While most women like experimenting with makeup and various looks, having the curled lashes that do not get messed up is a perfect beauty dream come true. These perfect lashes which are done at lash lift & lash perm salons save you a lot of time during the whole makeup hustle. 

Lash lift & lash perm salons offer you a perfect solution to always have those curly, natural, and beautiful lashes. While lash lift lifts your eyelashes and ensures they are well enhanced, lash perm is an ideal choice for women with long eyelashes. The procedure reduces the lashes and makes them curly.

Here are the lists of the best lash lift & lash perm salons in Singapore worth checking out.

1. Bejeweled

Image credit: Bejeweled


  • Offers competitive rates
  • They use modern technology in lash lifting
  • It has a team of skilled and friendly staff

Bejeweled is a beauty studio that offers a variety of quality treatment procedures in Singapore. It uses the Elleebana one shot Lash lift. Elleebana is a new trend in the beauty industry. The procedure leaves your lashes lifted right from their roots. The lifting effect is more pronounced and natural-looking.

The Elleebana procedure is fast and gives sexy curls in less than 30 minutes. It also contains conditioning ingredients and nourishing ingredients. The procedure is ideal for both long and short lashes. With products imported from Australia, you are guaranteed safe products that do not contain formaldehyde. Another lash procedure at bejeweled is the Collagen lash lift from Germany. It’s a collagen-infused solution that helps your lashes to grow and minimize loss.

Their lash treatment starts from $58.

Address18 Tai Seng #B1-05/06 Singapore 539775 | 10 Anson Road #02-48 International Plaza SG 079903
Contact Details+65 6443 9789
Working HoursMon – Fri, 11AM – 8PM | Sat, 11AM – 4.30PM | Sun & PH, Closed
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2. JPro Beauty

Image credit: JPro Beauty


  • It offers quality services
  • Affordable prices
  • Their products are safe and imported from Australia

JPro Beauty offers long-lasting lash lifts by a team of highly skilled and experienced beauticians. Their Keratin eyelash lift is the perfect alternative to eyelash extension that requires high maintenance. Keratin is a kind of protein that enhances the growth of eyelashes.

JPro beauty uses advanced and safe products like the Belmacil and Elleebana from Australia. These products aim to enhance the definition of natural eyelashes. After lifting your eyelash, the result is a healthy and sustainable lash that is well curled. You can add semi-permanent mascara for a permanent gloss finish. The services are ideal for those who seek luscious and longer eyelashes.

Address5 Coleman Street, #03-22 Excelsior Shopping Centre, Singapore 179805 | 104 Jurong East Street 13, #01-102 Singapore 600104
Contact Details+65 9800 3928 | hello.jprobeauty@gmail.com
Working HoursMon – Sat, 10.00AM – 8.00PM
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3. Perky Lash

Image credit: Perky Lash


  • It offers a variety of lash lift treatments
  • It has a team of skilled and experienced staff
  • Their prices are affordable
  • Lashes last longer.

Perky Lash is a leading beauty studio in Singapore. It uses the world’s Laser processed Lashes, which delivers a calming experience using anti-allergy. The lash lift lasts longer, and there is no damage to your eyelashes. It also offers you different designs and curls so that you can customize them to suit your preference.

The lash lifts and lash perm offered include keratin tint &semi-permanent mascara, and collagen lashes lift to create a more enhanced natural lash. With good recommendations from happy and satisfied customers, Perky Lash offers you the best lash lift services.

Address23 Serangoon Central #03-27 Singapore 556083
Contact Details+65 8318 5222 | perkylash@gmail.com
Working HoursMon – Sun, 11.00AM – 10:00PM
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4. The Brow & Beauty Boutique


  • Offers high-quality lash lift and lash tint.
  • It has a team of attentive and skilled staff.
  • The beauty shop provides the comprehensive treatment.

The Brow and Beauty Boutique offers its customers a comprehensive service that combines lash tint and keratin lash lift treatment for that perfect natural looking lashes. It offers other services such as eyeliner, lips, and eyebrow embroidery.

During the entire treatment process, the keratin serum helps set the lashes perfectly and moisture your lashes. After the treatment, the lash tint is used to thicken your lashes and maintain that natural look.

The price for tint treatment and Keratin eyelash is S$88 per session. With many clients applauding the salon for having attentive and skilled staff, you have every reason to check-in at the beauty shop.

Address190 Jalan Eunos (Euhabitat) Singapore 419539, Singapore 419539
Contact Details+65 88297701 | enquiry@thebrowbeautyboutique.com
Working HoursDaily, 10AM – 10PM
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5. The Lash Chapter

Image credit: The Lash Chapter


  • It offers quality lash treatment.
  • Their lashes look natural and save time during makeup.

The Lash Chapter offers you a more modern and sophisticated lash lift. It moves from the traditional lash perm, which curls lashes using curling rods and instead, offers Tint treatment and Yumi Lash Lift. This ensures your lashes have pigments, vitamins, and proteins.

You’ll get well-curled lashes that are longer, thicker, and last for more than eight to six months. The treatment gives you a variety of tints for you to select one which matches your eye colour. With one session costing S$80, you get quality lash and tint treatment. 

Many customers praise the services at Lash chapter, especially how the lashes turn out thicker and natural-looking.

Address9 King Albert Park, #01-46, KAP Mall, Singapore 598332 | 66 East Coast Road, #03-06, The Flow, Singapore 428778
Contact Details+65 9785 0439 | bookings@thelashchapter.com
Working HoursMon – Fri, 11AM – 7PM | Sat, 11AM – 5PM | Sun, Closed
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6. Dreamlash

Image credit: Dreamlash


  • The studio offers detailed consultation services
  • It uses quality products from Korea
  • The studio has skilled staff

Dreamlash is a leading Korean eyelash studio in Singapore. It offers eyelash extension and filler lash lift by use of Korean imported products. Dreamlash offers treatment that leaves you rejuvenated and curled upwards. The treatment involves using a lash shield for lifting your lashes to the desired curl; then, they are set using a keratin solution to nourish the lashes.

At Dreamlash, your lashes get a natural upward lift effect. The filler lash has filler effects where the lashes are strengthened during the process. It also offers lash darkening and a mascara boost effect. You’ll be able to enjoy the expertise of the lash artists at the salon. The lash treatment lasts for eight to twelve weeks. The prices start from S$118. First-time clients get a 20% discount on their initial visit.

Address1 raffles Link #B1-09A Singapore 039393
Contact Details+65 6386 5226 | enquiry@dreamlash.com.sg
Working HoursMon – Fri, 11AM – 9PM | Sat & Sun 11AM – 7PM
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7. Milly’s Singapore

Image credit: Milly’s Singapore


  • It offers a variety of lash treatments
  • The studio runs discounts and promotions
  • It has a team of attentive and skilled eyelash artists

Milly’s Singapore is a leading salon brand in Singapore. It offers a high-quality keratin lash treatment that gives your lashes definition. Milly’s sets itself apart since it uses vitamins and egg whites to nourish your lashes. The result is perfectly curled, healthy lashes that do not damage easily, unlike other traditional lashes.

Milly’s Singapore has good customer recommendations for their excellent services. You, therefore, get quality service at the studio.

Address3 Temasek Boulevard #03-358 Suntec City Mall Tower 3 Singapore 038983
Contact Details+65 8383 5396 | ask@millys.com.sg
Working HoursMon – Sat, 11AM – 9.30PM | Sun & PH, 11AM – 8PM
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8. Avone Beauty Secrets

Image credit: Avone Beauty


  • 7 Days Lash Guarantee for all Lash Services 
  • First Trial at only $38 with Free $20 Service Voucher 
  • Team of Skilled Lash Specialist 

Avone Beauty Secrets is an award-winning beauty shop in Singapore. It received recognition from the International Beauty and Health General Union of Korea. The beauty spot uses original products from Korea. Their signature Ultra Lash Lift treatment perm has a formula with keratin that nourishes lashes after lifting them. The effect lasts for more than two months before you can go for another re-touch of your lashes.

Once your lashes are lifted, your beautician provides you with a lash wand for combing your lashes to remain separated and lifted. With a price tag of S$68 for one session, you can always check out the salon for a lash lift. Many customers have retained the beauty shop because of its experienced and attentive staff as their number one go-to place. 

Address11 Outlets located islandwide, for full addresses please visit here: https://www.avone.sg/
Contact Details+65 6908 7869 | +65 9751 1196 | customer_service@avone.sg
Working HoursDifferent for each location. Check out here.
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9. Kelyn Esther

Image credit: Kelyn Esther


  • It uses organic products in its beauty procedure.
  • It has a team of skilled beauticians.
  • Their prices are competitive in the market.

Kelyn Esther offers various beauty treatments using essential oils, organic products, and botanical treatments. Their lash lift beauty treatment uses Keratin booster, which moisturizes your lashes, giving them a natural look. It also offers other services such as pedicure, manicure, body waxing, and facials. The prices start from S$68.

To enhance your lashes, look, you can use semi-permanent mascara, which offers more thickness and definition to your eyelashes.

With a comfortable, cosy, and highly skilled professional, Kelyn Esther is a studio worth your time.

AddressBlock 269 Queen Street, #02-227/231, Singapore 180269
Contact Details+65 9889 9449 | kelynest@kelynesther.com
Working HoursTue – Fri, 11AM – 9PM | Sat & Sun, 10AM – 8PM | Mon, Closed
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10. Lolita’s Lash

Image credit: Lolita’s Lash


  • It offers quality treatment
  • It has a team of skilled lash artists
  • Their prices are affordable

At Lolita’s Lash, you get quality Lash Lift treatment. It uses products from an Australian company, Elleebana which delivers quality results and keeps your lashes healthy. Your lashes get nourishment from biotin-infused formula and keratin. At Lolita’s Lash, you select the curls according to your taste and eye shape. Other services offered include semi-permanent mascara, lash tint, and lash extensions.

The Lash Studio has many customers happy with their highly skilled services and quality treatment. With Lash treatment costing S$79, you can always check out the studio.

Address52 Boat Quay, Level 2, Singapore 049841
Contact Details+65 6570 3317 | benson.lim@lolitagroup.com
Working HoursMon – Sat, 11AM – 9PM | Sun, Closed
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Above are the best lash lift and lash perm Salons in Singapore. If you are not sure which procedure to take, there are helpful eyelash technicians who can offer help. You should also consider the cost of the procedure, other customer reviews, and the kind of products used. Safe products ensure that your skin does not have an allergic reaction.

While some lash lift & lash perm salons may seem costly, most salons run discounts and promotions from time to time. Check out their website for more information.