Thanks to our Home-Based Businesses (HBBs), we can now enjoy scrumptious and high-quality food in the comfort of our homes. More importantly, many of these HBBs offer great services that are beyond your imagination. Simply scroll down our list to find our favourite home-based food businesses that you should try and support. Trust me, you will not regret it!

1. Frosted by Fang

Make way for the trendiest cakes and dessert boxes. That’s right. I am talking about Frosted by Fang’s masterpieces.

Unique flavour profiles that are highly addictive:

Firstly, as soon as you open a mixed box, you will be greeted by the beautiful sight of tea-time treats essentials and the irresistible aroma of freshly-baked goods. The sight truly brings a smile to my face. Take your pick out of the different treats Fang lovingly selected for you, and get ready to be wowed by the exciting flavour profile that you’ll be greeted with. From salted caramel popcorn miso teacakes, taro mochi cakes, hojicha rhubarb loaf, peanut butter & kaya streusel muffins, to miso oatmeal cranberry cookies, these sweet treats aren’t like any other. Sufang brings classic treats to a whole new level by introducing exciting and unique flavour profiles that will truly bring you to dessert heaven. All in all, if you’re up for being surprised with something new, you should definitely check out Frosted by Fang’s mixed dessert box!

Besides her highly addictive dessert boxes, she specialises in customized cake-making too. Each of her cakes is uniquely conceptualised and tailored to you. Simply share with her more about yourself (or your loved one) – personality, favourite flavours, aesthetic preferences – and she’ll take it from there! She’ll incorporate all the tiny nuggets of information, and whip up the most stunning cake that perfectly describes you!

Order early:

Here is another tip. Due to the high demand as well as the amount of time and care needed for Sufang to produce her products, it would be best to have 1-2 weeks lead time. Nevertheless, she is extremely understanding and will try her best to accommodate last minute orders on a case by case basis.

AddressThe address will be directly provided once the order is confirmed.
ContactYou can contact them by sending them a dm right here.
TimingsYou can place your order online anytime.
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

2. Mon Chéri

Sucker for sweets? Great news for you! In fact, there is always room for Mon Chéri’s appetizing desserts prepared by Girika. 

Desserts prepared by a highly experienced baker who has worked in some of the most famous kitchens:

Girika, the founder of Mon Chéri, is a highly experienced chef who has worked in professional kitchens including Dominique Ansel Bakery, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Open Farm Community and La Dame de Pic by Anne Sophie Pic. She has honed her techniques by working alongside some of the greatest pastry chefs, thus trust that her baked goods are some of the best in Singapore hands down!

One-of-a-kind treats:

Another thing we love so much about Mon Chéri is Girika’s approach to baking. She fuses all that she has learnt working in professional kitchens, her Indian heritage, and fresh local seasonal produce that speaks to her. Essentially, her desserts are never boring, and are always so inspired! From the most delicate vanilla tart shell filled with addictive chocolate, kaffir lime and passion fruit filling, to her signature chiffon cake with chantilly, her desserts are picture-perfect and jam-packed with exciting flavours!


This HBB welcomes customization. They offer a variety of mousse cakes in many flavours and textures that will reflect your personal taste and style. After all, your satisfaction is Mon Chéri’s biggest priority. Simply sit back and witness the miracle.

AddressSelf-collection at 21 Woodleigh Close
Contact(+65) 9890 6420
TimingsYou can place an order with them through their online store.


For ice cream, you can’t beat BYAMINAHMELAYU. Their frozen tubs of happiness are to die for!

Everything is made with love:

What stands out about this HBB would be their attention to detail. Fun fact! This HBB pride itself on creating everything from scratch (handmade). That’s right. No use of machines! Above all, they are super generous with their toppings. To clarify, I am not just talking about toppings on top. There are also toppings WITHIN the ice cream itself. What a dream come true! Similarly, everything here is pre-order. In other words, you are paying for the freshest ice cream ever.


Similarly, there is a wide range of flavours for you to choose from. After all, they appreciate how diverse their customers are. Be sure to follow them on their Instagram! BYAMIMAHMELAYU loves to keep it fresh by having constant surprises such as exclusive flavours/promos. For instance, it is a sin to skip their newest baby – Premium Chocolate Brownies. This chocolate ice cream, filled with dark choc chips with brownie bites as well as marshmallows, is worth every single calorie!   

Must try:

Chocolate Valrhona Cake, Ondeh-Ondeh Cupcake, Nutella Crunch Tapak Kuda, Blueberry Maple Cupcake


3rd Party delivery, self-collection is highly encouraged

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

4. Wild Bento

Image Credit: Wild Bento

A Gentle Mum’s Cuisine:

Carefully crafted from family recipes passed down through generations, Wild Bento uses fresh chicken, pork, vegetables and premium ingredients. They travel down to the market every day to handpick their ingredients so as to ensure the best food quality. Furthermore, they also go an extra mile by trimming off chicken fats so their curry is not oily.

Collaboration with Other Local Businesses:

Not very common for food collaborations between food business owners, Wild Bento works with fellow home-based businesses to create a range of seasonal artisan menu called ‘Wild Affairs’.

Must try:

Wild Curry with Scallion Pancake, Fried Shrimp Dumplings, Braised Pork and Vegetable Bento

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

5. Pastry Monster

Since the day of their opening, Pastry Monster has gained a lot of popularity and a dedicated customer base for their great service and amazing desserts. They are currently available as one of the best home-based food businesses that you can find in Singapore.

Customized Cakes

If you are looking forward to getting yourself or to gift someone a beautifully customized cake, look no further. Pastry Monster offers outstanding cake customization services to meet your individual requirements. With bakers that are quick to reply and who are very friendly, be rest assured that your cake will turn out exactly the way you like it. Moreover, they suggest and recommend what designs and flavours are suitable and help you build your amazing custom cake. The cakes are not only very pleasing to the eye but are also a boon for your palate.

Different choices

Pastry Monster is not only famous for its cakes, but also for its amazing dessert snacks, pastries, and jelly cakes. Jelly Cakes, as you might think of it as bland and flavourless, you must try one of theirs. As beautiful as their jelly cakes look, the flavour and the sweetness are perfectly balanced. Snacks like Sweet Flakes, Portuguese Egg Tart, and One Bite Meat Floss are also unique to their shelves.

Coupon Code: Use promo code BIS10 for 10% off site-wide. Valid till 31st Dec 2021.

AddressBlk 15 Marsiling Lane, 730015
Contact+65 8927 7802 
TimingsOrder online 24×7

6. No Pat No Pit

Craving for some tantalising burritos? No Pat No Pit got you covered.

Highly addictive:

This HBB offers some of the best and most affordable burritos on the island. Fusing both Mexican and Malay flavours, their meats are marinated overnight and grilled to perfection. Additionally, the portion is size is quite filling. You can split if you have a small appetite. Be sure to get your hands on their best seller, the Jamah Sets. The perfect combination of wedges, mutton satay, chicken burrito coupled with homemade cheese/sauces is highly addictive. Their exquisite menu will savour your taste buds. More importantly, you will find yourself ordering more than once.  

Must try:

Mutton Satay Burrito, Cheesy Chicken Burrito, Cheesy Chicken Burrito


$10 charge island-wide

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

7. Bekal Mama SG

Situated in the heart of Katong, Bekal Mama offers one of the most legendary laksa in town!

Legendary laksa:

In fact, you must experience the heavenly taste of their laksa. Served with thick wheat noodles, fresh prawns, tofu, fish balls, tofu and spicy curry coconut milk, this meal will surely rock your world. Coupled with their homegrown Vietnamese Coriander (kesum) and eggs, you can choose to eat it with chilli paste or sambal tumis. You can also try both if you are feeling adventurous. In addition, Bekal Mama always has new surprises up their sleeves. Be sure to follow them to check out their weekly menu.

Must try:

Laksa, Mutton Steak, Tulang Berempah


$8 island-wide

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

8. Suguru Home Dinning

Bringing to you the authentic taste of Japan right to your doorstep, Suguru Home Dining is an absolute must-try if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine. They’re a Japanese-style home dining service that offers island-wide delivery service.

The use of only the finest ingredients:

Suguru Home Dining creates some of the most delicious and authentic dishes. They do this by using recipes that have been tried and tested, and they also use only premium ingredients. To do so, they import some high-quality ingredients like Bafun, Marasaki Sea Urchin and even Hokkaido scallops from the Toyusu Market all the way from Tokyo. Imagine all of this deliciousness on a bed of somen.

There are also plenty of add-ons that you can choose from, ranging from the Hinata Onsen Egg to the Snow-Crabs. In fact, if you can even request a custom curation if you want to! The dishes also look absolutely aesthetic and will make a worthy addition to your Instagram. They deliver every day but you’ll need to notify them a day in advance so do remember that before placing an order.

AddressHome-based dining so you can place an order by clicking here.
Contact+65 8893 0902
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm, 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm
Official PagesFacebook | Instagram

9. Raiysha’s Satay Goreng

No photo description available.

The next HBB on our list of home-based food businesses is praised for their well marinated, juicy satay. They are even featured by Mothership as one of the best home-based food businesses to support.  Their thick homemade peanut sauce has the perfect balance between sweetness and spiciness. Be sure to check out their Fried Spiced Meat with Peanut Gravy and rice cakes that will leave you addicted. The satays will arrive at your doorstep – warm and fresh! This is a combo that you cannot miss.

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

10. My Rustic Bakez

If you are planning on having a cheat day and want to enjoy something sweet, My Rustic Bakez is the perfect choice for you.

For people with a sweet tooth:

One glance at Instagram, you will instantly be drawn to their Brioche Bombs Nutella and Kek Tapak Kuda Nutella. The perfect sugar treats for your kids to enjoy their freedom in Phase 2. My personal recommendation would be their Indulgence Batik Cake. These 3 layers of delicious goodness are rich with yummy creamy cheese in the centre and a final layer of milk chocolate ganache. Every single bite is super satisfying. Trust me, you won’t get sick of it! My cousin and I even finished it within a day!

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

11. Egg Sugar Butter

Firstly, the founder was trained in the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo. Since then, their main works fuses French pastry-making techniques with Japanese cake recipes to create light, fluffy sweet treats for customers with a sweet tooth. Fresh cream cakes are their menu’s highlight. This gem is made from dairy cream imported from France!

Likewise, be sure to check out their matcha, strawberry shortcake or the aptly named Minimalist ($65) that comes adorned with simple, but elegant, touches of edible flowers and gold leaves. Petit, single-serve cakes and seasonal fresh fruit tarts are also available. 

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

12. 2 Mamas and A Wok

We know that nothing can ever compare to the food that is prepared by our mothers with all the love and care that they put into it. But 2 Mamas and A Wok comes pretty close to it. They bring in the flavour that we adore and is the perfect answer for every family’s need for tasty home-cooked food. They use special recipes that were passed down from generation to generation and bring in the perfect blend of both authenticity and ease.

Delicious food that is super easy to prepare:

2 Mamas and A Wok came into existence in order to help families prepare authentic and traditional dishes easily in the comfort of their homes. They’ve come up with blends that will help you recreate some of the best and most delicious dishes at home. In fact, they even feature plenty of recipes on their website so you can simply choose one that you prefer the most!

Traditional blends which can’t be resisted:

Some of their featured blends include the Dry Laksa Rempah which is created using a blend of special herbs and spices. Serve it with rice noodles or fishcakes for a great and easy meal. Or if you’re in the mood for some spice, then you can use their Rendang Rempah to create a fantastic meat dish. Use beef or lamb for the more traditional version, or even chicken for a modern twist. That’s not all. Their Sambal Belacan and Green chilli sambal serve as excellent dipping sauces. You need to try them all.

No preservatives and all-natural:

All of their offerings are free from preservatives and the use of MSG. Simply store them in your refrigerator and they’re good to go for up to 2 weeks. Talk about health and taste all at once!

AddressYou can pick up your order from their River-valley pick-up point.
Contact+65 9760 1508
TimingsMonday to Friday 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 are to 04:00 pm for pick-ups.
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

13. The Crane Grain

The Crane Grain was founded with the simple idea of re-imagining classical desserts which are founded by the founder’s fondness of travel and the various dishes he experienced. So if you love sweets, and would love to try out some delicious bespoken desserts with twists then you absolutely need to try out their offerings. They’re one of the best home-based food businesses that cater to those with a sweet tooth after all.

Sinful options that will leave you wanting for more:

The menu of The Crane Grain comes with limited choices, but they’re so good that you won’t be able to resist their sinful calls. But if you’re looking for a good place to start then we’d recommend their Sea-Salt Basque Cheesecake and their Chocolate-Chip cookies. After all, you can’t go wrong with choco-chip cookies and the ones at Crane Grain are created using French butter and chocolate. They are then sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt for the salty twist. The Special Moet Tart is also a sensual delicacy and is infused with champagne and strawberries.

The perfect dessert for a romantic time with your partner.

AddressYou can place your order through their Instagram page or website mentioned below.
TimingsPre-orders for the week start every Sunday from 12:00 pm.
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

14. Sekel Kitchen

The next famous home-based business on our list is famous for their revival of traditional recipes and their constant releases of new dishes every Thursday. Although their menu is vast, we must admit that their Hakka Abacus Seed, Nasi Ulam, Hakka Yong Tau Foo and Hakka Ginger Chicken are the must-tries.

Delicious dishes that need to be enjoyed with everyone:

One of the dishes that is absolutely raved about by their customers has to be their Hakka Abacus Seed. Every bite is irresistibly chewy, and leaves explosions of flavours in your mouth, thanks to the presence of the minced pork, sliced black fungus, dried shrimps, squids and even mushrooms. The combination of various textures will leave you craving more after every bite.

And you must also absolutely try out their Nasi Ulam as well. It is a product of true labour and love because it takes hours to prepare. They slice innumerable herbs with sheer perfection into fine hair-like strands. This is the perfect ode to the vanishing craft of preparing these traditional dishes from scratch. We must admit that it is well-worth everything because it is the perfect blend of flavour and health. You won’t regret trying them for sure!

However, be prepared for a long wait. Thanks to their popularity, and the hard work required to create each dish to perfection, it may take some time for your order to be delivered. Totally worth the wait though.

AddressYou can place your order through a dm on their Instagram page.
ContactYou can contact them through Instagram
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

15. Roti Kirai Singapura

Comfort food:

Nothing is more comforting than a plate of hot, chewy roti kirai served alongside lashings of thick curry. Although this nostalgic breakfast classic dish is going out of fashion, our next HBB is passionate about fixing your next cravings!

Pushing boundaries:

Traditional Roti Kirai is often a lot thinner and flatter. However, this HBB takes this dish to the next level by making it thicker and juicier. Say hello to a more intense and flavourful roti kirai that will surely make your day. Coupled with their spicy aromatic ready-to-dip chicken curry (contains coconut milk, chilli, coriander and spices), you are guaranteed nothing but the best.  Everything simply melts in your mouth. The best combination ever to soothe any troubled heart during this pandemic period. Once you eat, you can’t stop!

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

16. Hot Sauce Su

Do you love a good Habanero sauce and just can’t get enough of it? Then you’re absolutely going to love Hot Sauce Su. The sauces are created using ingredients that are of excellent quality, and as an added bonus, it is also home-made. There are no artificial sugars or preservatives added, and they only use lime juice for preservation.

Wholesome ingredients for that fiery kick:

They only use ingredients that are authentic and wholesome. The full-sized Habaneros are directly imported all the way from Peru, including the seeds and all. They use the freshest limes, shallots and carrots. The consistency is akin to something like a puree, and the colour is similar to that of a carrot. The sauce is fiery, and there is no added sugar so no need to wonder about your sugar intake. The heat kicks in fast and hard. Pair it up with crackers or fries, or add it to your pasta. The choice is all yours.

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

17. Levelled’s Dessert Boxes

Do you enjoy grabbing a sipping hot cup of coffee and pairing it up with some delicious caneles? If so, then Levelled’s Dessert Boxes are going to be the place that you’ll enjoy a lot. They sell some of the most delicious caneles and stuffed brownies out there. If you aren’t aware of what caneles are; they’re basically custard in the form of a cake. In fact, you might feel as though this creation was a chimaera mistake, but it’s so delicious that you won’t mind it at all.

Limited quantity goods:

The home bakery prepares only a limited amount of caneles and stuffed brownies, and they hand-make them all. The caneles have the most delicate and soft crust which is perfect to contain the soft, gooey, and custardy goodness that lies inside. You’ll be addicted to them in no time. Not to forgot that they come in the most adorable boxes. The aesthetics go strong with this one. There are also plenty of flavours to choose from. Bon appetit!

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

18. TikyMochi Muffin

Everyone adores a good mochi, and we’re sure that you do too. After all, few can resist the chewiness, and adorableness of one. And TikyMochi understands this perfectly. In fact, they understand things so well that they’ve taken their love for mochis to the next level. Enter the mochi-based muffins. These muffins are sure to steal your heart from the very first bite.

Variety of flavours:

The TikyMochi muffins come in a variety of flavours. They have classics ones like Choco-chip, the double choco-chip, and the matcha adzuki. Besides these, they’ve also developed recipes for modern favourites like Earl Grey Boba, OndehOndeh and Salted Caramel. TikyMochi always tries to innovate and bring in new flavours for their loved customers.

Perfect for gifting:

These muffins are gluten-free, dairy-free and even vegan, making these the perfect gift for any loved one.

AddressYou can avail for their home delivery or pick-up from their Marina Drive outlet.
Contact+65 9297 2333
TimingsYou can place your orders over at their website. They accept orders on a slot basis.
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

19. Munch-Kins

Armed with a variety of recipes passed down from their grandmother, the founders of Munch-Kin are here to change your palate one dish at a time. They offer around 30-something home cook recipes and each one is more delicious than the other. They use ingredients like the Japanese daikon, Sakura Ebi, dried scallops, shiitake mushrooms, and even waxed Chinese sausages all from Hong Kong.

But the highlight of their menu has to be their radish cake. If you’re thinking something akin to the radish cake you enjoy in a dim-sum restaurant, then you’d be mostly correct. Just imagine it to be round in shaper, and humongous. How humongous you ask? Well, only around 1.2 kg. You’ll need an army to conquer that dish.

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

20. Eat Hum

The sea brings its nostalgia with the coming of the tidings. Eat Hum specializes with great care to handpick the best of the sea into your home plate. With the plethora of varied seafood delicacies, Eat Hum captivates the richness and the enthralling nature of the sea into dishes that you cannot wish ever to let go of.

Best for delicious seafood:

To all those Hums (cockles) lovers, Eat Hums dedicated food plate, served with their utmost skill and passion, makes it bliss. With every bite, the mellow savoury blast keeps your hands moving for the next—the food waves’ overall texture with the entrancing pelagic vibe. Providing service for deliveries makes it more close to hand. You can sit back and relax, taking the flavours of the sea right at your cosy warm shelter. Eat Hums provides you with fast delivery options which makes it easy to access and interact. The range of your preferred food comes in different sizes along with your desired quantity provided with their top-quality menu, all of it at your fingertips, making it a must to reach out to Eat Hum. 

Must try:

Hums, Live Prawns, Top shells, Imitation Abalone slices, Gong Gong.

AddressHome-based delivery. You can place your orders from here.
ContactYou can check out the details here.
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm.
Official PagesInstagram

21. The FAB FIVE

How can we ever resist some quality cheesy goodness! For the cheese lovers out there, FABNFIVE is here to save the day.

Promised satisfaction:

With over 2000 followers on Instagram, this is one of the home-based food businesses that has always been passionate about taking their customers’ feedback seriously.  You can never go wrong with their simple Mac & Cheese. The cheesy and creamy meal is super flavourful. You will fall in love with their food as soon as you sink your teeth into their cheese. Every serving of Macaroni is evenly coated with their addictive homemade cheese. Each bite is so smooth and chewy. It is the best feeling ever!

Spice things up a little:

Their products are surprisingly never jelak. If you are an avid fan of spicy food, their Chilli Beef Mac & Cheese is the perfect cut for you. One thing is for sure. Their Mac and Cheese Coulash will surely keep your eyes peeled for their next pop-up store.

Must try:

Classic Mac & Cheese, Chilli Beef Mac & Cheese, Meatball Mac & Cheese

AddressYou can find the addresses of the various delivery locations right here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details right here.
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.

22. Pastry M.

Established in the year 2018, Pastry Monster has grown to be one of the most popular home-based bakeries currently in Singapore. With their love and passion for baking, they strive to serve some amazing desserts that are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Delightful Treats

Pastry Monster has quite the list of some of the most amazing Cakes, Cookies, and Kueh that you can find in Singapore. With every bite you take, you can taste the love and passion put into baking these soft and fluffy cakes. Their perfection is driven by this very passion, which is delivered to you on your plates. Their list of desserts will undoubtedly complete your day with satisfaction. Well, not only for yourself, but you also order these amazing treats for a party, a get-together or you can gift them to your associates or loved ones.


Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake, Passion fruit Chiffon cake, Pandan Lava Cake, Casava Cheese Cake, Pineapple Tart, and Pineapple balls. The Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake and Pandan Lava Cake really stand out as the best recommendation because of their intense aroma and flavour, with also having a perfect balance of texture.

Contact+65 9800 3142
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.
Social PagesFacebook | Instagram

We hope this article has been helpful. What are some of your favourite HBBs? Do let us know in the comment section down below. Hope you enjoy reading!

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