For some of us, constantly wearing a mask is a lifesaver since we don’t have to wear a full face of makeup but for those of us who still want to cover our dark circles or some acne, here are my 7 recommendations for the best long-lasting concealers to wear under your mask in Singapore.

1. We all need some radiance in our lives with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Review | Allure
Photo credit: Allure
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Radiant finish, duh
  • 16-hour wear: crease/sweat/humidity-proof
  • Transfer AND Water-resistant
  • Non-comedogenic, no alcohol, no parabens, no fragrance

As a makeup lover myself, this concealer tops the list of all concealers I have ever tried. Hands down one of the best long-lasting concealers to wear under your mask in Singapore! This concealer stretches, a little product spreads far without losing too much of its coverage and it blends like a dream. And the cherry on top is its shade range, inclusivity at its finest. This is also a concealer that I would confidently recommend for those with mature skin as it has a creamy texture that won’t settle into the fine lines. With all its benefits, NARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER is definitely worth a pretty penny so make sure to look out for those SEPHORA sales!

Just like any concealer, let it rest on the skin for 30 seconds to a minute before blending it out to achieve its peak coverage.

2. Best DRUGSTORE pick: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind® Concealer Review
Photo credit: Humble & Rich
  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible at your nearest drugstore
  • The best coverage and long-wearing
  • Specifically formulated for under-eye and dark circles
  • Limited shade range
  • Not suitable for dehydrated skin

This value for money concealer repeatedly earns rave reviews among beauty gurus and makeup junkies on beauty review sites. Its titular “age rewind” factor originates from its formula which features a powerful ingredient haloyxl, known to reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye circles in your regular eye creams. While Maybelline’s Instant AGE REWIND formula is true to its colour and rarely oxidises, the puff applicator can often be unhygienic. This is a minor problem as you can just pop the tiny sponge off and dispense the product on a clean surface whenever you need it. 

We’ve seen many YouTube gurus pack on powder atop concealer to ensure it doesn’t move and whilst we’re tempted to follow; Michael Ashton, Adele’s MUA, mentions that this trick is just a faux pas.

For creamier concealers, excessive powdering may make it look cakier, drier and even cause it to break up faster.

Instead, opt to layer an eyeshadow primer just under to ensure your under-eye concealer won’t budge.

For other tips and tricks on how to use concealers more than its own function: check out the article here.

3. With makeup, I definitely have another face with Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer - Makeup-Sessions
Photo credit: Makeup-Sessions
  • Weightless formula for full coverage
  • Glowy finish with no flashback
  • Blendable
  • Oil-free = Non-comedogenic
  • Wide shade range: 47 shades

I bet some of us here have faced predicaments where a busy night of binge-watching seasons of our favourite shows or a busy time out during weeknight drinks leave us with designer bags under our eyes and worst of all, we need to be presentable next morning. Well, look no further because Too Faced has come up with a godsent solution: their Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer. This product hides your last night’s mistakes and even gives you a healthy glow of luminosity due to their mix of coconut water and alpine rose. For creative individuals, this concealer can be used not only for its function but to conceal and highlight, literally giving us another face, well… a more well-defined one. Truly one of the best long-lasting concealers to wear under your mask in Singapore.

4. A makeup lover’s Scotch-Tape: Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Tarte's Shape Tape Contour Concealer Is Bomb | HYPEBAE
Photo credit: HypeBee
  • Vegan
  • 16 hour wear
  • Waterproof and Crease-proof
  • Wide shade range

Every beauty maven on YouTube/Instagram/Pinterest has raved about this product. There’s something about Tarte’s Shape Tape that is so addicting, maybe because it’s creamy (shea butter), nourishing (mango butter), brightening (liquorice root) or the fact that it dries down to a nice matte finish. One thing for sure is that this product is everything but only hype. The (Shape) tape™ technology ties up any loose ends on our perfect mug as it conceals everything like fairy dust, from fine lines, wrinkles to large pores. Best of all, who doesn’t like BIG applicators? It’s a one-swipe wonder as all you need to do afterwards is just blend the edges.

At $42, get it here on SEPHORA online or in-store.

5. Alternative Drugstore pick: Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Concealer

Maybelline fitme liquid concealer pen fit me light and moisture natural  cover dark circles acne spots
Photo credit: ChinaglobalMall
  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible at your nearest drugstore
  • Good coverage, lesser compared to the age-rewind
  • Natural-looking
  • Suitable for most skin types

Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s just Maybelline because the next best drugstore concealer is another Maybelline with their Fit Me Liquid Concealer. If you don’t have a shade match in the Age Rewind line, you can consider one from this collection since it has a wider shade range. Both concealers should be dubbed is popular drugstore products that almost everyone needs in their makeup bag. This concealer boasts an oil-free formula, which ensures that your skin will be left looking flawless and poreless. All in all, definitely one of the best long-lasting concealers to wear under your mask in Singapore!

6. Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector

Corrector | Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Photo credit: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  • Balm-like consistency is great for dry skin
  • Formulated to neutralise darkness
  • Limited shade range (often warm and neutral tone to counter blue tones)

Real talk: some of us have really stubborn dark eye circles or facial hair that show up ABOVE concealers. Not only that, there are those who have really dry skin where concealer seems to break on our skin overtime. Look no further because BOBBI BROWN’s CORRECTOR offers colour combinations catered to cover even the starkest of discolorations as their blendable cream-balm formula instantly neutralizes them perfectly under concealer. This corrector comes in 16 pink-/peach- based shades for all skin types. 

As stated on the BOBBI BROWN website, apply the corrector to areas of discoloration, getting as close to the lashline and innermost corner as possible with a concealer brush. Once done, gently blend with your ring finger and a dabbing motion, making sure not to tug the skin. Finally, if corrector is insufficient coverage, once corrector is slightly dried, lightly cover the area with a thin layer of creamy concealer over. 

Purchase this at SEPHORA online, TANGS or at your nearest BOBBI BROWN store for $47.

7. The Underdog : Clio Kill Cover Liquid Concealer

Kem Che Khuyết Điểm CLIO KILL COVER LIQUID CONCEALER 7g – Beauty Box
Photo credit: Beauty Box
  • Used by many Korean Makeup Artists (MUAs)
  • Flawless cover
  • Limited shade range
  • Slightly expensive
  • Easy to find

CLIO’s Kill Cover Liquid Concealer is definitely an underrated choice but reviews all over prove that the concealer does its job effectively. There’s never a bad time to show some love for Korean makeup products. Although their shade range is small (only 4 shades), the texture of the formula is non-greasy and light. Quoted to be a dupe for MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer, this gem can be found in the drugstore if you’re on the lighter side of the shade range. Overall, the perfect concealer to round off our list of the best long-lasting concealers to wear under your mask in Singapore!

Now that you know my list of best 7 transfer-resistant concealers, hope you check my recommendations out! If you’re thinking to avoid foundation, a good concealer is what you need.

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Written by: Sarah Suprat