The heat is stifling. It’s been a long day. Deadlines are inching ever closer. You can barely resist a blood-curdling scream. From afar, the lights of a karaoke place beckons… With the cue of the music, your stage is ready for the taking. This list compiles the eight best KTV spots in Singapore for your debut. Whether you are looking to vent your frustrations, seek catharsis, or simply enjoy a fun night out with your friends, there’s always something in it for everyone. Let’s just get this party started.

1. Teo Heng

(Source: Teo Heng)

Service Highlights

  • Wallet-friendly
  • Hourly-based rates – perfect for family and children!
  • Free WiFi and phone charging ports
  • No smoking and alcohol
  • 14 outlets islandwide

Every resident in Singapore has indisputably heard of Teo Heng KTV. Boasting one of the widest arrays of karaoke outlets in Singapore and an extensive song depository (we’re talking Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and even Tagalog!), it is to no one’s surprise that Teo Heng is the crown jewel of the list. You are even allowed to bring your own food into the outlet as a part of its green karaoke movement. Hands down one of the best KTV spots in Singapore.

2. Manekineko

(Source: Manekineko)

Service Highlights

  • Value for money – booking comes with a free buffet of snacks and drinks!
  • Corporate rooms available for D&D events
  • Free WiFi and phone charging ports
  • 9 outlets islandwide including town

There is nothing not to love about a karaoke outlet themed after the Japanese fortune cat. Certainly, 529 patrons agree considering the average 4.1-star ratings it received on Google. Manekineko maintains a pristine reputation for being a value for money service, as proven with its past promotions that had fees sinking as low as $1/hour. It is a definite steal for those on a tight budget and even welcomes large groups into their premise.

3. Party World KTV

(Source: Party World KTV)

Service Highlights

  • Amenities, snacks and alcohol to enhance party experience
  • Corporate rooms available for D&D events
  • Free WiFi 
  • $10/person (average)
  • Outlets islandwide (including town)
  • Opening hours till 6am for selected outlets

There is no party without the booze and Party World KTV is an expert on that matter. While providing a budget-friendly alternative, the karaoke site still spices up the singing experience with pool tables and disco lights to send you back to the chaos of the late 1960s. A definite throwback not to be missed for fellow retro fanatics. All in all, definitely one of the best KTV places in Singapore.

4. Cash Studio Karaoke

Service Highlights

  • Wide selection of J-Pop with Joysound machine
  • VIP rooms available for corporate events
  • 10% off for Students from Sunday to Thursday 
  • Two or more display screens in most rooms (no more blocking!)
  • Outlets islandwide (including town)
  • Free WiFi for all, and extension till 1am for members

Cash Studio Karaoke is a household brand in the karaoke world, amassing 317 reviews on Google alone. It reinvented itself with contemporary times and installed Joysound, Japan’s top karaoke system. The parade of Japanese songs available has made Cash Studio Karaoke the top destination for fans of J-pop. Now you know where to bring your otaku friend to.

5. K.STAR Karaoke

(Source: K.STAR Karaoke)

Service Highlights

  • Maximum capacity of 70 people
  • Thematic rooms featuring Simpsons, Sesame Street, LINE friends, Pokemon etc.
  • Huge variety of alcohol (i.e. wine, beer, cognac, vodka, soju)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks and finger food available
  • Family and corporate packages available
  • Outlets centred in town area for convenience
  • Operating hours from 12pm to 6am 

K.STAR Karaoke takes pride in being the first karaoke-themed bar in Singapore and their shot to fame is celebrated with coverage from the media such as TheSmartLocal and Fave. With aesthetics befitting for the gram and booze to support its affluence, the only downside to K.STAR is its limited number of outlets in Singapore. 288 people have given their approval with an average 4.5-star rating on Google – as if you needed more incentive to give this experience a shot!

6. 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

Service Highlights

  • 15 private multi-functional rooms available (e.g. KTV/meetings/dining)
  • Free WiFi and phone charging ports
  • Open-concept karaoke after 6pm
  • Impressive gastronomical experience (e.g. Lychee Smoked Duck Pizza)
  • Affordable packages (e.g. $25 for 3 hours in weekends with free flow drinks and snacks)
  • Live band performance every Friday and Sunday between 8pm to 10pm

Seventh heaven is the ultimate level of heaven in the Quran which is an apt name for this paradise on earth. Beyond setting the stage for your debut, the 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe tantalises your senses through fusion delicacies and live music. This divinely crafted ambrosia has awed 182 customers in Singapore with an average of 4.2 star ratings on Google. Overall, indeed one of the best KTV joints in Singapore.

7. Skinny’s Lounge

(Source: City Nomads)

Service Highlights

  • Novelty as Singapore’s first American KTV bar
  • No service charge
  • Vast collection of cocktails available. Top up $3 for artisanal spirits.
  • Themed happy hours and Ladies Disco Wednesday

An American spin on classic karaoke, Skinny’s Lounge is Singapore’s first American karaoke bar located at the fringes of the Singapore River. The bar has the stamp of approval from 618 customers who left an average of 4.3 stars on Google alone. With booking fixed at $200 per hour, singing at Skinny’s Lounge is a luxurious experience, but its ambience more than makes it worth each penny.

8. Mbar Mini KTV

(Source: AvenueOne)

Service Highlights

  • Quick and convenient
  • Present in heartland shopping malls
  • KTV intervals range among 15mins, 30mins and 60 mins
  • Variety of payment methods (i.e. VISA, EZlink, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, WeChat)
  • No prior booking required

When Mbar Mini KTV first hit SIngapore shores, it was met with skepticism and a fear of embarrassment. However, it did not take long before the booths were thronging with people due to its ease of use and convenience. Mbar Mini KTV is the perfect place to scratch a singing itch or kill some lull time you have between your appointments.

Each karaoke place is catered for a specific audience in mind and its interior design customised to suit their demographics. From themed karaoke rooms to disco cultures and karaoke bars, we have journeyed across Singapore to select eight best spots for your momentous debut. It is time to pick up the microphone and sing to your hearts’ content.

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Written by: Amelia