With Singapore being heavily influenced by Korean Pop, Entertainment and Culture, it is not surprising that we have many KBBQ buffet restaurants in Singapore today.

Let’s eat gogigui!

Wonder what might gogigui means?

Koreans call Korean Barbeque gogigui, popularly known as KBBQ, which is direct translated as “roasting meat”.

Seeing a rising demand for affordable good quality KBBQ buffet among friends and families, we went on a quest, which led us to… I’m Kim Korean BBQ!

It may look quiet and empty from the outside of School of The Arts (SOTA), I’m Kim is anything but that.

We had a team dinner on a Tuesday night and were immediately greeted by the bright lights from the signboard. We were served by the friendly staff right at the door. The restaurant was starting to fill up after us which made us happy we managed to snag a table.

We were happy to discover that unlike the outside being dark and empty, it was really bright and lively inside.

Television screen were playing Korean Pop music videos in the background, while diners were busy chatting and catching up with their loved ones.

However due to Covid, their bars are not open for self-service. Thus, instead of a typical buffet system, we were table served. So with your order list, do expect that you will have to wait to have your food served. But no worries, the staff there are very fast and efficient in their service!

Unlimited Spread In The Kbbq Buffet Bar

Here comes our main cast for the day, MEAT! Their portions were very generous though we ordered 1 portion each. We had ordered a serving of every type of beef, chicken and pork to share between the 5 of us. The meat were cut into thick slabs and marinated with rich sauces. Just the visual is very appealing!

Personally, my favorite was the marinated pork. It is marinated with a dark and sweet sauce. With the combination of the savory meat, it is really a dream combination.

Another must try is their pork belly. I believe though most of us love pork belly, there are times that the meat are way too fat. Fret not, their pork belly has the right balance of fat and meat. I was really surprised that it was not too fatty unlike how it looked before grilling.

In addition, they have their signature volcano chicken that should not be missed. However, do expect some heat for those who have low tolerance for spicy food.

Just thinking about it makes you drool, doesn’t it?

Unique Gems You Will Be Surprised To Find

Though they call it vegetable section, you will be thinking that it will just be filled with greens. You will be surprised like me to see that there are even sausages and even prawns?! But of course, you have got to try the prawns. What is barbeque without seafood?

This is a must-head-to first spot especially for those hungry diners. While waiting for the grill to heat up, you can start by enjoying these staple food.

The must-try are tteobbokki, gimbap, kimchi pancake and japchae, which are top popular picks there!

Furthermore, the tteobbokki might look fiery outside, the level of spice is actually just right. The dish is filled with Korean rice cakes, fish cakes and leeks – yum! The portion of the japchae was very generous and the texture of the noodles was just right – not too dry.

That’s not all, we found a very unexpected pleasant surprise! They have a variety of soups as well.

We were very shocked that the soup were really surprisingly good! Our favorites were the Herbal and Kimchi soups. I can feel the amount of effort the chefs had put to cook them so do give them a try!

Eat KBBQ Buffet like A Korean: Ssam

What is KBBQ if you don’t try the authentic way of eating it? Ssam, literally means “wrapped”, is a dish in Korean which leafy vegetables are used to wrap a piece of meat.

There are many ‘Eat KBBQ like a Korean’ signs found inside the restaurant. The ingredients of making a Ssam? Real Simple!

With your lettuce as the base, you can add in meat of your choice. Followed by adding in some Ssamjang (thick, spicy paste) and a few slices of kimchi. To top it off, add some garlic and some chili slices. Wrap it up and feed the person beside you, yum!

Always Room for Desserts

There is always room for desserts even if your stomach feel like bursting. After all the oily meat eating, there are fruits and desserts available to cleanse your taste buds.

Our favorite was the bobo cha cha with watermelon balls. It is a combination of sweet from the watermelon and the creamy taste from the coconut milk soup.

Another must try is the longan and almond pudding. The cold dessert will cool you down after all the hot grilling.

To Conclude

After dining at I’m Kim KBBQ, I believe this KBBQ buffet restaurant is a great value for money. I feel that the prices are very reasonable given its spread of food. Moreover, there are many discounts and deals for students, adults and those looking for a gathering place with alcohol.

Overall, for those looking for quality but yet affordable KBBQ buffet, I’m Kim is definitely a right choice for you.

Even on just a Tuesday Night, the popularity is quite evident from the crowd. So you can consider making reservations in advance through calling. This way, you don’t have to worry about rushing to beat the queue.

However, do note that due to Covid, they only take in a reservation of maximum 5 pax. Seating will be up at restaurant’s discretion and special requests are not guaranteed.

With that, I hope all of you stay safe during this period and go go, snag your seat now!

AddressSchool of the Arts
1 Zubir Said Drive #01-04, Singapore 227968

Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut. Exit A (5 mins walk)
Contact Details+65 6238 7218
WebsiteMain | Facebook
Operating HoursWeekday: 11.30am – 4.30pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Buffet Counter closes at 3.30pm & 9.30pm respectively

Weekend/PH: 11.30am – 4.00pm, 4.00pm – 10.30pm
Buffet Counter closes at 9.30pm