It is a bit tough to imagine how products travel across countries and continents in a short amount of time and at a reasonable tariff at that. All of the credit goes to the numerous improvements in the logistics industry from providers worldwide. In the traditional sense, a logistics company is the bridge that delivers packages from point to point for business to customers (B2B) and business to business (B2B). This responsibility, however, has outgrown in recent years.

Logistics Company has a great variety of solutions available for all types of customers – big and small. For a small business, they might play the role of shipping ready products to end consumers. However, large companies can play a significant part in their entire supply chain mechanics. They can help with warehousing, sourcing, and also managing inventory.

Let us have a look at the top logistics companies that operate out of Singapore.

1. APL Logistics

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Headquartered in Singapore, APL Logistics is a significant player in the worldwide freight and transportation industry. APL always believes in harnessing technology’s power to its advantage to minimise costs and introduce efficiency in their business operations. They were at the forefront of utilising technologies like radio-frequency identification (RFID), visual analytics, and feature-rich data and inventory management software suites. APL Logistics has a strong presence in various retail verticals like e-commerce businesses. It is also a significant player in the automotive supply chain solutions for big-ticket manufacturers.

APL has expanded its global footprint with each passing year. They have substantial warehousing capabilities in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. That’s not all; they have made multiple acquisitions over time, yet they have not lost their core beliefs despite all of this success—indeed, more than a reliable partner to have for your logistics-related needs.

Address: 3 Harbourfront Place, #06-01 Harbourfront Tower Two, Singapore 099254

Contact Details: (65) 6430 8833

2. Kaplan Logistics

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Kaplan Logistics is a long-running logistics company specialising in relocation services – commercial as well as residential. Their suite of services also includes massive warehousing capabilities, storage services – long term and short term. They have a very well tested and mature relocation service to Malaysia from Singapore. Their team makes sure to survey the area before taking the task, and also provides a no-obligation plan to their customer during the different stages of the relocation process.

Kaplan Logistics’ is popular with local residential and commercial relocation services. They not only have the right equipment and experienced personnel but also ensure safe and sound delivery of the products point-to-point. You get secure storage services for stashing all that extra gear you have in your attic or for storing your precious nostalgia-inducing items without worry. They also have a unique service to assist you in disposing of unwanted wares like old furniture. They’ll even help you in getting rid of such items to a government-approved disposal dumping site.

This demonstrates Kaplan’s commitment to customer satisfaction and an environment-friendly outlook. You cannot go wrong with them as your preferred logistics partner.

Address: 3024 Ubi Rd 3, #02-67, Singapore 408652

Contact Details: 9730 7038

3. Whitebox

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Whitebox is a forerunner in the retail logistics industry. They are more focused on the retail sector, specialising in e-commerce operations for both business-to-business and business to customer markets. The pricing model at Whitebox is very flexible and suits small entrepreneurs as well as giant retail companies. Customers are not burdened with higher fees and preset volumes of shipments and can expect “just-right” pricing based on the seasonal demands and their work of shipments.

Whitebox also addresses significant pain points for customers like clearing customs for imports, packaging hassles, processing returns, and managing multiple shop orders. They have an efficient system in place to make same-day dispatch possible. The orders can come from numerous online retail fronts. Whitebox will ensure that the inventory is updated everywhere and priority shipments take precedence. This is made possible by their best-in-class retail inventory management software that customers can use to update inventories seamlessly.

Customers can also get insight into items they need to replenish sooner and items nearing their expected end of life expiry dates. Whitebox is one of the most customer-friendly logistics providers in Singapore.

Address: 222 Tagore Lane #02-18 TG Building Singapore 787603

Contact Details: +65 6553 0488

4. M&P International Freights

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M&P is a freight-forwarding logistics company with international coverage. They have built strong relations over the past decade with other logistics partners and agencies based in Singapore. They are among the top freight forwarder in Singapore that supports transport of international trades. Their gamut of services includes warehousing, customs clearance, cargo insurance, trucking, sea, and air freight.

As a freight forwarding company, they strive to find the best possible path from source to destination for any package. Their worldwide network of partners gives them a huge advantage when it comes to pricing for the customers. They take on the gargantuan task of identifying the most efficient route that provides the most economical and fastest transportation. Such capabilities put M&P in a unique position wherein they can transport huge freight volumes at affordable rates. The pricing benefits are then passed on to the customers.

Overall, their competitive pricing, excellent support, and 14 years of experience make them a leading logistics company in Singapore.

Address: 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #04-10 MAPEX, Singapore 577177

Contact Details: (65) 6221 2218

5. NinjaVan

Image Credit: NinjaVan

As the name suggests, NinjaVan specialises in express deliveries for your logistics needs. Their pricing is competitive. They also have standard economical options and same-day, next day and express deliveries. They are very well suited for e-commerce deliveries that provide cash-on-delivery opportunities to their customers. This option is available in their complete list of address coverage that can be found on their website. They also have an excellent footprint of drop-off points spread across Singapore, where one can conveniently drop their packages for transportation. The drop-off points are an extension of their pick-up service. A delivery agent will pick up the parcel right from the customer’s doorstep.

NinjaVan is among the more technology-savvy logistics companies out there. For bulk orders, customers can upload CSV files to their servers, and NinjaVan will conveniently process the batch of orders and create individual orders. In addition to using their portal for making shipping orders, they also expose APIs that can be integrated with the customer’s existing application. This allows the customers to stay within their familiar inventory/data management application and place shipping orders right through them.

NinjaVan is a dependable last-mile courier service in the South East Asia region with a local presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Contact Details: +65 6602 8271

6. Baylink

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Baylink is another logistics company that operates out of Singapore and Indonesia with a specialised focus on serving the Oil and Gas Industry. The company was incorporated in 1994 with a two-member team. Over the years, they have grown at a steady pace and now have 80 full-time employees and connections with countless agents worldwide. Their solution offering aims to provide a ‘One Stop Integrated and Seamless Service’ to its customers riding on their greater than 20 years of experience in the logistics domain. They have coverage over Asia, North America, and European regions.

They have an in-house cargo system that supports warehousing, customs clearance, payment of local taxes, packaging, and eventual distribution. Their core business is aimed at helping Oil and Gas related undertakings. They command expertise in oil rig mobilisation, supporting well operations on-site, and specialised workflow to support the Oil exploration industry’s drilling operations.

Baylink has acquired significant trust over the years with Oil companies by regulating and following best practices for Oil and Gas products’ shipment with utmost attention to safety, health, and environmental considerations.

Address: 3 Loyang Way 1 #01-01, Singapore 508705

Contact Details: (65) 68417973

7. AAL Shipping

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AAL shipping is an award-winning logistics provider founded in the Netherlands but later moved their headquarters to Singapore. They have divided their shipping solutions into three different service models: Liner, Semi-Liner, and Chartered services. These three services broadly cover the schedule requirements of various shipping customers. Their chartering solutions support custom shipping operations for the customers allowing them to schedule deliveries point to point without facing handovers on major worldwide ports. The liner and semi-liner services cater to shipping customers that are not looking for speedy delivery and have no problems sharing the cargo ship with other customer’s shipments. Liner services travel on a fixed route and are highly economical in nature.

AAL has a presence in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. They are catering to various industries like forestry, energy, agriculture, and construction. These industries demand the highest quality and safety practices. AAL shipping has proven themselves as trusted partners with their continued focus on safety and monitoring throughout the shipping process.

They have won multiple awards over the years, and their latest award is a prestigious ‘Shipping line of the year’ for the year 2019.

Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard, #20-01 Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 038989

Contact Details: +65 6248 3600

8. Altron Shipping

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As a logistics company, Altron has recorded steady growth ever since its inception in the year 1997. They have consolidated their service offerings under freight-forwarding, projects and heavy-lifting, transport and logistics services, and NVOCC (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier) consolidations. Altron promises to deliver cargoes and packages to almost any location cost-effectively and swiftly. They are well suited for individual customers and corporate customers alike.

Their services as Projects and Heavy lift freight management is well tested and efficient. The usual industries that need such services include Energy, Power Generation, Marine, and Infrastructure. Altron has a well-qualified team that undertakes feasibility studies on a per-project basis and provides a reliable timeline that is cost-effective.

With their years of experience, they also factor in potential risks and offer an actual plan with contingency plans. Such attention to detail over operational excellence has garnered them multiple awards.

Address: 31 Bukit Batok Crescent, #01-07 The Splendour, Singapore 658070

Contact Details: +65-6325 6500

9. IM Holdings

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IM Holdings pride itself as the omnichannel enabler of choice for businesses. They provide total logistics solutions at affordable prices and increased customer satisfaction while supporting large scale businesses, small-medium enterprises, as well as individual sellers on e-commerce platforms. Welcoming orders for all sizes, from heavy freight to low volume e-commerce orders, they have a great presence in international freight and logistics services as well as local delivery services.

As a complete logistics provider, they also deal with usual shipping niggles like customs clearance and licensing problems. They have a considerable capacity for traditional warehousing services and cold storage facilities to store perishable items based in Singapore. Their local delivery services support door-to-door deliveries within Singapore and multiple locations across the vast expanse of SouthEast Asia.

IM Holdings has a robust IT technology implemented to support its numerous offerings. Their customer support is responsive, and their various self-service features on the portal provide a superior customer experience.

Address: 7B Keppel Road #06-10/11/12 Tanjong Pagar Complex Singapore 089055

Contact Details: +65 6226-0380

10. Sinoda Shipping Agency

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Sinoda shipping agency is a veteran in the Singapore logistics business with over 22 years of experience behind them. They now have hub agencies in Malaysia and Indonesia that allow them to provide superior regional services in those regions. Providing a slew of services like external consultation for ship repairs and spare parts sourcing, brokerage, hub services, and ship supply services for crew and provisioning vessels. And what’s interesting is that they are a listed agent for The Sheriff of The Supreme Court of Singapore and look after ships that have been arrested for illegal transportation. They are also a proud member of the Singapore Shipping Association.

Further to its core logistics business for freight transportation, Sinoda has an authoritative presence in the ship supply services domain. Long haul shipping vessels have to deal with replenishing supplies on the ship as well as changing crew. They also provide repair and restore services for vessels courtesy of the supervision of their experienced technical superintendents. Sinoda has excellent sourcing capabilities for vessel spare parts, and they ensure quality replacement parts are commissioned for ships under repair.

Their substantial marine experience makes them an ideal partner for any marine consultancy needs for customers.

Address: 10 Anson Road, #15-01/02/03, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Contact Details: +65 62272711

Wrapping Up

Singapore has a unique advantage of being strategically placed for providing shipping and logistics services in the Asia, European, and North American regions. The booming shipping industry and its rapid growth do not come as a surprise. There is a good chance that a global supplier might have to establish a base in the Singaporean region for deliveries in the entire Southeast Asia region. The above list of logistics company solution providers will help you wade through the different available options when dealing with Singapore’s transportation services.