With a variety of activities all week, most gentlemen find themselves very exhausted and worn out. When you are mentally, physically, and emotionally drained, you can consider treating yourself to a massage in any of the men spas in Singapore to ease the tension and stress in your body.

With many men spas in Singapore, you may be spoilt for choice. Here is a list of the best 10 men spas in Singapore. They provide the best spa treatments, have affordable rates, great ambience, and excellent facilities that ensure you are relaxed. You can take time off to enjoy their services and get pampered all day long

1. TaraBliss

Image credit: TaraBliss

With sixteen years’ experience in the beauty industry, TaraBliss offers you various beauty treatments at competitive rates. The Spa understands the variation in female and male skin types. It has, therefore, developed a treatment formula that is ideal for men’s skin. With its award-winning formula having the latest technology, face detox massage therapy, and good products, you are assured of quality services.

At TaraBliss, you get a variety of services, including radiance renewal, which ensures that your clogged pores are well oxygenated. You also enjoy the face gym, brighten, and energize your face. The above services by their expert therapists will leave your face cleansed, replenished, and well hydrated.


  • They have a team of experienced therapists.
  • It uses modern technology in its treatments
  • The spa offers discounts and promotions
Address05-00/#06-00 Chan Brothers Building Singapore 188733
Contact Details+65 6336 9274
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 12.00PM – 9.00PM | Sat, Sun & PH, 10.00AM – 7.00PM
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2. iSpa

Image credit: Honeycombers

iSpa is an award-winning massage spa in Singapore. It provides a wide range of full-body massages. The spa has a mission of ensuring that its customers relax and unwind their soul and body.

With a team of experienced therapists, you are assured of a therapeutic massage that leaves you fully relaxed. At the Spa, all your tension muscles are well massaged to ensure that you get excellent service.

A visit to iSpa will certainly leave your body fully revitalized and recharged. It’s a must-visit iSpa centre for the best massage services in Singapore.


  • It offers you a full range of full-body massages.
  • The spa has certified therapists.
  • They offer the best massage services.
AddressBlk167 Woodlands Street 11 #01-09 Singapore 730167
Contact Details+65 6363 3933
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 9.00AM – 11.00PM
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3. For Him Men’s Spa

Image credit: Vanilla Luxury

For Him Men’s Spa is one of the leading men spas in Singapore. It provides a body spa and facial for men. Other problems they treat include skin conditions, enhancing physiques, and helping you achieve a state of mental relaxation.

At For Him Men’s Spa, you get steaming baths that soothe your body, massages, body wraps, among other body treatments. They are the best Men Spa since they offer you different kinds of service. You also enjoy body care and skin products that will ensure flawless skin.


  • It offers a variety of spa treatments.
  • They have promotions and offers.
  • Members get privileges.
Address2 Kallang Avenue #06-30 CT Hub Singapore 339407
Contact Details+65 6220 3415
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 11.00PM – 9.00PM | Sat, Sun & PH, 10.00AM – 9.00PM
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4. Shuang Spa

Image credit: Parade

Established in 2010, Shuang Spa offers an outstanding Spa treatment. Their finest services are the careful massages to guests with tensed and knotted mussels. The Spa ensures that clients are well relaxed throughout the process. At Shuang Spa, you are assured of quality massages that leave your body relaxed and refreshed.

The spa offers you a complete package to ensure you are healthy. With utmost privacy, you are assured of reliable and convenient service. Having great consideration for their customer’s health, your membership at the Spa will yield good results. Shuang Spa should, therefore, be your preferred Spa for the best services.


  • They ensure privacy in all their sessions.
  • The spa has a team of trained and experienced spa staff.
  • It offers customers Gift certificates.
Address11 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089825​​
Contact Details+65 6221 5211
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 11.30AM – 10.30PM
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5. Pure Tincture Organic Beauty

Pure Tincture organic team offers a variety of beauty treatments to its customers. with over ten years’ experience, it provides you with cosmetics and skincare products that meet your individual preferences. With a detailed selection process, their products will definitely meet your desired need.

To ensure safety and appropriate products, Pure Tincture does tests and researches which products are safe. Other benefits that the beauty shop offers include delivery, skin consultation, and free samples. Pure Tincture Organic offers you a reliable skincare solution that leaves your skin flawless and smooth. 


  • It offers some valuable skin consultations.
  • The firm provides organic skin consultation.
  • It offers free samples to its customers.
Address1 Coleman Street #02-35 Singapore
Contact Details+65 6337 6411
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 11.00AM – 7.30PM
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6. Bodylite

Image credit: WSJ

Bodylite is considered one of the top men spas in Singapore. It offers promotions from time to time, including scrubs and body massages from $99. With a team of professional and friendly therapists, you are assured of a rejuvenated and therapeutic treatment.

At Bodylite, they provide you with a wide range of cosy scrubs and massages. It also offers aromatherapy facial and body wrap. With a cosy ambience, you will relax and unwind as you free yourself from the pressure and stress of life. With good customer reviews, Bodylite is your go-to Spa for ultimate satisfaction.


  • They offer a variety of body massages.
  • Their staff is experienced
  • The Spa offers customers affordable services
  • It has a team of professional and friendly staff
Address26a Keong Saik Rd Singapore 089133
Contact Details+65 6323 3024
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 11.30AM – 11.30PM

7. D SPAradise Spa 

Image credit: D SPAradise

D SPAradise spa offers clients a mix of western and traditional Eastern healing therapies. The spa has an elegant and cosy ambiance where men get to enjoy quality spa treatments.

With various treatments such as body therapies and skincare, you enjoy personalized services that meet your specific needs. They are, therefore, among the leading spa brands in Singapore. Other services include the whole care treatment package that is included in their packages.

Having a highly skilled and friendly staff team, you are assured of quality massage services at D SPAradise Spa. Besides, the spa’s good reviews on Google and Facebook assures you of quality massage services.


  • It offers a variety of massage treatments.
  • Its membership comes with perks.
  • The spa has a team of experienced and friendly staff.
Address15A Temple Street, #02-02, Singapore 058562
Contact Details+65 65334546
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 11.00AM – 11.00PM
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8. Spa Club at Beach Road

Image credit: The spaman

Spa Club at Beach Road is a leading men spa in Singapore. It offers you a touch of luxury like no other and provides esteemed treatments in a tranquil and highly sophisticated environment. The spa offers a variety of men’s spa treatments at an affordable price.

At Spa Club Beach Road, you are assured of high-quality massages that leave your body rejuvenated and restored including facial and spa treatments for both men and women. There are also a variety of packages that offer treatments and therapies for couples.


  • It offers a variety of body care and skin products.
  • It offers members perks.
  • The spa has a team of well trained and qualified therapists.
Address75 Beach Road, Level 1 & 2, Fu Yuen Building, S189689
Contact Details+65 6339 9238
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 11.00AM – 11.00PM
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9. Urban Homme

Image credit: Singapore spa guide

At Urban Homme, be sure to enjoy an assortment of body and skin treatments. They offer you a variety of modern selections that ensure you get quality treatment. The services include facial therapies, body sculpting, and massages, carried out using approved technology.

The spa uses modern technology in its treatment. This has made Urban Homme be among the best spas in Singapore. Its procedures are effective, fast, and safe.

With a team of highly skilled therapists and good reviews on Facebook and Google, you are confident of the best services at Urban Homme.


  • The Spa offers effective and fast services.
  • It uses advanced technology in its treatments.
  • The Spa has a team of experienced therapists.
AddressMultiple locations. Check out here.
Contact Details+65 1800 250 2001
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 11.00AM – 9.00PM
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10. My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

Image credit: Womans weekly

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa provides the best extraction facial. With a team of skilled and experienced therapists, you are assured of quality facial treatments that offer you the best results. Besides, their treatment is customized to meet the various skin conditions such as clogged pores or pimples and acne. Having facial treatments ideal for men, you can get facial extractions that are painless and guarantee good results with no pain.

At Cozy Room Boutique, you are served in a comfortable and cosy environment that ensures maximum comfort. By providing treatments such as exfoliation, extraction, body massages, and steaming, your body will certainly rejuvenate and relax.


  • It offers painless treatment in the extraction process.
  • It has a team of professional therapists.
  • The spa uses safe, plant-based products.
Address56A Cairnhill Road (Opp Paragon Shopping Centre) Singapore 229667
Contact Details+65 6732 0030
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 11.00PM – 9.00PM | Sat, Sun & PH, 10.00AM – 8.00PM
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With the above best 10 men spas in Singapore, you can certainly go for your spa treatment any time you need your body to relax. Most of the spas in Singapore offer quality services, run promotions, and there are many perks you can get if you join as a member.

To ensure you are comfortable, check the kind of products used by the men spas. Those with allergic reactions to certain products can let the therapists know. You can also opt for spas that use organic products in their treatments.