My family was living with a mold issue for some time, but we didn’t know about it until some friends came over and pointed it out. We always just thought the ceiling got dirty and painted over it every few years.

We started searching online and spoke to various companies and learned bit by bit about the seriousness of mold in Singapore. In our humid climate, the growth of mold can accelerate exponentially, if it is not dealt with properly.

After much searching we found Lumiair, they were highly rated and also recommended by a friend of ours. We gave them a call to better understand what they could offer. Despite contacting them late in the evening, they still responded quickly to our multiple enquiries.

Lumiair are decontamination experts, specializing in mold removal and a suite of decontamination needs. As a homegrown company, they have their own R&D team with custom-engineered equipment to specifically cater to Singapore’s weather and housing conditions.

Their consultant shared with us their 5-stage treatment process that thoroughly removes mold and spores. Using different kinds of equipment such as Air Scrubbers and Ozone Blasters which were built in-house.

Lumiair’s custom equipment

By understanding our needs, they chose a chemical that was effective and safe for our kids. One of the advantages of the chemical is that it is rinse-free, which meant that it saved us a lot of clean-up work to be done after.

We found that their processes were very well thought through and developed – isolating variables like fatigue and human error in their work process. This was one of the many considerations they had in place to ensure all aspects of possible mold within our home was taken care of.

The consultant was very professional to walk me through every step of the process; from identifying the cause of mold growth to the process of treatment and various prevention methods to ensure the mold does not reoccur.

For more information, visit them at Else you can also contact Andrew at 8877 3311 or email in at