Whether it is a business premise or a home office, a good monitor arm will help you conserve room on your desk while still improving the comfort and ergonomics of your workspace.

If you want to keep your back in good shape, you need to get the computer at the right height and distance, and a monitor arm gives you complete control over that. As a general rule, you should sit far enough away from the screen so that your fingers will nearly brush it and your eyes are level with the display’s top.

To help you to improve your workspace, we have gathered the best monitor arms in Singapore in this article! Read on to choose one that will fit your needs best.

1. F80 Monitor Mount



  • Durable, reliable and long-lasting
  • Good for business or personal use
  • Slim and sleek design

The F80 Monitor Arm Mount enables you to tilt your monitor according to your eye level, whether you are sitting or standing. You will be able to adjust your monitor according to your height when sitting or standing. You can also rotate your monitor to horizontal or vertical alignment as you need it.

This monitor arm also features an inner gas spring to allow you to freely adjust your monitor and stop it at whatever position you want. You can even hide your cables inside the arm for a clean and tidy workstation.
The monitor arm is suitable for business or personal use. It comes in a slim design that is powder-coated in a black finish that blends well with your display. Rubber thin pads also prevent scratches and slipping.

Easy to assemble and install, you do not have to worry about spending too much time putting your workspace together. For below $40 you get a durable, reliable, and sturdy monitor arm that will be able to meet your needs perfectly!

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2. OFFICEHUB iErgo 4 Slim Arm

OFFICEHUB iErgo 4 Silm SINGLE Computer Monitor Arm ☆ Monitor Stand ☆  Monitor Mount ☆ Fits Monitor 34 Inch per arm | Shopee Singapore


  • 5-year warranty
  • High quality
  • 2 colours available

This monitor arm from Officehub comes in two available colours, white and black. It can carry up to a weight of 9 KG and fits up to a 34-inch monitor. Unlike other monitor arms that you will find on the market, this one by office hub will come with a grommet and clamp provided free with your purchase. You do not have to fuss over getting the components from different shops!

The single monitor support comes with double arms and a cable management system that will keep your desk neat and tidy. With this monitor arm, your monitor can rotate 180 degrees. Your screen can even be flat if you need it to be!

With a 5 year warranty, you can be sure that the monitor arm will be of high quality! Installation is rather easy, but if you wish to have someone else do it for you, this Officehub offers installation upon delivery.

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3. Vesa Monitor Mount Arm

Vesa Monitor Mount Arm - NB North Bayou F80 for 17 to 30 inch from 2.0 to 9.0  kg | Shopee Singapore


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design

This Rotatable Desktop Mount Holder for Flat Panel TVs and Monitors from Vesa is suitable for monitors that are 17” to 30”. The compact and retractable design increases your workspace and its ergonomic design will help you to improve your posture.

The monitor arm offers full-motion flexibility with all directional and effortless adjustments without the use of tools. Its durable gas-strut cylinder and conical joints are also constructed for smooth and stable operation.

If you are looking to tidy up your space, this monitor arm features integrated cable management that conceals inside to provide the clean, neat and clutter-free appearance that you yearn for! All in all, this monitor arm is a value for money option that is durable and sturdy!

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4. Techcool Monitor and Laptop Stand

[SG Ready Stock] Monitor Desktop Dual Arm Aluminum Height Adjustable 17-32  inch Monitor +12-17 inch Laptop Holder | Shopee Singapore


  • Durable design
  • Cable management system
  • Compact and retractable design

Techcool is a product discovery seller that dedicated to “make people life easier” by simplifying people living experience with cool and useful gadgets. This monitor arm offers full-motion flexibility with all directional effortless adjustments without tools used.

In addition, it features a durable gas-strut cylinder and conical joints that are constructed for smooth and stable operation. It also has a cable management system for you to tidy up your workspace. On top of that, this monitor arm has a compact and retractable design that can greatly increase your workspace.

So, go ahead and get Techcool’s monitor arm to elevate the laptop screen to eye level, fix your posture, as well as effectively ease the health concerns caused by long hours sitting in the workplace!

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5. KALOC Dual Monitor Stand Bracket

DUAL MONITOR STAND BRACKET VESA MONITOR MOUNT ARM KALOC DS90-2,  Electronics, Computer Parts & Accessories on Carousell


  • Lightweight design
  • Durable
  • Cable management system

The KALOC monitor arm is a modern, lightweight yet durable monitor mount built with the latest technology that is capable to hold up to 9kg of monitor panel. The sophisticated black colour blends into a vast variety of working environments or interior furniture.

It is available with multiple arm movements such as moves up, down, stretch forward, and backward which comes at ease for the most ergonomic setup. You will be able to access a 360° monitor rotation, -50°~ +35° tilt angle, 180° swivel, as well as vertically height adjustments. All cables could be aligned in the compartment to keep your desk tidy and for safety reasons!

In addition, the clamp and grommet parts are supplied together when you make your purchase so you do not have to make multiple purchases and wait for each one to come separately.

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6. Flight Heavy duty gaming LCD arm

Flight™ Single Dynafly LCD Monitor Arm, Grommet or Clamp, Monitor Weight 2.5 -15kg, Single Monitor Support, 360 Degree Monitor Rotation, International  Vesa Compatibility, Heavy Duty Gaming Monitor Arm, Heavy Duty LCD Arm, Monitor  Stand | Lazada ...


  • Great aftersales support
  • Provides on-site servicing
  • Heavy-duty and durable

Flight is a brand that has over 10 years of specialized experience in Ergonomic products. They provide a local warranty, offer quick delivery, aftersales support, as well as on-site servicing. Their heavy-duty monitor arm is great for curved gaming monitors.

Available with both 75mm and 100mm VESA brackets, this monitor arm even comes with an anti-theft locking screw as an option. This means that you can lock your monitor screen to this monitor arm to prevent theft. Therefore, this is a great option if you have a shared office space.

The single monitor support with double arms linked features a 360° monitor rotation, tilting ± 180° (screen can be tilted to flat), as well as a base Pan with 150° rotation stop-screw to prevent over-rotation.

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7. Xiaomi Squirrey Multi-Function

Xiaomi Squirrey Multi-Function Gas Spring Monitor Mount Arm MMA560 [ USB  port, Quick Release Plate, Adjustable, Desk ] | Shopee Singapore


  • One month warranty
  • Compact and portable
  • Ergonomic design

This Xiaomi monitor arm features a Dual USB Charging Port and is suitable for 17 to 32-inch displays. Compact and portable, this monitor is easy to install and is made of aluminium, making it durable and sturdy.

With multiple adjustment systems, this monitor arm allows you to swivel the monitor 360 degrees. The ergonomic design also makes it good for those who have to sit at their desk for long hours. In addition, the monitor arm also features a quick-release plate that makes it easy to operate and install.

With a warranty period of one month, you can rest assured that you will be getting a product of good quality!

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8. Monitor and Laptop Mount

Monitor and Laptop Mount, 2-in-1 Adjustable Dual Monitor Arm Desk Mounts,Single  Desk Arm Stand/Holder for 17 to 32 Inch LCD Computer Screens, Extra Tray  Fits 12 to 17 inch Laptops - Black /


  • Ergonomic design
  • Universal monitor arm
  • Heavy-duty

Monitor and Laptop Mount is a 2-in-1 adjustable dual monitor arm desk mount. The Single Desk Arm Stand/Holder is great for 17 to 32 Inch LCD Computer Screens. It also features an extra tray that fits 12 to 17-inch laptops.

The universal monitor arm offers a universal design that is suitable for Dell, Samsung, HP, BenQ, AOC, Acer, LG, ASUS, and various other brands.

Made of heavy-duty and premium aluminium, the monitor arm is both sturdy and stable. It is also highly adjustable the screen can freely swivel 360 degrees, and easily adjust the monitor and laptop to the most comfortable position.

With a simple and advanced design, the silver appearance can fit into any modern home or office. The arm also has a cable management feature to organize wires and cables fit neatly behind. Most importantly, this arm’s ergonomic design is great for helping reduce strains on your neck and shoulder, organize your workspace and improve your work efficiency!

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9. NB North Bayou

Monitor Mount Arm NB North Bayou F80 for 17 to 30 inch from 2.0 to 9.0 kg  Prism Prism+ Plus Gaming, Electronics, Computer Parts & Accessories on  Carousell


  • 3-month warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek design

This desktop monitor mount can be installed at the table edge or grommet installation anywhere on your worktable. It is a perfect office accessory that enables you to swivel your monitor horizontally 180°+. With it, you will be able to share information with your nearby colleagues or rotate 90° for showing upside-down images.

The monitor arm is constructed in aluminium alloy material with a plastic appearance. The sleek design is coupled with integrated cable management designed to provide a clean and clutter-free look!

Your purchase comes with a three month warranty that you can easily register online.

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10. Armaggeddon Mechanic

Armaggeddon Mechanic M1 Articulating Gas Spring Monitor Arm For LCD Monitor  [Adjustable Desk Mount 360 Rotation &Height] | Shopee Singapore


  • Durable material
  • High quality
  • Highly adjustable

The Armaggeddon Mechanic M1 Articulating Gas Spring Monitor Arm is a great monitor arm for LCD Monitors. Your package will come with a mechanic M1 monitor arm, a set of screws, accessories, as well as a user manual.

Made of alloy, steel, and plastic, the monitor arm is extremely durable and can be used for many years to come. At $79, the monitor arm is one of the more expensive options available on this list. However, you will definitely get your money’ worth with this high-quality monitor arm.

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There you have it, some of the best monitor arms that you can find here in Singapore to zhng up your work from home situation or your office space! You are going to love how adjustable your screen is! If you are getting the monitor arm for your gaming needs, perhaps you want to look at the best gaming monitors in Singapore here! Complete your desk set up and you will be well on your way to a more comfortable 2021!