Singapore is a country known to be clean, green, and busy. After a whole day of hustling, a comfortable bed to rest is highly important to keep us refreshed for the next day’s work. But what can be done to maintain a bed’s level of comfort for continuous daily perfect rest? The answer is simple – having mattress toppers as a bed fixture can provide your ease of sleep.

As we toss and turn on our bed mattresses, it will reach a point where our sleeping nest can degrade to uneven levels. It is definitely not a wise idea to roll around feeling compacted bumpy areas while sleeping. When this happens, this puts us at risk of backaches and developing back problems. That’s why in this article, we recommend a mattress topper purchase as the solution to avoid such uncomfortable sleeping situations.

So, how does a mattress topper benefit you? A mattress topper is just like a mattress enhancer tool. You can simply use it to adjust the comfort levels of any old mattresses. Alternatively, a mattress topper is used to protect your back with the firmness you are looking for and be fixed onto a new mattress. Selecting the right mattress topper for your bed is all according to your personal preference. Some individuals prefer a firm feel while others seek for a cozier touch to lie down and ease their troubles away.

How to select a mattress topper?

Before you decide to purchase a mattress topper, it’s wise to note the four common types of material available in the Singapore market. Each mattress topper material comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. As such, we recommend that you understand the various materials and deem which one best suits your preference for selection.


This material provides a soft cosy feel and is machine washable. If you’re down with allergies, cotton can help alleviate such skin challenges. Unfortunately, its sturdiness has issues as using this on a daily basis can wear this material out fast.

Memory foam

Memory foam is indeed a highly viable material alternative. This material has the ability to adjust to cater to your body curves. Simultaneously, it provides additional firm support, comfort, is light and thick. The setback to this is that it tends to trap heat easily. Fortunately, there are models in the market that are engineered to deliver coolness.


Latex mattress toppers is a good deterrent against nasty dust and bed parasites. Some of these toppers are known to last as long as 20 years! The flipside of this is that the looks of it can look rather discoloured and aged with small tears around. If you’re able to admire such aesthetic value, then this can be a mattress topper for you!


If you’re looking for a general cushy feel, the featherbed mattress topper provides that seamlessly. It is softer than cotton and is lightweight in nature. This material delivers very optimal heat regulation and can keep you cool when it hits high and humid temperatures on sunny island Singapore. The downside of this is that featherbed toppers uses feathers from birds such as geese. You may consider obtaining the ones that uses stuffing sourced via ethical non-cruel means.

Indeed, mattress toppers are certainly effective in maximising our sleep comfort levels. To simplify your topper choosing process, we will present to you a list of our top 10 best mattress topper picks in Singapore.

Images and product titles used are referenced from their respective websites. Service and product quality may differ and vary from our recommendation.

1. Origin Mattress Topper

Origin mattress topper is designed to allow free flow within its open cell. You, therefore, get more comfortable with air flowing beneath you as you sleep. Your body will get at a temperature of 18 degrees, which is the ideal temperature to get sleep. You will no longer experience sleepless nights due to changes in temperature. The mattress topper is infused with high heating gel.

Like other available mattress toppers, it relieves you of bodily discomfort and back pain. If your partner changes positions and makes you uncomfortable, origin mattress topper creates a firmer base for more comfort. It is the coolest topper you can find in the market.

Key highlights of origin mattress topper

  • The softest compared to other mattress toppers in the market
  • It comes with a warranty that lasts three years
  • Made from gel infused memory foam that offers more comfort
  • It gives more comfort, enabling you to sleep well

You can also check out their Facebook page for more information.

2. The Herculean


Having sleepless nights? Your mattress may just be very hard or soft.  The Herculean is the best fit for your sleeping troubles. Natural latex is used to make a mattress topper. It gives your body support without caving inside.

The best features you will love on Herculean mattress topper include:

  • Well-structured for maximum comfort.
  • The mattress topper has a perfect balance of elasticity and stability.
  • Well adapted for the hot season.
  • This mattress topper does not cause allergies. The natural bamboo Latex keeps dust particles away as you sleep.

To get more information on Herculean mattress topper, get in touch with then on Facebook.

3. Luxe Collection Super Cooling Mattress Toppers


Luxe Collection mattress cover has the best cooling effect for hot sleepers. It’s ideal for the spells of hot weather in Singapore. On humid days when the temperatures are unbearably hot, you are bound to sweat in the heat. The Luxe mattress topper is perfectly apt as you will sweat less since the mattress absorbs the body heat.

Luxe cooling mattress topper is an excellent choice for those who take longer to sleep. People who work for long hours and often deal with insomnia, worry no more as the cooling mechanism of this topper, offers to sleep in a comfortable environment.

Key Features:

  • Made from breathable and safe materials, which are friendly to the skin hence no allergies.
  • Very easy to wash due to its lightweight and the ability to be machine washed.
  • Very unique and perfect cooling effect.

Check out their Facebook page to get your Luxe super cooling mattress topper.

4. Tatami Mattress Toppers


This is Singapore’s number one mattress topper crafted with Japanese Lifestyle Tatami concept. Just like other tatami range of products, this mattress topper is handcrafted using authentic igusa rushes from Kumamoto and comes with a low price tag but is of very good quality. It exudes a distinct grassy fragrance that is naturally relaxing similar with the benefits one gets from forest therapy. It thus offers unmatched comfort, and is incredibly soft to the body.

During hot weather, the Tatami mattress topper tends to be very comfortable. It keeps the body cool, therefore, you may not need to turn on air conditioning during the warm nights.

The tatami mattress toper also serves as an easy to clean, play and tummy time mat for kids and babies.

Other unique features of Tatami mattress toppers are:

  • It has cotton fiber with a thicknes of 10cm that offers extended hours of sleep.
  • It has four elastic bands that are durable and makes attachment at the corners of your mattress easy.
  • Very affordable price and lasts longer with proper care.

The Tatami shop offers a lifetime after-sales services once a year. Clients can drop off their Tatami range of products at their East Coast Galleria Store and pick up after servicing.

Address: 235 East CoastRoad Singapore 428929

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

5. Sleepthetic Fitted Memory Foam Topper

Sleepthetic™ Fitted Memory Foam Topper | Lazada Singapore

Sleepthetic Fitted Memory Foam Topper is best mattress cover for quality sleep. At a wallet-friendly price, you get a mattress topper that adapts perfectly to the natural curves of your body!

Say goodbye to waking up sore as this topper relieves the pressure on the areas that bear the greater load, ensuring ideal comfort and relaxation.

Other Key Features includes:

  • Relieves sore muscles and joints
  • Ultimate comfort and support
  • Reduces tossing and turning
  • Remove aches and pains
  • Resistant to dust mites, bed bugs and allergens
  • Provides therapeutic support and custom support

Click here to purchase:

6. ErgoLush Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Toppers


The ErgoLush mattress topper offers support to your body. You wake up feeling less sore muscles and aching joint pains. It also prevents one part of your body, bearing all the weight. The pressure will, therefore, disperse in every part of your body.

With excellent support to your mattress, your back muscles will align to the knees, hips, spine, and neck. ErgoLush will, therefore, offer complete relaxation and a nice floatation feeling as you sleep.

Key Features of ErgoLush Mattress Topper include.

  • The mattress is 2 inches thick, offering maximum support to your body.
  • Has air vents that ensure proper air circulation.
  • Made with gel-infused in the entire cushion that keeps you fresh as you sleep.

Check out their Facebook page to get your mattress topper today.

7. ISleep Mattress Toppers


The Isleep microfiber mattress Topper helps your mattress remain cleaner and very fresh, hence lasts longer. It’s also effortless to use since you can hand wash or machine wash.

The mattress has the following key features that will enhance your user experience.

  • Very soft to the body
  • Made of good material, therefore, does not cause allergies.
  • Made from 100 percent cotton material.
  • This topper Protects your mattress from dust and bacteria attack.
  • The topper also contains Fiber hence the softness.
  • Available in different sizes from single to queen size.
  • Fitted with elastic bands that can stretch and mount easily on your mattress.

To get your Isleep mattress topper, check out the Facebook and  instagram.

8. Fynelinen Exquisite – Mattress Toppers


Fynelinen mattress toppers consist of suitable materials that offer comfort and pleasure. It also has elements that breathable, trap less heat, ensuring you sleep in a cozy environment.

Fynelinen toppers give your bed a whole new look comparable to a 5-star hotel feeling. You will be treated to softness, comfort, extended mattress life, and more support.

The features that will make you like the Fynelinen mattress topper more include:

  • Filled with microfiber that gives it the ultimate softness experience.
  • Durable cotton cover.
  • Made with a skirting style design that fits on most mattresses?
  • This topper offers maximum comfort.

Check out Facebook and Instagram to get your Fynelinen mattress topper.

Those are the best mattress toppers for quality sleep. However, you should look at other considerations like price, the material of the mattress cover, thickness, and if they come with a warranty. It’s essential also to check other customer’s reviews about the mattress cover you wish to buy. Positive customer review means the product will most likely meet your needs, unlike negative reviews.

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