Are you looking for a professional makeup artist in Singapore? Don’t fret, there are many top-rated professionals available. With their great artistry and experience in makeup, your event will be perfect. Most makeup artists are highly skilled and offer a variety of makeup styles that will complement your beauty. Makeup artists also provide the best wedding and group packages which will surely meet your needs.

Check out our top picks of the best makeup artists in Singapore.

1. Chi-Chi Allure

Image credit: Chi Chi Allure

Chi -Chi allure makeup studio specializes in bridal makeup. Jenny Goh, the creative founder behind the studio, understands that every client has a different taste. Thus, she works to ensure the client’s personality and taste are fully brought out with each makeup job. At Jenny Goh, the client is always assured of a perfect makeup session for their special day. Additionally, the services are performed promptly with keen attention to detail. The team of professional and friendly staff will ensure utmost satisfaction with their services.

Chi-Chi allure also offers high-quality makeup courses. After the course, you will be fully qualified and certified to work in any makeup studio. Are you worried about the wedding makeup expenses? You have to leave it to Chi-Chi allure to offer you the best wedding crafter package. Also, the studio accepts pre-wedding and the actual wedding destination jobs. You can rest easy on your wedding day and have Chi-Chi Allure perfect your makeup.


  • The studio has makeup courses
  • It offers professional services
  • The studio pays attention to every makeup detail. 
  • Special maternity makeup shots are available.
Address2, Yishun Industrial Street 1, #07-06 S768159
Contact Details(65) 94376772 |
Operating HoursAlways open

2. Honour Makeup

Image credit: Honour Makeup

Honour Makeup is among the top makeup artist brands in Singapore. Its founder Sherlene is renowned for her adaptability in offering hairstyling and makeup crafts to clients. She has many years of experience in the makeup industry and offers expertise and quality services. Additionally, she can handle different styles to bring out various looks. Her speciality is in various wedding styles to many kinds of bolder and modern fashion looks.

At Honour Makeup, the team emphasizes and prioritizes skincare. It, therefore, focuses on helping you enhance your skincare habits which ensure your makeup sessions stand out. Once your skincare is perfect, you can easily achieve a dewy look enhanced by your natural facial glow. At the studio, you’ll enjoy makeup sessions in a cosy studio. Its staff is friendly, professional and pays close attention to detail. What’s more, the studio has a variety of makeup sessions apart from bridal makeup. If you are a corporate and need makeup sessions, Honour Makeup is your go-to studio.


  • The studio has fashion and editorial makeup
  • Corporate styling is available.
  • It offers personal styling makeover
  • The studio specializes in bridal services.
Contact Details+65 9006 2328 |
Operating Hours24 hours

3. Team Bride SG

Image credit: Team Bride SG

Team Bride SG was founded in 2015 and has grown to be among the best makeup artist in Singapore. The company was pioneered by Joanna Tay who works with two others, Sylvia and Ling and together the trio makes an amazing team and does amazing work. Team Bride SG offers top-notch services in bridal hair and make-up. The trio work alongside senior and executive makeup artists with many years of experience who work on brides and their entourage. The senior artists have received training in Asia and also attend regular upgrading training to keep up with the latest bridal trends.

Team Bride SG has the necessary experienced staff who can pull up any make-up style of your choice and even offer their expert opinion. Here, you will be served by the finest makeup artist with experienced and who have attended unvarying upgrading. The team can travel wherever you are to make your dream come true. You can be certain that you and your bridal team will look stunning on your special day with Team Bride SG.


  • Local and overseas actual day wedding.
  • Commercial and fashion events
  • Dinners, social events, and corporate events.
  • Local and overseas pre-wedding shoots.

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AddressCanberra Street Singapore
Contact Details+65 9005 2599 |
Operating HoursBy appointment only

4. Gaby Tan

Image credit: Gaby Tan

Gaby Tan is one of Singapore’s leading makeup artists with a background in art. She can also work as a freelance artist. You have to give it up to Gaby Tan for her dedication to offering the best makeup and hair services to clients. She is specialized in offering you the best natural and timeless look. You will be amazed by how she is keen and has great attention to detail. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the products she uses. Most of her products are of high quality, and she has tools that are specifically tailored for different clients.

At Gaby Tan, you can get to learn makeup classes. Basic and advanced level classes are available for those who wish to improve their artistry and skill set. At the studio, you get a variety of makeup sessions under one roof. If you need editorial makeup, be sure to get the best services at Gaby Tan. With great professionalism and attention to detail, you can always be certain of the best makeup sessions.


  • It offers advanced and basic makeup classes
  • A variety of makeup sessions are available.
  • Makeup classes are available.
  • The makeup artist uses high-quality products.
AddressCarlisle Road, Singapore
Contact Details+65 9838 8667 |
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 10.00AM – 5.00PM

5. SG Makeover

Image credit: SG Makeover

SG Makeover is yet another top makeover artist in Singapore. Founded by Valerie, the studio offers a variety of makeover sessions for clients. She is known for offering friendly, high-quality services that are infused with innovative ideas. That’s not all you get from SG Makeover; Valerie is always improving her knowledge and skills by researching new products available in the market and educating herself. Because of this, you can always be assured that the services are of a high standard.

Valerie offers her signature red carpet style, which is elegant and stylish. It also brings out flawless and modern makeup. These are brought to life by her specially crafted lower eyelashes and upper lashes, which suit a client’s eye shape while enhancing the eye’s shape.

At SG makeover, Valerie has a mission to make every woman look like a superstar. Her Makeup is skilfully applied, with hair perfectly styled, enhancing a client’s style while flattering one’s natural features.


  • Bridesmaid makeup and hairstyling are available.
  • Commercial shoots and corporate shoots are available.
  • It offers pre-wedding shoots.
  • It offers a variety of makeup sessions.
AddressHougang avenue 1 Singapore, Singapore 530310
Contact Details+65 8726 2906 |
Operating HoursAlways open

6. Makeover Magix

Image credit: Makeup Magix

Makeover Magix offers various makeup services ranging from bridal, beauty, face painting to special effects makeups. As a show of their mastery, Makeover Magix has worked with top production companies in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Los Angeles. Besides, the studio provides a makeup booth for any of your events.

Makeover Magix is headed by Rezan Ramli, who is an adaptable makeup artist in Singapore. She offers makeup classes and manages a makeup store. She also offers classes on special effects makeup in filming. On top of that, she has worked with Beauty Services Alliances and Hair and Cosmetology Association Singapore in launching the Beauty services complementary Framework. Rezani works with these companies to initiate courses and initiatives to improve the makeup artist and beauty industry across Singapore. At Makeover Magix, be sure to get quality services in the hands of professionals and friendly staff. 


  • It offers special effects makeup
  • The studio provides body art and faces painting services
  • It offers makeup classes.
  • Airbrush makeup is also available.
Address7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987
Contact Details+65 9666 0557 |
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 6.00AM – 9.00PM

7. Samina Malik

Image credit: Samina Malik

Samina Malik is a top makeup artist in Singapore. Her makeup services are of high quality and performed in a cosy and warm studio. She also offers comprehensive makeup courses. With a unique approach to makeup, Samina believes that makeup brings out the best features in women. While her selection of styles may be unconventional and more personalized in approach, it offers a more lasting natural effect on women.

Also, Samina offers makeup courses for those who wish to perfect their skills. She also takes makeover photoshoots and headshots. What’s more, she offers corporate and events makeup services. With a team of professionals who pay keen attention to detail, you can be assured of quality services at all times. If you need Makeup for a group of individuals, Samina Malik is your go-to place. It offers unbeatable rates without compromising on quality.


  • Group styling services are available.
  • Makeup kit shopping is also available.
  • It offers personalized makeup courses.
  • She offers comprehensive makeup classes.
Contact Details+65 86611671 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10.30AM – 3.00PM

8. Peggy Lim

Image credit: Peggy’s Makeup Atelier

Peggy Lim is a top-rated makeup artist in Singapore. She has more than a decade of experience in the makeup industry. At Peggy Lim studio, you get quality services done in a comfy environment. Peggy Lim uses the best tools, which are of high quality and sterilized. Additionally, the products are safe on your skin and do not cause any allergic reactions. Peggy has worked over the years to improve her makeup skills and offer the best services. If you need a personal makeover or bridal makeup, Peggy Lim will provide the best services.

Peggy Lim offers you a chance to showcase your beauty that is authentic. Do you need your unique features captured in makeup? You don’t need to look further than at Peggy Lim’s makeup artistry studio. Besides, she also provides a variety of makeup services. If you need group makeup, corporate makeup, or a personal makeover, Peggy Lim will meet your expectations. Lastly, her services are unbeatable in the industry with professionals offer keen attention to detail.


  • It offers various makeup services.
  • The services are affordable.
  • She specializes in natural glam.
  • She offers quality makeup services.
Address523A Tampines Central 7, Singapore 521523
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 9.00PM

9. Pro Makeup Artist Singapore

Image credit: Pro Makeup Artist

Pro Makeup Artist Singapore has a team of excellent makeup artists you can find in Singapore. Its skilled artists offer you the best makeup services. With various makeup and hair services, you are sure of a more polished and natural look once you leave the studio. It boosts your general appearance and confidence while preparing for any event. Pro Makeup Artists have the best equipment and high-quality products which do not cause allergic reactions.

Pro Makeup Artists have an extensive catalogue with a variety of styles that meet your various needs. It also offers a variety of makeup such as hair makeup, corporate makeup, and group makeup. You get to pick bold looks and natural looks. If you need makeup sessions for brides and groom, the studio has you covered.

Pro Makeup Artist Singapore, offers its services in a cosy environment with keen attention to detail. Its friendly and professional artists will leave you satisfied with their services. Besides, the studio has a fast online booking platform. It also runs offers and promotions from time to time. You will, therefore, get unbeatable rates in the industry.


  • It accepts Indian and Chinese wedding styles
  • The studio has online booking services
  • Their rates are affordable
  • The studio run offers and promotions from time to time.
AddressBlk 262, Tampinas Street 21 #06-264 Singapore, Singapore 520262
Contact Details+65 9000 7414 |
Operating HoursMon – Sun, 6.00AM – 8.00PM

10. Angel Chua

Image credit: Angel Chua

Angel Chua is a gifted makeup and hair artist in Singapore. Her hearing is impaired, so she communicates with clients via texts. She has fourteen years of experience in the makeup industry. Angel offers expertise and knowledge to all her clients. Her Makeup is of high quality and obtained from reliable sources. As a show of her skill, she has a huge client base that includes actresses, actors, and brides. What’s more, her high-end clients rate her highly.

Angel Chua is very passionate about her job. With high versatility to many kinds of jobs, she is your go-to artist for any occasion. Your natural glow, infused with the best artistry, will come to light. If you are always at a loss on applying your makeup, you don’t need to worry. Angel has personal basic makeup lessons. Her classes are affordable and comprehensively cover all the aspects of makeup.


  • She offers a solemnization event package
  • Pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots are available
  • She offers commercial and corporate shoots.
  • She provides actual wedding day makeup
AddressSingapore, Singapore 180261
Contact Details+65 9656 9231 |
Operating HoursAlways open

11. The Makeup Room

Image credit: The Makeup Room

With over a decade of experience in styling and makeup services, The Makeup Room has excellent artists in Singapore who offer the best makeup services. It’s a must-visit studio since it offers the best services to the brides and groom. You can always share your ideas, and the team of professional and friendly artists will gladly incorporate them in the final makeup session. Besides, they offer trial sessions to ensure that everything is perfect.

Additionally, the studio has online makeup classes where you can perfect your makeup skills. At Makeup Room, the artists pay keen attention to detail while bringing out your natural features. It also has its own set of products such as pallets and brushes which you can carry around when travelling. 


  • They offer personalized makeup sessions.
  • It offers online makeup classes.
  • The studio runs special promotions.
  • It offers different bridal packages.
Address236A River Valley Road Singapore, Singapore 238294
Contact Details+65 9231 2703 |
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10.00AM – 6.00PM

The above makeup artists in Singapore offer exceptional makeup services. Suppose you need the best deals in terms of discounts or packages for group makeup sessions; it’s best to choose studios that offer those packages. To avoid last-minute hitches, go for makeup artists who provide trial sessions. If they offer event booths and same-day wedding packages, it will suit your wedding needs. Lastly, it’s essential to check the makeup products and tools being used. Always go for makeup artists who use high-quality tools and products which do not cause allergic reactions.