Induction cookers and stoves are important and highly needed in every modern kitchen. They are stylish, sleek, and accentuates the contemporary look of your home. Cleaning up after an intense cooking session is also easy because all it needs is a quick wipe — no more fumbling over food stuck in the nooks and crannies of the dated gas stove. Below we try to figure out the best induction cookers and stoves in Singapore!

1. Tecno Ultra Slim Induction Cooker TIC2100

TECNO Ultra Slim Portable Induction Cooker (Steamboat) – Tecno


  • Slim, lightweight and portable design
  • 10 different cooking functions
  • Child-lock feature for extra safety

If your key consideration for an induction cooker is portability, then check out the Tecno TIC2100 Induction Cooker. It features a super slim design that is only 30mm in width. You can use it or keep it just about anywhere without taking up much space.

You’ll also appreciate that it has 10 different cooking settings to select. It makes things so much easier because you don’t have to key in the temperature settings manually. If you are new to cooking, this feature will make you feel like a master chef. The Tecno TIC2100 is the best choice if you want a slim, portable and efficient induction cooker. It is hands down deserving to top our list of best induction cookers and stove in Singapore.

Price: $108

2. Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Stove

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • Value-for-money pricing
  • Quick and efficient heating capabilities
  • High-quality finishing and design

Fujioh is a trusted Japanese brand that is famed for its induction hobs and cooker hoods. The Fujioh FH-ID5125 Induction Stove is an excellent value-for-money option that offers quality at a very reasonable price.

It is made of Schott Ceran Ceramic Glass that is high-quality and durable. The sides of the ceramic is a nicely designed bevelled edge that makes the induction hob stand out. It’ll definitely look great in your kitchen. If you want a quality, beautiful but yet affordable induction hob, this Fujioh model is the one to buy.

3. Philips Sensor Touch HD4911 Induction Cooker

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • 2100W power for quicker cooking
  • 24-hour preset timer
  • Durable and safe glass panel
  • Comes with a free soup pot

Philips is a household name in Singapore for home appliances. It is no surprise that the Philips HD4911 Induction Cooker is one of the best and highest quality. With 2100W in power, your cooking times will be reduced by up to 33%. Great for fast, quick, and efficient cooking.

 You can adjust the cooking time from 1 all the way to 120 minutes. Additionally, it has a 24-hour preset timer function. You can use it to time when you want your food to start cooking – convenient for busy parents. There are 5 different power levels to choose from, so you can accurately control the heat temperatures.

The glass panel of the Philips induction cooker is durable, which is vital given the need to resist high temperatures. Also, you’ll get a free soup pot if you buy this induction cooker. Perfect for a steamboat party!

Price: $108.99

4. Sona SIC8603 Induction Cooker

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • Large and uniform heating area
  • Splash resistance glass surface
  • Automatic pot detection for safety

Honestly, the Sona SIC8603 Induction Cooker has pretty similar features and functionality to most of the other models. The main thing that stands out is its large heating area which is useful if you are using a large pot or pan. This will allow more even heating so that all the food in it cooks together evenly. So if you plan to use larger cookware, this Sona model is a good choice and is truly one of the best induction cookers and stoves in Singapore.

Price: $89.90

5. PowerPac Induction Cooker PPIC 848

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • Quick heating for fast cooking
  • High energy efficiency of 93%
  • Equipped with safety and detection systems

PowerPac is well-known in Singapore for home appliances that are value-for-money. The PowerPac PPIC848 Induction Cooker fits the bill perfectly. It has an affordable price tag while being loaded with features similar to more expensive models.

Moreover, it heats up very fast but is energy efficient at the same time. It has smart safety and detection features that ensure the induction cooker is safe at all times. To top it all off, it even comes with a stainless steel pot that is perfect for steamboats. You definitely won’t regret getting this PowerPac induction cooker.

Price: $48.90 (U.P $59.90 SGD)

6. Electrolux EHC726BA Induction Stove

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • Precise temperature control for perfect results
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Timer settings for each cooking zone

Never worry about uneven or inadequate heating again with the Electrolux EHC726BA Induction Stove. It offers you full control over the temperature with precise accuracy so that you can make perfect meals for your family every single time.

It also comes with individual timers for each stove so that you can enjoy hands-off cooking. Additionally, this induction hob is very efficient which is great if you plan to cook regularly. Give the Electrolux EHC726BA Induction Hob a try and you won’t regret it as it is indeed one of the best induction cookers and stoves in Singapore.

Price: $829.00

7. Teka iKnob IT 6450 Induction Stove

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • 4 cooking zones great for multitasking
  • Auto-detection of pan
  • Fast heat up time

Enjoy precise German engineering and excellence with the Teka iKnob IT 6450 Induction Hob. It has 4 different cooking zones which are large enough even for an intense cooking session. It has useful technology like automatic pan detection and optimization.

With 7400W power, you can expect quick and fasting cooking zones even when using all 4 zones at one time. It is also equipped with the iQuick boiling and keep warm functionality. All very useful in everyday use. If you don’t mind paying a small premium, this is the quality induction hob that your kitchen deserves.

8. Tecno 2-Burner Induction Stove TIH280D

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • Intelligent power sharing for efficient heating
  • Easy installation as it uses 13Amp plug
  • Precise 10-level temperature settings

If you are looking for a 2 induction stove setup, the Techno TIH280D should be everyone’s top choice. Installing and setting it up is convenient and quick because it uses the common 13Amp plug.

Although it has a power rating of only 2800W, it has an intelligent power-sharing setup that allows each burner to hit 2200W. So, you’ll always have sufficient heat and power even when using both stoves. Temperature control is also easy with 10-level settings, which allow you to go from 60 to 240 degrees. This Techno Induction Cooker has everything that you’ll need and want.

Price: $1,188

9. Aerogaz AZ 30IC Commercial Induction Cooker

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore



  • Super powerful at 3000W
  • Timer settings up to 24 hours
  • Solid and sturdy build

The Aerogaz AZ 30IC is a heavy-duty induction cooker that is used mainly for commercial F&B activities. Most home users will not need such a powerful 3000W induction cooker. But if you want the power – this is an excellent option to consider.

 It has a solid build that is made to withstand hours and hours of cooking every single day. You can expect this induction cooker to outlast all other models, especially if you cook very regularly. Another unique feature is its 24 hours timer range which is way longer than the usual 120 minutes timers. If you are looking for a powerful commercial-type induction cooker this model is the one to get. It is definitely one of the best induction cookers and stoves in Singapore!

Price: $369

10. Bosch PP182560MS Induction Hob

Best Induction Cooker and Stove Singapore


  • Powerboost function for increased power
  • Precise temperature control
  • Sleek and slim ceramic glass cover

Bosch is one of the top brands for kitchen appliances. They are known for their quality and reliable products. The Bosch PP182560MS Induction Hob is one of the best. It is a sleek and slim induction cooker that fits right in a modern kitchen.

You can control the temperature with its sleek and responsive touch panel. You can adjust the settings within 9 different levels offering you sufficient flexibility. Another cool feature is its Powerboost function that will give you additional heat fast. If you’re a fan of Bosch appliances, this induction cooker is a must-get.

Price: $1,999

11. Brandt BPI6210B Induction Stove


  • Easy to use and control
  • 100% safe with 10 safety features
  • Powerful 2800W for each stove

If you are new to induction hobs, don’t worry because the Brandt BPI16210B is very user-friendly. Its touch controls are clearly labeled and straightforward to use. Even beginners would be able to use it seamlessly from the first time.

With 10 different safety features, you can rest assured that the Brandt hob is very safe. For an induction cooker, it also has decent power which can go up to 2800W – powerful enough to cook anything. Switch to an easy-to-use induction hob with this Brandt model.

12. Xiaomi Mi Induction Cooker


  • Modern and minimalist design
  • Mijia app for unlimited customization
  • Wide heating surface with accurate temperature control

With the trend of the Smart Home, perhaps you might also want a smart induction cooker. The Xiaomi Mi Induction Cooker is the one you want. On first look, you can already tell that it is different from the usual and somewhat boring induction cooker designs. It is sleek, modern and fits perfectly in the minimalistic design.

You can connect the induction cooker to the Mijia app. From there, you can choose to follow thousands of recipes online – with pictures and instructions to follow. However, the instructions may be in Chinese, so it might not be user-friendly for everyone. There aren’t many smart induction cookers available yet, so this Mi Induction Cooker is your best bet.

13. Mistral MIC2008 Induction Cooker


  • 5 cooking functions from soup to fry
  • Choose from 8 power and temperature options
  • Long 180 minute timer for hands-off cooking

If you’re on a budget, you’ll be thrilled to find the Mistral MIC2008 Induction Cooker. It is probably the cheapest induction cooker that you can get in the entire Singapore. Surprisingly, its cheap price is not representative of its quality. It is actually a very decent induction cooker.

There are 5 different cooking functions that you can select – soup, fry, stir-fry, braise and porridge. Furthermore, you can customize the temperature you want by selecting the 8 levels of power options instead. It even has a 180-minute long timer so you can leave it on while doing other chores. Not too bad considering its value-for-money pricing.

Price: $45.00 (U.P $64.27)

Wrapping Up

Choosing an Induction Cooker and Stove that fits your needs and budget can be intimidating with hundreds of different models to choose from. To make it easy, we carefully tried to collect the best ranges for 2022 so you can feel confident in your decision.

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