Most people hate doing the laundry, because who doesn’t, right? Who got time for that? For someone who struggles with a hectic work schedule, household chores are a burden to deal with, especially when you are living in your apartment alone. Fortunately, many laundry services would deal with your clothes as if they own it—and promises to do your laundry delicately and more conveniently. We have rounded up the best seven laundry services in Singapore that you might want to check out.

1. Piing!

Piing! offers a 50% off on your first five washes with a minimum order of $25. What a great deal for first-time customers, right? You only need to download their app here and use their code: FREETIME50. You can let Piing! wash your shoes, bags, curtains, carpets, and even leather. They also offer Green Day Cleaning that guarantees to be 100% chemical-free and 100% eco-friendly for delicate garments for your 100% satisfaction.

You can request an order through their app in just a snap. Piing! is open until 11 P.M., so it makes it more convenient for you. You can check out their services’ prices here or you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Address: 2 Woodlands Sector 1, #03-22 Woodlands Spectrum, Singapore 738068
Phone Number: (+65) 31053105
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday
Price Points: $4.50/kg | minimum of 5 kgs

2. A&B Professional Dry Clean & Laundry

Are you looking for a professional laundry service? Well, A&B Professional Dry Clean & Laundry would handle your garments in the most delicate way you’d want them to. Customers are assured that their team of professionals will always treat their clothes with the utmost care and they’d come back to the same state that you had sent it in. They also offer door to door laundry and dry cleaning service for corporate accounts.

Check out their price list here.

Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4, #03-07/08, Singapore 415875
WhatsApp: +65 6100 1616
Email:[email protected]
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday
Hot Line: 8am – 10pm daily | Factory Operation: 8am – 5pm
Price Point: Minimum Order $40 | 3-5 Days Turn Around

3. Laundry First    

If you are looking for professional services to attend to your business’ garments needs, Laundry First is the best choice for you for they offer commercial laundry services to different companies such as hotels, spas, medical facilities, salons, and many more.

They also provide excellent and professional services for your laundry. They also guarantee a fast service regardless of the laundry load or the kind of cleaning preferences you had requested. You can get your freshly cleaned garments in just two business days. If you want to check their services’ prices and payment methods, you can always send a Quick Service Request.

Address: 31 Playfair Rd #03-36 Singapore 367993
Phone Number: (+65) 62065528
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday

4. Singapore Laundry

If you are looking for a professional laundry service for your dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, and laundry pickup services, Singapore Laundry is happy to serve you. Singapore Laundry takes pride in having skilful staff members who are ready to serve its customers beyond their expectations. Singapore Laundry uses the right products, always readily available, and one of the most affordable laundry services in Singapore.

You may check out their services’ prices here or you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check their opening hours and payment methods here.

Address: Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore 417943
Phone Number: (+65) 6844 0554
Email: [email protected]
Price Points: Minimum order of $35 | transport fee of $35 if the order is less than $35

5. LaundryMart

Do you personally want to do your own washing but do not have the perfect washing machine to use? Well, LaundryMart is the place for you.

What’s more appealing is that they are open 24/7 to serve you and has many branches all over Singapore. The company can be a major lifesaver when you have an important formal event to attend, but only your suit is dirty. With just less than $10 and with free detergents, you can already have your clothes completely clean in half an hour. If you want to see the list of their branches, you can click here. Are you in a hurry? You can book their laundry service online thru bluPort here.

Branch: Boon Keng
Address: #01-37, Block 22, Boon Keng Road, (S) 330022
Phone Number: (+65) 6294 2256
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: You can contact them here
Price Points: $5 for 10kg and $6 for 15kg

6. Pressto

Originated in Spain in 1994, with more than 500 outlets in over 22 countries, including Singapore, Pressto is no doubt the world’s largest chain of quality expresses dry cleaning.

Pressto has come a long way in redefining dry cleaning with their “in-store boutique” cleaning concept, express service, ecological friendly state-of-the-art equipment, and products, hygienic dry cleaning, stain removal specialists, experienced, and well-trained staff, and door-to-door delivery service. If you want to check out their list of services, just click here. You can follow them on their social media account on Facebook. You can also book your appointment online here.

List of Locations: Click here
Phone Number: +65 8138 7544
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday

7. Cleanpro Express

If you are one of the people who hate other people touching your private stuff, then Cleanpro Express is your go-to laundering service!

Cleanpro Express is the world’s first-ever Laundry Management that offers “24/7 no manpower self-service laundry concept.” They brought in and opened up to high-tech equipment, committed to the research and development of a self-planning business model that broke through since 2011.

You can personally wash your clothes using Dexter Brand, the best washer and dryer machine in the U.S. Check out their locations here. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Address: No.9, Kaki Bukit Road 2, #04-01 Gordon Warehouse, Singapore 417842
Phone Number: +65-6100 5528
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: 24/7
Price Points: $3 for 14kg

Which of these seven laundry services did you like most? You can also share your experiences in the comment section below if you have tried them.

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