The craze for Korean fried chicken has been prevailing for a while in Singapore. Why though? Is there something that stole people’s hearts and smacked the lips? YES! The obvious answer is EVERYTHING about this dish makes your mouth water! Distinctly different from the American version of the fried chicken, the Korean Fried Chicken tastes unique. It is double fried without flour batter adding a sensual crunch to its skin. Most importantly, it’s comparatively less greasy.

Many people have been hit with real cravings after the popular Korean drama ‘Crash Landing on you’ showcased intense love for Korean Fried Chicken. Clearly, the Korean takeover on music, beauty, and self-care wasn’t enough that they upped the game of our dining experience as well. So KFC (Not Kentucky, but Korean Fried Chicken) has laid out a wave of flavorful, addictive, and crunchy outlets to indulge in Singapore.

Wondering which K-pop craze makes you drool the most? Here’s a list of the Best 10 Korean Fried Chicken Restaurants in Singapore

1. Chir Chir Singapore

Chir Chir Singapore – Popular Korean Fried Chicken With Islandwide Delivery  –
Photo credit: Daniel Food Diary

Chir Chir (a.k.a. chi-rei’ chi-rei’) has no reason to be out of your drool-worthy bucket list.  Flying in their proprietary sauces and marinades all the way from the capital of South Korea, Chir Chir Singapore is an authentic brand. This Korean Fried Chicken restaurant has multiple outlets and offers over 20 varieties of roasted as well as fried chicken ($26.90). The portions are good enough to fill two stomachs at a time.

Besides the freshness of meat, the consistency of flavour is addictive and surely brings you back. They keep introducing new menus to keep stay relevant with current trends. Recently, they launched Mala Chicken ($25.90), Nacho Chicken, Cream Onion Chicken, and Yu-Ling Chicken. All served with luscious and creamy onion dipping sauce. Feel free to ask for mayo or mustard alongside. If you like to spice things up, then the Mala dishes go right up your alley. 

Must-TryChir Cream Beer ($13.90) complements the fried chicken very well. It is bitter-sweet and chilled, helps you wash down the delectable grease
AddressBugis Junction | [email protected] | JEM

2. 4 Fingers

How S'pore Fried Chicken Chain 4Fingers Earned $45M In 2018
Photo credit: Vulcan Post

With its flagship outlet located at Ion Orchard, 4 Fingers is super popular among the youngsters due to its incredible quality and reasonable pricing. But what makes them worth the hype? Their use of fresh local produce, organic herbs & spices, and alluring seasonings. Although their competition has considerably increased, this halal-certified Korean Fried Chicken brand has a comfort-food menu to offer.

They are known for the 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Wings and Drummettes (6 piece combo for $10.95). They come in variations of soy garlic, spicy or mixed sauces. Moreover, the soy garlic and hot sauce wings served as an á la carte (6 piece combo for $8.45) is delicious too. What’s the secret you ask? Unadulterated chicken cooked to leave out to crackle the skin, minus the grease. Furthermore, rubbed with in-house sauces as a coating to maximize flavours. Are you tempted yet? Then go!

Must-tryTheir Seaweed fries and kimchi fries are phenomenal.
Address2 Orchard Turn, #B4-06A, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

3. Chicken Up

Chicken Up - the best korean fried chicken
Photo credit: Chicken Up

A beginner to the K-pop world of chicken wings? Chicken up can be the best kick-starter to your Korean Fried Chicken journey. Rightly claiming to be ‘The Best Korean Fried Chicken In Singapore’, Chicken up allows you to feel every bit of the loud gratifying crunch. Their signature Spicy Up Chicken (S$34) is tongue-tingling. In fact, it has the full potential to turn into your new favourite. Wrapped in crispy skin and the perfect amount of oil between the meat and coating, this one’s indulgent!

However, it’s an incredibly tasty express stall that is also present in one of the food havens – Singapore Polytechnic’s foodcourt 3. Then, another hot seller on the menu is the Soya Chicken Wings glazed with Korean soy sauce. To illustrate, they are served super succulent. Additionally, it is known for serving tender meat. Hence, it is the only brand that is growing rapidly on the lines of Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway and many others.

Must-tryThe K-town outlet for a wholesome Chimaek experience. Try the soy Ganjang ($12/four pieces), sweet Yangnyum chilli ($12/four pieces) seasonings. In addition, flush them down with the watermelon soju ($38), served in a cored-out melon (Slurps).
Address48 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088469 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)

4. Burger +

Burger+ – 30% OFF Takeaway & Deliveries. Korean Gourmet Burger & Fried  Chicken Joint, With REAL Truffle Burger & Fries –
Photo credit: Daniel Food Diary

Taking fried chicken a notch higher with its ‘bread quotient’, Burger+ is a Korean burger joint that also serves Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore. Firstly, they pamper you with delightful KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), fries, milkshake, sides, and the whole shebang! Secondly, they are super popular for not using frozen meat and taking the fresh road to glory. Thirdly, their dishes are available in drumsticks, wingettes, drumettes as well as mix parts.

Burger+ is the best place to visit in the middle of a shopping spree, after a crazy day at work, or even to grab a quick bite before running to the movies. Therefore, they are not only located in multiple areas of Singapore but also have various options depending on the no. of people dining at a time. Lastly, here’s a glimpse into their menu, the drumsticks are as follows: 3 pieces at $10.80, 6 pieces at $19.80, and 9 pieces at $29.80. While the Wingettes & Drumettes go at $9.20 for 6pcs, $17.20 for 12pcs, $24.80 for 18pcs.

Must-tryEveryone’s all-time favourite Signature Honey Chicken ($15.80 for half, $28.20 for full). In addition, it is glazed with the sugar-sweet honey sauce and makes you want to drool! Try the Yangnyeom Fried Chicken which is tangy and sweet, especially if you’re at the Burger+ at Clarke Quay Central.
AddressWisma Artria, Clarke Quay Central

5. Kko Kko Nara

Kko Kko Nara Restaurant | Singapore Directory | Honeycombers
Photo credit: Honeycombers

Kko Kko Nara is the passion-to-paycheck story of a man who would scroll through garbage bins of Korean restaurants. Consequently to find out how they made the best chicken in the world! This self-taught owner provides more than just Korean Fried Chicken at Kko Kko Nara. In brief, providing a whole authentic Korean menu. Sticking to his  Korean roots, Kko Kko Nara has become a big name in the K-wave game. They use freshly procured meat and before deep-frying it, they rub it in a secret blend of flours and coat it with spicy/garlic sauces.

If you’re a buffet-lover then go for the Combo Chicken Set (9 pieces with 3 different flavours – original, sweet, and special garlic soy sauce). On the other hand, the Deep Fried Chicken ($25) is perfectly golden-brown skin is insanely delicious! Even if you binge-eat and reach the 12th piece of their signature dishes, you won’t feel sick or funky from all the (Not so much) grease.

Must-tryTheir mixed platter is a lip-smacker and it consists of different styles of Yangneom too. Additionally, the garlic soy Chicken sauce is a best-seller. Don’t forget to try other Korean dishes like Sam Gye Tang (Ginseng chicken soup) ($28), Dak Bal (spicy chicken feet) ($30) as well
Address68 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088489

6. Pizza Maru

Pizza Maru: Add Some Seoul To These Korean Pizzas At Northpoint City
Photo credit: Seth Lui

Sitting on top of the pyramid that they built themselves is *drum roll* Pizza Maru – the world’s largest Korean pizza chain. Having made their way into Singapore’s Northpoint City, they provide melt-in-your-mouth deep-dish pizzas with thick crusts and chewy textures right out of the 90s era. As a result, those who are perpetually looking for healthy options and hate sacrificing their pizza cravings can opt for their premium pizza menu. Besides, Pizza Maru makes its patented nutritious green tea well-being pizza dough and black rice dough to cater to the fitness freaks.

When the two best types of comfort foods are combined and served on a cheesy platter, life can surely get overwhelming! Speaking of life-changing, you can customize your own pizza crusts with multiple options like the Gold Edge Crust (additional $3.20-$5.50) packed with sweet potato mousse and cheese (drool-drool). Nonetheless, all the Instagrammers should unleash your cameras to welcome the Spam Tower ($12.80) which is an intriguing impression of the classic bibimbap – made with chicken spam, fried kimchi, egg, sriracha sauce, parmesan cheese and topped with heaps of potato crisps. Moreover, it is deconstructed! This place is like a fast food haven gone, gourmet.

Must-tryDO NOT MISS getting your lips on the Real BBQ Chicago ($26.80) featuring a truckload of cheeses from cream cheese mousse, creamy double mozzarella cheese, and string cheese to paired with icing sugar sprinkles, almond flakes, and BBQ sauce. (How inviting does this sound!?)
Address930 Yishun Ave 2, #B1 – 192 / 193, Singapore 769098

7. Mom’s Touch Chicken & Burger

Mom's Touch – Famous Korean Fried Chicken Brand At Paya Lebar Quarter,  Crispy BUT Dry –
Photo credit: Daniel Food Diary

Mom’s Touch is an established entity since 2004, owning over 1,187 outlets in South Korea, the chain has smoothly seeped into Singapore. The name implies the purity in which a mother prepares a meal for her family. This is why the chicken is hand-breaded, battered, crafted, and marinated with Mom’s Touch special blend of seasoning for a juicy, wholesome, and tender landing on your taste buds. The restaurant has limited seated and is located in the PLQ arena, pretty popular among students.

The menu has two sections: Chicken and burgers, with fried chicken items including Mom’s Fried Chicken in Original or Spicy ($8.70 for 2 piece set, $11.70 for 3), Mom’s Spicy Sauce Chicken ($8.90 for 2 piece set, $12 for 3), Chicken Tenderloin ($7 for 3 piece set). Additionally, you can relish a bucket of 9 pieces at $27 and 12 pieces at $35.80 for the Mom’s Fried Chicken. They are widely famous for their extra crunch and intense crisp levels.

Must-tryTry the Mom’s Thigh Burger ($8.70), Incredible Burger ($9.80), Bulgalbi Chicken Burger ($8.20), and Deep Cheese Burger ($8.80). Besides, the Cajun fries make for great munchies
Address10 Paya Lebar Quarter #01-37 Singapore 409057

8. Nene Chicken

Photo credit: Nene Chicken

If anyone asks you about this place, you should nod confidently and take its name in all glory ‘NeNe’ (Translation: Yes Yes). Their Korean Fried Chicken menu is good enough for you to say ‘Nene’ on almost every item. Being one of the best KFC fast-food chains, it is reasonably priced, maintains high-quality production, and sees a lot of regular customers (A la carte at $35.40 and combo sets at $39.90 served with 3 drinks. It’s a steal, isn’t it!?

Popularly known as a halal-certified Korean fried chicken chain, they serve a lot more beyond just fried chicken. For instance, the chef’s signature Nene Pasta ($11.50) is served with a drumstick, curly fries, some salad and a drink. The dip-fanatics will love their wide range to go with the main dish like Swicy (sweet and spicy), Freaking Hot, Soy, Honey Mustard, Green Onion, Cheese, and Garlic. If you’re ordering for one, try their two-piece Chicken Meals ($9.90). They also offer sharing sets of Whole Chicken ($26.90 for 18 pieces) and Tenders ($26.90 for 20 pieces).

Must-tryRecommended to go with a group of friends and dive into the 50cm Hotplate Chicken which is a platter stretching through the length of your table. Expect Korean stewed chicken, half chicken, and curly fries all drowned in cheese dips for the delectable stretchy cheese pull-outs with every bite
AddressBedok Mall | Serangoon Nex | Buki Panjang Plaza | Star Vista

9. Twins Korean Restaurant

Twins Restaurant – Korean Fried Chicken, Army Stew And Cheese Galbi By  Handsome Twin Chefs. Double Oppa –
Photo credit: Daniel Food Diary

A pair of gorgeous twins cooking a plethora of fried chicken recipes just for you – isn’t that an authentic dream? Well, the Twins Korean restaurant lets you live it. Ethically sticking to fresh chicken for retaining flavours and moistness, the twins and their team glaze in-house sauces to make each piece sumptuous and juicy. For those who like exploring various parts of the chicken, this one’s your ultimate destination.

Their Original Fried Chicken (Half $18, Whole $36) every local’s go-to. It comes with Yangnyum Spicy (Super spicy option), garlic and cheese powder, soy & garlic, and Boneless with home-made onion sauce (Mouth-watering!). If you are a first-timer at twins try the Original Korean fried chicken without any sauces in all its glory to feel the flavours infused in the crispy meat. A great mix of spicy, savoury, and legitimately original, this KFC takes you back to Korea with each bite.

Must-tryTry their menu beyond Korean Fried Chicken – Street food, rice, noodles, stews, stir-fried chicken served with rice cakes. All this among chicken dishes from various other cuisines. Knock yourself out!
Address7 Craig Rd Singapore 089667 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)

10. Oven and Fried Chicken

There are two gems (legendary restaurants) in the KFC community back in the homeland of Korea and they have fiercely made their entry as a joint entity in Singapore called Oven & Fried Chicken (OFC). Bringing down the inherited recipe and unique cooking techniques from their parents, Okkudak has expertise in baking chicken without oil, while Ssaldak aces chicken preparations using rice flour instead of the commonly used wheat flour. Giving tribute to the best of both worlds, OFC fancies its very own signature style of cooking.

Boasting of dedicated menu sections, they have the power to you’re your desires in all forms of the art: Crunch Chicken which is essentially healthy chicken cooked without oil, Fried Chicken mostly coated with rice flour and fried, and finally, the Yangnyeom Chicken which is the classic KFC drenched with a choice of sauce. No matter how you like your chicken – roasted, fried, or another way, OFC satiates all those Korean Fried Chicken cravings. Do try the healthy grill-roasted chicken marinated with the restaurant’s signature marinade. Additionally, the Roasted Mixture ($32 for the whole, $17 for half) delicious as well.

Must-trySink your teeth into your favourite part of the chicken – boneless thigh, wings, or a concoction of both. Besides, feel free to check out and indulge in other Korean dishes on their menu and you will not regret it
Address182 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068630 and at 16 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599603