Getting the most updated and accurate news about COVID-19 is a big deal. After all, we cannot afford to have misleading information. The last thing we want to get ourselves into is believing fake news. As a community, we should constantly educate one another about the latest pandemic developments – locally and internationally. In fact, we want to help you! These are some of the best online platforms that you can rely on for reliable and valid news about COVID-19.  

1. on WhatsApp

COVID-19 News

WhatsApp is easily one of the most common and extensive communication channels these days. Simply head down to to subscribe to this WhatsApp channel.

What’s good about this platform:

  • Exposed to the most updated local news including the number of COVID-19 cases
  • Available in different official languages (English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil)
  • User-friendly for all ages
  • Educates users about the Do’s and Don’ts in the respective phases
  • Endorsed by the Singapore government

Likewise, I would highly recommend subscribing this as the basic platform of news to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Most importantly, we don’t want you to be ignorant.

2. CNA on Telegram

COVID-19 News

Telegram is the next most convenient way of getting precise and accurate news. And this option is connected to Channel News Asia. This is perfect for us to find out developments locally and internationally. After all, whatever that happens beyond our borders will always affect us.

3. Ministry of Health website

COVID-19 News

Being the first point of contact with the virus, MOH is undeniably the best in this battle against COVID-19. After all, they comprise personnel that are medically trained to provide us with the most scientifically reliable tips and statistics about their latest discoveries about our enemy.

4. GOV.SG on Twitter

Singapore Government (@govsingapore) | Twitter

What is good about this platform:

  • Perfect if you prefer to have their WhatsApp and Telegram purely for communication
  • Same updates as those on WhatsApp and Telegram
  • articles, videos and resources on protection against virus
  • clarifications of misinformation

5. BBC

BBC News - YouTube

It is also important to have an extensive network beyond Southeast Asia and Asia. BBC is one of the most trustworthy sources of news for us to tap on to understand the international landscape during this pandemic. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to understand the severity of this pandemic without other topics such as international politics.

6. Straits Times

In Good Company: ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising · Manpower Singapore

What is good about this:

Firstly, ST has a strong focus on events in Singapore and the region. Likewise, it uses the right centre bias in its editorial pieces to avoid biases.  They guarantee you factual daily updates and opinion about the pandemic. Also, they are available on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In short, we hope this short article has been helpful for you. This battle against COVID-19 is undeniably a tough one. However, nothing is impossible if we keep one another safe. Also, let us do so by staying connected to the latest developments locally and globally.

Stay safe and healthy.

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