Looking for the best kitchen taps in Singapore? Moving to a new house is the time when you require new ideas to implement. If you are inclined towards cooking, then the kitchen is the space where you spend most of the time of your day. Since the kitchen is one of the primary rooms where you should concentrate more.  Incorporating top-notch quality kitchen appliances and equipment will give you happiness. A healthy, contented family has a lot to do with the kitchen. It is a place where delicious delicacies entice the family and keep a happy tummy. This is symbolic, thus taking care of the kitchen decoration is pivotal. So here’s the kitchen tap buying guide followed by the list of the best kitchen taps in Singapore that you can choose from.

Choosing the best kitchen taps in Singapore for your home

The kitchen taps add more detail to your interior. It is available in aesthetic designs and functions accordingly. Deciding on the kitchen sink the next big thing chooses on is the kitchen taps with ideal faucets.  Surely, a good kitchen tap will help you to save your water bill and keep the chores of the kitchen breezy.  Moreover, a high-quality tap enhances the cohesive look of the kitchen. There are ample benefits of choosing a kitchen tap which is as follows:

  • Always go for attractive stainless steel to fit in any interior. It has a modern minimalistic approach that enhances the beauty of the kitchen.
  • Choose something that is correlated with nature and likely material in the kitchen. Any natural earth tone kitchen tap with stone finishing is a good option.
  • Industrial kitchens have recently become the latest fashion were in larger residential areas.
  • Check for the numerous varieties based on installation, functionality, and surface finish for a superior look.

Are you looking for more than just a design in kitchen taps? Maybe for some extra function! Well, to guide you through, we have an assortment of some of the best kitchen taps in Singapore below from renowned and reliable sellers. Check it out.

1. Kitchen Sink 2 in 1 Nozzle Tap

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  • Complete filtration of water
  • Gorgeous kitchen faucet for a contemporary interior
  • Anti-corrosive and rust preventive
  • Multi-layer electroplating on the tap surface

If you are looking for anti-splashing, flexible, multi-layer electroplating on the surface tap then check out this product. It has advanced features to supply you with clean drinking water at any time.  The activated carbon and high-tech membrane of the tap will keep running water healthier and tastier. Furthermore, Kitchen Sink 2 in 1 Flexible Stainless Steel Water Saving Nozzle Tap offers high-quality rubber pads at the interface, very convenient to have!

Price: $7.50 – $10.00

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2. Kitchen Basin Flexible Faucet

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  • Durable and flexible
  • Perfect for the modern-day home
  • Free add-on hosepipe and threads
  • Smart approach

Sometimes, it is great to choose not-so-popular brands. This product from a local seller in Singapore is so fantastic that we couldn’t skip it from the list! Installing this moveable tap in your kitchen will make flexible movement. Needless to say, this product is suitable for the double sink with premium quality as compared to smaller sizes.  It comes along with a free 50 cm hosepipe tube ad 2m white threads to seal the tap in times of emergency breakout. A versatile washing tap with rust-resistant features.

Price: $18.00 – $30.00

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3. RUBINE ALTA K91347 Kitchen Sink Cold Tap

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  • Premium and durable material
  • Green water saving aerator
  • High Tasking tap
  • Committed to environmental cleanliness

Designed to bring out the finest outlook of the brand having a unique, easy-to-access stick to handle that controls the water flow! The durability of this luxurious high-tasking-ALTA tap makes it unique among all available in the market. What’s more, the product is plated with premium chrome. This ensures fewer chances of water splashing, thus less water is wasted. A green water-saving aerator is added to the tap, amplifying elegance and modernity.

Price: $60.00

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4. Hot & Cold Flexible Pull-Out Faucet

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  • Provide hot inlet blocker
  • Fits in any place
  • Stainless steel and ABS body
  • Hot and cold water runs smooth

This product is a perfect lookout to enjoy both hot and cold water anytime in your kitchen. With this flexibility of hot and cold hose, 2-ticks water efficiency makes it a truly ideal addition to your kitchen. So, if you wish for a durable investment for long time use, then you can undoubtedly choose this premium chrome coating tap. Hence, it is easy to clean, increases the hardness and corrosion resistance from the surface of the tap.

Price: $45.00

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5.  Black Flexible Kitchen Faucet Tap

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  • Stylish and ideal for contemporary interior
  • Flexible faucet
  • Swivel feature
  • Copper head- ABS material

Bored of kitchen taps that look regular and mainstream?  This stylish black kitchen faucet tap is a great choice. Especially, if you opted for black interiors, then this is a perfect choice among all. It is easy to install and clear with every nook of the basin which prevents the growth of moulds. Moreover, the stylish black chrome finish will enhance your kitchen’s interiors and add a classy look.  Truly a flattering piece we can say!

Price: $28.00 – $30.00

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6. RUBINE Hot/Cold Kitchen Mixer Tap

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  • Soft and sleek lines
  • High quality & durability
  • Complements international standard
  • Chrome finishing

Add a classy touch to your master kitchen with the luxurious collection from Rubine. This is a great choice with a flexible investment that will last long for its premium chrome coating. It has simple, sleep lines and an elongated rectangular stylo faucet for maintaining the high water pressure. Additionally, cartridges are tested 50,000 times coupled with a water-saving aerator to meet the global standard.

Price: $110.00 – $155.00

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7. 360 Degree Flexible Tap

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  • Easy to Install
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection
  • PP and PVC material
  • Perfect add for a modern touch in the kitchen

Adjustable gear and sleek style are the sparks to buy this tap. It is perfectly user-friendly, with high-quality PP and PVC materials incorporated to connect with the stainless steel and wear-resistant features. Moreover, the attractive part is in its environmental and energy-saving mode in-built to make the product ready to use once installed.  In short, adjustable switch, no tools, and product quality protection make it a highly complementary product!

Estimated Price Range: $5.99 – $16.99

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8. Stainless Steel Sink Tap Drainage Rack

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  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable holder
  • Drainage Rack
  • Draining Sponge Soap Holder for Kitchen Bathroom

This kitchen tap is made out of stainless steel that is safe to use, durable, lead-free, and reliable. You will be benefitted from the additional sponge soap holder at the base. You can make use of it to keep dishwasher liquid or soap in place. An exclusively brand new collection to entice your multi-functional usage at kitchen premises! The adjustable holder makes it ideal for the bathroom as well. Correspondingly, if you wish to keep parity among all the taps in the house, it is the best choice.

Price: $7.30

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9. TIKTOK Wash Basin Sink

Image result for Pull-Type Water Faucet TIKTOK Wash Basin Sink   singapore
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  • WO Spray mode available
  • Solid brass for durability
  • Single handle
  • Precisely controls temperature and volume

This pull-out water faucet TIKTOK Wash basis Tap is a great choice to enjoy flexible cleaning movement. Free swivelled around makes it an ideal choice! Eventually, you won’t believe that this will become the nook of the basin so clean that no dirt grows nearby. Additionally, it has a suitable single-hold mounting construct with solid brass for reliability. If you were wondering to buy chrome polished, resistant, & high-quality products- Order this!

Estimated Price Range: $52.50 – $61.90

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10. Kitchen Tap Flexible Faucet

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  • Smart spray function
  • Flexible and rotating
  • 50cm Hosepipe provided
  • Coldwater only

The popularity of the simple yet flexible spray faucet offers a stretchy spray function. It offers an accommodating washable experience. Nothing to worry about as you will have a nozzle that can be moved in any direction of washing dishes. Likewise, contemporary touch of the tap makes the kitchen look grandeur where it is installed.

Price: $24.00

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As a consequence, looking for the best kitchen taps in Singapore is over now. We are confident that you’ll find the one you’re looking for in the above-mentioned list. Order your product and grab it from a trusted seller.