Finding a store that stocks your ideal lingerie is essential. It doesn’t matter whether your cup size is small or large; there’s that satisfaction that comes with finding the right bra that fits. In addition, finding lingerie stores that offer matching bras and pants is heavenly. We all know the good feeling of having pieces that match. Besides boosting your confidence, you feel sexy and sensual.

Getting a store that meets your style in Singapore is not difficult. We have many stores offering lace lingerie, comfortable push-up bras, and matching pieces. Here are our top lingerie stores in Singapore.

1. Ashley Summer

Image credit: Ashley Summer

Ashley Summer is a leading lingerie store in Singapore. It’s celebrated by the best posh living with its carefully crafted collection. All their collections are locally sourced, chic, and stylish. You get to choose from a vast array of styles, such as the dainty padded bralettes, lace, mesh, and silk locally designed by local artisans. If you are particular about the fabric used, then rest assured that the store uses high-quality material. 

Ashley Summer’s undergarments are renowned for being comfortable and soft to the skin. You can wear them while lazing around the house. One of the house specials is the Noir Underwire bra which is a best seller. It features a removable pad for customers who prefer a transparent and delicate look. You don’t need to worry about support since most bras come with great underwire, supporting your breasts and giving you the feminine appeal. If you are on a budget, Ashley Summer has you covered; it runs discounts and promotions from time to time.


  • It offers high-quality bras
  • It runs promotions and discounts.
  • The store has a variety of bras.
  • It offers free local shipping.
Address175A Geylang Road 389247 Singapore
Contact Details+65 9880 6272 |
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
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2. Perk by Kate

Image credit: Perk

Perk by Kate provides irresistibly chic coloured bras with lovely laces. That’s not all that the store has to offer. You’ll enjoy high-quality bras from quality materials with keen attention to detail. It’s well cut and fits perfectly; you, therefore, don’t need to worry about constant wear and tear. If you love brands, then this is one of your must-visit lingerie stores.

It stocks brands such as Timpa, Eberjey, Commando, and Addiction Lingerie. Do you have a total bust, and you are constantly worried about getting your size? Kindly leave this to Perk by Kate to offer you different sizes? You also have a variety of bralettes, maternity bras, and lace slips. Besides, the store offers comfortable and affordable lace sets. With measurements and fitting studios, you have every reason to visit the store and pick the perfect bra.


  • It offers affordable bras.
  • It has a variety of bras.
  • The store offers high-quality pieces.
  • Maternity bras are available.
Address134A Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068600
Contact Details+65 8601 3919 |
Operating HoursMon Fri, 11.00AM – 7.00PM | Sat, 11.00AM – 6.00PM | Sun, Closed
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Image credit: SUSY + BAE

Founded by Sheryl Lim, Susy+ Bae is a brand that takes pride in providing high-quality hand-crafted lace lingerie. Its products are simple yet stylish. The neat straps and lace trimmings give the underwear that soft, feminine, and pretty image. One thing you will love about this store is how they can customize your ideal bra. You need to book an appointment and have your measurements and lingerie tailored to suit your taste. If you are not sure about your size, you can visit the store to sort out your size issue.

Additionally, most of the bras are made from light fabrics. You can wear them for more extended periods without any discomfort. Bras are also affordable at the store, especially when purchased as a pair with a panty. To sum it up, the store packages its orders attractively. Your order arrives gift-wrapped, and you get a complimentary satin travel mini-bag. 


  • It offers a variety of bras
  • The fabrics are high quality
  • Customization is available.
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10.30AM – 5.30PM
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4. Our Bralette Club

Image credit: Our Bralette Club

Our Bralette Club offers various bralettes that are less intimidating and more comfortable than regular bras. It stocks all sizes and provides a variety of bralettes to plus-size women. If you are an expert in designing bralettes, the store offers you a chance to have a customized bra. Our Bralette Club has worked with local artists to provide beautiful bralettes prints. Also, the brand provides discreet packing if you need the service.

This lingerie store also stocks lace, panties, bra hook extenders, nipple covers, and linen robes. If you need a more comfortable and soft fabric bra, Our Bralette Club is the go-to store. It partners with recycling companies to run recycling campaigns for old bras and bralettes. Are you on a budget and weary of going shopping? Worry not; this store offers you affordable bralettes. Nursing bras to get you in shape while nursing are also available. If you need to try out different designs from different materials, the store has affordable pieces.


  • It offers a variety of bras.
  • The store has affordable rates.
  • Nursing bras are available
  • All sizes are obtainable.
Address#01-47, Kinex, 11 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437157
Operating HoursMon-Sun, 11.00AM – 8.00PM
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5. Chaloné

Image credit: Chalone

Chalone is one of the leading lingerie stores in Singapore, with various branches across the county, and currently sells in Thailand’s market. At the store, you will get many kinds of nightwear and lingerie. It has a seduction line that stocks sexy designs. In addition, the store has a variety of styles and different fabrics to select your perfect bra.

You’ll also enjoy affordable prices for most of the bras. You can, therefore, have that elegant, stylish, and luxurious look for less. If you are crazy about brands, this is your perfect store. It stocks Jolidon, Jezebel and Aubade, and a variety of European-style lingerie. If you are unsure of the correct size, you don’t need to freak out. Chalone offers in-store fitting with friendly and professional staff. If you need personalized consultation, you can book a complimentary private appointment.


  • It stocks a variety of sizes.
  • The store offers in-house fitting.
  • Personalization services are available.
Address435 Orchard Road, #01-33, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
Contact Details+65 6836 9769 |
Operating HoursMon-Sun, 10.30 AM – 9.30 PM
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6. The Bralette Shop

Image credit: The Bralette Shop

Founded by Chow Liying, the bralette shop boasts of being a size-inclusive brand. It offers affordable and comfortable lingeries to different bodied women. If you are nursing, the store has sexy and chic coloured lingerie for you. With various designs made from other materials, you are sure to have high-quality and long-lasting lingeries. Also, the fabrics are soft and comfortable to the skin. It’s also easy to wash, and you will not strain in case of any stains on the material.

Additionally, you will find pieces that meet your taste. If you are picky about colours, the store has different colours in stock. You will enjoy the customization of your ideal style if you are nursing. With affordable price tags, promos, and discounts from time to time, the store is among the must-visit lingerie stores.


  • The store is an all-inclusive size store.
  • It offers affordable pricing
  • Nursing bras are available.
  • Customization is available.
Address9 Enterprise Road Singapore, Singapore 629821
Operating Hours8.00AM – 8.00PM
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7. Carrislabelle Lingerie

Image credit: Carrislabelle

Carrislabelle Lingerie has a mission of offering the best lingerie that matches the individual style of Singapore women. It has unique bralettes with straps that are chic in designs and woven to give you that delicate style. One of the house signature styles is the floral web bra which has cute body straps woven with flowers at the back. Its designs are minimalist and speak nothing but classy fashion statements. It also stocks cross-front as well as webbed back criss-cross cut-outs. If you wish to have a fantastic collection in your wardrobe, this store is a perfect place to visit.

Other classy collections include the Carrislabelle teases, plunge neck bra, borderline risqué, and equal parts sexy bras. But if the group doesn’t have what you need, you can go a notch higher with the push-ups and lace sets available in cool colours such as pink, blue and red. You also get stick-on to attach to your low-cut tops.


  • It offers a variety of lingerie.
  • Stocks unique lingerie.
  • Their prices are affordable.
  • It offers brallets with cool straps.
Address35 Kallang Pudding Road #08-05C Tong Lee Building Block A Singapore 349314
Operating HoursMon-Sun, 11.00AM – 6.00PM
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8. Naked and Unbound

Image credit: Naked and Unbound

Naked and Unbound is your perfect store for the girls who love an edgy persona for their bra collection. It lives by its name of naked and unbound. It would be best if you had a bold sense of fashion to rock their collection. Naked and Bound has designs made from lace trimmings, detachable bondage straps, and the usual sensual supplies. If you are not sure of your size, you don’t need to worry since the store has professionals who are more than ready to help. Also, you can use their in-house fitting studio.

Naked and Unbound focuses on freedom and lightness, which leaves you free to breathe. It has a unique, delicate beauty that has an interplay of showing off skin and covering part of your body. You can show off the straps, laces, and roses to feel sexy and cool. With affordable pricing, discounts and promos, you have every reason to visit the store.


  • It offers a variety of quality straps.
  • Their prices are affordable
  • It provides a variety of straps
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 8.00AM – 6.00PM
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9. I’m In

Image credit: I’m In

I’m In is another leading lingerie store in Singapore worth your time. Its designs are specifically crafted with the Asian type of body in mind. Locally created, the plans are updated seasonally to ensure you are not stuck with the same old designs. As if that is not enough, the store uses everyday women to market their lingerie. You can therefore identify with most of their products. Additionally, the store has the following pieces; non-slip strapless, t-shirt bras, ultra-comfy wireless, and push-up bras.

For women with fuller busts, the store has you covered. It stocks all sizes from small to XL. You also don’t need to freak if you do not know your size. You can have a size check before you decide to buy. With multiple locations in Singapore, you have every reason to pop at the store and check out their beautiful collections.


  • They stock all sizes.
  • Different designs are available.
  • Its designs are specifically designed for Asian frames.
  • It uses local women in its campaigns.
Address512 Chai Chee Lane, Mapletree Industrial, #07-15, Singapore 469029
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 12.00PM – 9.00PM
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10. Sorella

Image credit: Sorella

Sorella offers you wireless bras for maximum comfort. Forget the pain of having suffocating underwire bras or cases where underwire bras poke and cause you significant discomfort. At Sorella, you enjoy locally designed lingerie with fancy straps that leave you sexy and worry-free from underwire bras.

Besides, the fabrics used are comfortable and soft to your skin. Comfy materials absorb moisture on a hot day, giving you the anti-odour and breathability you need to enjoy your day. Even on a cold day, the pieces will still offer you the perfect warmth you need. What’s more, the designs are perfect for different body sizes. With stretchy bands under the bra, it provides maximum comfort for your bust.


  • It offers a high-quality wireless bra.
  • The store stocks a variety of bras.
  • Its designs are specifically designed for any body type.
Address315 Outram Road #02-08 Tan Boon Liat Building Singapore 169074
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 11.30AM – 8.00PM | Sat & Sun, 11.30AM – 9.00PM
Social MediaFacebook | Instagram

The above lingerie stores in Singapore offer you the best lingerie for a wardrobe overhaul or your regular stocks. To get the best deals from online clothing shops, check out lingerie stores with promotions, discounts, or big sales from time to time. If you need your designs bespoke, check out a store that offers customization services. Not to mention your frame and the specific style you need.

It’s essential to clean your lingerie as recommended by the manufacturers. To avoid wear and tear, ensure you get the right size so that it fits easily without any damages; or opt for bras with elastic. As seen above, the lingerie stores have all that you need when selecting your lingerie pieces.