Nothing can give an adventurous person more pleasure than a good swimming pool in a condominium. Whether you are there for a vacation or you are on some trip, a little bit of swimming can ease you quickly. Finding condos in Singapore with insane swimming pools is equally challenging, and if you do not see it beforehand, you can completely spoil your vacations. 

Here is the list of 10 condos that have the best pools available in Singapore.

1. Sky Habitat

These are Singapore's most spectacular condo swimming pools
Photo credit: CNA Lifestyle

Sky habit is one of its kind condos. The beautiful view of the building is so mesmerizing that you can enjoy the holiday by living in the building itself. However, its amazing features include a luxurious swimming pool, which will enrich you with wonders. The condo has an infinity pool and sky deck on the 38th floor, which gives you a beautiful view of the city. For advanced swimmers, a 50m lap pool on the ground level is also present, which will change your swimming experience.

So, you can enjoy the swimming by having a look at the whole city simultaneously. The gymnasium room, Tennis courts, children’s playground, Community Garden, Fitness corner, and Lift lobby are just some of the other facilities you can enjoy in Sky Habitat. The insane pool will help you pass your time easily and give you some lifelong moments to cherish.

2. Tre Residences

Tre Residences Site Plan | TRE Condo Site Layout Plan
Photo credit: TRE Residences @ Aljunied MRT

This condo is located in the red-light district of Singapore, Geylang. It is one of the most scenic condos in Singapore. Its swimming pool will give you absolute pleasure in your time there. Near its pool deck, a lounging area is present which also gives you the facility to enjoy. It is located nearby Aljunied MRT Station, so it’s easily accessible for outsiders too.

Although it’s a bit expensive, however, the money is worth spending as you can enjoy everything there. Shopping facilities are also present nearby, so you don’t have to go too far for it. Its luxurious Barbeque area, gymnasium, and pavilion are as beautiful as anything else. You can enjoy its spa pool as well as a lap pool. So, your swimming experience will touch new heights, and you will enjoy your time.

3. The Interlace

The Interlace - Büro Ole Scheeren
Photo credit: Buro Ole Scheeren

This condo is renowned for its phenomenal architecture; however, some unique features are as good as its architecture. The pool is surrounded by its wonderful and unique waterfall terrace, so you can enjoy two things at a time. You can also enjoy a waterpark in this condo with a perfect lap pool.

The water facilities of this condo do not end here as you can also enjoy the rainforest-themed spa facility in this condo. Besides the pool, you will also enjoy their gym, jogging track, gardening zone, bamboo garden, and play zone. The experience of swimming is worth enjoying here, and you would surely not want to miss it.

4. 8 Riversuites

Sky pool, rooftop bar at new co-working space in Cecil Street, Property  News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
Photo credit: The Straits Times

This condo is enriched with a variety of pools, which will give you unprecedented pleasure as you enjoy this facility. Large lap pool, ripple swimming pools will give you a unique enriched swimming experience that will make your stay memorable. Jacuzzis and spa pools are also present on the 6th floor, so you can enjoy them too.

One of the distinctive features of this condo is its private plunge deck, which will give you a feeling of luxury. Besides this, schools, shopping centres, and medical facilities are available within walking distance from this condo, which will take care of your other needs.

5. Bijou

Bijou | 2 Jalan Mat Jambol | Far East Organization
Photo credit: Far East Organization

The panoramic news of this condo is the most beautiful thing you will find in that neighbourhood. At the roof terrace facility, you will enjoy the swimming pool, lap pool, sun deck, and jacuzzi, which will help you have a better time at your vacations. Not only this, but you will also be able to enjoy the sea view from the rooftop.

With all of these swimming facilities, you can also enjoy the in-building shopping facilities to help you with immediate needs. Gym facilities, a nearby golf course, kids’ play zone, horse riding facilities are also easily accessible near this condo. So, this is one complete package if you are looking for one of the best condos to stay in Singapore. If you are looking for an excellent condo at an affordable price, considering this condo should be your first priority. 

6. D’Leedon

pool from top – D'Leedon
Photo credit: D’Leedon

This condo is one of those pools which is entirely occupied by water facilities. Wherever you go in this condo, you will find insane swimming pools, so this condo s a dream of every swimmer. With two 50-meter lap pools, two Jacuzzis, and two gym pools, this condo looks like a swimming facility more than a condo. Also, there are underwater exercising facilities available in the gym pool, including in-water running and bicycling facilities. Its Splash ‘n’ Play area is perfect for those who are with their children because it is specially designated for children. If you are a swimming enthusiast, you would not like to miss this condo at all.

7. Westwood residences

Westwood Residences EC - Official Website
Photo credit: WestWood Residences

Look no further if you are looking for swimming pools heaven at affordable prices. This unique condo offers you a 50m lap pool, kids pool, and water gym having spa seats. The swimming experience will go to another level as all of these pools are of a unique nature. Different types of benches are present near these pools on which you can sit and enjoy the feeling of pools without going into it. Pools here are very accessible, and you can experience the swimming facilities easily.

8. The Asana

The Asana, 17 and 19 Queen's Road, 3 Bedrooms, 753 sqft, Condos &  Apartments for sale, by Steven Tay, S$ 1,999,000, 21099742
Photo credit: Steven Tay

With a swimming pool, wading pool, jacuzzi, sun lounges, and a sky garden, this beautiful condo is located in Bukit Timah. Besides its pools, you can also enjoy Yoga Pavilion, Tea Garden, and Serenity Lounge, which are famous in this pool.

This condo will give your lifelong cherishing memories that will help you to enjoy later on. You can also enjoy its gym facilities, jogging tracks, and nearby shopping centers to help you in the hour of need.

9. The Sail

The Sail @ Marina Bay, 2 Marina Boulevard, 1 Bedroom, 678 sqft, Condos &  Apartments for rent, by Daphne Lean, S$ 3,000 /mo, 21016205
Photo credit: Daphne Lean

The sail is the tallest condo in Singapore, standing at a whopping height of 245 meters. It has a stunning infinity pool, lap pool, children’s pool, and aqua gym having numerous exercising machines. While you do swimming here, you can see almost the entire city. This scenic view will make your experience of swimming in condos to another level.

You can also enjoy other facilities in this condo, including a jogging track, a nearby shopping mall, tennis court, and a golf court that makes this condo different from the rest. Located in Marina Bay, this condo will leave a lasting impression on you.

10. Reflections

Super penthouse at Reflections at Keppel Bay on the market for $68 mil -  Singapore Property News
Photo credit: EdgeProp

If you don’t like crowded swimming pools, reflections should be your condo to choose from. It has a gigantic swimming pool having a whopping 100,000 square feet of water space along with two 2 jacuzzies where you can enjoy your time whenever you are in the mood of swimming.

Selecting a good condo is a bit challenging when there are a lot of them. Especially when you love swimming, you have to take care of many things while selecting your holiday destination. All of the condos mentioned above have a lot of water space available, together with other top-notch facilities that make them the best condos to stay in Singapore.

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