Biking is a great way to get some exercise in, especially with people constantly looking for some fun ways to do it. The pandemic has also seen many people fearing coming into gyms right after the pandemic has finally shown signs of ending.

Now, the question arises on what type of bike should you buy? The road bike or a mountain bike. Well, they both are bikes but the mountain bike is an all-rounder that can handle everything. So when you want to take a ride in hilly terrains, where the road is likely to be tougher, the mountain bike is going to be your best friend.

To help you decide which mountain bike is the best fit for you, we’ve listed 10 of the best ones that we’ve found.

1. Polygon Mountain Bike Cascade 2

Polygon Mountain Bike Cascade 2 | Taken from Polygon
Image Credit: Polygon

We’re starting this list with one of the best options for mountain bikes for beginners. Beginners have a totally different set of requirements compared to the more experienced riders, focusing on things like costs, ease of use and also looks. That’s why the Polygon Mountain Bike Cascade 2 is perhaps the best option for you to start with.

This mountain bike is designed keeping in mind that you need something versatile. That’s why, during weekdays you can use it for your everyday travel and during the weekends, take it up to the mountains for a good round of exercise. It is extremely lightweight and durable, making it easy to handle, and it will also survive the few crashes while you learn how to ride a mountain bike.

Don’t be scared of the crashes though. They’re very unlikely to occur, considering that this bike also has a 100mm travel suspension fork that smooths out the bumps on the roads for a smooth ride.


EUROBIKE X300 | Taken from
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Now we’re here to give you the best options, and we do not disappoint. If for some reason you do not find the Mountain Bike Cascade 2 appealing, you can go for the Eurkobike X300 instead. Another beast that you can get for a really affordable price, this bike is a monster on wheels.

Coming in a variety of colours for you to choose from, this bike has a full-suspension frame. In order to give you one of the smoothest rides ever, this bike is equipped with features like an aluminium front-fork to allow easy changes in directions while riding, gears from Sun-run, twist shifters to let you change gears without removing your hands from the handle, and front & rear disc brakes for some extra safety.

Just hearing about all the features that this bike comes with, is enough to make anyone want to own one. You can get one for yourself at a cost of $436. But if you keep an eye out for deals, you can get it for as low as $228.

3. Forever Mountain Bike

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Moving on to the more specific requirements, if you’re a rough rider or just a generally clumsy person you’re gonna want something sturdy. And if you look up the word sturdy in a dictionary of mountain bikes, you’re probably gonna find the Forever Mountain Bike mentioned next to it.

Designed with the intention for riders to have something durable but also comfortable during those tiring mountain trips, this bike comes with plenty of features to assure that. It’s a 21-speed bicycle which means that it has over three front gears and seven rear ones, so it’s not the best for absolute beginners. In addition, it also has a Shimano TX-30 21-speed derailleur, which is one of the finest ones, a Shimano tourney rear derailleur and an ATA 14-28T indexed cassette to make the system work.

Coming in two colour combinations red&black, and white&blue, this ride is going to cost you $620 but you can get it for $279 if you look hard enough.

4. Lexpa Folding Bike

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You might think that a folding mountain bike sounds like an absolute oxymoron. After all, how can a mountain bike be fordable and still be strong enough to endure the harsh conditions of the hilly terrains? Now, Lexpa has managed to do the impossible and challenge what we thought was impossible.

The result is the Lexpa Folding Bike which is also a 21-speed bike and can support the full weight of an adult. The Shimano shifter will make sure that you can choose the ideal gears for the particular situation by letting you select the best gear ratio and the gear mechanics. The high carbon-steel frame gives it the weight of around 14kg, which is a pretty decent weight for mountain bikes.

To make sure that you’re safe, they’ve also provided safety v-brakes for both the front and rear end. Originally priced at $899, you can get it for as low as $262 during sales.

5. Xtreme Alpine Mountain Bike

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With an extremely unique design, this mountain bike is sure to catch more than a few eyes. If you’re someone who’s as interested in the appearance of your bike, as the features that they provide then this is the perfect choice for you. This bike is made of high-quality light aluminium alloy which if you aren’t aware, is taking the biking world by storm.

This bike is also designed by experienced cyclists who have taken every detail into consideration, from the kind of brakes, gears to even the gear shifters used to give you the smoothest ride. This is another 21-speed bike with responsive front and rear v-brakes, front suspension, and XTR premium-grade tires so that your tires can face some heavy wear-and-tear before they need to be changed.

It’s also extremely light-weight with a weight of only around 10kg. This beauty will cost you somewhere around $508 but during sales, prices do come down to $268.

6. Devinci All-Mountain Bike (MTB)

Devinci All-Mountain Bike (MTB) mountain bikes | Taken from biketechnics
Image Credit: biketechnics

This mountain bike is those who take their biking very seriously, have plenty of experience and know exactly the kind of features that they require. Devinci is one of the most popular companies that manufacture mountain bikes and are based in Canada. No two mountain trails are ever the same, and to make sure that you have the best experience they have designed the MTB Series.

This bike comes in four sizes S, M, X, and XL so you can pick the one that best fits your body. With the best components going into the making of this bike like front and rear brakes from Sram Level T, chains from Shimano, and grips that are specially designed by themselves. The frame of this bike is made up of Carbon DMC-G 140mm which makes it very light-weight.

The best part is that when you buy a Devinci bike, you don’t need to ever pay for repairs because they guarantee the frames for like. These professional bikes cost a staggering $6201.20

7. Pitch 27.5

PITCH 27.5 mountain bike | taken from
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The Pitch 27.5 is the perfect partner for you to go adventuring with. It comes with a super light-weight frame, a responsive front suspension to keep you steady even when things get real bumpy, and really powerful hydraulic disc brakes to give you the stopping power when you need it. With the 27.5-inch wheels (get the name?), this bike hits the sweet spot between the fast 29-inch wheels and the more nimble 26-inch ones.

This bike is also made of A1 premium aluminium, which is light yet durable, so you’ll always get a smooth experience no matter how bad the trail is. Another great thing about this bike is that its frame has a geometry that is designed for keeping the bike super stable even if the road that you are traversing on is a flowy side-track or just the road back home.

This bike will cost you around $650 and comes in five sizes (S, M, L, X, and XL), and two colours (the Gloss Mint&Oak Green and the Crimson Red&Satin Black.

8. KOM Mountain Bike

KOM Mountain Bike | Taken from
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A limited-edition beauty from KOM, you shouldn’t miss out on such an amazing bike, so we’ve added it to the list as well. Not only does it look stunning and will catch everyone’s attention (just look at those wheels), it’s also jam-packed with several features that make it one of the best mountain bikes for those looking for something all-rounded.

This is a high-end and premium bike, and its features speak for themselves. Coming with a whopping 24-speed, this bike has thumb shifters, a full-frontal suspension which is also integrated to get reduce the friction of uneven roads, Sunrun derailleurs, ATA-7 crankset, black MKS pedals to help you stop almost immediately, and a glossy finish which adds to the premium look and aerodynamic frame design.

The original cost of this mountain bike is $688 and comes in two colour options which are blue-green and silver.

9. Allez Elite

Allez Elite | Taken from
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It’s not uncommon to see that high-quality features come at a really premium price which is often way out of the budget for most of us. Noticing this, the Allez Elite was created to change the very way we think about ‘entry-level’ mountain bikes. Using the latest technology to make this bike really light, refined, and reliable while keeping it at a decent price, this bike is a great option for those who have moved past the level of total beginners but aren’t advanced users yet.

You might be wondering about all the emphasis on weight. Well, you’re thanking yourself for having a light bike when you need to carry it up a flight of stairs. This bike is light-weight and durable at the same time. The FACT carbon fibre fork ensures that you have better handling and smoother riding. It also has an integrated rack and fender mounts which makes it very versatile even for your daily commute.

This beauty costs $1800 and comes in the sizes of 44, 49, 52 and 54. The colour is a stunning yellow and dove grey.

10. Kawasaki Bicycle

Kawasaki Bicycle mountain | Taken from
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Coming from one of the best Japanese bike makers, the Kawasaki Bicycle is one of the best-selling mountain bikes on every site that it sees a feature on. It’s a 21-speed professional mountain bike with Shimano shifters. The reinforced alloy aluminium frame gives the ideal amount of sturdiness while keeping the cycle light.

The front suspension is specially made in Taiwan to meet the industry standards. The ATA multiple drivetrains ensure that you pedal easily, and the wheels come in the 26-inch category which allows them to be really nimble and fast. An ergonomically-designed seat will give you the maximum amount of comfort so that you sit for long periods of time, and we can’t forget to mention the Shimano front and rear derailleur.

Coming in two different colour combinations of white&light blue and black&dark blue, this classy bike can be yours for $440.

That brings us to the end of our list of the best mountain bikes. Do a little research and then decide which one would suit you best. And if you’re looking for fun ways to exercise, why not try a rock-climbing gym? Here’s a list of our favourites. We even have a list of the best gym memberships if you want something simple.