Poorly made mosquito nets and screens can be irritating, don’t you think? They obstruct your view and the airflow and sometimes they don’t even do what they are supposed to do properly. Well, in the following list we have written about some screens and nets that actually do their work and so much more.

In all honesty these nets are essential, not only because some of these pests are extremely dangerous but also because other methods to get rid of them aren’t that effective. Your home is your abode not some blood bar for a pesky mosquito and these nets will help you keep it that way.

Here’s what you need to know about mosquito nets!

  • Why use a good Mosquito net?

Mosquito nets are a very effective means of protection against not only mosquitoes but also other pests and foreign animals. It not only protects you and your family form bugs but also allows for a free movement of air allowing ventilation, thus keeping your house cool even during summers. 

  • Why not use a mosquito repellant instead?

As far as it goes mosquito repellants are a very temporary fix to these kinds of problems, and sooner or later they are sure to cause a mess. Along with that most mosquito repellant is very toxic even if not to you they are for your pets thus it is not quite recommended. Mosquito repellant usually fills the room with a very bad stench or an odor while the mosquito nets instead allows for fresh air flow.

  • Are mosquito nets expensive?

Most mosquito nets are actually quite cheap but talking about it, quality is more of a matter of discussion. While hand repellents are to be used every once in a while, which on the long run can cost you more, mosquito nets are actually quite affordable and a better option. Speaking of quality our list only caters those selected quality products for you to choose from.

1. InsectOut

insectout Magnectic insect screen


  • Interwoven design
  • Custom-made
  • Easy to clean

Tested and loved by all the Singaporeans including us, InsectOut has been on constant demand all around Singapore since their establishment in the year 2017. InsectOut is known for its sophisticated method of using interwoven mesh like design made out of fiberglass. The quality of the fiberglass and the custom-made design to fit into your window designs is what describes them best. Why waste your extra money on buying all sorts of mosquito repellant. They are but temporary fixes and a rather detrimental one for both the surroundings and your health.

We found the detachable mesh screen connected via magnetic frame to be very convenient.Rather than using Velcro, it considerably increases its durability and adds a very comfortable touch to it.The fine mesh like quality of the mosquito net is almost invisible without hampering the beautiful sight out the window. Its fine mesh acts as a protective shield against not only mosquitoes but also other pests, lizards and birds away from the windows. It’s easy to maintain as well, a simple wipe with a microfiber cloth is enough to keep it clean throughout. Above all it is the best way to keep your house mosquito free at a very reasonable price.

2. Insect Screen Singapore

Mosquito Net from Insect screen singapore


  • Highly reliable
  • UV resistant
  • Budget friendly

Insect Screen Singapore is yet another great mosquito net found in Singapore, it is one of the leading and a reliable product, highly recommended by us. Insect Screen Singapore is made with dense and high-quality fiberglass material that does not allow mosquitoes to pass through. With the use of fiberglass material, the interior of the home is well protected, while without hampering the interior design of the room as fiberglass is transparent, and almost invisible. Insect Screen Singapore being designed with the highest elements and sophisticated patterns it allows for free air flow, allowing ventilations. The Ultraviolet resistant fiberglass nets can last for years without any problem.

Being a locally produced high quality mosquito nets it provides optimum level of safety against all kinds of harmful pests. Not only mosquitoes but also from cockroaches, small crawling lizards, rodents and pestering birds and animals. The net also offers a safe healthy environment for your pets, so now you no longer have to worry about your pets while you are away. The onsite measurements and fitting of the mosquito nets gives your home a very perfect custom fit. What was particularly striking to us, was how budget-friendly their mosquito nets were.

3. Magicseal


  • Made in USA
  • Classic designs
  • Green Guard certified product

Magicseal like us truly understands the needs for healthy and safe living bringing only the finest of the products to your door ways. With offering a very budget friendly and high-quality product Magicseal is just what you need in your life. The dangers of exposing your home to these harmful pests can be indeed very problematic as well as harmful to your family. But, worry not Magicseal with over 30 years of expertise and its grand elegant years of providing excellent service is a deal worth paying for. The mosquito nets are fixed to doors and windows via magnetic nets.

Why not go for more than just necessity, who knew adding mosquito nets could be more than a necessity. With Magicseal, protect your homes from mosquitoes along with adding an elegant classic touch to your home. The classic magnetic screens, roller screens for easy access on regular use openings and even a Plisse screens, besides that what more do you need. Because they got more, the screens allow for better airflow, improved visibility, and the by quality of screens it is sure to last for decades.

4. Peaceon Screens


  • Strong build quality
  • Stylish designs
  • Very versatile

Bringing to you another great mosquito nets right from the core of Singapore, Peaceon Screens has been serving a list of intoxicating products that is loved and adored by all of Singaporeans. The build and quality of the mosquito nets are something that we really loved about them, which makes these nets a must in every home. With strong build and great quality, it makes up for long term durability of the product, worth spending your money on. You can now stop worrying about contracting weird diseases from foreign pests, after installation the strong but flexible screens are sure to keep them at bay.

Not only mosquitoes these nets work best for other irritating and uninvited guests who try to enter through your windows and doors. By guests we mean cockroaches, lizards and even birds who love to sneak into the houses. For all those who love keeping pets, don’t worry, as the product is really durable and is also scratch proof. Available in many different stylish designs, and also made for outdoor purpose makes it even more versatile.

5. The Flyscreen Company


  • Adds comfort with style.
  • Different choices available
  • Washable feature available

Flyscreen Company tends to cover more than just the necessity aspects of the mosquito netting and that is something which really moved us. Their dedication in bringing to us the availability of different classic choices makes them very versatile. Available on many different colors and with such slim line design it is more than just a protection it is an aesthetic addition that is a must for every home. The mosquito net is very flexible with little to no sign of flaw, along with that its extreme quality and texture, the Flyscreen by far stands as the best mosquito net available in Singapore.

The minute netting frame customizable to personal requirements, allows for an effective means of protection against all kinds of unwanted annoying bugs. It is easily detachable and rather, has a unique feature, it is washable meaning cleaning made easier. The Slim yet durable mosquito net is almost transparent and in no case cause a hindrance, instead, they add a soothing texture to your interior. The fine mesh quality allows easy air flow thus allowing free movement of air with no congestion, whatsoever. We highly recommend opting for your very own Flyscreen installation today.

6. Shield Perfect


  • Aids to the comfort
  • Indistinguishable screening
  • Easily removable 

In Singapore, Shield Perfect is a name quite popular for insect screens, that we too were known knowledgeable about. Upon getting to unveil it ourself we found out that,they have an extensive experience in the field and are known for being one of the best in the market. What they offer is high quality invisible magnetic insect screens. The thing is however, when they say invisible, they mean invisible. You will barely even notice that their screen is on. We were also impressed by the wide and extensive list of items that they offer. From solar films to high IR mirror films, they offer various, to ensure that your peace and comfort in your home is maintained.

Their magnetic screens are removable and easily installed. They are easy to clean and are differently designed to be unique and efficient. The effectiveness of their screens when it comes to stopping all kinds of bugs and the dangerous mosquitoes was particularly impressive for us. You can live in absolute peace to be never bothered again by any bug or pest if you decide to get their screens installed in your home.

7. Miss Mosquito Net

Homepage of Miss Mosquito Net


  • Optimum ventilation
  • Reasonable pricings
  • Best for all kinds of pest screening

Another popular name in the market is Miss Mosquito net. They make high quality durable fiberglass meshes that are extremely well received by their clients. We had a great experience using their almost invisible screens which never obstruct your view. The air flow through these nets is flawless, these nets only stop what needs to be stopped. Dust, pollution and insects including mosquitoes, mayflies, cockroaches and even lizards can’t get through these nets.

Durable and long lasting, these nets can go on for ages and we also were particularly impressed by how easy they were to clean. The maintenance of these nets is extremely easy and they are even easier to clean. The installation of these nets is extremely simple and it requires no screws and absolutely no drilling. Strongly secured with patented magnets and 3M tape these nets can withstand almost anything that nature throws at them. We also thoroughly enjoyed how well they kept our cats indoors without stressing them out these nets are strongly recommended for everyone who has an adventurous kitty in their home.

8. Renovation Contractor Singapore


  • Easy installations available
  • Full customization can be done
  • Large customer base with 100% satisfaction

This establishment is known for providing all round contractor services.  They do everything from interior designing to renovations and decor. They also deal in mosquito nets, the whole deal of it from installation to maintenance. We particularly were greatly moved by their dedication for customer service. They pay great attention to the requirements of the customers and leave plenty of room for customisation.

They offer quality of both services and products and their ever-growing base of satisfied customers proves that they are good at what they do. Their team comprises only of extremely well trained and highly skilled professionals, there is little to no scope for error when they are involved. Their follow up services and their customer care services are equally impressive. They will rid your home of pesky pests in style and we thoroughly recommend their services and products.

9. Mozziefy

mozziefy mosquito net


  • Unique hydrophobic feature of nets
  • Acts as a dust filter as well
  • Extremely versatile

Unobstructed views and sunlight in the complete absence of pests, that is what one gets when one decides to go with the invisible screens of Mozziefy. Their magnetic screens offer impenetrable defence against all kinds of pests. Be it mosquitoes or mayflies, bats or lizards nothing can get past it. We also are greatly impressed by the improved air quality you get in your home once these screens are installed. The pollutants that contaminate the air you breathe in your homes including and primarily dust, get filtered very effectively.

The installation process and the maintenance are very easy and furthermore, there is no drilling or screws involved. What got us more interested was the durable hydrophobic coating that their nets have. Their nets are practically waterproof and washable and there is no annoying water logging when it comes to their nets. Dirt resistant, rust resistant and much more the list of the qualities that make their screens the best is endless.

10. Amazing Seal Singapore

mosquito net display on homepage of amazingseal singapore


  • Relevant pricing
  • Great customer support care
  • High quality product

The one stop solution for making your home mosquito free, amazing seal produces high quality and affordable magnetic screens. Now there are many producers of insect screens, what we found to be different in fact special about the ones they produce is that their screens reduce dust and sun glare as well. With the insect screens from Amazing seal you can rest assured that no lizard or mosquito is going to interrupt your peace in your own home.

They also offer a wide range and variety of insect screens. From magnetic screens to retractable insect screens and even sliding doors with insect screens, they offer the best products at surprisingly low prices. What adds to their appeal is the quality of their services. They are always available and ready to answer any question or queries that you might have. Friendly and patient, they offer highly customisable and versatile services. They are definitely an easy pick if you are wondering who to go to for insect screens.

With this we have come to the end of our list of top best mosquito nets here in Singapore. The list above engrossed in a symphony of finding out the best kind of mosquito nets available here in Singapore. With easy installations to their use of finest quality fabrics that too is available in many different color choices, the list was prepared and tested by us to only offer the best they here in Singapore.

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