Riding a limousine is a dream. What more travelling and exploring Singapore inside one? Those fancy cars in films are such eye candy. Perhaps we can agree that the luxurious feel is a fairy tale indeed! That you can achieve with the best limousine rental services. Want to travel inside a limo? You’re on the right page! Your dream will finally come to life. Thanks to the best limousine rental services in Singapore.

Fortunately, we have gathered the best five limousine rental companies in Singapore you may choose from. You can pick what suits you best. Ready to plan the most splendid trip of your life? Read along!

1. Prime Aces Limousine


  • Customer experience is a priority
  • Self-service booking
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Details sent 24 hours before intended service

When booking a limousine service, you want a trusted company that provides exceptional and personalised service. Prime Aces Limousine is among the leading partners for executive ground transportation.

What we absolutely love is that you can schedule conveniently through their online booking and app. With just one click at the comfort of your home, you’re good to go! This takes booking limousine services to a whole new level. On top of that, their feedback from their large clientele makes them one of the best limousine services in Singapore. Big or small, companies have continuously been supporting their services.

Prime Aces Limousine provides airport transfers, door-to-door transfers, corporate transportation, and more. Their list of services is long, so if you don’t want to miss out, make sure to visit their website on this link, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Bonus: Get 20% off your first booking when you sign up for Prime Aces Limousine’s newsletter! 

Contact Details(65) 6100-5959
Address65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pmWeekends: 10 am to 9 pmHolidays: Closed

2. Limo Services Singapore


  • Professional chauffeurs
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Multilingual staff for foreigners
  • Customized billings

Hop on with their professionally-trained drivers and staff! Limo Services Singapore is the leading company on limousine rentals. Their track record has proven that their provision of service is excellent.

They have a wide array of vehicles you may choose from. Whatever your preference is, this company got you covered. They can customize your experience according to your needs. This company does real-time flight tracking and touring of guests. They can customize your itinerary too!

It is also evident that safety is their priority. This is because of the insurance they provide. You can enjoy the ride without thinking much. So it’s great to leave everything to this company’s expert hands. As they claim, your needs always come first.

Contact Number: 3129 2490

3. Strides Transportation Pte Ltd.

Best Limousine Rental Services Singapore
(Source: strides.com.sg)


  • Punctuality and professionalism
  • Well-groomed and maintained fleets
  • Competitive rates
  • Safety is guaranteed

Travel in style and comfort with STRIDES. It is a subsidiary of SMRT Corporation Ltd. It continues to be one of the leading limousine services in Singapore.

The company’s goal is to maintain its high standards through excellent service. They put punctuality, professionalism, and safety first.

Book your door-to-door services with them to ensure a smooth journey. Besides the luxe, you’ll also get free complimentary WiFi and refreshment while inside! Contact STRIDES now and have a smooth trip!

Contact Number: +65 6477 5977

Address: 60 Woodlands Industrial Park E4 Singapore 757705

4. Singapore Limousine


  • 82 years in service
  • Experience
  • Commercial and Leisure travels
  • Sightseeing tours

Singapore Limousine is established in 1937. It is considered the oldest limousine company in Singapore. This company offers limousine services to most hotels, banks, and royal families. They drive for big companies too. Their reach today is for people from all over the world. This includes leisure and commercial purposes.

If you want to go sightseeing across borders, their service covers driving to Malaysia. So, if you’re looking for a reliable company, Singapore Limousine might be one of your top choices.

Contact Number: +65 9028 1304

Address: Rivervale Walk, #03-74 Block 103, Singapore 540103

5. Exclusive Limo & Cars Rental


  • Quality service to customers
  • Customised service
  • Courtesy and comfort
  • Wide range of chauffeured services

Comfort, courtesy, reliability, and dependability. What more can you ask for from Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals? This company is devoted to providing excellent service when it comes to car rentals. Their mantra is “Quality Service to Customers at all times”. It is perceptible as they’re one of the lead limousine companies in Singapore.

You can book their chauffeured limousine services through their site. Looking for an airport pick-up? How about day-to-day travel? The team is readily happy to attend to your needs.

They can also customize your vehicle according to your requirements. They have a wide range of chauffeured-driven vehicles. Meaning, you are free to go after your preference. Whatever that may be, they will provide you with the greatest! Trust their company to try the best.

Contact Details: (+65) 9101 8983

Address: 435 Orchard Rd, 11 Floor Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

6. Limo Z


  • Competitive rates
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Safe and efficient
  • Professional and courteous chauffeurs

Planning on transportation arrangements? Do you want it to be under the best care? Limo Z is here for you! They have competitive rates with utmost dedication.

This company is one of the finest when it comes to limousine service in Singapore. Their company arranges airport transfers, business, and leisure trips. Limo Z’s vehicles are all maintained by professional drivers.

Enjoy being inside a luxurious limo with their well-trained chauffeurs. They’re proven to be courteous too! Plus, you’ll be having complimentary WiFi service and soothing music. This ensures a smooth ride.

Their safe and efficient car services are commendable. What are you waiting for? Schedule your booking now. Experience the most convenient ride of your life!

Contact Number: 65 6633 8815
Address: 1 North Bridge Rd, #01-02 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094

We hope we put you a step closer to your limousine dream. Did our list of the best limousine rental services in Singapore help you with your travel plans? There are some best for weddings, business trips, and some sightseeing. Whichever you pick, we wish you a safe and smooth journey! We wish you only the best.

7. Top Limousine SG


  • VIP Treatment
  • Dependable Service
  • Wide Array of Choices

Since 2012, Top Limousine SG has been offering limousine services to satisfied clients city-wide. With more than ten years of chauffeuring experience, coupled with carefully screened professional drivers skilled in offering hospitality and punctuality, you can be assured that the journey would be safe and enjoyable throughout the ride.

With their impressive fleet of premium vehicles, some of which can even cater up to 40 passengers, it’s perfect for sizeable groups with frequent gatherings! All in all, Top Limousine SG is definitely one of the chauffeuring company you may want to rightly consider hiring.

Contact Details: +65 9751 1911 | admin@toplimousine.sg

8. Limo Maxi Cars Singapore


  • Smooth and hassle-free journey
  • Saves you money and time
  • Priority is customer care

Another limousine service provider in Singapore is Limo Maxi. They provide smooth and comfortable limousine rides on the island, for whatever purpose your travel may be.

They have point-to-point services, hourly booking, half-day, and full-day booking. Limo Maxi also provides air transfers, event transfers, and corporate services on the island. If you’re with a tourist and you want to go sight-seeing, then you will definitely enjoy their visitor services. For a full list of their services, visit Limo Maxi’s website here

Contact Details: +65 6535 3534 | booking@limomaxi.com
Address: 465 Crawford Lane Singapore 190465. View more of their locations on this link.

9. Prestige Limo


  • Prioritise safety of all passengers on board
  • High-end services
  • Most comfortable and safe chauffeur services
  • Years of experience for drivers

Prestige Limo Transport provides an array of affordable, reliable, and quality limousine transportation services in Singapore. Planning on a business trip or a simple getaway with your loved ones? They are here to offer you a guaranteed smooth experience.

Their courteous and professional roster of drivers ensures a happy and safe ride for you. Surely, they will never disappoint! If all these sound good to you, then we highly suggest you look into Prestige Transport’s website. There’s a lot to know about their limousine services!

Contact Details: +65 9655 0807 | info@prestigelimo.sg

10. Maxicab & Limousine Singapore


  • Limousine and maxicab services
  • Caters to small and medium groups
  • Spacious and comfortable

Planning a trip with a few guests? How about a trip with quite a large number of peers? Well, no worries, ’cause Maxicab & Limousine Singapore is right here for you! Travel from point-to-point in the most comfortable setting only with Maxicab.

They offer corporate transportation, airport transfers, events and meeting transportation. You might think that their prices are relatively higher than the average Uber booking, but with their services, you wouldn’t go wrong with choosing Maxicab – convenience, comfort, and style at your service.

Book a vehicle on this link for the best travel experience!

Contact Details: +65 6689 2222 | limobooking@maxicab.sg 

11. Star Travels Limousine


  • Prompt limousine service
  • Affordable rates
  • Excellent customer service

Star Limousine Singapore offers professional, corporate, and tourist limousine services on the island. With no hidden charges, you’ll enjoy a safe, secure, and comfortable travel that’s worth every dollar.

A lot of feedback from previous clients says that Star Limousine’s services are topnotch. They are well-coordinated and their staff does not miss providing excellent service. Despite short notices, Star Travels never fails. So, if you’re looking for a great limousine service provider in Singapore, then Star Travels Limousine definitely deserves to be your pick.

Contact Details: +65 673 72471 | info@starlimousines.com.sg

Address: 486 Miltonia Close Singapore 768173

12. Wedding Carriages Singapore


  • Wedding car rental
  • Wedding mastermind 
  • Photography and photoshoots
  • Transportation needs

Looking for the perfect limousine for your wedding day? Wedding Carriages Singapore is here to help you out! 

We know how much your wedding is awaited. It is one of the ceremonies where memories last a lifetime. That’s why we highly suggest you look into Wedding Carriages – a limousine service provider with the highest standards.

Make your wedding day extra special with Wedding Carriages. Learn more about their services through this link.

Bonus: They also have wedding photoshoots! Check them out to know more.

Contact Details: 9844 40793 | weddingcarriages@gmail.com

13. Blacklane


  • Seamless airport travel
  • Flexible rides
  • All-inclusive rates

Explore the city with Blacklane. There’s much to see around and it’s a better experience when you choose the best. Blacklane is a flexible and trusted limousine service provider in Singapore.

They have real-time status updates so you always stay connected. Their well-trained chauffers and reliable professionals are ready to make your travel hassle-free. Also, with Blacklane, you’ll absolutely have peace of mind. Thanks to their expertise in the field, you get to your destination smoothly.

Download Blacklane’s app to learn more! Download via the App Store or Google Play.

14. Sixt


  • Rent A Car Services
  • Europe’s largest fleet of luxury cars
  • Events transport management

SIXT is a car rental in Singapore that also caters to a number of countries worldwide. They have a wide selection of cars – sedan, luxury limousines, minibuses – name it, they have it! 

Communication will never be a problem because their chauffeurs are multilingual. Them being highly trained makes your experience a breeze. SIXT offers long-distance travelling, sightseeing tours, and more. 

Contact them via this link if you have any queries.

15. Knight Limousine 


  • Party bus
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Hourly disposal
  • Can cater to corporate events and other special occasions

One of the best limousine services in Singapore is offered by Knight Limousine. They have well-maintained limousines that are guaranteed clean and comfy. They also have a wide range of vehicles, so you can definitely personalise according to your preference. If you want to see their fleet, don’t hesitate to look into their website on this link.

Whether you’re looking for leisure, corporate, or events, Knight Limousine is a great company. They can do airport pick-ups, drop off, sightseeing, and a lot more! 

What we absolutely love is that you can book their party bus. Enjoy subwoofers, drinks, smoke machines right inside your limousine as you rock your night out with Knight Limousine. It’s definitely something to look forward to, so we suggest you click on their website now!

Contact Details: +6593660336

16. Romaeus Limousine


  • Always on time during pick-ups
  • Professionally-dressed drivers
  • Neat limousines
  • Well-experienced in events and corporate meetings 

Since 2014, Romaeus Limousine has been providing limousine services in Singapore. Through years of experience, their professionalism in the field makes them among the best limousine service providers out there.

Their classy limousines are Mercedes, Toyota Hiace, Alphard, and more. They ensure that their chauffeurs are always on time so you won’t ever be disappointed. Romaeus also ensures that all cars are neat and clean so you can have the most comfortable travel.

Contact Details: +65 8812 0015 | romaeus.limo@gmail.com

That completes our list of the best limousine services on the island. We hope you’ve chosen one that suits your preference in terms of luxury, style, and comfort. We wish you a safe and smooth trip! If you think we missed one on the list, then don’t hesitate to let us know!

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