Planning to relocate to a new home or need to move your office? Regardless of your situation, you need to have professional movers help do the job for you. For those on a budget, not to worry, as there are affordable movers in Singapore to help transfer all your valuables, big or small. Check out this helpful list of the 15 best affordable movers in Singapore.

1. The Helping Hand Moving Services


  • The most affordable moving company in Singapore
  • Offers free carton boxes
  • Experienced team with a supervisor for safety and security

The Helping Hand Moving Services are not only the most affordable but have experienced staff. They have been around for over 20 years, so you can sigh in relief as they know what they’re doing.

Movers ensure that all your furniture is wrapped to prevent dirt and damaged, then quickly transported to the designated area. Plus, they provide up to 20 FREE carton boxes and help dispose of any unwanted items, going the extra mile in service without overpricing. All in all, they are truly deserving to top our list of the best affordable movers in Singapore.

2. Cheap Movers Singapore


  • Very cheap and competitive prices
  • Offers the complete services and proper equipment
  • Same-day services can be availed

As the name suggests, Cheap Movers Singapore is also one of the most affordable companies to work with. They will attend to your needs no matter how small of a move it is and even on short notice.

Their experienced movers will do all the packing and unpacking for you at minimal prices as well. Their moving charges start from $400 for every load, as long as it fits their 14-foot truck.

3. Moovaz


  • Cross-border relocations (member of the International Association of Movers (IAM)
  • Uses data and automation to optimise relocations and make the moving experience seamless for customers
  • Full visibility into costs and progress for your shipments at all times

Moovaz are best known for cross-border relocations. They also offer a wide selection of services, including:

  • Packing and unpacking items
  • Special handling of complicated items
  • Provide curated transit insurance options to protect your items throughout the entire move 
  • Disposal of leftover items
  • Short-term storage service
  • Offer pet relocation

Moovaz is an innovative digital platform that is developed to help your international relocation experience as seamless as possible. Through a smart device, you can now plan and manage your personal move to a tee. What we love most about Moovaz is how transparent they are – you can now compare instant guaranteed prices from reputable movers at one-go. Truly the most convenient platform to make your relocation experience as stress-free and fuss-free as possible. Check them out today!

4. Elite Movers


  • Quick packing and moving process
  • Excellent moving experience from all homes and businesses
  • Fully-equipped for minor to major moves

Elite Movers is one of the known moving companies because of its affordability and reliability. They know how to properly move form buildings, small flats, and condos, as well as landed property. 

What makes them unique is their complete set of equipment, as they have cranes, dollies, and special ramps to move all challenging items even in small spaces.

Their prices start from $450 for basic moving, a great deal considering all the services and equipment they provide.

5. Shalom Movers


  • Available temporary storage units
  • Quotation based on number of items, not weight
  • Professional staff made to move and pack anything

Shalom Movers is slowly growing in popularity, trying to be the number one moving company in all of Singapore. They have the professionally-trained stamp for move the most delicate and expensive of items, from art pieces to antiques and pianos.

Their rates vary, with a surveyor inspecting the home and basing the charge on how many items there are to be moved. The movers give a fixed price no matter how large or heavy the items are, making it cost-effective. 

Besides this, they help save you time with packing and unpacking services, as well as temporary storage units. All in all, they are truly one of the best affordable movers in Singapore!

6. TheLorry


  • Over 350 lorry and van drivers available across Singapore
  •  Instant quotation via their website or mobile app
  • Fixed, transparent, and affordable prices

TheLorry has partnerships with hundreds of drivers and vehicles across the country. This ensures that you will always have high-quality service no matter when you need things moved. 

The company also offers many options based on how many items you need to move and how much they weigh. You can book a van if you only have a few items to move, or even a huge truck to transfer items from medium-sized homes!

As for its affordability, you get quotations within minutes, with prices as low as $80.

7. Red Sun Movers


  • 24/7 customer service with fast communication
  • Cheap rates even during Sundays and holidays
  • Supports local community for Singapore’s economy and employment

Red Sun Movers are available all week long, regardless if it’s a holiday. Even if there are extra fees for Sunday and holiday moves, the prices stay competitive and affordable. Their customer support is also available 24/7, giving prompt answers to all queries.

Another huge advantage with Red Sun is that they hire local staff to support the Singaporean community! All staff are trained and will take the extra-secure steps to protect and move your furniture successfully. All in all, Red Sun provides amazing service and are truly one of the best affordable movers in Singapore.

8. APAC Relocation


  • Provides comprehensive service for relocation to Singapore
  • Cheap rates even during Sundays and holidays
  • Supports local community for Singapore’s economy and employment

Not only does APAC Relocation provide superb moving services, they go the extra mile to ensure that your relocation experience is made as convenient and easy as possible. Their team of experts will help you with tasks beyond moving. They are equipped to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, find schools for your kids, and settle into your new country. All in all, definitely deserving of rounding off our list of the best affordable movers in Singapore!

9. The Trio Movers


  • Extremely experienced with over 10 years in the moving industry
  • Affordable service
  • Timely service

The Trio Movers put their customer first in everything they do. Rest assured that you are in good hands when you select Trio Movers. They guarantee affordable and timely service for anyone looking for relocation, storage, disposal, or even handyman service. Above all, with their state-of-the-art technology, you will not have to worry that your belongings will be mishandled or lost during transport. Hands down one of the best and affordable movers in Singapore!

With over 10 years of experience in helping people move locations, The Trio Movers are an excellent choice to help you move. From providing services like the packaging of your belongings with the best packaging material to storage and transportation, it’s no surprise to see them on this list. They even help you with the waste disposal which is so important because moving houses does tend to create a mess.

That’s not all. They also provide moving services for commercial spaces, taking care not to damage any of the costly equipment. How can we be so sure? Well, they’re willing to pay for any damages that occur. That’s when you know that they’re actual professionals. With detailed posts on their website which tells you all that the services that you should expect from a good mover, you’ll know that you’re in great hands. Definitely the one-stop place for your moving needs.

10. Joy Movers


  • Affordable service with no hidden costs
  • Provide unlimited amount of packing boxes
  • Free protective wrapping for all boxes

Joy Movers is a one-stop-shop for all moving service-related. Their team of professional movers have years of experience and are specially trained to properly handle heavy and bulky items. Thus, rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands! Your precious items will be delivered to your desired location safely and timely.

What we love most about Joy Movers is they are a straightforward company that will provide you with affordable service with no hidden costs such as GST or overtime charges. Essentially, what they initially quote you is what you will pay, regardless of rain or shine! All in all, truly reliable service and is hands down one of the best in Singapore.

11. Spaceship


  • Affordable pricing
  • Real-time view of your inventory online
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

Spaceship storage is all about convenience. They are transforming the old-school storage industry through innovative state-of-the-art technology. Through their Spaceship app, you can arrange delivery and collection, manage inventory, and so much more, just by clicking a button! So easy, and so hassle-free!

With your belongings inventories, transported, received, and carefully stored in storage, the process of moving and relocating is no longer dreadful. Thus, if you’re someone who’s looking for the easiest solution out there, Spaceship is the one to look for! We strongly recommend!

12. Phoenix Mover


  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional pre-move surveys 
  • Free quotations

Phoenix Mover will provide you with the best solution for all kind of moving dilemma. From the commercial, office, to industrial moves, Phoenix Mover is equipped to provide you with the most experienced and skilled team to make your moving process as seamless as possible.

We appreciate how dedicate they are to making your moving process as convenient and easy as it can be. They provide professional pre-move surveys to ensure that your whole moving process is planned perfectly to a tee, as well as free quotations so that you’re not met with a ridiculously high bill at the end of the whole move! They also guarantee timely delivery of your belongings. Storage at their large warehouse space is also possible for short or even long periods of time. What more can you ask for? Phoenix Mover has got it all!

13. Get Van


  • Full flexibility
  • Great customer service
  • Transparent pricing system with affordable add-ons

Moving houses has never been more easier. At Get Vans, you’ll be shocked to see how easy they make moving seem. They let you rent a van according to the amount and size of the furniture that requires to be transported and delivers it safely to the location. In fact, they can even deliver it on the same day, which is a god-sent if you need to move quickly and want your stuff with you.

And since you’ll be packing your things yourself, not only you be sure that all the packaging was done correctly, it’ll also be much cheaper. Vans charges as low as $10 per trip which really means you’ll be thanking yourself later. Remember when we said they make moving easy? All that you need to do is choose the size of the vehicle, and decide on the timings. That’s all.

15. Rodex Movers


  • Affordable and no hidden fees
  • 20 years of experience
  • Project manager to make sure everything is safe

Taking moves a step further, Rodex Movers has been in the game for over 20 years and are one of the best movers out there. They go the extra mile to make sure that your furniture is transported to the other location safely. To do this, they use a special protective material for packaging your stuff and even have a project manager who makes sure that everything is done safely.

They’re available even on the weekends, and provide a complete assessment before the big day, so you know exactly what to expect. They also have public liability insurance so if your goods do end up damaged, you’ll be well compensated but the chances of damage are close to zero. Definitely check them out for getting professionals at a great rate.

In summary,

Professional movers are absolutely essential, especially when you want to save time and effort. That way, you can focus more on other moving processes, without the hassle of lifting and lugging things around the bustling city of Singapore.

Hopefully, you found the right mover from our list! If you want to share your insights, share it in the comments section below.