth, luxurious and high end, the name cards printed at Gogoprint are known for their mesmerising beauty. They offer a lot of variety in both material and designs. You can get involved in the designing of your cards and create personalized name cards for yourself. They usually offer the standard shape for name cards which are about 9×5.4cms in their dimensions.

However, they take the specifications to the next level with three specific weight options. They offer 260g and 350g options however their most popular option is their 310g art card. With no compromise with elegance and beauty, their cards leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, they also offer some of the most beautiful cardholders which come in two colours, silver and black. The very appeal of a name card gets further elevated when you add the beauty and class of a sleek cardholder. Thus if you want your name cards to further add to your personality then this establishment is undoubtedly for you.

AddressGogoprint (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., 21, Bukit Batok Crescent, #15-75 WCEGA Tower Singapore (658065)
Contact+65 3159 3042
TimingsMonday to Friday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

3. Jabez Printing Services: The Most Experienced Printer In Town


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Several printing services available
  • Express printing services

With over 20 years of experience, this establishment offers a one-stop solution for all your printing needs. They offer several printing services from letterhead printing to restaurant menu printing, receipt book printing to envelope printing and from forms printing to invoices printing, they have you covered.

They offer name card printing and digital name card printing. With a huge variety of materials to choose from, they are known for making things beautiful. When you open their website the first thing you see is their commitment to making printing prettier. You can give them the specifics of the design you want and they will deliver to you something that is even more beautiful. They have a very large clientele and the loyalty that their patrons display is enough proof for their impeccable service.

AddressJabez Printing Pte Ltd 996 Bendemeer Road, #06-01, B-Central, Singapore 339944
Contact+65 6297 9422
TimingsMonday to Friday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
Saturday from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm
Closed on Sundays

4. Print Market


  • Spot UV varnish cards
  • Name card laminations
  • Affordable prices and large variety

Print Market is another service provider that caters to a wide range of printing needs. They however are known particularly for their name cards. They offer a large variety of materials and printing options and each card printed here is eye-catching and mesmerizingly beautiful.  Name cards are as stated earlier a statement of both class and identification. The name cards printed here are as such both elegant and classy.

They offer a proper paper weight guide along with a lot of design options to choose from, so that you may choose for yourself the perfect material and design. In addition, they also provide name card lamination services and their spot UV varnish cards are simply stunning to look at. They also have the option of the standard style name cards and the hot stamp print name cards which both look stunning with the right design.

Address9 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #02-22, Gordon Warehouse
Building Kaki Bukit Estate, Singapore 417842
Contact9652 3073 |
TimingsMon-Fri: 09:00am – 6:00pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

5. HoopStudio


  • Free delivery for orders over $160
  • No hidden charges guarantee
  • Orders usually ready within 8-9 working days

This establishment has over 15 years of experience and with that, they also have a reputation that cannot be taken for granted. They take great pride in the quality of both their products and services. Their cards are extremely well designed with an option for personalization. They offer several packages with many attractive features and a work ethic to be envied.

They are extremely punctual when it comes to service and are a very reliable name in the business, they usually deliver within 8-9 working days. Furthermore, they also provide free delivery services to all orders above $160. Their matte finish hot stamp print name cards are especially popular for their luxurious finish and elegant design. This is an establishment that is proud of what they do and does it very well.

Address90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, Block O, #02-65, S439053
Contact+65 8811 5238
PricingPrices start from $33.00 for 500 cards
TimingsMonday to Friday from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm

6. Red Printing

  • Free delivery for orders over $50
  • Large variety of materials
  • Plenty of unique styles and designs

Red Printing takes name cards very seriously, they offer an extensive range of materials to choose from and they offer the widest range of styles. They offer extremely affordable prices and are dedicated to punctuality as they always deliver on time. They even offer free delivery to orders over $50 however certain terms and conditions might apply for eligibility of this service.

You can choose the paper type, finishing, coating and paperweight. Their designs are tasteful and sleek with an elegant and smooth finish. Talking about the styles of cards you can choose from their extensive list of card styles including transparent cards, foil-stamped cards and laser engraved cards. Their laser engraved cards are in particular extremely popular for their unique design and tasteful looks.

Address6, Achasan-ro 11ga-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea 04796 (Head Office)
Contact+65 3163 7616
TimingsMonday to Friday from 08:30 am to 05:30 pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

7. Easitech


  • Cheapest rates
  • Extensive variety of elegant materials
  • Free delivery options for certain orders

Easitech is another name card specialist that is extremely popular for its cheap rates and high quality. You can get 100 pieces printed for just $2.50 which makes them the cheapest in Singapore. They also provide blind embossed and hot stamp cards however you have to order a minimum of 300 pieces for these designs. Their choice of materials is endless from fine and elegant Lenin to sleek and shiny ivory, the platinum white however is the most eye-catching and appealing material of all.

You can opt for rounded corners or the standard shape and you can get thoroughly involved in the designing process to make your cards as personalized as possible. If you aren’t sure about the design you want then you can always choose from their pre-existing templates and designs which are all beyond comparison in their beauty and elegance. They are also popular for their prompt services and their commitment to punctuality and they also provide free delivery options for certain orders. They have all the bases covered and you are bound to be impressed with their work.

PricingPrices start from $2.50 for 100 pieces
TimingsMonday to Friday from 09:30 am to 06:00 pm

8. Print That Now


  • Free delivery services for orders above $120
  • Graphic design services provided
  • Cheap rates

This establishment is known for providing its services in the business world. From graphic designing to business supplies and card designs they are the one-stop shop for all of these services. When it comes to naming cards, they offer a large variety of styles and designs. All of their designs are tasteful with a hint of elegance to them. Their special luxurious name cards are extremely popular for being both highly sought after and beautiful both in design and style.

Their undoubted speciality is their holographic name cards which are stunning in every aspect. These name cards are bound to draw attention and add to the personality of the bearer. They also offer a special transparent name card which is by far the most beautiful name card design you can find. Furthermore, they offer free delivery to all orders above $120 and the ever-increasing number of loyal patrons simply is a statement of their commitment to service.

AddressSunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen Street #01-71, Singapore 189652
Contact+65 6655 0989
TimingsMonday to Friday from 10:30 am to 07:30 pm
Saturday from 12:00 pm to 05:00 pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

9. Express Print


  • Vast range of printing services available
  • Special foldable name cards available
  • Cheap rates and high quality.

Express Print is best known for its fast service as their name suggests. They are very punctual and committed to service. They provide a wide range of printing services from stationery to letterheads and from cards to marketing materials, you can even get personalized gifts here.

There isn’t much variety when it comes to name cards but what they lack in variety they deliver in quality. You can choose the material and design that you want for your cards and then either choose to print the standard variety or the die-cut and digital cards available. They however offer a special foldable design that is unique and stylish. If you choose to go for their foldable cards you are sure to catch the eye of all those who come across them.

AddressExpress print (Toa Payoh) Toa Payoh N, #01-09 Blk 998, Singapore 318993
Contact+65 6100 8328
TimingsMonday to Friday from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm

10. Eazy Printz


  • Canvases and stands available
  • Quick services
  • Affordable rates and delivery services available

Eazy Printz is an artistic establishment that offers a very subtle and tasteful touch with every product.  They offer canvases and stands for their artistic customers and also provide a wide range of printing services. With some of the most affordable rates, all their products are valued for money.

They have three major options when it comes to name cards. Firstly, their popular Spot UV coating name cards which are undoubtedly the best; secondly, they offer the standard business cards which are elegant and classy and lastly, their hot stamp cards which are hands down the most luxurious. When it comes to rates their spot UV coating name cards start at $60+, the standard cards start at $16+ and their hot stamp cards start at $80+. This establishment makes sure that you get what you deserve and what you want.

Address91 Bencoolen Street #01-70, Sunshine Plaza Singapore 189652
Contact+65   8798 5329
TimingsMonday to Friday from 10:00 am to 06:30 pm
Saturday from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm 
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Name cards are important in many settings and have a big impact on the impression that one makes. As such name cards should be no less than perfect. The ten shops above will ensure that your name cards are the best and you need not worry if you choose one of them to get your cards printed.

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