At last, it’s your long-awaited big day! You have spent ages planning and making sure that everything is perfect. After all, this is one of the most significant days in your life and a memory that you’ll cherish forever. That’s why it’s totally understandable that you want to be the most stunning person in the room and look flawless in those wedding photographs.

Your makeup is going to be crucial and we’ve gone through plenty of bridal makeup artists to help you decide the perfect one for your special day. By the way, it doesn’t really need to be just one look. It’s your big day so you decide whether you want to spice things up by going with two, or even three looks.

You make the rules at your wedding.

1. Ling Chia Makeup and Hair

When you’ve scrolled through Google too many times and have a folder of makeup looks that you want to try out but are unsure about “the one,” you should contact Ling Chia. She’s a bridal makeup artist who can not only help you choose the best one but also help you transform your wedding makeup experience into a memorable one.

Whether you want to go full glam on your day or keep it toned down and subtle, she can do it all effortlessly. Having worked with artists from Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, she’s got all the experience and add to that her perfectionist tendencies, and you’ve got yourself all set for your wedding day. She also offers various hairstyles that will take your look to another level.

She’s got several packages for your day and her packages also include accessories and some even feature a complimentary make-up trial so that you can certain that this is the look for you. For further details, you should check out her website. Her clients are definitely super satisfied, looking at their glowing reviews.

Contact: +65 9683 2221

2. Angel Chua Makeup

Passion and hard work can take you anywhere, and that’s exactly what Angel Chua stands for. Although she has a hearing disability, it never stopped her and now she’s included in the list of one of the best bridal makeup artists in Singapore. Her clientele includes some really famous actresses and actors. And when you see clients praise her for giving them the perfect look even without trials, you know that she’s one of the best.

Her radiant fresh-makeup look focuses on enhancing your features by emphasizing flawless skin and natural skin-tones and adding depth and dimension to the eyes. The end result? You ending up looking like a princess ready for her big day. Even her hairstyles are breath-taking using natural flowers and even using new ones later in the day, to ensure that your look remains fresh.

If you’re worried about communication issues, she uses text or writing to communicate with you. If you speak only Chinese, there will also be a translator present. To check out her packages and promotion deals, visit her website. Her rates are among some of the most reasonable ones.

Contact: +65 9656 9231 (Whatsapp her for booking)

3. Jennis Wong

One of the best professional bridal makeup artist out there, Jennis Wong seeks to do only one thing. To transform you into the best version of you, using her immense skills in makeup and hair. She keeps your look natural but also gives it a polished feeling, giving you the most naturally flawless makeup look.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a look inspired by western simplicity or the Korean dewy look; she does it all. She also does elegant, and those soft rustled hairstyles. Her customers rave about her in their reviews, claiming that not only is she thoughtful and attentive, she also isn’t afraid of giving her input to make your dream look even more perfect.

You can visit her website for a more detailed look on the packages that she offers for pre-wedding shoots, the actual wedding etc. and some promotional offers.

Address: Yanny Beauty House, 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre, 058357

Contact: +65 94674670

4. Makeup Entourage

Makeup Entourage - Lydia Thong - SingaporeBrides
Photo credit: Singapore Brides

Makeup Entourage is set up by celebrity makeup artist Dollei Seah, a veteran with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Together with her team of artists at Makeup Entourage, their mission is to go above and beyond to ensure each bride feels and looks her best on her special day. They are known for their high standard of professionalism and makeup services, having to work with celebrities and people of influence most of the time. 

Makeup Entourage only uses quality hair and makeup products, so rest assured that your faces will be well taken care of in the hands of these professionals. 

Contact: +65 9111 1919

5. Mibe Leung Makeup & Hair

Ever looked at brides from Korea, Japan, or even Taiwan and wish to look like them at your wedding? Mibe Leung is here to fulfill your wishes and recreate the classic beauty of these brides. She does your makeup in a way that gives you that air-brushed look while also focusing on the intricate finer details.

She knows that your skin is the canvas to good makeup and thus goes the extra mile by making sure that your skin isn’t dehydrated by using things like masks etc. In addition, she also uses high-quality products so sensitive-skin beauties don’t have to worry about breaking out. If you want a certain look, then Mibe can always recreate it, while adding personal touches to make it perfect for you. If you don’t have a certain look in mind, then fret not. Mibe is up-to-date with the latest trends.

Visit her websites for her various packages for brides-to-be and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Even her hairstyles are delicate and simply delightful, elevating your overall look.

Contact: +65 9099 6397

6. Tracy Immanuel MakeUp

bridal makeup artist

When you do what you love, your results will speak for you. Tracy may have started her journey in the sales department of the banking sector, but her passion for makeup soon took over, and she began her journey to become one of the most famed bridal makeup artists in Singapore. Her clients have praised her skills, commending her on her ability on making them look and feel gorgeous.

We all have certain things that we’re insecure about, and Tracy takes special care while working on them. After all, getting the makeup done is an experience in itself, and Tracy makes it all the more enjoyable. That’s not all, she keeps an eagle-eye on your makeup and hair during the day, which almost feels as though you have your own personal Fairy Godmother looking after you. If you’re a fan of glam makeup, then we recommend visiting Tracy because she’s amazing at making makeup look glam and vibrant, while not overdoing it.

She’s made countless brides happy, looking at the glowing reviews left by them on her website and you could be one of them. Feel free to browse through her website for her packages, and her additional services.

Contact: + (65) 9387 3142 | Instagram: @tracyimmanuelmakeup | Email :

7. The Luckiest Chick Hair & Makeup

bridal makeup artist

One of the latest makeup trends that are taking over is the Romantic look. For those of you who aren’t aware, this look focuses on bringing the youthfulness of the face out while using soft shades of reds and pinks. It brings out winning features and is ideal for weddings. And Fidelis Toh is a master at this style along with the popular Korean styles.

Fidelis is also great at noticing the small changes in your skin and is really quick to adapt to them. This sort of precision and improvisation only comes with years of experience and talent. To help you with your hairdo, she even brings flowers and various hair accessories for you to choose from.

She offers several packages which include both a single look and a double look for your wedding. After all, it’s your special day so why should you go with only one look. She also includes various complimentary services. These include helping you with your dress, airbrush makeup, and even basic makeup for the groom.

Contact: +65 81212296

8. Joyce Yeo Makeup

bridal makeup artist

A soft-makeup look when done right, can look even better than a glam one. With the right artist who can focus on drawing out your natural features with the use of light, subtle pastel colours and eyeliners, the soft-makeup look can never go out of style. After all, soft-makeup is the base of the Korean, Japanese bridal makeup styles that we love and adore. However, it is also easy to get it wrong and that’s why you should only hire the best for this look on your wedding day.

Lucky for us, Joyce Yeo is exactly that. A master of the soft-style and you’ll often see her names in lists related to bridal makeup. She takes into consideration everything from the design of your wedding gown and carefully curates a look and hairdo that will take everyone’s breath away. As much as we love her makeup, her skills with hair are really something to be admired as well. Every style is lovelier than the last, and her use of accessories and flowers are truly the icing on the cake.

Her clients say that she is an absolute joy to work with, and adds her personal touch which gives results in jaw-dropping results. You can find her rate card brochure on her website directly.

Contact: +65 9669 4307​​

9. Makeup Nadie

bridal makeup artist

If your goal is to feel like royalty at your wedding, then Nadie should be your go-to-person. With years of practise working as a freelancer and well-renounced channels in Singapore, Nadie has acquired a special set of skills under her belt. Whether you’re looking for an elegant look without all the shine and shimmer, or the use of unique colours to create a glamorous look she can do it all.

To get an idea of her services, you can check out her website. Her normal packages for one-to-one consultations include services like providing false lashes, serums, a wide choice of makeup hues to suit your skin tone and even skincare. As a bridal makeup artist, she offers services like wedding makeup and hairdos, trial makeup sessions and even consultations to help you figure out what would work best for you.

To get a custom rate for the wedding, you can contact her on her mail below, or even fill out a form on her website. She offers special packages for weddings.


10. Alycia Tan Makeup

bridal makeup artist

If you need to describe Alycia in one word, it would be perfection. She’s a fan of perfection in her work and has over 15 years of experience in this field. She’s also got a degree in fashion design, which is a sweet deal because she’ll know exactly the kind of makeup and hairdo that will suit your dress and also follow the latest trends.

Whether you’re looking at a minimal aesthetic for your wedding or even looking to undergo a total transformation, Alycia can do it all. To make sure that everything is perfect, she takes notes of extreme finer details like your skin type, your likes, and dislikes and brings them all together. In fact even after your makeup and hairdo are done, she’ll access them for micro-details.

You’ll look so radiant, that after the wedding you’ll find yourself surrounded by questions about your makeup artist. She’s just that good. You can visit her website to have more details about the various hair-styles and makeup that she has done before, and also for pricing details.

Contact: +65 8713 3888

11. Makeover Magix

Famed not only for their glamorous makeup abilities, the folks over at Makeover Magix keep things really hygienic. And when you’re living during a pandemic, that’s something super important. Besides this, they’re also one of the very few bridal makeup artists who specialise in airbrush makeup, old age makeup using silicone prosthetics and finger wave hairstyles.

So if you’re someone who’s looking for these styles, then you now know where to head to. With products that are only purchased from the best companies and highly trained individuals, you are in for a treat. They also provide 300% to every event and will leave no stone unturned to transform you into the gorgeous bride that you are. We highly recommend going for their airbrush makeup.

You can read some of their glowing client reviews on your website so you know how good they are. So what are you waiting for? Magic awaits you at the Makeover Magix.

Contact: +65 9666 0557

12. Alena Makeup Artistry

With the ability to create some of the most stunning makeup looks, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Alena is one of the best makeup artists in the game. If you’re looking for a look that is inspired by the Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese or even Russian then she’s the one for you. Phew, that’s a lot of styles so we know that you’re definitely going to love her look for you.

She’s also been working as a bridal makeup artist for over 5 years now, so she has all the experience. Her Google Reviews see plenty of raving customers who highly appreciate hiring her for her expertise. She’s also great at creating hairstyles that pair together perfectly with your dress and makeup. After all, everything needs to be perfect for your wedding!

Contact: +65 9126 6495

Official Pages: Website | Facebook | Instagram

13. Makeup Doyennes

Makeup Doyennes is a perfect one-stop destination for makeup enthusiasts. Here they provide you with a wide variety of services tailored just for you. Makeup Doyennes is an exclusive team of makeup artists who are capable of making your vision a reality. They are known for their transformative looks. Which makes their client look elegant and beautiful as they tailor their makeup looks to suit your unique face. With their skill and makeup when it comes to hair and makeup, you’ll not be surprised with how gorgeous and artistic their creations turn out in the end.

The staff goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed to ensure that you enjoy the experience through and through. Not only that but they always use high-end makeup for any special event that you may have booked them for. Their services for weddings are their most popular and that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone with their unique artistic view as well as their professional skill. Your hair and makeup are bound to look fabulous and you can rest assured cause you are in good hands.

Contact: +65 8661 8606

Official Pages: Facebook | Instagram

That concludes our list of the best bridal makeup artist in Singapore. Now, in the end, it’s your big day so you should take a deeper look into what exactly you want because each bridal makeup artist is different. And if you don’t have an idea, that’s perfectly normal as well. Most brides don’t have a clear picture. But you can always have a look at our list of best wedding planners.