Honey is well-known for its irresistibly delectable taste as well as a range of health benefits such as acting as an anti-inflammatory and having anti-bacterial properties. It is thus a popular option for those looking for a sugar alternative. So, if you are looking to stock up on honey, check out the best local honey brands in Singapore!

1. Manuka Honey Singapore


  • Only the best Manuka Honey
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Plenty of discounts and selections

Manuka Honey Singapore fully understands the needs and cravings of a honey lover and has been delivering the best standards of Manuka honey since its establishment. In order to achieve such a high standard, they have partnered with some of the best honey manufacturers from New Zealand. They perfectly encapsulate the essence of the purity of centuries of skill, into a jar of Manuka honey.

Using this skill, the dedicated people put a lot of hard work into crafting this excellent, delicious honey. This piece of art can be used as a collection to your home pantry, a premium ingredient for delicacies or you can gift it to someone who understands the poetry of food. Manuka honey is also hailed for its great antibacterial properties and high antioxidant content.

Their exceptional Manuka Honey has been fully certified and graded by UMF. Their shelf selection ranges from Multifloral Honey, UMF 5+, UMF 10+, UMF 15+, and all the way to the rarest UMF 20+ Manuka Honey. Worried about emptying your wallets? Fret not, because Manuka Honey Singapore brings this luxurious elixir to you at very affordable rates. So, you can experience the best of nature without having to worry about the price tag. In addition, they also put up promotional offers and discounts from time to time.

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2. Zen Wholefoods


  • Wide Variety of Honey
  • Unique Taste From High Altitude
  • Award-winning Flavour
  • UMF™ certified
  • Pure & No Additives
  • Free Delivery Above $60

With bases in both Singapore and New Zealand, Zen Wholefoods specialises in providing its customers with the highest-grade, most delicious, organic Manuka honey out there.

Their honey has won multiple awards internationally for its superior flavour. It is known to be creamy, has a viscous texture and floral aroma. Besides, their high-altitude manuka honey is one of a kind. The conditions found at higher altitudes give their honey a richer flavour and scent.

Likewise, they have a wide range of honey with different UMF certification for you to choose from. For daily uses, you can try out their UMF 5+ Manuka. And, for targetted uses such as for colds or wound application, you can grab the UMF 10+ or UMF 15+. Lastly, for a premium Manuka, the highest grade you can go for is UMF 20+.

To assure every customer that they’re getting the highest quality manuka honey, they have every batch of our honey independently tested for many parameters to ensure they meet all the New Zealand Export standards.

You can have your Manuka honey delivered to you on the same day if you order on a weekday. Free delivery is included for orders above $60! Check out more from their official website, Facebook, or Instagram.

3. Anaya

Image Credit: Anaya


  • Organically farmed honey
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Low sugar 

Anaya began when founders Terry Tong and Gary Chin went to the Philippines in search of pili nuts. During their trip, they met a group of local beekeepers who were educating farmers about the importance of bee pollination. They help farmers transit into organic farming while increasing their income through increased crop yields and honey sales. When they tried their honey, the two realised that it had a unique sweet-citrussy taste, unlike typical honey which can be very sweet.

In addition, this organically farmed honey from this true blue Singaporean brand has several benefits including high active levels, anti-bacterial properties, as well as lower sugar levels of 17%. This makes the honey suited for people who wish to enjoy the benefits of a medicinal honey while reducing their sugar intake.

In addition, this organically farmed honey from this true blue Singaporean brand has several benefits including high active levels, anti-bacterial properties, as well as lower sugar levels.

Contact informationhello@gtclife.com
Business hoursNA

4. Go Pure

Image Credit: Go Pure


  • Wide range of bee related products
  • Skincare range
  • Supplements available

Go Pure’s story begun when Jason Koh decided to bring his family business online. This online store features bee-related products from his father’s original brand Uniflora, in addition, it includes a new line of honey under the Go Pure brand.

The brand chooses to specialize in natural as well as organic honey that comes from two specific flowers: Linden and Acacia. Acacia honey benefits the respiratory system and blood circulation, while Linden honey relieves stress and anxiety. 

In addition, Go Pure also offers raw honey with watercress and eucalyptus which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, organic rose honey known for its hydrating properties, and multi-flower honey which is high in multivitamins.

Go Pure also offers honey-related supplements and skincare to its customers. So, if you wish to include honey into your routine in multiple ways, be sure to check Go Pure out!

Address315 Outram Road Tan Boon Liat Building #09-01 Singapore 169074
Contact information6227 9812
Business hoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM

5. Honey Colony

Image Credit: Honey Colony


  • Unprocessed honey from Australia
  • Cold-extracted

Honey Colony is a Singapore-based family business that takes pride in providing unprocessed, as well as natural honey from various locations in Australia including Tasmania. They specialize in anti-microbial honey types such as Jarrah, Red Gum as well as Leatherwood, all of which are known for their incredible flavors and even more amazing healing properties.

In addition, the honey that Honey Colony offers is cold extracted. This ensures that the honey keeps its original goodness and none of it is lost during processing. Honey Colony also offers soaps and face masks that are all-natural and contain an abundance of magical active ingredients.

Contact information92358851
Business hours8 AM – 6 PM, Daily

6. Cerana Honey

Image Credit: Cerana Honey


  • Cold-extracted
  • Honey harvested in Asia

The founders of Cerana Honey found that consumers are only familiar with honey that is originated from America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. So, in a bid to change that, the Singapore-based company offers honey harvested from a bee farm located in northern Thailand. It also carries honey from three independent beekeepers from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Borneo. 

Unprocessed as well as obtained only by extraction without any heat or pasteurization, Cerana Honey’s honey is harvested and bottled directly at the farm using traditional methods. Furthermore, with plenty of sun and periodic rainfall in Asia, bees do not have to suffer harsh winters without food. This makes Southeast Asian honey more sustainable!

Address71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9 #04-03 Singapore 757098
Contact informationhello@ceranahoney.com.sg
Business hoursNA

7. HoneyWorld


  • Multiple locations
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Only chain of honey specialty stores in Singapore

As the only chain of honey specialty stores in Singapore, HoneyWorld offers a wide variety of products to its consumers. This includes manuka honey, royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen, raw honey, as well as superfoods. With prices starting from $5, HoneyWorld tries its best to provide affordable options for consumers.

With more than 20 years of experience, you know that you are in great hands and that quality is assured. If you would like to give HoneyWorld a try, check out their signature Enriched UMF Manuka with Royal Jelly or Propolis range, which includes products that are unique as well as exclusive to the brand!

AddressMultiple locations: See here
Contact informationMultiple locations: See here
Business hoursSee here

8. Little Honey


  • Offers medicinal Sidr Honey
  • Health and healing
  • Trusted brand for pure honey

Little Honey goes over the top to provide the best quality of pure Sidr honey. Honey is regarded as a boon for humanity. Here in Little Honey they specifically shine in the wonders of making Sidr honey. Sidr honey made from the nectar of the Sidr tree also known as Lote-Tree or Christ’s thorn. Sidr tree is long known for its medicinal properties and for providing essential nutrients necessary for the strengthening of immunity.

Like icing on a cake, the already healthy and medicinal honey is boosted with the addition of Sidr honey. The honeybees here feed upon the medicinal Sidr tree flowers where they collect this precious nectar. Thereby converting and concentrating the effect of this medicinal Sidr nectar into sweet honey.

Little Honey has a very natural color along with its sweet aroma. Taking great care that the flavors remain intact alongside its medicinal values. They offer plenty of ways that you can enjoy this special honey, from the traditional jar to even honey straws so that you enjoy this on the go. Little Honey even offers free delivery at orders above $50.

Address150 Simei Street 1, 02-07, Singapore 520150
Business hoursMonday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm

Whether you are looking for supplements, skincare products, or pure honey, these local honey brands in Singapore will have you covered. If you are interested in other healthy food options, check out the best salad bars in Singapore here!