When you crave to have breakfast like a true local, there is no better option than having Kaya Toast in Singapore. Unlike the regular bread toast, these toasts are slightly different. The signature toast of the Lion city comes with a perfect blend of Kaya (Coconut Jam) and Butter. It is commonly served along with half-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee or tea.

Also enjoyed as a snack during afternoon and tea time, this crunchy dish comes with sugar and savoury rush, which is a perfect savour for anyone craving for it. Moreover, the toast is widely available in most dining and food court stalls in every nook and corner of Singapore.

In short, we could say you haven’t experienced Singapore in full swing if you haven’t tasted Kaya toast. So here are the best Kaya Toast in Singapore where you can treat your taste buds with the true Singaporean delight.

1. Wang Cafe


  • Traditional Cuisines
  • Very affordable
  • A wide variety of toasts

Wang Cafe is a traditional cafe that serves authentic Singapore flavours in a traditional setting. Wang Cafe serves the best local-style breakfast favourites along with aromatic beverages and local classic food choices. If you wish to enjoy the traditional kind of Kaya toast, then you should consider paying a visit to Wang Cafe.

You can choose your toasts with Wang Signature Kaya spread or other varieties for the added flavour. They offer traditional toasts sets with brown sliced bread toasted in the traditional style over piping hot grills along with soft boiled egg and Kopi or Teh options.

Contact DetailsAddressMultiple Locations
ContactContact Details
Operating HoursOperating Hours

2. Heavenly Wang

Image Credit: GrabFood


  • Halal Certified
  • Traditional Toast Set
  • The menu includes other local delights

Good news to all our halal friends! Heavenly Wang is a sister of Wang Café, but a halal certified version.

Set in a classy ambience with their trademark biscuit wall, and nostalgic feel, Heavenly Wang offers traditional kopi lovers a place to enjoy conversations over good halal food.

Just like your traditional breakfast set, you will be expected to be served with piping hot brown Kaya Toast and you have a choice of their Wang Signature Kaya spread or other variety for your desired flavour, a bowl of soft boiled egg and a hot drink to compliment with your breakfast cravings.

Of course, for those who want to have a full meal after your toast, there are available selections of Local Delights such as Mee Siam, Laksa and Mee Rebus. Here is where you will find a satisfying and filling breakfast.

AddressMultiple Locations
ContactContact Details
Operating HoursOperating Hours

3. Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Image Credit: Ya Kun Kaya Toast


  • The biggest Kaya toast chain in Singapore with 40 outlets islandwide
  • More than 70 years of history
  • Interesting selection of toasts

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is an award-winning kaya toast chain in Singapore offering luscious kaya toast and other complementary traditional food and beverages in over 40 outlets across Singapore.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast specialises in toasts and you should not miss out on their signature Kaya toast. Altogether, they offer 7 different Kaya toast with distinct flavours.

You definitely should try out their Kaya Toast with Butter and their signature Kaya Peanut Toast, which is coated with a delightful combination of their signature Kaya and peanut butter.

They offer a variety of value set meals combined with different types of toasts complimented by boiled eggs and hot beverages. 

Address Ya Kun International Pte Ltd, 237 Alexandra Road, #03-09/10 The Alexcier
Singapore 159929, Republic of Singapore
Contact +65 6222 4567 
Business Hours7:00 am–7:00 pm

4. Killiney Kopitiam 


  • The oldest existing Hainan
  • ese Coffee Shop
  • Affordable price
  • More than 20 Kaya toast food chain outlets

Killiney Kopitiam is one of the biggest food chains with HACCP certification for Kaya manufacturing. The cafe has also been awarded as the oldest existing Hainanese Coffee Shop by Singapore Book of Records. 

The recognition of the cafe itself says a lot about the tradition and quality of the dishes they serve. Killiney Kopitiam has over 20 outlets widespread over Singapore and overseas. The cafe portrays the traditional working style and influence of the colonial time’s coffee house in Singapore. 

Killiney Kopitiam offers a basic menu with traditional Hainanese brewed coffee and tea, along with crispy kaya toast. It is a favourite tourist destination in Singapore offering a wide variety of local delicacies and take-away kaya jars.

Address Killiney International Private Limited, 1 Sims Lane #04-06, Singapore 387355
Contact +65 6291 2668
Business Hours6:00 am–8:00 pm

5. Toast Box


  • The traditional shop of Singapore for coffee and bread butter toast
  • Three-time winner of Influential Brands, Top Brand
  • Mouthwatering toasts with distinct flavours

If you ever wish to taste a kaya toast with a hot crispy exterior, soft and chewy interior, there is no better cafe than Toast Box. Founded in 2005, Toast Box is a contemporary coffee chain in Singapore which popularise toast culture and Nanyang coffee. It is a tourist destination where toast meets coffee.

Toast Box offers the authentic Singaporean favourite toast with a spread of kaya and slices of butter. To make the toast much more enticing, it is mostly combined with half-boiled eggs and Kopi. In order for you to enjoy the delicious kaya toast every day at your home, Toast Box offers take-home Hainanese kaya jar which is flavoured with pandan leaves and honey. They also offer several Singaporean signature dishes with distinct flavours.

Address 13 Stamford Rd, #01-21, Singapore 178905
Contact +65 6241 0726
Business Hours8:00 am–4:30 pm

6. Coffee & Toast


  • Promoting healthy practices
  • Kaya was available in toasts, bun and muffin.
  • Loyalty Programs 

Coffee & Toast is a cafe offering all-day dining of local favourite cuisines. It is a comfy eat-out space that provides delicious traditional breakfasts. Along with serving delightful flavours, the cafe also collaborates with medical institutions to promote healthy living.

Coffee & Toast also has its halal subsidiary, Kaffe & Toast to extend its reach across Singapore. The cafe offers a distinct variety of Kaya flavour is not only in bread toasts but also in buns and muffins. They also allow the customers to order food online, which makes it very convenient. 

You should consider tasting their Kaya spread, which is available as Kaya butter bun, Kaya butter muffin and the popular Kaya butter toast. Several types of value meals are also available with the pairing of 2 soft-boiled eggs and a choice of drink. So in every sense, definitely it’s worth a visit.

Address Esplanade Mrt , 90 Bras Basah Road #B1-25, Singapore 189562
Contact feedback@coffeeandtoast.com.sg
Business HoursMon to Fri: 07:00 to 20:00
Sat & Sun: 07:30 to 20:00

7. Got Luck Cafe

Image Credit: Burpple


  • Homemade Food
  • Natural herbs and spices in every dish
  • Exclusive dish, Sea Salt Kaya cake is available

Got Luck Cafe is definitely a cafe where you will get lucky for Kaya flavour. It is a cafe where you get home-made delicious food. If you are missing home-cooked meals, then this is the place where you shouldn’t miss out.

The food not only contains the touch of the home-cooked meal but also the goodness of nature. Natural herbs and spices are the most predominant part of every dish which they serve. The cafe has some exclusive dishes including Sea Salt Kaya cake. 

Altogether they offer different toasts with very distinct flavours. Their toasts include Sea Salt Kaya Butter Toast and Kaya Butter Toast which also provide islandwide delivery.

Address56 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198904
Contact+65 8908 4981
Business HoursOpen Daily except 3rd Monday of the month
9:00 am to 7:00 pm

8. Tong Ah Eating House


  • Authentic taste
  • Homemade Kaya toast
  • Super crispy toast

Tong Ah Eating House is an eat-out place that serves Kaya toast and coffee without losing the traditional flavour. Even though the coffee shop has shifted from its 75-year-old building to a new location, the consistency in taste remains the same. 

The traditional crispy toast with the perfect combination of sweet and butter makes it a favourite choice for generations in Singapore. Their special option, extra crispy toast, offers you a super crispy toast as per your preference. If you are curious to know the authentic taste of Kaya toast in Singapore, then this is the place you should never miss in Singapore. 

 Address 35 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089142
Contact+65 6223 5083
Business Hours7:00 am–10:00 pm

9. Good Morning Nanyang Cafe

Image Credit: Hungrygowhere Singapore


  • Innovative Kaya toasts
  • Secret Kaya recipe
  • Uses ciabatta instead of regular bread

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singapore. This is the first cafe to experiment and offer patrons different kinds of Kaya Toast.

Other than the normal bread we are used to seeing, they also use Ciabatta. It is an Italian type of bread that gives a twist to traditional toast. Orange Ciabatta Kaya toast is one of the unique dishes which they have introduced other than the regular Ciabatta kaya toast. Their Orange Ciabatta toast has a blend of Kaya and orange zest bits within the Ciabatta which gives off an interesting flavour.

Address4 Scotts Rd, #02-23, Singapore 228213
Contact +65 9650 3256
Business Hours8:30 am–8:30 pm

10. Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee 


  • Traditional toasting method
  • 50-years-old coffee shop
  • Homemade toasts

Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee is a coffee shop with a history of over 50 years which still follows the traditional way of toasting bread. The traditional method of toasting gives the toast a more homey feeling, which makes it a favourite eating spot in Singapore.

Many customers prefer this place as they still follow the practice of grilling bread over charcoal, which gives the Kaya toast an extra crispy texture and light charcoal appearance. They also offer a popular combo with soft-boiled eggs and Hainanese coffee. 

Address7 Maxwell Rd, #02-95, Singapore 069111
Contact +65 9710 2907
Business Hours 5:30 am–3:00 pm

Kaya toast is one of the must-eat in Singapore which will bring you to our Singapore Kampong feels. While it is most commonly found islandwide, there are some remarkable stores that serve us traditional and also the best Kaya Toast in Singapore.

If you are interested to explore more local food options in Singapore, you can check out alternate of our best local breakfast in Singapore or even whip up some local dishes with our best local recipes in Singapore