As you all know, it has been a while since ‘Keto is the new black’. That’s right! It’s a diet that trended for the longest time and still remains popular in many pockets of the world.

Nevertheless, the reality check will remain: embarking on a ketogenic diet is no easy task. This low-carb, high-fat diet eliminates staples like bread, rice, noodles, and sugar which is torture for food-lovers. In retrospect, you’re allowed fat in a Keto-friendly diet.

So, those who are butter and cheese lovers, wouldn’t mind this method of staying healthy, of course! Many people start Keto diets for health benefits like reduced blood sugars and insulin levels. Whereas, most people choose to adopt Keto life to shed extra pounds as fast as they can. 

To all you keto-fanatics, here’s the ultimate list of The Best Keto-friendly Restaurants in Singapore to tickle your taste buds with healthy options! You’re welcome ;)

1. Afterglow


Cuban Burger, Raw guacamole platter, Zucchini linguine with walnut ‘minced meat’ Mushroom meatballs, salted caramel raw dessert

Tucked away in the neighbourhood of Keong Saik, Afterglow is a cute and snuggly plant-based restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. They provide the legendary farm-to-table service. Their food presentation is phenomenally creative, colourful, and unique.

Truly, they show you how healthy food can be tempting as well. They might not have meat-fixes, but they shower all other superfood options and balance it out.

Most importantly, they focus on a separate keto-friendly menu that involves small plates, mains, as well as desserts as highlighted on the menu. Spreading across various cuisines, with their signature Kimchi Avocado Rolls which are drool-worthy and unbelievably healthy.

As the demographic for clean eating is growing rapidly, this restaurant increases its inventive and environmentally friendly dishes to meet our demands. Living up to their name, their food indeed promises an afterglow!

Address24, Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131
Contact+65 6224 8921
TimingsOpen Mon – Sat 12pm – 10pm

2. The Living Café


Sesame crusted Tofu burger, vegan pad thai zoodles, and zucchini lasagna, and spiced chicken. Besides, don’t miss out on the cauliflower, Almond & Mint Salad, veggie nori roll, and the raw blueberry cheesecake. The raw food menu is vast and the soups are soothing!

The Living Café is casually topping the charts of healthy destinations in Singapore with its humble moves as a popular plant-based restaurant. Indeed, their raw and plant-based dishes are known to be incredibly tasty and nutritious at the same time.

The Living Café doesn’t only provide services but also helps you adopt a healthy philosophy towards consuming. For instance, discarding refined sugar, artificial ingredients, and preservatives from your daily intake.

What’s more amazing? They focus on sustainably sourced produce and raw food, which shows how considerate they are to the environment!

Furthermore, they customize your order as per your diet. For example, if you’re on a Keto diet, you can relish their herbed salmon burger ($20) with lettuce buns instead of bread and the potato wedges. Alternately, you can choose to pack some healthy fats from the zucchini lasagna ($20), which is layered with creamy cashew mayo, macadamia cheese, and juicy taco ‘meat’.

In short, these organic but delicious flavors will satisfy your taste buds.

Address779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269758
Contact+65 6468 4482
TimingsMon – Tues (10am – 7pm)
Wed – Fri (10am – 8pm)
Sat – Sun (9am – 8pm)

3. Kitchen by Food Rebel


Chicken protein bowl, low carb rebel chicken burger, ultimate breakfast. Also, the zoodle beef bolognese, and the popular magic potion – bulletproof coffee

Agree that the secret to being fit revolves around eating clean, not eating less? This fundament is heavily adopted by Kitchen by Food Rebel. In fact, it only uses fresh and local greens, grass-fed meats, and organic nuts/seeds.

This ideal health provider have something to offer those who are health conscious and has special diet requirements such as for vegans, clean-meat lovers, gluten-free, nut-free, and keto-fans.

Do check out their Ultimate Performance Menu, which provides a detailed breakdown of each dish’s macronutrients. Overall, your body is sure to be nourished with their wholesome concoction of ingredients.

In conclusion, there are no preservatives, sugar, or carbs in any of their clean meals.

Address28 Stanley Street, Singapore 068737
Contact+65 6224 7088
TimingsMon – Fri (8am – 6pm)
Sat (9am – 3pm)
Sun (Closed)

4. The Daily Cut


Protein-packed meats, Sirloin steak, Vegetarian-friendly tofu, build your own bowl with proteins, greens, and grains – Beef up your orders with toppings of extra nutritious goodies like quinoa and avocado.

The Daily Cut is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that caught on to one of the coolest trends – Bowl meals! They offer a build-your-own-bowl section where a wide range of innovative options are laid out for you to choose from.

You can easily nourish your body and satisfy your taste buds with their seasonal and super fresh keto-friendly ingredients. Layer your bowl with some leaves, then some fats like avocado, some vegetables like curried cauliflower or lean meats and top it up with amazing vinaigrettes, nuts, seeds, and many more to create a legitimate nutrition bowl. *Slurps*

It’s the perfect place to drop by right after a heavy gym-session when hunger strikes. Their protein-based meal options attract a lot of office crowd as well who strive to eat clean through their chaotic weekdays.

Most importantly, they are popular for serving generously which motivates the community of dedicated clean eaters!

Address1 Raffles Place #B1-31 One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
7 Wallich Street #B2-16, Guoco Tower, Singapore 78884
Contact+65 6386 6160
TimingsMon to Fri: 11:00AM — 9:00PM
Sat, Sun, and PH: 11:00AM — 4:00PM



Naked or not, these burgers are bangers – Abendrot, Birkenwald, Henne. Don’t miss out on the delicious sweet potato fries.

What if we told you that you can eat the best burger on the island while you’re on a strict keto diet? Oh yes! Strip down that mind back and relish the naked, bun-less burgers at Hans IM Glück like no other. More importantly, this stunning burger hub is widely popular for its juicy, messy and super beefy burgers.

Moreover, treat yourself to a delightful meal consisting of sourdough, multigrain buns, or sans bun while you’re ditching those carbs. Well-packed with ‘good’ fats like Avocado cream, aged cheddar cheese, and luscious brie, this restaurant is not only keto-friendly but also lip-smackingly delicious. Even their grilled vegetable tartare will want you coming back for more!

Address– 9 Raffles Place. #01-01 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619
– 362 Orchard Road, Singapore 238887
– 71 Boat Quay, Singapore 049860
– Vivo City #01-57, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Contact+65 9750 1488
TimingsOpen Daily (11am – 3pm)

6. Plentyfull


Charcoal-grilled house bacon cubes, Grilled avocado with anchovy dressing, grilled prawns in spicy garlic oil, house-smoked duck prosciutto, Pio Tosini parma ham and jamón ibérico de bellota.

Hosting a contemporary brasserie, a fancy patisserie, a restorative dining experience, and a gourmet grocer all under one roof! Yes, Plentyfull is a keto-friendly restaurant that is defined by its wholesome in-house produce and tongue-tingling dishes. They make use of super fresh and high-quality ingredients as per the season.

What stands out from the others? Well, where else can you find a healthy lunch spread across a long counter where you can create your own meal? Sounds fun to mix and match your favourite proteins and fats for an ideal keto meal.

Their dinner menu is great too, but they come from grass-fed beef and preservative-free produce which is incredibly motivating to consume!  

Address9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Contact+65 6493 2997
TimingsOpen Daily (10am-10pm ; 9.15pm Last Order)

7. The Summerhouse

Must try:  

Roasted snapper, slow-cooked Iberico pork collar and 100-hour cooked Wagyu brisket, and the French poulet, Donut sandwich, Tajima Wagyu skewers, Nasi Lemak hashbrown, Bak Chor Linguine, Atas Kaya Toast, and Raptor Softie.

We agree that it is pretty hard to live on an island, be a brunch lover, and still maintain a strict keto diet. Damn, sounds exhausting and limiting. But hey, The Summerhouse got your back! You can still relish luscious, fun, and long weekend brunches with your friends and family with countryside vibes.

The Summerhouse adorns the incredible farm-to-table concept as a restaurant and focuses on serving community-style meals at set prices. Furthermore, it is an all-day concept – a café-bistro, with a balcony bar on level 2, offering an all-day dining menu. Meanwhile, it evolves into a bistro-bar in the evening.

Additionally, you can choose from a selection of sharing dishes including three options that we think are appropriate for keto-fanatics: Mayuru full-blood wagyu (yum!), free-range French poulet, MB9+ flank, and the wholesome red snapper.

In other words, The Summerhouse is the perfect place to have keto-friendly celebrations in an old-world charm.

Address3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387
Contact+65 8809 5840
TimingsWed – Fri (6pm – 10pm)
Sat – Sun (11.30am- 3pm and 6-10pm)
Mon – Tue (Closed)

8. Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant


Add some healthy fats to your premium seafood don ($29.90) that comes with salmon and avocado, along with scallops, prawns, and cucumbers; or opt for the yakitori don ($20.50) for a well-balanced meal with sticks of asparagus and pork and shiso leaf with pork. 

This one’s a dedication to all the Sushi lovers! No more sacrificing a whole cuisine to live the keto-life. The keto-life will adjust in a brilliant place like this one! Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant is possibly the oldest Japanese Yakitori Restaurant in Singapore, nesting in the tip of Far East Plaza.

With grilled food being a large part of the keto diet, you can relish all the veggies and fresh meat while watching the chefs grill them on the spot.

This cosy wooden restaurant allows you to choose cauliflower rice or seaweed noodles as a carb-free base for your favourite sushi! You can top it up with your choice of protein and a dressing made from Japanese onion and sesame oil.

Nanbantei depicts authenticity in a casual setting and makes use of simple salt and pepper seasoning to flavour their Yakitori dishes. Most importantly, try the dinner sets to make sure you get value for your money.

AddressFar East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd, #05-132, Singapore 228213
Contact+65 6733 5666
TimingsOpen Daily (11.45am – 2.30 pm, 6pm – 10pm)

9. Sofi Café Pizza


Charcoal Fluffy Waffles with Carbonara Sauce, homemade Duck Ragu Pappardelle, and Crispy Bacon. Also, Sous Vide Chicken Roulade with Strawberry Balsamic Reduction, and the best Rosemary Chocolate Cake

If you have to give up on any version of pizza, you rather starve! Right? This is why Sofi Café Pizza is the answer to all our Italian cravings while on a Keto diet. A 29-year old award-winning Italian restaurant is probably the last thing you think of when you’re on a mission to find Keto-friendly restaurants in Singapore.

However, Sofi Café Pizza goes leaps beyond pasta and pizzas by having more options that cater to Keto eaters.

In fact, let us woo you! For instance, they serve a pan-fried Norwegian salmon marinated for 24 hours in wine vinegar, honey, and Dijon and braised organic duck with Japanese plum wine. Both are usually served with scrumptious keto-friendly cauliflower rice.

Here’s making your Italian keto dream come true – They serve keto-friendly pizzas too!

Address10 Craig Road, Singapore 089670
Contact+65 6222 0879
TimingsMon – Fri (8:30am – 10:30pm)
Sat (9:30am – 10pm)
Sun (9:30am – 9pm)

10. Keto Indulgence


Customized Keto meal plans, products involving Broth simmered for 48 hours, and their 21-day detox package that involves bone broth boosters. For shedding the extra pounds, try their 21-day weight loss programme.

One of the most nutritious gems in the Lion city Singapore’s first-ever is Keto Indulgence, the gut-healing hub. Consequently, it is the first-ever bone broth provider in Singapore.

Bone broth being their signature selling item on the menu, it is simmered for at least 48 hours. Hence, it entails gut-healing qualities and coincides smoothly with the effects of low-carb meals.

Truly, bone broth is super nutritious and makes for a valuable addition to the Keto diet. It is beneficial for weight loss which is a result of improved gut flora.

In other words, it is an extremely effective product for overall fitness and well-being. Furthermore, it holds no preservatives or additives. This one’s a must-try for the nutrition-loaders!

Address126 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-202, Singapore 150126
Contact+65 8428 1834

11. Kipos Gourmet


Quinoa Lemak, Healthier Chicken rice, healthier yet delicious Nasi Lemak, Low-cal, Love kipos, Keto bowl, Signature bowls, make your own bowl with Salmon sashimi, guacamole dressing, almonds, flaxseeds, and veggies.

Are you wondering how to keep up with your Keto-diet in the middle of a heavy workday? Kipos Gourmet makes your life a tad bit easier by helping you stick to your healthy goals. Certainty, their protein bowls are curated keeping in mind several different diets. For instance, Keto, Paleo, Pescatarian, and Vegan.

Their vibrant Keto Bowl contains absolutely no sugar or carbohydrates, but plenty of healthy fats to help you stay in the state of Ketosis. You will find a healthier version of some of your favourite street foods here.

Moreover, their meat-free section allows you to balance your meal with wholesome ingredients (As many as 12-15 at a time). Additionally, they have something for every palate – like a salad bar, gluten-free food, dairy-free dishes, an Asian menu, vegan and keto-friendly, fast-food, the meat-free section, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? This one’s no-brainer dial in the middle of a nerve-wracking and hungry day or even a quick weeknight healthy dinner. Pretty convenient in all ways. Speaking of, they are best for order ins!

Address7 Wallich Street, #B2-19 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078884
Contact+65 63868322
TimingsOpen Sun – Fri 10am – 9pm

12. Fresher


Shrimp Cauliflower “Mac” N Cheese created using hand-ripped cauliflower, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, made-from-scratch Japanese beef curry, meatballs with cranberry sauce.

Fresher brings to you the best of both worlds, by allowing you to enjoy food that is both healthy and delicious. And you get to enjoy them right at home, making it one of the most delicious meals ever. So what you need to do is simply browse through the huge variety of recipes that they offer. And there are plenty of options to choose from, like high-protein ones to low-carb ones.

Fresher then prepares this recipe for you to perfection and sends you the dish in a blast chiller. This helps retain flavour, texture and nutrition, so every meal that you get is simply perfection. You can decide when they drop this dish at home, and simply heat it up and enjoy! Or you can even store it for future use. In fact, you can actually keep it in your freezer for over a month, and it has no preservations to boot! You can also choose their packages for better deals and avail of free delivery.

Healthy keto-meals, here we come.

Address17 Sims Way S(388829)
Contact+65 91370180
TimingsSimply input your preferred delivery timings.

To conclude, there is no need to look beyond this list to fulfil your cravings while you’re on a strict Keto diet. Keep up the good job of clean eating!