Is the grass always greener on the other side? How about we level up your vibrancy game for good? Everyone dreams of sitting on their porch with the view of a gorgeous outdoor area. To sum up, one which blooms with flowers, water features, and greenery. Consequently, if you’ve been wanting to enhance your garden or create scenic beauty in your backyard, you have luckily landed on the most beneficial page.

Landscaping is the art and science of sprucing up the aesthetics of a plot of land. Whether it is planting, flowering, building waterfalls, solving sewage issues, or cleaning your garden, we have them all. In fact, these landscaping experts will not allow you to lift a finger and will create a natural aura in your home’s outdoor areas. So, choose from the best, sit back, relax, and watch the magic!

In brief, to improve your everyday home-garden view, we’re listing the Best 10 Landscaping Services in Singapore today.

1. Guan Lee Heng Contactor

Photo credit: Guan Lee Heng Contractor

Singapore houses an abundance of stunning green backdrops to earn the title of being ‘The Garden City’. By this, you can only imagine how top-notch the quality of landscape service providers must be. Guan Lee Heng Contractor Pte Ltd is one of the popular ones that top the list on everyone’s mind. In fact, with more than 41 years of experience and multiple award-winning projects, they have the power to become bigger and better with every execution.  

Overall, they have expertise in areas including horticultural, arboricultural, and conservancy services. Not only do they own a nursery that is accredited under the National Parks Board’s Nursery Accreditation Scheme (NAS), but also implemented the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard and attained the OHSAS 18001:2007 as well as bizSafe Star Standards among many other esteemed registrations and affiliations. In case you want a sustainable and gorgeous outdoor area that will blossom for years to come, go for the pioneers in the industry themselves. Most essentially, the best in the trade.  


  • Innovative landscape creations
  • Specialists in conservancy services
  • Winner of Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2016 and Singapore Entrepreneurs Award 2015-2016 among other recognitions
BEST FOR360-degree Landscaping services 
Services availableAll types of landscape services
CONTACT DETAILSTelephone no.: +65 6764 2012

2. Green Fingers Landscaping Services

Are you looking for a full-fledged revamp for your garden? A modification in your office/home space with some serious flora and fauna? Certainly, the team at Green Fingers sure knows how to turn your plot into a paradise. Firstly, they come highly recommended as one of the top 5 landscape services in Singapore. Additionally, being one of the most passionate planters in Singapore, their quality of services and workmanship are renowned.

Moreover, they offer comprehensive gardening services like pest control, fertilization, grass cutting, turfing, decking, among a plethora of other services. Hence, they promise perks like increasing the value of your home by 20%, reducing noise levels and optimizing your outdoor spaces. Thus, leveraging the overall atmosphere of your house. Above all, their variety of benefits and services set them apart from many others in the landscaping game.


  • No consultation fees
  • Intimate supervision
  • Affordable rates
BEST FOR Residential Services
SERVICESOverall landscaping, garden irrigation, plant decorations, potted plants, maintenance, and herb planting

3. Eco-Scape Landscaping Services

So, back in 2004, Eco-Scape emerged in Singapore as a premium gardening and landscaping service provider essentially for residential spaces. Meanwhile, what really distinguishes them from the rest? Unlike many others, they facilitate environmentally friendly solutions. Furthermore, they have a well-equipped team of highly trained professionals who pose as your garden ninjas that solve all types of planting problems.

Overall, everyone in the Eco-Scape team is devoted to matching client expectations and delivering value for money through their high-end offerings. Besides, they also sell decorative items, pet-care, DIY items, and tools online with regards to gardening. Subsequently, from conceptualizing to designing and implementing, they are an all-rounder service that will allow you to relax and watch the show!


  • Well-versed staff
  • Diverse  range of services
  • Online offerings for gardening
BEST FOR Eco-friendly Services
SERVICESDesigning and maintenance of landscapes, florist and cleaning services

4. Hawaii Landscaping Services

Hawaii Landscape has been prevalent since 1968 as an ancient name and old player in the landscaping market. In fact, they spearhead the game of geology meeting architecture in Singapore. Above all, their wide range of awards speak for themselves, alongside their long list of happy clients over the years. In brief, investing your trust in them is a no-brainer considering the experience they crown.

Their USPs are services for your rooftop gardens, golf courses, water features, swimming pools, commercial landscaping, among many others. Consequently, they have an array of services laid out for you. Certainly, Hawaii is like an addictive buffet you will always go back to. Additionally, they have an online nursery that lets you shop for unique plants and get free delivery on orders above $400.


  • Digital nursery
  • Veterans in the market
  • All-inclusive landscaping services
  • Site investigation and surveys
BEST FOR Landscape Architecture
SERVICESLandscaping (residential) and timber works, golf courses, water features, swimming pools, and nurseries.
CONTACT DETAILS(+65) 6251 3963

5. Earthscape Concepts

Singapore is a city that has scenic greenery everywhere you look.. Even on scarce lands, you will find lush plants climbing vertically out of sky-scrappers. In fact, Earth scape helps you keep this spirit and vibe alive. Meanwhile, their full-range services for commercial as well as personal plots aim to turn Singapore into a sustainable, cleaner and greener environment to live in.

Above all, Earth scape concepts is renowned for their design consultancy service and turning their crisp words into gorgeous execution. Honing their skills for over 14 years in the field, they know how to transform your beloved spaces and please all your senses at once. To conclude, their goal is to improve every garden in the Lion city, one conscious step at a time.


  • Conscious and sustainable outlook
  • Experienced technicians
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Maintenance facilities
BEST FOR Residential Landscaping
SERVICESDesign Consultancy, event decoration, customized garden features, project implementation, landscape maintenance, and corporate plant rentals
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6848 9449

6. Chin Ling Nursery

Chin Ling Nursery is a local landscape service brand that has been close to the hearts of Singaporeans over a long period of time. They offer to make your life easier through their services of beneficial garden tools, decorative items that are useful as well as landscaping services overall. Furthermore, they used super-advanced techniques to save time and money, being one of the most efficient services that exist in Singapore.

Moreover, they run you through the entire process before implementing any changes to your plot. Subsequently, their team makes sure you’re happily on the same page and get what you desire to the till every detail. Moreover, their operations team has won multiple awards like the LIAS Award of Excellence for the retail category in the recent past. Certainly having created stunning outdoor living spaces for the residential sector, Chin Ling Nursery tailor-make your view to suit your lifestyle, preferences, and budgets.


  • 36 years of loyal clients serviced with high-end quality offerings
  • Advanced gardening tools
  • Expert gardening team
BEST FOR Landscape Designing
SERVICESLandscaping, Landscape Consultation, and Landscape Maintenance
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6448 8602

7. Vertical Green Landscaping Service

Above all, Vertical Green’s services are far from mainstream. Therefore, their aim is to maximize your green resources to its highest potential. However, instead of providing regular landscape and garden facilities, they offer innovative routes to create your very own paradise. Consequently, their landscaping services are a concoction of architectural beauty as well as gardening.

Most importantly, you can get that Instagrammable look in your home, office space, or even commercial outlet. So, vertical gardens play magic through a special approach that no one else takes. In short, they conceptualize your concrete space, turn it green in the smartest way and the net thing you know, you are flabbergasted with their vision. Overall, their designs are a breath of fresh air. So look no further.


  • Trendy and modern landscape designs
  • Indoor and outdoor landscapes
  • Interdisciplinary team
  • Expertise in green wall maintenance
BEST FORInnovative vertical landscape
SERVICESDesign, rentals, maintenance, and greenery restoration

9. Landscape Contractors Singapore

Landscape services are an arena where you cannot possibly choose to opt for a mediocre option. Although, when it comes to quality landscaping, you deserve the best in the trade. On that note, the top 10 list is incomplete without Landscape Contractor Singapore due to their fine delivery and greatness of finesse.

Additionally, whether it is hardscape or softscape, they are popular for offering a plethora of services at affordable prices. However, with no compromising on professionalism, they proudly curated a team of experts to meet all your architectural beauty demands. Similarly, they provide specialists for every aspect of the service, from design to installation. Moreover, their barrage of experts guarantees transparency. Thus describing your vision and leaving them in capable hands.  


  • Calm, curated, and specialized consultation
  • Highly trained, ultra-professional staff
  • Detailed landscaping
BEST FORTransparent, Affordable, Landscaping Services
SERVICESTree care, planting, grass and pathway maintenance, driveway clearing
landscape design, maintenance, and installation, and garden installation
CONTACT DETAILS(65) 6951 5441

9.   Prince ’s Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd

In case there is a way to get all your landscaping services under one roof without fuss, Prince’s Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd is your ultimate destination. From plant delivery services to maintaining landscape contracts, they serve easily deliver your desired greenery to your doorstep. Certainly, their efficiency and respect come from a long history of satisfied clients that have appreciated the work of their architects.

However, having close connections with government agencies, contractors, and other professionals, they automatically become one of the best options to leave your plot in safe hands. In addition, they can help you plan displays at your events or corporate occasions through plant rental services. Furthermore, they provide turfing, sustainable landscape, and lots of other valuable services that set them apart.


  • Online orders available during the pandemic
  • Multiple landscaping services
  • Unique plant delivery
Best ForGeneral Landscaping Work
Services OfferedLandscaping design, construction, and maintenance. event and display plant rentals, tree pruning and planting, arboriculture consultancy
Address53 Sungei Tengah Road Singapore 698998
Contact Information65 6763 7000

10. Tai Kwang Garden

The workmanship is what makes an organization’s ethos and prestige stronger. This is what Tai Kwang has achieved for itself through its brilliant staff and service over the last silver years of existence. On the other hand, With competitors taking the hit, their pricing is extremely reasonable. Most importantly, they play along with your budget and desires o make the best out of the resources they have.

Moreover, they believe in the time being of prestige which is why their service is fast from the inception right up to the execution stage. In fact, their range of services includes royal grasses, water features, among other landscaping options. To sum up, Tai Kwang can change the aura of your home without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • Competitive prices
  • Well-reputable and efficient
  • Fast service due to advanced technologies
BEST FOR Superior Workmanship
SERVICESLandscaping, Water Features, and Royal Glass
CONTACT DETAILS(+65) 6793 7779 (+65) 9069 1948

In conclusion, landscape services reduce Singapore’s carbon footprint, cool down the relentless heat, and even improve our mental and emotional health. So, go ahead and explore from the best that the industry has to over. Besides, allow the experts to calm your mind, help improve your environment, and maybe even your lives with their green efforts.