Thanks to our Home-Based Businesses (HBBs), we can now enjoy scrumptious and high-quality food in the comfort of our homes. More importantly, many of these HBBs offer great services that are beyond your imagination. Simply scroll down our list to find our favourite 10 home-based food businesses that you should try and support. Trust me, you will not regret it!

1. Frosted by Fang

Make way for the trendiest cakes and dessert boxes. That’s right. I am talking about Frosted by Fang’s masterpieces.

Unique flavour profiles that are highly addictive:

Firstly, as soon as you open a mixed box, you will be greeted by the beautiful sight of tea-time treats essentials, and the irresistible aroma of freshly-baked goods. The sight truly brings a smile to my face. Take your pick out of the different treats Fang lovingly selected for you, and get ready to be wowed by the exciting flavour profile that you’ll be greeted with. From salted caramel popcorn miso teacakes, taro mochi cakes, hojicha rhubarb loaf, peanut butter & kaya streusel muffins, to miso oatmeal cranberry cookies, these sweet treats aren’t like any other. Sufang brings classic treats to a whole new level by introducing exciting and unique flavour profiles that will truly bring you to dessert heaven. All in all, if you’re up for being surprised with something new, you should definitely check out Frosted by Fang’s mixed dessert box!

Besides her highly addictive dessert boxes, she specialise in customized cake-making too. Each of her cakes is uniquely conceptualised and tailored to you. Simply share with her more about yourself (or your loved one) – personality, favourite flavours, aesthetic preferences – and she’ll take it from there! She’ll incorporate all the tiny nuggets of information, and whip up the most stunning cake that perfectly describes you!

Order early:

Here is another tip. Due to the high demand as well as the amount of time and care needed for Sufang to produce her products, it would be best to have 1-2 weeks lead time. Nevertheless, she is extremely understanding and will try her best to accomodate last minute orders on a case by case basis.

Delivery: Self-collection

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2. Mon Chéri

Sucker for sweets? Great news for you! In fact, there is always room for Mon Chéri’s appetizing desserts prepared by Girika. 

Desserts prepared by a highly-experienced baker who has worked in some of the most famous kitchens:

Girika, founder of Mon Chéri, is a highly experienced chef who has worked in professional kitchens including Dominique Ansel Bakery, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Open Farm Community and La Dame de Pic by Anne Sophie Pic. She has honed her techniques by working alongside some of the greatest pastry chefs, thus trust that her baked goods are some of the best in Singapore hands down!

One-of-a-kind treats:

Another thing we love so much about Mon Chéri is Girika’s approach to baking. She fuses all that she has learnt working in professional kitchens, her Indian heritage, and fresh local seasonal produce that speaks to her. Essentially, her desserts are never boring, and are always so inspired! From the most delicate vanilla tart shell filled with an addictive chocolate, kaffir lime and passion fruit filling, to her signature chiffon cake with chantilly, her desserts are picture-perfect, and jam-packed with exciting flavours!


This HBB welcomes customization. They offer a variety of mousse cakes in many flavours and textures that will reflect your personal taste and style. After all, your satisfaction is Mon Chéri’s biggest priority. Simply sit back and witness the miracle.

Delivery: Self-collection at 21 Woodleigh Close

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For ice-cream, you can’t beat BYAMINAHMELAYU. Their frozen tubs of happiness are to die for!

Everything is made with love:

What stands out about this HBB would be their attention to details. Fun fact! This HBB pride themselves for creating everything from scratch (handmade). That’s right. No use of machines! Above all, they are super generous with their toppings. To clarify, I am not just talking about toppings on top. There are also toppings WITHIN the ice-cream itself. What a dream come true! Similarly, everything here is pre-order. In other words, you are paying for the freshest ice-cream ever.


Similarly, there is a wide range of flavours for you to choose from. After all, they appreciate how diverse their customers are. Be sure to follow them on their Instagram! BYAMIMAHMELAYU loves to keep it fresh by having constant surprises such as exclusive flavours/promos. For instance, it is a sin to skip their newest baby – Premium Chocolate Brownies. This chocolate ice-cream, filled with dark choc chips with brownie bites as well as marshmallow, is worth every single calorie!   

Must try:

Chocolate Valrhona Cake, Ondeh-Ondeh Cupcake, Nutella Crunch Tapak Kuda, Blueberry Maple Cupcake


3rd Party delivery, self-collection is highly encouraged

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How can we ever resist some quality cheesy goodness! For the cheese lovers out there, FABNFIVE is here to save the day.

Promised satisfaction:

With over 2000 followers on Instagram, this is one of the home based food businesses that has always been passionate about taking their customers’ feedback seriously.  You can never go wrong with their simple Mac & Cheese. The cheesy and creamy meal is super flavourful. You will fall in love with their food as soon as you sink your teeth into their cheese. Every serving of Macaroni evenly coated with their addictive homemade cheese. Each bite is so smooth and chewy. It is the best feeling ever!

Spice things up a little:

Their products are surprisingly never jelak. If you are an avid fan of spicy food, their Chilli Beef Mac & Cheese is the perfect cut for you. One thing is for sure. Their Mac and Cheese Coulash will surely keep your eyes peeled for their next pop-up store.

Must try:

Classic Mac & Cheese, Chilli Beef Mac & Cheese, Meatball Mac & Cheese

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5. No Pat No Pit

Craving for some tantalising burritos? No Pat No Pit got you covered.

Highly addictive:

This HBB offers some of the best and most affordable burritos on the island. Fusing both Mexican and Malay flavours, their meats are marinated overnight and grilled to perfection. Additionally, the portion is size is quite filling. You can split if you have a small appetite. Be sure to get your hands on their best seller, the Jamah Sets. The perfect combination of wedges, mutton satay, chicken burrito coupled with homemade cheese/sauces is highly addictive. Their exquisite menu will savour your taste buds. More importantly, you will find yourself ordering more than once.  

Must try:

Mutton Satay Burrito, Cheesy Chicken Burrito, Cheesy Chicken Burrito


$10 charge island-wide

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6. Bekal Mama SG

Situated in the heart of Katong, Bekal Mama offers one of the most legendary laksa in town!

Legendary laksa:

In fact, you must experience the heavenly taste of their laksa. Served with thick wheat noodles, fresh prawn, tofu, fish balls, tofu and spicy curry coconut milk, this meal will surely rock your world. Coupled with their homegrown Vietnamese Coriander (kesum) and eggs, you can choose to eat it with chilli paste or sambal tumis. You can also try both if you are feeling adventurous. In addition, Bekal Mama always have new surprises up their sleeves. Be sure to follow them to check out their weekly menu.

Must try:

Laksa, Mutton Steak, Tulang Berempah


$8 island-wide

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7. Roti Kirai Singapura

Comfort food:

Nothing is more comforting than a plate of hot, chewy roti kirai served alongside lashings of thick curry. Although this nostalgic breakfast classic dish is going out of fashion, our next HBB is passionate about fixing your next cravings!

Pushing boundaries:

Traditional Roti Kirai is often a lot thinner and flatter. However, this HBB takes this dish to the next level by making theirs thicker and juicier. Say hello a more intense and flavourful roti kirai that will surely make your day.C Coupled with their spicy aromatic ready-to-dip chicken curry (contains coconut milk, chilli, coriander and spices), you are guaranteed nothing but the best.  Everything simply melts in your mouth. The best combination ever to soothe any troubled heart during this pandemic period. Once you eat, you can’t stop!


$6 for Easties, $10 for other parts of Singapore

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8. Raiysha’s Satay Goreng

The next HBB on our list of home based food businesses is praised for their well marinated, juicy satay. They are even featured by as one of the best home-based food businesses to support.  Their thick homemade peanut sauce has the perfect balance between sweetness and spiciness. Be sure to check out their Fried Spiced Meat with Peanut Gravy and rice cakes that will leave you addicted. The satays will arrive at your doorstep – warm and fresh! This is a combo that you cannot miss.

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9. My Rustic Bakez

If you are planning on to have a cheat day and want to enjoy something sweet, My Rustic Bakez is the perfect choice for you.

For people with sweet tooth:

One glance at the Instagram, you will instantly be drawn to their Brioche Bombs Nutella and Kek Tapak Kuda Nutella. The perfect sugar treats for your kids to enjoy their freedom in Phase 2. My personal recommendation would be their Indulgence Batik Cake. This 3 layers of delicious goodness are rich with yummy creamy cheese in the centre and a final layer of milk chocolate ganache. Every single bite is super satisfying. Trust me, you won’t get sick of it! My cousin and I even finished it within a day!

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10. Egg Sugar Butter

Firstly, the founder was trained in the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo. Since then, their main works fuses French pastry-making techniques with Japanese cake recipes to create a light, fluffy sweet treats for customers with a sweet tooth. Fresh cream cakes are their menu’s highlight. This gem is made from dairy cream imported from France!

Likewise, be sure to check out their matcha, strawberry shortcake or the aptly named Minimalist ($65) that comes adorned with simple, but elegant, touches of edible flowers and gold leaves. Petit, single-serve cakes and seasonal fresh fruit tarts are also available. 

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We hope this article has been helpful. What are some of your favourite HBBs? Do let us know in the comment section down below. Hope you enjoy reading!

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