With Christmas on the way, it’s definitely never too early to start preparing for it! After all, nobody likes a last-minute rush, especially during the Holiday season. The early-bird deals don’t hurt either. And what’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? So if you’re looking for a great store to help you with all of your Christmas needs, then you certainly need to check out Masons Home Decor.

Masons Home Decor is perhaps the best Christmas store in all of Singapore, and just taking a look at their catalogue will help you see why. Masons specializes in all things Christmas, but we must say that their highlight has to be their Christmas Trees!

Super-realistic Christmas Trees To Bring You Joy!

Masons Home De
Credit: Mason Home Decor

Masons offers the most realistic Christmas Trees that we’ve ever seen. And they craft each of them using German Engineered FirTECT™. All of their trees are extremely dense and lush, and look identical to their real-life counterpart.

Want a slim and trimmed Colorado Pine for a tree that doesn’t take up much space? Or perhaps the majestic Balsam Fir to celebrate Christmas in style? Or maybe you want to keep things classic, and are looking for the all-time favourite Alpine? Over at Masons, you can get a hyper-realistic version of all these, and so much more.

Their Christmas Trees hold up to 25% to 50% more branches than the trees that you can purchase from the mass market. And all of their branches undergo a hyper-realistic digital printing process to make sure that you get the perfect replica!

And we’re far from done. All of their branches are extremely easy to open, so you don’t have to spend all that time and effort manually bending each one. And that also means that the branches don’t have to experience the wear and tear, making them last for years.

The leaves look like the perfect shade of green and aren’t the usual light green that ends up looking cheap. They also provide an iron base stand (plastic for the Ariostea Christmas Tree), to make sure that your Christmas Tree gets perfect support. Some of their trees like the Arenaria are also made by hand to ensure perfection.

Choose from over 1000+ ornaments

Since we’ve spent all this time raving about their Christmas Trees, it’s time to gush over their ornaments as well. With over 1000+ ornaments to choose from, Masons Home Decor is home to one of the largest Christmas catalogues in Singapore. They have baubles, tree picks, and practically everything that you could ever dream of to help you get started with that Christmas Decoration.

And if you’re a first-time tree owner, they’ve got something for you too! Their Christmas Tree Value Bundles come with everything you’ll need. This bundle includes a Christmas Tree, a box with 24 Palline Baubles, and 1-2 sets of Luci di Natale LED string lights. You can even choose the colour of the ornaments to match the theme of your idea.

Masons Home Decor Premium Bundle
Credit: Mason Home Decor

Or if you want to go big on the decorations, you’ll love their Premium Bundles. Sure, they might seem a little pricey, but it does include the cost of delivery, set-up and everything else. They’re also designed by an award-winning Christmas designer.

If you want some Christmas decoration ideas, be sure to check out their guides on Christmas decor, and how to decorate a Christmas Tree. They can come in extremely handy if you want some inspiration or just an aesthetic look without any effort.

Same-day delivery

Can’t wait to get started already? Masons Home Decor also offers a same-day delivery service for most of their purchases which is great if you’re in a jiffy! They deliver everywhere, and anywhere in Singapore on a daily basis. Yes, that includes public holidays as well. Free delivery is available for orders above $150, and usually around $10 if the order comes below that.

You can check out a breakdown of their delivery charges right here. They also take in special requests, which is great if you want something specific for your delivery process.

So if you’re planning to purchase something for Christmas decoration, then we highly recommend checking out Masons ASAP. They’re currently running an early-bird deal where you can get up to 50% off, and also a $5 rebate for simply leaving a review. Happy Shopping!