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Do you have pet cats at home? Are you always looking out for the next best cat toy or cat treat to spoil your lovely furry baby? Have no fear, MāoBox is here to bring you the best cat subscription box for your furry ones! 

Translated into English, Māo means Cat in Mandarin. 

In each subscription box, you get a selection of cat treats, samples of dry/canned foods for your cat to try, cat accessories and many more. At MāoBox, you get the option to trial a box before committing fully. Like any subscription box, you save more as you follow through with a longer period.  If you’re a household with more than three cats, opt-in for their upsized Pawty boxes that offer a wider range of flavours and toys that your pets can enjoy. 

MāoBox delivers a new box every two months. In a yearly subscription, receive your boxes around the 15th of February, April, June, August, October and December. Thus, place an order before the 15th for a confirmed delivery that particular month. 

Missed the timing? Don’t worry! You can still receive the month’s delivery box whilst stocks are still available. If there’s insufficient stock, your order will be rolled over to the upcoming batch of boxes.

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With their boxes, you get an opportunity to figure out the preferences of your feline friend as you get to try samples of cat food and treats of different brands. Does your cat have a specific diet? Feel free to contact the friendly staff at to inform them of your special arrangement!

Why get MāoBox?

Well… the best thing about MāoBox is that a portion of the profits from each subscription boxes goes to support a local cat shelter. For now, 10% of the proceeds from each MāoBox goes to Love Kuching Project, a non-profit organisation here on our little red dot dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of injured, sick strays and kittens. With MāoBox, not only do you show love to the kitties in your home, you’re spreading the love to the unfortunate cats who have yet to find a beautiful family to stay with. 

With MāoBox, you received good opportunities to be awesome cat owners without having to peruse a physical pet store. The items in MāoBox are hand-selected by cat enthusiasts who know what your furry little feline needs. Each box you get a new surprise like little knick-knacks, like catnip plushies, that keep them jumping around and entertained. Occasionally, you might get grooming kits that help keep their coats shiny and smooth. In addition to that, each box will always contain a variety of snacks and wet/dry foods. Above all, these are sure to keep your friend healthy and pouncing for as long as you can have them.


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Whatcha waiting for? Get a MāoBox for your cat today! Not a cat owner? It’s the perfect gift for your cat-lover friends!