Whether it is breakfast time, lunchtime, dinner time, or supper time, Kway Chap is a dish that is loved by many Singaporeans. Typically, the dish consists of a steaming bundle of braised pig innards alongside a bowl of flat rice noodles topped with fried shallots in a savoury broth. Over the years, chefs have put their own spin on the dish to include variations that feature sides like duck meat, braised tofu, fish cakes and pork belly for those who are not fans of innards. While the dish looks fairly simple on first look, it takes a lot of effort to prepare. Hawkers take hours just to clean the offals to get rid of any funky smell or taste so that you can fully enjoy the dish. Today, we recognize the efforts of kway chap sellers by looking at the 10 best kway chap places in Singapore!

1. Garden Street Kway Chap

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  • Since the 1940s
  • Innards handled well
  • Herbal broth

Founded in the 1940s, Garden Street Kway Chap at Serangoon Garden Way is one of the most popular kway chap stalls in Singapore. Since the late stall owner Mr Koh has passed away, Jason, Mr Koh’s grandson, Jason, has helmed the stall.

Through decades, Garden Street’s recipe remains the same. Its brown broth is made up of 15 different ingredients and is boiled for at least two hours so as to give it its robust and rich herbal flavours. All of the meat cuts that are served by this hawker stall are meticulously cut. And they serve pork belly, pig trotter, pig intestine, pig stomach, pork skin, as well as lean meat. Importantly, the innards are handled very well. There is no smell or funky taste.

Because the stall owner prepares, cuts, as well as arranges his food very carefully, be prepared to wait for a while before you can get a chance to taste the food of that this stall serves. But it would be worth the wait!

Address49A Serangoon Garden Way, #01-21, Singapore 555945
Contact Information9001 7844
Business HoursTuesday to Sunday: 8 AM – 3 PM

2. Guan Kee Kway Chap

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Image Credit: Guan Kee Kway Chap


  • Clean offals
  • Rich broth
  • Tender meat

Residents of Toa Payoh will be very familiar with this next stall. Guan Kee Kway Chap is located at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 and has many supporters. There are more than one highlights to the food that are served by this stall. Firstly, the broth that the rice noodles are served in is a garlic-infused soy-based broth. It is extremely rich in flavour, but not too herby such that some people might not like it. Coupled with the thin sheets of noodles, you will definitely want a second serving.

Secondly, the offals that are served by this stall are clean and handled very well. There is no funky taste or smell, and each piece is braised to perfection and the meat pieces that are served are also very tender. Offal lovers have to give Guan Kee a try!

Address01-24, 210 Lor 8 Toa Payoh Singapore 310210
Contact Information9739 6960
Business HoursMonday to Wednesday, Saturday: 11 AM – 8 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 8 PM

3. Lao San Kway Chap

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  • Old school flavours
  • Rich broth
  • Smooth noodles

Situated at the Ang Mo Kio area, Lao San Kway Chap is most well-known for its silky smooth noodles and its savoury and rich broth. When paired together, you get an extremely well-balanced and perfectly textured dish that will keep you coming back for more.

The ingredients that are served by this stall are fresh and generously portioned. The innards are velvety with a lovely aroma of herbs, tasted clean, and was braised in mild sweet-savoury stock. Another highlight of this stall is its chilli. It is fragrant and packs a punch. Spice lovers out there will definitely want to take an extra helping of Lao San Kway Chap’s chilli sauce.

The recipe that has been used by this stall remains authentic and unchanged since the very beginning. So, for an old-school, nostalgia kway chap option, be sure to check out Lao San Kway Chap.

AddressBlk 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-1222 Singapore 560232
Contact Information9487 0693
Business HoursTuesday to Sunday: 6 AM – 3 PM

4. To-Ricos Kway Chap

To-Ricos Guo Shi: popular kway chap at Old Airport Road Food Centre!
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  • Set meals
  • Many add-on ingredients
  • Large offals

To-Ricos Kway Chap is also better known as Blanco Court Kway Chap. The stall offers kway chap sets for 1 or 2 persons. On top of that, you can add additional ingredients if you have a preference for a particular ingredient. Ingredients that are available for add on include pig trotters ($5), big intestines ($4), pig’s stomach ($4), pork belly ($4), pig skin ($1, $2), tau kwa (80cents), to braised eggs (60 cents).

Unlike other kway chap stalls that serve thin and small offals, the offals served by To-Ricos Kway Chap are cut in large bite-size pieces. With each bite, you get a substantial amount of offal, and the texture of it is springy and tender. They are also delectably braised in soy sauce and herbs along with other ingredients.

All in all, every ingredient is handled with care and consistency, resulting in a very satisfying meal.

Address01-135 Old Airport Rd, 136 51, Singapore 390051
Contact Information8923 0892
Business HoursWednesday to Sunday: 10.30 AM – 2 PM

5. Siglap Kway Chap

Siglap Kway Chap
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  • Fresh ingredients
  • 50 years of experience
  • Traditional cooking methods

Located along East Coast Road, Siglap Kway Chap often sports a queue of loyal customers eagerly waiting for their food. The stall owner has been selling kway chap for almost 50 years.

The highlight of this stall has got to be its offals. They are tender and thinly sliced for your enjoyment. On top of that, each piece of offal is drenched in a thick and flavourful braised sauce that is seriously addictive.

The stall is also known to prepare its dish in traditional ways. The stall owner insists on personally pan-frying the spices first before adding the braising sauce which is extremely time-consuming but results in a rich aroma. In addition, the stall uses fresh pork from Indonesia even though it is more pricey just so it can maintain its quality and freshness. These decisions made by the stall owner pay of in the bowl of kway chap that you get to enjoy!

Address727 East Coast Rd, Singapore 459073
Contact Information8923 0892
Business HoursFriday to Wednesday: 8 AM – 2.30 PM

6. Quan Lai Kway Chap

Quan Lai Kway Chap | Burpple - 35 Reviews - Macpherson, Singapore
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  • Deep-fried intestines
  • Established for more than 50 years
  • Many different ingredients

Located at Macpherson, Quan Lai Kway Chap has been in business for more than 50 years. The stall is best known for its herbal broth that is made with many different spices and boiled for hours. There are also many different ingredients that you can choose to add to your meal. This includes duck meat, pig intestines, pork belly, taupok, tofu, ngoh hiang, fishcake, as well as egg.

Another popular dish that is served up by Quan Lai Kway Chap is their deep-fried intestines which are deep-fried to a perfect golden brown and have a crispy exterior that is likened to a suckling pig. Pair this with you kway chap meal and you will have an unforgettable eating experience!

Address560 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368233
Contact Information6744 1252
Business Hours9 AM to 3 AM, Daily

7. Old Bugis Kway Chap

Old Bugis Kway Chap
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  • Sticky sauce
  • Herbal broth

Old Bugis Kway Chap, despite its name, is not situated in Bugis. Instead, you will find it a Sengkang Square. The stall has been around for more than a decade and has quite a number of supporters.

Unlike many kway chap stalls that have a thin and watery consistency sauce, the sauce that is drizzled over the ingredients served at this stall is sticky and thick. It is absorbed really well by the ingredients resulting in a rich and savoury tasting experience.

The broth that the noodles sit-in is also boiled to perfection and has a herbal aftertaste that is light and appetizing. Be sure to head down to Sengkang Square if you are craving for some kway chap.

Address10 Sengkang Square, Singapore 544829
Contact InformationNA
Business Hours9.30 AM to 3 AM, Daily

8. Bishan 284 Kway Chap

284 Kueh Chap (KPT 284 Bishan) | Burpple - 27 Reviews - Bishan, Singapore
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  • Serves pig ears
  • Supper place
  • Thin silky noodles

If you are craving for some kway chap for supper, this place is the one for you. Bishan 284 Kway Chap only opens at night, from 8.30 PM to 3 AM.

In addition, the pig intestines that are served by Bishan 284 Kway Chap are well cleaned without any foul smells or tastes. The braised meat sauce is thick and flavourful their soy-based broth is incredibly rich and tasty. The noodles that are served are also thin and silky smooth, which complements the broth really well.

Another unique highlight of this kway chap stall is that it serves pig ears on top of the usual pig skin, pig intestines and pork belly.

Address284 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 570284
Contact InformationNA
Business Hours8.30 PM to 3 AM, Daily

9. Cheng Heng Kway Chap and Braised Duck Rice

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  • Popular pig skin dish
  • Smooth and silky noodles
  • Fresh ingredients

Situated at Holland Drive Food Centre, Cheng Heng Kway Chap and Braised Duck Rice serve up its kway chap set along with their braised duck rice. The noodles that are served at this stall are the standout factor. They are really smooth and when you put them into your mouth, they are able to slide down smoothly as you take your bite. In addition, the noodles do not clump together, unlike those of many other stalls.

In addition, the ingredients of this stall are fresh and clean, and loyal customers say that the pigskin served are not to be missed. So be sure to order them to avoid disappointment. There will be quite a wait though because this stall is rather popular! 

Address44 Holland Dr, #02-05, Singapore 270044
Contact InformationNA
Business HoursFriday to Wednesday: 7 AM to 2.30 PM

10. Blanco Court Kueh Chap 

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  • Powerful chilli
  • Tender meat
  • Light broth

Blanco Court Kway Chap is also located at Holland Drive Market and Food Centre. Like Cheng Heng Kway Chap and Braised Duck Rice, this stall is also rather popular. Established in the 1950s, the stall kept its name as Blanco Court Kueh Chap despite moving to Holland Drive.

The meat that is served by this stall is tender and thin and the noodles served are smooth, soft, and thin. The broth that the noodles sit in is herbal and light and will not feel too overpowering. For those who prefer a richer taste, you can always choose to enhance the flavour of your broth with their powerful and strong chilli that you can help yourself to!

Address44 Holland Drive, #02-02 Holland Drive Market & Food Center, Singapore 270044
Contact Information9848 7399
Business HoursTuesday to Thursday, Saturday to Sunday: 7 AM to 2.30 PM

Each of this stall has its own league of die-hard fans who would proclaim that it is the best Kway Chap stall in Singapore. Try each of them out and tell us which is your favourite! If you are looking for more local delights, check out our guide to the best hawker centres in Singapore here!