Participating in a Kickboxing class could be a great way to improve your stamina and self-confidence. In addition, Kickboxing can also serve as an excellent cardio workout that can help you in toning up your muscles and shed unwanted calories and fats. To help you decide which Kickboxing Class is best for you, here are the Best Kickboxing Classes in Singapore that you can join.


Savate Club aims to certainly teach the fundamentals of kickboxing. All members will also learn essential technical/tactical drills. They usually start with one or two kickboxing techniques and then practise through exercises.

Moreover, each class routine also focuses on cardio, muscular endurance, and speed which are the essential physical necessities of kickboxing. Eventually, all members are encouraged to join sparring amongst the members where they could practice what they have learned through the sessions.

You may also check their class schedules here.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
AddressPESEB Stadium yo:HA @ Evans, 26 Evans road 259367 Singapore
Contact Details(+65) 94 89 77 57|
Price Point$30/session
Opening HoursEvery weekday: 8 PM – 9:30 PM


Evolve MMA offers a kickboxing program based on the disciplines of both Muay Thai and K-1 Dutch-style kickboxing. Through a carefully strategized curriculum made by authentic kickboxing champions, you will also learn the fundamentals, offensive, defensive, and other techniques of kickboxing. You can certainly have world-class authentic kickboxing lessons through the guidance of their award-winning instructors. It also offers a variety of lessons for their students, depending on their level of capabilities.

If you are apprehensive, you may test-drive the Evolve experience before you commit to any of their classes. Furthermore, please check out their 30-minute Complimentary Introductory Class. You may also check their class schedules here.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
Address26 China Street, Far East Square #01-01, Singapore 049568
Contact Details(+65) 6536 452 |
Price Point$38/session
Opening HoursMonday – Friday, 6:30 AM – 11 PM | Saturday – Sunday: 7:30 Am – 9 PM


1nfinite Academy certainly knows that trying a new workout may be intimidating; therefore, they go all-out in finding ways to make their members feel as welcome as possible. As a matter of fact, they offer friendly and approachable Coaches that you can always talk to regarding their class programs.

1nfinite Academy also offers a 45-minute workout for kickboxing inspired High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes. Classes are held in a group setting that can have a maximum member of 12, indeed perfect for gym buddies, and a group of friends who just want to try-out kickboxing.

Here are some essential things that you certainly need to learn if you are a First Timer. They also offer a One Week Trial Pack for you to try out their kickboxing classes. You can also check their class schedules here.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook | Twitter
Address17B Circular Road, 3rd Floor, Singapore, 049373
Contact Details (+65) 8817 4436 |
Price Point$45 – $55
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 7 AM – 9 PM | Saturday – Sunday: 9 AM – 2 PM

4. JR Muay Thai

Image credit: JR Muay Thai

Muay Thai has captivated millions of people around the globe and JR Muay Thai is among the few privileged to offer these amazing classes. Even if you are new to this, JR Muay Thai offers a range of Muay Thai techniques at all levels of speciality; from starter to advance. The place is equipped with all the equipment you may require for these classes, from the boxing ring to tatami mats.

Muay Thai offers many benefits such as self-defence and self-discipline and can be learned by all men, women, and children. It incorporates arduous aerobic and anaerobic exercises which boosts the body’s metabolisms leading to natural fat burn and a well-toned physique. This is a good way of reducing fat and gain self-defence tactics at the same time. You will also be trained by one of the best Muay Thai trainers who will equip you with the necessary defence skills as well as boost your whole body fitness.

You can join their classes in any of their branches across Singapore.

Check them outFacebook | Instagram | Website
AddressIsland wide, view in this link:
Price PointTrials from $18 to $32 depending on location
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 11.00AM – 9.00PM | Sat & Sun, 10.00AM – 6.00PM


Active Red offers a wide range of kickboxing programme that will certainly suit your specific need. In fact, if you want to lose weight, improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone your muscles, and build your strength, you can enrol in Active Kickboxing Fitness.

There’s also a programme specially created for women, teenagers and seniors. Active Kickboxing Boot Camp is also mixed with exciting Active Kickboxing Fitness sessions including exercises integrated with over 500 varieties of circuit training, toning, strength conditioning, and band work.

You may also check their class schedules and register for your introductory workshop here. However, introductory workshops are only held every Friday at 7 P.M.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook
Address47 Beach Road, #03-03 Kheng Chiu Building, Singapore 189683
Contact Details (+65) 976-15523 |
Price Point$88 – $100
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 12 NN – 9 PM | Saturday: 11 AM – 2 PM


If you want to learn basic Muay Thai infused with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Equilibrium is certainly an excellent choice for you. Equilibrium regularly exchanges ideas and latest techniques of kickboxing from Thailand, so students would always get the best and most updated techniques to learn.

Students may also experience being trained by Ajarn Apriao Ubon, a Grandmaster in Muay Thai who came from Thailand. Ubon also teaches the traditional art form of Muay Thai and has trained a lot of champions and students around the world. Kids may also enrol in Equilibrium as they also offer a Muay Thai lesson for kids. You may also check their class schedules here or you may book a trial here.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook
AddressScape, 2 Orchard Link #03-05A, Singapore
Contact Details (+65)-6634-0696 |
Price Point$50
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM | Saturday – Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM


If you want to earn a Kickboxing Instructor Certification, you obviously need to sign up for WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisation) Singapore. In WAKO, you are expected to further understand different learning theories and coaching methodologies essential for your plans of coaching.

WAKO also aims to groom kickboxing athletes and coaches for competitions and offers home-based personal training, personal training at the studio, and group classes intended for women. You can also check their class schedules here, or you may book your Active Kickboxing Trial, here.

Check them outTwitter | Facebook | YouTube
Address47 Beach Road, #03-02/07, Kheng Chiu Building, Singapore 189683
Contact Details (+65) 8363 5661 |
Price Point$40 – $180
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 12 NN – 9 PM | Saturday: 11 AM – 2 PM


Fitness First gym offers a martial arts class that will certainly improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness through their Kickbox Fusion. If you are looking for a kickboxing class that isn’t as heavy as the other kickboxing classes, Kickbox Fusion is certainly the best choice for you. You may enjoy a kickboxing class incorporated with both aerobic moves and martial arts moves for full upper-body conditioning.

You may also check their class schedules here, or you may sign up your first trial, here or you may contact them here.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook | YouTube
Address168 Robinson Road, #09-01, Capital Tower, Singapore 068912
Contact Details (+65) 6536 5595
Price Point$170 – $200
Opening HoursPlease contact them here

9. Zesty Kickz

If you’re looking for a gym that offers circuit training, Muay Thai, high-intensity workout, and of course, kickboxing, then you don’t need to look further; Zesty Kickz is certainly perfect for you.

Zesty Kickz also offers one of the best kickboxing classes in Singapore that can give your body the best workout while having fun. Moreover, you may opt to avail of their training classes for a more private session. Or, if you want to meet many friends, you may also avail of their regular classes.

Anyway, whichever class you choose, you’ll be assigned to a coach who will monitor your progress while helping you reach your goals. Also, this coach will certainly come up with the best workout program that will suit your needs. Nonetheless, you will be in great hands because their coaches are professional athletes who have been doing the sport for quite some time.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook | YouTube
AddressDowntown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way #02-25 Singapore, Singapore 068815
Contact Details+65 9800 5009 | Email them here
Price Point$80 / month (Live Coach)
Opening HoursMonday – Saturday: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM

10. FaMA

FaMA, also known as Fitness and Martial Arts, is a top-tier gym that offers one of the best kickboxing classes in Singapore along with Fitness, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), and Kids Martial Arts classes.

It also offers Basic Kickboxing Classes for those who have graduated from the Fundamentals class. Suppose you already have a little knowledge about kickboxing, you may opt for their intermediate class, which is more rigorous than the basic class focusing on the offensive and defensive strategies and sophisticated techniques in the art of Muay Thai.

If you are interested but still feel apprehensive, you may start your free week trial here to check if FaMA will give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook
Address3A River Valley Road, #02-03, Clarke Quay SINGAPORE 179020 (entrance on level 1)
Contact Details+63 520992 |
Price PointContact them here
Opening HoursMonday to Friday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM | Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

11. Impact MMA

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Impact MMA is one of the best Kickboxing Classes in Singapore that has also produced numerous homegrown local fighters, including Singapore’s first and only UFC fighter. Therefore, they take pride in the rising number of professional athletes and warriors they have already made through their comprehensive kickboxing classes.

Furthermore, they provide a team of experienced trainers and instructors whose goal is to motivate you to keep going during workouts. They will also help you achieve your goals in toning your bodies and strengthening and sharpening your skills.

Don’t worry if you are still unsure whether you’d want to avail their membership or not because Impact MMA offers free BJJ and Kick Boxing classes. Walk-ins are also welcome, so even if you aren’t an official gym member, you can still come and train.

Check them outInstagram | Facebook | Twitter
Address3 Shenton Way #03-06A, Singapore, Singapore 068805 Singapore, Singapore 068805
Contact Details+65 6223 8275 |
Price Point$139 / month | See Packages here
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 12:15 PM – 9:45 PM

12. Juggernaut Fight Club

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Juggernaut Fight Club is also one of the best kickboxing classes in Singapore that you want to enrol in. This active gym also offers comprehensive and fun classes in Boxing, Muay Thai or Kickboxing, BJJ, Wrestling, and MMA.

This premier fight gym embraces real fitness while producing the best local fighters in Singapore. They also provide tailored programmes and training menus that will upskill you physically, the way a real fighter does.

Juggernaut Fight Club is also led by Arvind “The Juggernaut” Lalwani, who handles an international team of specialist trainers experienced and knowledgeable in technical guidance and physical training.

Rest assured, whether you are a professional athlete, an aspiring one, or a regular person who wants to work your way out to entering the kickboxing party to shed away all your stress and fats; the Juggernaut Fight Club is certainly best for you.

For an Ultimate Fighting Experience, you may also check their schedules here.

Check them outTwitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
Address275 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore, Singapore 199549
Contact Details+65 6535 2501 |
Price Point$150 – $200
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 11 AM – 10 PM | Saturday: 10 M – 4 PM

13. True Fitness

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True fitness may sound a little too soft for you, but if you are looking for a tough place to give you the “push” you are looking for, True Fitness is a “go-to” for you. While it’s true that True Fitness offers a plethora of fitness classes to choose from, from yoga and pilates to spinning, it also provides other high-intensity workouts such as the best kickboxing classes in Singapore.

BODYCOMBAT is also an empowering cardio class that bears a resemblance to kickboxing that True Fitness proudly offers to people looking for “tough” fun. This class also includes signature punches and kicks with even some karate moves!

Furthermore, BODYCOMBAT follows the legendary Les Mills programs, offering their choreographed routine that will burn your fats while pumping up your system with adrenaline-pumping music!

Check them out Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
Address #03-45/46 Velocity @ Square, 238 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307683
Contact Details +65 6255 9555 |
Price PointAbout $100
Opening HoursMonday – Friday: 6 AM – 10 PM | Saturday: 6 AM – 9 PM | Sunday : 8 AM – 8 PM

14. The Ring Boxing Community

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The Ring Boxing Community is a modern and industrial-vibe kickboxing gym that certainly welcomes everyone. This particular gym purposely creates a boxing community that also trains kickboxing and boxing enthusiasts to attain dedication and persistence in life.

Furthermore, The Ring Boxing Community is open to everyone who wants to learn the sport or only want to have a fitness goal. They encourage everyone to find solace with their community and excel until they reach their very goal—to be fit, have fun and learn.

Also, their members can have the perks to access the gym and their facilities. Please also note that Muay Thai or the Kickboxing Class is only offered at our Kim Yam Outlet.

Check them out Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
Address 58 Kim Yam Road, #01-01 Singapore 239359
Contact Details +65 6385 1488 |
Price Point $39 / week
Opening Hours Monday – Friday: 6 AM – 10 PM | Saturday: 6 AM – 9 PM | Sunday : 8 AM – 8 PM

15. Spartans Boxing Club

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Spartans Boxing Club is a celebrated gym in Singapore that also offers kickboxing classes aimed at real fighters and those who only want to use boxing to improve their fitness and health.

However, I need to warn you that Spartans Boxing Club is too fun that you may find their fun classes too addictive. Oh well, getting fit while having fun isn’t a bad thing, right?

Spartans Boxing Club also offers basic boxing to intermediate boxing, best not only for adults but also for kids. You can also share this fun activity with your friends and family as they also offer classes that you can take up with any groups that you chose to spend your kickboxing classes with.

And if you feel like training at home, or maybe you are too shy to go to the gym, don’t worry because you may also opt to have their online personal training and online boxing classes.

Check them out Instagram | Facebook
Address Singapore, Singapore 427625
Contact Details+65 8921 2600 |
Price Point $50 / month
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9:00 AM – 5 PM | Weekend: 9 AM – 10 PM

16. UFC Gym Singapore

UFC Gym Singapore only has one message to their clients—that is to “Train like a champion.” Regardless of age, body conditions, or athletic abilities, this gym will give you the best kickboxing training that will empower your body and mind.

They certainly promise to give you the best—from facilities to training programmes. Therefore, you only need to provide them with one thing—your time. Yes, you heard it right. Come and enrol to UFC Gym Singapore if you are up for the challenge so you can get into the best shape of your life.

Check them out Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube
Address1 Raffles Link #B1-47 CityLink Mall Singapore, Singapore 039393
Contact Details+65 6219 3364 |
Price Point About $40 / month
Opening Hours Monday – Sunday: 7 AM – 9 PM

Did you also find any of these best kickboxing classes in Singapore a great choice? If you still haven’t decided which one should you sign up for, you may also want to consider Best Gyms for the Best Kickboxing in Singapore [with promo code]. Looking for the best gym to subscribe to may certainly help you decide on which kickboxing class you should choose!