Every mum wants the best for her pregnancy journey and her child. One of the best ways to secure their health is through reliable maternity insurance. It protects both the mother and child from untoward medical expenses before and after pregnancy. It has a number of healthcare benefits needed throughout and after a mother’s pregnancy.

Because of the importance of having guaranteed protection, we have come up with a list of the top maternity insurance in Singapore:

1. AIA’s Mum2Baby Choices

AIA’s Mum2Baby Choices remain to be the most marketable insurance in Singapore because of the extent of coverage these insurance provide regarding mothers’ and babies’ protection. As early as the 13th week of pregnancy up to a hundred years, Mum2Baby Choices guarantee you and your child’s lifelong insurance.

There are two options under AIA’s Mum2Baby insurance. You can opt for either AIA’s Mum2Baby Protect or AIA Mum2Baby. On their Mum2Baby Protect Maternity insurance, mothers are protected against pregnancy complications, medical negligence, hospitalisation, and death from any of these. For babies, it includes congenital diseases and hospitalisation.

With all these coverage mentioned, you may think that it is a bit of a big steep compared to other insurance on the list. But, we still think it’s good to look at the bigger picture. AIA’s Mum2Baby Choices are a good investment option. 

Have you and your child protected with AIA


  • Comprehensive protection for mums
  • Additional protection against medical negligence
  • Uninterrupted coverage for mum
  • Protection for baby right from birth

Contact Details: 1800 248 8000
Address: 1 Finlayson Green Singapore 049246

2. AXA’s Mum’s Advantage

One way to ensure your child will have a bright future is by getting insurance from a well-trusted company. With AXA’s Mum Advantage, you’ll be provided with medical protection and long-term investment.

On top of that, your unexpected health expenses, both for you and your child, are covered by this maternity insurance. You’re assured peace of mind during and after your pregnancy. It’s a new chapter of your life, so why not consider getting in touch with one of the best maternity insurance providers in Singapore?

Signing up for AXA’s Mum’s Advantage is easy and convenient. As long as you fit all the criteria, your insurance will be a thumb’s up! Don’t hesitate to give them a call or visit AXA’s customer centre. Details are provided below.


  • A convenient two-plan bundle
  • Option to transfer coverage to your newborn baby
  • A combination of both investment and medical protection   

Contact Details: Singapore hotline: 1800 880 4888 | International hotline: +65 6880 4888 | E-mail: customer.care@axa.com.sg

Address: Customer Centre #01-21/22 AXA Tower 8 Shenton Way Singapore 068811

3. Great Eastern’s Flexi Maternity Cover

(Source: theastuteparent.com)

Looking for brief and affordable maternity insurance? Check Great Eastern’s Flexi Maternity Cover. With it being an affordable plan, you already get ample necessary benefits for pregnant women. 

Covered under these benefits are hospitalisation, congenital illnesses, complications, and disabilities. While it costs less than other insurance plans, you can see that the Flexi Maternity Cover Insurance covers what’s vital among expecting mothers.

You’ll focus on enjoying all the moments this new journey will bring. Have complete peace of mind and be secured with Great Eastern’s Flexi Maternity Cover.


  • Early protection for mother and newborn
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Guaranteed insurability benefit for added assurance
  • Exclusive premium voucher for added protection

Contact Details: For product enquiries, call +65 6248 2211 | For customer service, call 1800 248 2888 
Address: Great Eastern Center | 1, Pickering St, #01-01 Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659

4. Manulife’s ReadyMummy

Mum’s mental health is as important as our physical health. If you’re looking for maternity insurance that covers your mental health, then Mnulife’s ReadyMummy might be your best option.

Manulife values your mental well-being. Through their ReadyMummy insurance, your psychotherapy treatment for mental support while you are pregnant and after birth is guaranteed.

On top of this, Manulife’s ReadyMummy insurance has a broad and comprehensive list of health benefits. Have peace of mind and spare yourself from all the pregnancy worries. Focus on the joys this pregnancy journey will bring. All this through Manulife’s ReadyMummy maternity insurance.


  • Pregnancy complications coverage
  • Congenital illnesses protection
  • Daily hospital care benefits
  • Gift of protection for the child
  • Mental wellness
  • Outpatient phototherapy treatment
  • Pregnancy by assisted conception procedures

Contact Details: (+65) 6833 8188 | service@manulife.com
Address: 8 #01-01A, Cross St, Manulife Tower, Singapore 048424

5. NTUC Income Maternity 360

Another affordable plan to add up to our list is the NTUC Income Maternity 360. It is maternity insurance that comes with a one-time premium coverage. This allows you to gain access to the basic mother and child coverage. Under this are hospital care, congenital illnesses, and complications benefits. 

As early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy, you and your child are protected until he or she becomes 3 years old. What’s great compared with other plans is that the NTUC Income Maternity Insurance comes with an outpatient phototherapy benefit. Contact NTUC for more details.


  • 360 protection plan for you and your baby
  • Outpatient phototherapy benefit
  • Simplified application benefit

Contact Details: 6788 1122  
Branches: Ang Mo Kio, Bras Basah, Westgate, Tampines, Woodlands, Bedok, Jurong Point | Visit this link for the full list. 

6. Aviva MyMaternity Plan

Next is the Aviva MyMaternityPlan, which is one of the best maternity insurance in Singapore. This is so because this insurance offers a wide range of coverage at an affordable rate! 

Other than the usual pregnancy complications, congenital illnesses, and death coverage, you are guaranteed premium benefits when you sign up for this plan. These include benefits such as phototherapy for neonatal jaundice, stem cell transplant surgery, and developmental delay. 

With the Aviva MyMaternity plan, you are provided with financial assistance for hospitalisation, treatment expenses, and a lot more benefits. So, if you’re looking for comprehensive maternity insurance on the island, then you should consider Aviva.


  • 10 pregnancy complications, 23 congenital illnesses, and death
  • Financial assistance on hospitalisation
  • Wide range of conditions
  • Covers up to 4 babies in a single pregnancy

Contact Details: (65) 6827 9933 
Address: 4 Shenton Way, #01-01, SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807

7. PRUFirst Gift Maternity Insurance

Are you looking for an investment plan and an insurance plan? With PRUFirst Gift Maternity Insurance, you can have both! This insurance is a comprehensive plan that combines the PruLink Enhanced Protector and the PRUMum2Be. 

This plan protects mothers starting at 18 weeks of their pregnancy. It covers complications, disabilities, terminal illnesses, and death. For your newborns, this plan covers congenital illnesses for up to 2 years from birth. What’s good is you’ll get 20% off premium discount for your first year! There are three bundles available, so you might want to check their website for information and enquiries.


  • Coverage against a number of complications, disabilities, illnesses, and death
  • Coverage against congenital illnesses for your child
  • Easily transfer PRULink Enhanced Protector II to your child

Contact Details: +65 1800 333 0333
Address: 7 Straits View #06-01, Marina One East Tower, Singapore 018936

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